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    IH Fanboy. Yes I had lots of arguments with him during the weeks, but I have always respected his persistence on his argumentation. My concern was mostly how this knowledge and productivity was used to manipulate common opinion. Something I have opinion on, but not all of us agree with me on that either.

    As said prefer not to comment his individual statements further here since he is not available defending his stand.

    Edit: Want to repeat that what comes to old test reports and Mr Rossis old talks about automated factories (with IH), and numerous customers and promises about COP, or controllability of E-Cat output power etc. i'm not too interested on that period. Reason which I have said also before is that when stakes are so high, all possible business manouvers are taken into use, if they keep competition away or behind at least. So in his old demos and blog he can have been not truthful (since they are not legally binding).
    But dispute between Rossi and IH is very official and legally binding. That is why I am mostly interested on that part and future turns on this saga.

    @sifferkoll pretty interesting map you have. At least risk of F&P -80 replay goes down every day if LENR is so widely known. Interstingly quiet in Asian countries, Russia and India. Next time table format with numbers and percentage(vs population) would be nice.

    Anybody else wondering where did @Dewey Weaver go? He pretty much disappeared after this exchange around time Rossis Quark-X went under test.
    Coincidence of course?

    In support of Thomas Clarke, who I personally believe is by far the most knowledgeable individual here on the topics at hand, I will be dropping my scarcasm and any perceived "personal attacks" moving forward even in the PLAYGROUND. Sifferkoll has taken…

    I welcome your decision about dropping sarcasm (and hopefully direct bashing), there are places where it works, but maybe not in this forum, as long as this topic is still heated.
    The importance about arguing on what Thomas Clarke have written here and many other forums, is because he was using his scientific argumentation to convince readers. One example is this suddenly re-popped up 'super heated core with loose coupling', to prove that all Rossis tests were fraudulent. Vaporization of amount of water needs around 4 times the mass, or temp, in hot core no matter is it metal or porous material like stone. Loose coupling or porousness only changes Time constant the heat is released, but does not change stored energy/kg (considering not playing with pressures).

    But since Thomas seemingly has bailed out from here, I will respect him and not continue on that topic. He is not able to defend himself in this forum anymore. I just leave it here, by linking very well written post by Abd which explains better my point.

    Strange... After this 'big disgust' that that post caused, I scrolled back and first time clicked link to Thomas home page, it turned out to be familiar. I have not googled any Thomas Clarke, so this must not be first time link has been circling in these forums (was it in Matts blog or Sifferkolls I cannot remember).

    Nevertheless Thomas, just want you to know that seeing the page did not change a thing for me. I did not even read more than headlines. Why, because we should weight person more in their own words here, than what is said or written about them. Or in this case for me it does not matter what you or anybody do for their daily work.

    Personally I hope you hang around these forums, since without your counterarguments, discussions would become pretty one sided and dull.

    homas Clarke is posting here with his real name and his real photo, his professional website as scientist is online and public, he claims here to post as a 'professional' and Master of Arts and he claims the recognition of his professionalism for his statements, so he must accept them for himself as a person! So could you give me any reason, why Thomas Clarke, should not be named as Thomas Clarke?

    Even this is tricky and unfortunate question, I have to say that this is important point by @Rends. Please read it again. If someone is using scientific and technical argumentation directly, or indirectly emphasized by his name and profile. He must have it then both ways. Maybe forum readers should not give too much weight on peoples titles or profiles when this technology have so big ambition in both sides that clear plain truth has vanished long ago. Unfortunately it is not possible for Thomas to re do profile selection anymore at this point.

    Having said that I don't see any benefit anyone using direct slander here. Personally I would not mind if someone would clean up some comments that are clearly outside of thread topic. As long as we have this playground-thread.

    PS. One more thing. Since playground thread has good amount of important discussion (even nonscientific), I would propose it be called more respectfully to 'Open speech', 'Open thread' or whatever you come up with.

    Quote from Thomas Clarke: “@stephen,
    Quote: “ It really does not matter to me in the slightest if anyone believes me on this, all I am saying is keep it in mind as you look through post histories on all related forums as well as future information…

    Sorry to say this stephenrenzz but you are pretty much mistaken.
    - Randombit0 is not Mr Rossi
    - Randombit0 is not she, way too much testosterone and Italian temperament
    - Closest to Rossi you could get, he could be his Italian consultant Mr Fabiani, but I don't know well enough to propose that.
    - It could also be team of Rossi sympathizers, lots of Italian temperament in 'its' style. Maybe team of italians from cobra forum ( some italian reader could have spotted some hints there ).
    And further
    - Thomas Clarke is mostly using his scientific knowledge like 'Jehovah's Witness' (sorry if someone gets offended) to pick only tidbits fitting to his possible 'theory' and constructing the new interpretation of puzzle. ( see how 'E-cats now must have loose coupling and 'hot cores' there cannot be any other scientific explanation' and lots more ). He picks his fights to paint big picture dirty for Rossi and now even LENR (his mind seems shifting also).
    - Abd is partly repeating pattern of Thomas + he is using few of his unique 'believe me I've been there done that' and 'many has tried with me but failed miserably' -methods. Like we should sit down and buy his conclusions that are many parts flawed or cherrypicking the 'facts' that fits his possible 'theory'.
    - I deliberately call them 'theories' instead of 'agendas' because truth is we cannot know for sure, but judge by yourseves while following this saga.
    - Very few doesn't seem to recognize that when litigation come closer, 'reality' of IH supporters shifts same way as Rossis claims about factories etc. did in the past. Example? Earlier Dewey and Jed claimed LENR does not work, but now Mr Weaver has shifted to 'Rossi must successfully trasfer his IP to IH' claims (read from: Rossi: “Steam Was Superheated” in 1MW Plant Test ) which was quickly covered by storm of worthless read. Check yourself starting from link and you see how this machine works.

    There is one difference between You, Abd, Deawey, and Thomas. You live in illusion that readers would be less intelligent than you and would buy what you write here, whereas Thomas is sensible enough to understand the reality and only tries his best without 'attitude'. Do I need to teach you more on term 'Besserwisser'.

    PS. Bullying style against and by Sifferkoll belongs to elementary school toilet, here it has no positive effect on party who uses that practise.

    The patent attorney once more failed to specify the exact composition of the ingredients of the fuel, to enable any person skilled in the art to replicate the invention, so the disclosure is inadequate for every patent-office on this planet.

    It seems that we do not get any big news from this minor application update. i want to emphasize that it is still application and I would bet that E-Cat applications will not get updated with fuel details until just last minute before 'owner' of the technology is ready for competitive mass production. - who ever it is.

    Thomas - Thank you for the questions and thoughts. Rossi doesn't realize that the paid-up license agreement is enforceable no matter what the outcome of his poorly written and filed litigation may be.
    Rossi has a limited amount of time to make good on his license agreement and terms of proof of IP transfer will not be determined by him. His problems will soon increase by at least an order of magnitude if he does not figure this out in the very near future.

    Dewey, I know you cannot answer directly pretrial, but doesn't this your statement imply that IH is believing in LENR and E-Cat being able to produce extra heat? Why would there be IP to transfer if E-cat doesn't work?

    That would be good news, since actually we all here are on same side - want better world with the help of LENR.

    Eric good question, and I'm not any way specialist, but what was on my mind thermal expansion because of big temp differences. Wasn't that a reason why shielding in shuttle was made on separate rather small tiles instead of bigger plates. If I remember correctly also SR-71 was leaking fluids when in hangar, because seams and gaskets were adjusted for higher body temperatures in high speed cruising.

    What comes for example to fan blades, I think they have been coated with ceramics since 70's, but maybe flight surfaces cannot be coated same way (unless titanium maybe. Aluminium alloy would nmelt anyway). I don't know how in practise, but googled and found that Alumina and Titanium have pretty same Thermal Expansion Coefficient (8.1 vs 8.6) where Aluminium has 22.2 (or even worse typical 7075 aviation aluminum alloy has [email protected]).…rial.asp?bassnum=MA7075T6

    I was lurking on E-catworld (I don't post as it is heavily moderated, but must say it is opening up a bit).
    And a user here/there had a very good link about discussions on the Internet. So I want to give credit to Argon for taking the time to post 'thanks dude'.
    It is from DISCQUS about believing anything you read.

    Thanks Rigel, I have not written the Disqus article, I just linked it to E-catworld, but yes very well worth reading for all people reading forums and blogs so I add the link once again here:…controlling-your-thoughts

    Siffer - where'd you go? Argon welcome suddenly back - you guys are tight!

    When making logs on peoples visits, you should know that when someone reads another thread, it seems to you that she did go away. I was replying on F&P-89 thread I have not logged out since about 4 hours now (but planning to do so soon). Also logout does not update immediately like in many other social media platforms either.

    BTW It is interesting to learn how easy it is to get lost to wrong tracks, when other people tries to do scenario analysis based on few innocent posts here and there. That teaches also me not to draw final conclusions from here, but just try to weight between scenarios.

    Dewey, endless eye for an eye is way everything from gang wars to real wars can start, if there is not enough coolness or wisdom to sort things out. Hard to tell who started what, depending on what you mean or distance we look at. In big picture I think Rossi have had it running all the time (by putting up JONP in first place). Or is here someother 'war' like PR <-> PIH they should be kept individual fights, which starts and ends there, instead of continuing war.

    Admitting defeat? I'm observer and LENR sypathiser and watchdog against F&P -89 treatment replay. I'm not in Planet Rossi, I have been away fom JONP must be over 1 maybe 2 years. E-cat world does not interest me so much since there similarily thinking people shares their opinions, with not too much argumentation (what I like and partly sympathies Mr Clarke about).

    About LENR, truth has not come out, and if LENR is real I just hope it ends up in hands of good people and companies for general good. If LENR proves to be dead end, I'm pretty disappointed after following Cold Fusion with F&P -89 and now LENR since Rossis first demo.

    As you noticed I did not ask any specific questions from you, since I know beforehand that you should not reveal any true facts before court case is settled. And I pretty much lost interest on this pretrial speculation few weeks ago because June is so close. On the other hand I might have new questions after first IH public response and really appreciate true and honest direct answers also from you then. Gameplay is not in my interests.

    I also think that successful independent replication made by trusted lab and measurements or real product in market long enough to prove savings in practice.
    I have to add that if we dont do any watchdogging of possible smudge campaigns that some competing interest groups might activate, investments goes to other reasearch than LENR. Can that be prevented by posting corrections on false statements is something that might not totally change things, but keeps minds more open for final proof. (being silent could lead F&P -89 replay in worst case).

    Bit off topic, but Has Bob Greenyer reported anything new about me356 or has he visited him/her again as was planned last week? I might have missed new info. (latest I heard that it was postponed because of me356 sickness). If me356 claims are true, they together could bring in quite strong proof, but I understand me356:s position and it might be best path he chose to take.

    What does all the personal attacks bring to the table? How does either side of the 'advocates either for or against' think this type of discussion accomplish?
    I really want to know. I have been honest when I have been asked a question. I would respect an honest answer.

    Rigel I understand your frustrationa and been wondering the same since Matts blog explosion. It is impossible to know for sure, but you may try some scenarios and see how well it fits into pattern. Consider the following:
    1) Litigation is closing fast, so not much can be done. Darden/IH has around Jun 12 to respond on Rossis Claims…ossi_et_al_v_Darden_et_al
    2) Deawy Weaver is person who lost real dollars if IH/Rossi contract gets invalidated. His frustration is somewhat understandable. He might lose more if Rossi is entitled to additional 89m$ (by IH bankruptcy vs. continuing some viable business with Brillouin energy tech.).
    3) Since contract has big probability to get invalidated they lose huge potential to future income.
    4) Rossi (and maybe LENR) needs to get discredited to avoid 89m$ payment (I don't quite understand this logic, but maybe it is just tiny part of discrediting ERV).
    5) Sifferkoll might have invested in Swedish LENR licensee Hydrofusion (not confirmed), so he then would have something. like LENR research disappearance, to protect as well.
    6) Mr Weaver, even he is shareholder and somewhat friend of Mr Darder from IH, he is not official spokesperson as he confirmed. IH can, and IMO will decline all Mr Weaver has said here. They have said only 'could not substantiate'. Everything else here is Mr Weavers and his soul mates speculation.
    7) If someone would want to discredit Rossi and LENR, then one way to do that is to fill forums with FUD and all kind of discredit. Then it would be difficult for any newcomer or truth seeker get big picture without going through hundreds and hundreds of messages mixed with mud (That would help somewhat on F&P -89 replay.). If you scroll back, every time something crucial points were asked, campaign of laughter and all kind of non fact based mud slinging was initiated. Mr Clarkes posts are question on its own in this matter, I cannot judge, but I'm happy that Matts has asked real professionals to evaluate his pretty serious claims of band emissivity and all.
    Mr Weaver has never answered direct factual questions, but either thrown unrelated mud, or at best given indirect hint which all can be denied in court.
    9) There are few other users participating to this smudge campaign, you find them easily, since their posts typically comes in pairs with Mr Weavers posts and typically have no relevance on actual topic.
    10) More and more people today seems to remain childish very late or even throughout the adult life, and latest postings here shows also behavior typical in kindergarten and teenager age. When one person is throwing low punch, that drags others to post all kinds of dismissive and bullying texts and gifs with lots of smileys attached - with no substance on topic at all.

    With all this we can ask ourselves:
    - IH people, Mr Darden, Cherokee partners their lawyers and people in Apco must be totally aware of this Mr Weaver and his buddies 'campaign' here in forums, but have not called him to back up. If they really would be planning to continue with LENR/Rossi/Brillouin, would you accept them as business partner or home heater vendor after this kind of business behavior, or buy cheap Chinese copy from e-bay instead. If they are planning to discredit LENR totally (F&P -89 replay), then they have no reason to tone down Mr Weaver, who seems to be very bully here (implying that he knows for sure he have full freedom to continue his activities here)
    - If IH would target on keeping their contract (=and license) valid with Rossi, I think Mr Weaver and his possible associates would have been called back very quickly. Othervise you would have to think that all mentioned parties in that side would be total business tasus, and even I have lots of personal experience to that direction, I wouldn't believe them to be such dummies. (Also 'Dragons nest' tv-series gives some perspective)
    - What on earth bashing of steam dryness of Rossis 2011 demo has to do with current E-cat technology? It had poor controllability and low temperature at that time, but demo (or even scam) served purpose of scaring competition away, because Rossi seemed to be ahead of MFMP kind of low COP (pt wire) tests. So this is also part of 'Discredit Rossi' campaign instead of planning to continue with him. Interesting exception is that recently Mr Weaver hinted that this will never go into court? (So pay Rossi something, since continuing with him doesn't look very easy option. Then discredit him totally to stop him fooling other investors)
    - One indication of 'campaign' is that Playground thread has not too much been used for this smudging, but it has been important to confuse all real threads.
    - Of course there is more unrealistic scenarios, like since Mr Weaver only learned about troubles very late (my estimation around end March -16), he could have been totally pissed off to Mr Darden who has known, but kept secret, about dispute much longer. Because of that he might be lonely rider with few other disappointed investors here.
    - At least hese fits to filtered big picture of all postings I have read (and it's alot). You may ask how about IH still wanting to continue contract with Rossi and E-cats. Why on earth they let all this mudsling spin freely here then. Their reputation is highly on stake on that case.
    - Finally you may ask what if 'they could not substantiate' really means that Rossi is a scammer and one year test report is screwed by ERV (Mr Penon) and Rossi? That is possible, he could have escaped with his already received 10m$ and end of story (as IH might have predicted). Other explanation would be that Rossi thought that since wording of the contract was written in a way that it is roughly enough to run one year test with both accepted ERV proving COP > 2 or >5 for full 89m$, he would be winning in court, unless IH can prove the fraud occurring. In that case for IH it would be enough to prove fraud with evidence and this whole smudge and smear has not much meaning, and in that case supports 'Weaver being just pissed of lonely rider' -theory.

    So in summary. With patience pick your scenario and evaluate it against events occurring or seek for better ones. This flood of 'stuff' here is not going to stop any time soon, and for history-, and other books of sake I hope moderators keep at least Playground -thread wide open to all comments.
    Meanwhile we can skip reading pure smudge posts and wait for June. It is very close anyway, and soon we can watch starting of next episode in this saga.

    PS. And to your original question my quote is "People, shit and everything between should be treated with respect they deserves". It works pretty well in life in general (with few exceptions).

    Yes heck of the engineering indeed in SR-71. I was first thinking that Ramjet/Scramjet could be starting point on design with effective heating surface (15-30 km altitudes Mach 2-5). But after your comments and some googling it seems not to be quick path to design. I was thinking many smaller air intake nozzles that leads to bigger heating chamber (air velocity decreases), but yes overall heating of surfaces is still the problematic one. It would quiclkly lead space shuttle design with ceramic tiles and everything, not suitable for frequent commercial flights.

    Even Mach 3 seems to be challenging in practice:

    I think that the quote system is broken or that several or most of us are using it wrong. I will look at a quote that someone else tried to respond to and find that only half the quote is missing so that the context is completely lost. So I go back several pages and have to find the full quote. Would it be possible to have a decent sticky on your home page that gives concrete examples on how to use it properly?

    @Rigel I think quote system works ok, but I agree it could be difficult for users that has not used it a lot. And yes one sticky instruction could help some users. But here is quick first aid:
    -Select part of the text you want to get included in quote and and click black 'Quote Selection'- callout. Then on right bottom 'Quotes' callout you may check what part of text got picked.
    -Click reply and if you had only one quote picked it comes automatically quoted. (above you see that I have left out 'Moderator' and 'thanks' from your original post)
    -Or you may just copy link to original post by right clicking link 'xx minutes ago' -timestamp from original post. That is link leading to original post.
    Here is is (click here ->) the link to your post. Which is added by selecting desired text (in this example 'link to your post' left) and clicking link button in tool row or press ctrl-l (lowercase L) .
    -Or just paste the link The Playground

    Many features are intuitive here, but takes some active exploration to find them. And yes embedded link should be better emphasized (like underlined)

    Quote: "Can I give you some advice? Take people at their word. Mostly that works. Dewey is a self-avowed propagandist for IH. That does not mean what he says is false, but it means you take it with a grain of salt. It is always vague. Just like Rossi's elliptical comments that historically get interpreted out of any straightforward meaning."

    Thomas while partly agree with you there are few things to note.
    - Mr Dewey Weaver is independent investor invested in IH so thus LENR and knows personally Thomas Darden in IH. But as he has clearly stated he is not IH:s spokesperson, so his messages can be totally discarded by IH when needed. No matter how direct messenger of IH he could be, he is still not official and can be denied.
    - Rossi has said many things about automated factories, COP, control of his E-Cat SSM, but that has been mostly business game to buy him time from competition. If you blame him about it, think again why IH has been dead silent while knowing exactly how many Rossi claimed robots they had ready for E-Cat mass production.
    - If you like to continue to take people on their words, try to figure out why Mr Jed Rothwel says he could spot error in 5 minutes from Rossis calorimetry, If that was so blody clear why on earth they happily received 3 quarterly intermnediate reports and noticed, or more importantly said nothing?

    This list could go on and on, but this game has already come clear enough and we just need to sit and wait how things roll out in coming weeks and months. Pre-trial activities did not do their duty, so take two starts within weeks.