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    Hank, I agree with you on what probably happened, not so much on should he be blamed on that. If all what he said is real, he noticed at some point that he mastered technology better than Rossi and others and saw possibility to patent his further advancements.

    If so he could beat competition also in market place if he achieved better control of output power, fast startup high and adjustable cop (lower cop for consumer devices to keep harmful effects like posiible radiation away or something).

    Other possibility, on which my intuition leads to after revisiting his last posts before going silent, is that he learned how easy it was to modify technology to produce also harmful effects in levels that could be used also for bad purposes. I hope not, but that is what Nikolai Tesla did at the end. But in that case there is nothing to hope and speculate.


    What was the deal with all the "luxenergy" domains your friends from cherokee registered a few months ago. Seemed to be LENR related. JT's buddy even made a Wordpress template that contained the latest IH press release.

    At the time I thought it was linked to Rossi's QuarkX (lux/light). But then we know what happened and everyone forgot about this story.

    LC - thanks for asking. Future rebrand / relaunch planning leaked out and Rossi immediately glommed on to it with his QX lightspeak. IH shelved the plans as a result. Too toxic.

    So if it was just few months ago, doesn't that mean that IH believed even that time Rossi had something?
    So also whole IH team learned very last minute that there was no customer, no steam and raided his warehouse early morning in March 2016 (and picture of Rossi Dewey posted yesterday is from that morning)?
    If Jeff could spot evident errors on ERV numbers in 5 minutes, as he has stated, does it mean also that IH specialists did not analyze 3 previous intermediate reports?

    So my guess still is that IH believes he may have at least 'something', but failed to pass 'it' to IH for reason or another (immature technology, Rossi gone ballistic when suspecting IH deceiving them). If that is true, activity here can be seen as just defense battle to keep hold on license.

    If this is about stressing Rossi to withdraw his case and return back to negotiations, I think this strategy makes him even more determinedly fighting back. Only hope is that Mr Darden is smart enough, which I don't have reason not to believe, uses totally different strategy and language behind the curtains that seen here (I have my doubts, since posting that pic. is pretty official statement to other direction). There is only few days left, before doors start closing.

    Why do you say that? Have you read the ERV? Have you discussed it with I.H.'s lawyers? If you have not, how can you know when it would best for them to publish?

    Jed, if ERV would clearly prove COP ~1 and bad things about Rossi and possibly Penon, it would not need to wait court hearing. Instead publishing it sooner would be much better for defending IH:s reputation, compared to this continuous implying, hinting and drip dropping half truths and baked calculations.

    I'm very easy to wait for real facts and real court case, but on what grounds someone thinks that this endless mumbling and speculating would help IH reputation beats me.

    Dewey, I don't know of sifferkolls status but you may get some hint by visiting his blog. Which reminds me you hinted some days ago something about Mats status as looking for new job or something and now innocently asking about sifferkoll. Is there something you like to hint - or even brag about?

    Abd, with all the respect on your earlier endeavors, but lets keep focused for a while:
    - Mr Weaver is not any higher on rank than Mr Rossi what comes to trustworthy of statements at this point. They both have history in these forums to trying to mislead followers and competition and both caught enough many times so that is proven well enough.
    - IH was never got E-cats producing any extra heat, but played along for a while knowing Rossi had nothing? Why then IH didn't accept license bayback offer Rossi gave them? Why IH still using uttermost care avoids hinting that they would be ready to give license back (they would get 10m$ cash to heal their wounds).
    - Why so intensively digging old Lugano and other tests already months by Thomas, You and many others here. Why even knowing that those had their flaws (but also could be genuine). Why bother writing walls of text if they could get their money back by handing license back to Mr Rossi.
    - Why downplaying additionally whole LENR research by you and Jed if IH refuses to give up on license? Just because they have raised money form investors based on their License and other Rossi IP?
    -Why continuing with these walls of text with really few proven facts, knowing Rossis case will get solved in, and by, court anyway pretty soon and documents becomes public for all eyes to read.

    I merely would wait and see real events and real documents than text flood losing all other exchange here, especially after you revealed your position on this case by grounding your claims by missing signature of AEG whereas Rossis own signature was in previous line (no matter would he have had authorization to sign for AEG also at that time). Fully objective scientist would newer use those 'facts' to support their claims, since intention was clear in paper and IH never complained about the change.

    I'm not saying does Rossi have 'it' or not or how much of 'it', but prejudging is not last word on 'it' any way.

    Thanks IH fanboy and others for the correction. I wasn't following discussion on that time and afterwards it looked like you had misquoted, but sorry for my misinterpretation. Maybe corrected version is what also Deawey meant to say originally, but first misspelled.

    After checking publicly known facts (contract, legal actions etc) and public events in forums and press releases, it is pretty hard to get pieces fit together, but here is my best guess (which hasn't changed much on the way):

    - Rossi made pretty damn bad contract with IH. Maybe biggest problem is how much rights he gave for IH to execute the license in future (... includes future versions and advances of E-Cat and freedom to improve etc)
    - Something went wrong between 2012-16 among them.
    - Either Rossi could not substantiate (Like IH has claimed) or
    - Contract was fair on what E-Cat was in 2012 (poor cop, difficult to control and industrialize)
    - Rossi had second thought on the way when he understood that how much better technology he was able to reach (Quark-X technology producing heat/light/electricity on will and desired amounts). That made him to start preparing to get rid of poor contract or at least exclude Quark-X outside of it. (Based on 1. how his statements evolved on JONP during last 12 months or so, 2. He has said in Mats interview that offered to buyback contract but IH refused)
    - IH believes, (but cannot be sure themselves) that maybe Rossi has something that he could 'substantiate' if he would be made willing to. (Why investing such campaign here and other forums, if E-Cat is just COP 1 electric heater. Maybe trying to avoid paying additional 89m$)
    - There would be lots to say about business ethics and excusing but since this is not playground thread I leve it to readers to judge. (appealing missing signatures on paper which all parties executed as it would be signed. Real actions proves intention anyway, no matter was signed or not. Maybe most aggravating is appealing on delayed 350 day test, because IH were not putting their best effort to arrange that and didn't say a word that it started late when Rossi did their work to arrange test, again proving what was intention in practise)

    When we move forward. many things depends on how court will handle the case and has Rossi Quark-X as he claims or not, does he get big enough partner for other markets, who could help Rossi out from IH:s grip.

    PS And mandatory ps. no matter what the outcome will be, this is very good example and learning point for scientists, innovators and startups on what can be true skin of VC:s and hard core businessmen. So instead of falling in nice meetings, read what gets written in paper and for what them can be used later.

    Edit: Fixed wording and typos a bit. And Axil, I agree my timing may be well off as you pointed out below.

    Hi walker this is interesting question, but may be just not yet clear who has license see Document in Alains new post Leonardo Corporation Issues Press Release Announcing Termination of Industrial Heat License

    ABB is global enterprise working in sector having lots of synergy, so could be ideal partner, if IH would lose its license at the end. Also Siemens has been working with powerplants, but I think they sold their share of nuclear plants unit to Areva.

    I was wondering when you guys were going to figure out the judge adjustment - you're not paying very good attention. Here's some homework on one of his specialties:

    <a href="" class="externalURL" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">…sullivan-octnov14.pdf.pdf</a>

    Dewey thanks for additional link. That looks very good for the case, justice and truth is what we all are after, but this quote from him is cherry on top of the cake :)


    Mobsters, drug dealers, and other criminals all try to
    get money for nothing—and all of that money is taxable

    Wow! with quick browse have to say that with money you get all stones turned when you prepare your case (kudos for Jonesday people).
    Quick take:
    - Seems that IH believes LENR is real and worth money, because they want to keep contract conditions and IP.
    - They want to avoid paying 89m$ because of of delayed test period (which they caused) and amendment was not signed by all parties (???). Talk about code of conduct or business ethics...
    - They want to dismiss the case, not pay to Rossi and keep their rights to IP and their patent applications, so many speculations were right actually!
    - Difficulty of US court system is that it is merely based on earlier cases than written updated law, IH:s response shows it quite clear. You can always cherry pick cases to support your claims, if you can hire army of well paid lawyers to search for cases to fit your claim.

    That will become interesting as Dewey promised.

    Thanks for the help frankwtu. So I should read this that after Senior Judge James Lawrence King was replaced by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga (since recategorized as Patent case), also Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres was replaced by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan. And these entries triggers the authorative reassignment and all parties get up to date information or something alike.

    I'm not native speaker and don't know US court system. I had missed latter change before and wondered mysterious date 'Wednesday 4:09 pm.' in bullet 12. Good to hear and see that John J. O'sullivan is real deal and hope he squeezes full truth out, and nail baiting on that part comes to an end. (btw forum broke your link to his pdf, but copy paste directly from your post works ok)

    Can someone help explain in plain english what 'Paired Magistrate' means in this context…ossi_et_al_v_Darden_et_al
    Bullet 12 says


    Case Reassignment of Paired Magistrate Judge pursuant to Administrative Order(s) 2013-63 to Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan. (vp)

    I don't remember seeing it before (wasn't only bullet 11 there before) and what it means that second judge was added (after first 11 reassignment change which is more clear)

    Dewey Weaver wrote:
    I agree that you need an attorney. Henry hired a new attorney for JM Products. A nice real estate lawyer from the sounds of things.

    I suggest you stop threatening Hank. He is harmless and is just trying to get to the bottom of the matter. It makes you look small.

    IH Fanboy you quoted Dewey wrong. Originally he said "I agree that you do not need an attorney" no need to pick fights when nothing happened. (Did you type the quote? Easier to select text you want to quote and click black 'quote selection' callout, and click reply.) For the rest of exchange, I don't think mr Weaver is allowed to say any real factual details directly before litigation is over, only imply things.

    As linked recently above the direct statement from Rossi side is put on public in…-license-for-rossis-e-cat that could just be part of the 'fight', but Hydrofusion has known to be more strict on what it allows to put on public in their site. And there is a difference: it is official statement, not just a word from unofficial type of spokesperson (which Mr Weaver has clearly stated, he is IH investor, not official spokesperson).
    It could explain why some of IH sympathizing people are behaving here way they do. Statement means that at least in Rossis mind IH have 'only' 89m$ dispute to defend anymore, so they have lost/are losing license to regions covering what at least 500million? people. Sad if true and if Rossis technology works.

    @Ascoli65 Your theory seems plausible at least when I didn't check the numbers. Especially temp curve seems fit to both LENR or elctric heater. The steam production period in test should have been longer to bring it beyond any doubts.

    BTW. I haven't checked the report before since I understood quite early that Mr Rossis strategy with big words and early demos were also to keep competition passive and out of reach of investor money (very first E-Cats had short SSM and very low temp, remember?).

    I hope all this comes to conlusion wihin next few months for everybodys good. But thaanks for your efforts on checking the report.

    Looks like this 'upsetting' of sifferkoll putting up Thomas Clarks e-mail addres and homepage keeps boiling.

    - I would have not put up link TC:s personal data like sifferkoll did
    - I would have not used so harsh and direct language sifferkoll did, since it doesn't add weight on your words (many here have been guilty on that also)
    - sifferkoll has done quite a lot of investuigation and speculation in his site which, even not always spot on, is good additional point of view in big picture.
    - TC is many times referenced here as knowledgeable and honest person. I mostly agree, but he seemingly had hidden agenda also and that somewhat neutralises value of his contribution, so it is good to re-check his claims and calculations.
    - Same CV-data has been public many times already as we seen, only now people here want to circle around this topic. Do you guys again have 'campaign' ongoing? Lets browse back who 'got upset by purpose' and who were just innocently dragged on because they agree and more interestingly who want to keep that same discussion going on and on.
    - @Moderators: Some want to close playground thread, but it should be clear to everyone by now that this is much more everything else than scientific question.

    I want to again remind all readers. Stakes are high on LENR in all sides and everything you read should be filtered through that 'fact' - maybe only fact we can agree on here.

    PS: I have a dream that when all dust has settled and finally real truth has pulled itself to surface, we could be joining in 'LENR class reunion' in Matts seminar with avatar tag stickers in our collar. Patting each other on shoulders around beer table, since I think we are in same LENR fanatics side at the end :)

    - About the second Rothwell's point: "When a blacksmith takes a heavy piece of iron, heats it to incandescence, and then quenches it in water, very little water boils away. The metal instantly cools."

    I have no direct experience in this field, but anyway I could say:
    - first, I doubt that a blacksmith can easily handle a massive piece of iron of 40 kg;
    - second, this iron mass is hypothesized to be inside the inner box made by steel, and hence his surface is not directly in contact with the cooling water;
    - third, only a small part of the 26 kg of water pumped inside the fat-can could be evaporated, being the volume of the internal pool at least 20 liters.

    I have little experience of cooling hot iron while just playing with hardening of steel. I'm pretty sure 40 kg 800C would moan and buzz when submerged. Size of objects Jed refers to releases much less heat. When vaporizing submerged, the steam immediately condenses back to water because of surrounding cool water. That is a reason we will not see much steam released to air.

    When you drop instead water droplets to same object, steam production is much more visible (even melting snow with heated object will release lots more steam despite melting energy is needed before heating 0->100C and then further vaporizing energy).

    But as @Urban Eriksson said before, this energy release would be quite tricky to design because temp of hot core would change during the 'SSM'.
    How about other substances inside core. For example Magnesium has latent fusion energy of 368kJ/kg and melts at 650C so quite dense energy storage. Tuning of heat transfer around melting point would be easier because of constant temp.

    Just a thought.
    BTW: If you would want huge energy storage, you would heat 'hot core' even further. Magnesium has boiling point of 1091C and heat of vaporization 5554Kj/kg (15 times!). Maybe that would be too hard to handle in practice, but heck of density for energy storage and patentable by itself if solved :)

    IH Fnaboy I havent read what Ascoli65 have calculated, but you are in risk mixing two different things in your thinking. What comes to fitting stock price history on trying to predict future, does not work since opposite to early days of stock exchanges, number of variables has grown, sudden one time interference factors (9/11, wars sub prime crisis etc) simply cannot be predicted from history. Also robot traders (operating at ms speeds) are something that you cannot predict from history because they exaggerates even small interferences because of snowball effect caused by speed competition).

    Curve fitting in physical processes instead is more predictable and is daily routine in process industry. You may do black box testing on unknown process (cause change on input and measure response curve on output). There can be multiple different serial time constants inside black box, which makes exact calculations more difficult.

    But for this you don't need even that. It is enough to calculate how much mass at max. you could hide inside E-Cat and calculate its thermal capacity supposing it gets heated say 1000C. That is what Paradimonia above explains. Boiling water takes lot of energy compared to temp increase of same amount of metal mass. Air gap is just parameter to fit to make correct boiling speed, it has nothing to do with capacity.

    I checked my earlier estimations:
    - Heat capacity of steel is 0.466 J/g/K (=kJ/kg/K) half compared to aluminum but fits in smaller volume Source Wikipedia
    - Heat of waporization of water is 2257 kj/kg (see Wikipedia)

    So in other words, to boil each 1 l of water you need to add 4.8kg of steel losing 1000K of heat (so steel lump temp must be > 1100 to keep 1 l water boiling totally. End temp must be >100C )

    That is only a safe calculation, in practise it has to overcome temp leaks and heating first incoming water ( 4.1813 kJ/kg/K) depending on test arrangements (which I have not read).

    These calculations does not take account possible pressure tweaking (=suck vacuum and water boils even in room temp). But as I said in playground these old tests and sayings are not interesting because of so big other reasons in play.