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    No, it's Rossi's avatar, here. Randombit0 has clearly acknowledged being Rossi. This is unmistakeable: Plaintiffs/Counter-Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Defendants Amended Counterclaims against Plaintiffs and Memorandum of Law <--link -- I don't know why this goes to the bottom of the page. The actual post is by randombit0 above the bottom.

    So I'm taking this opportunity to welcome Andrea Rossi to Now that I'm sure about the identity, I intend to read posts by this user with heightened interest. I've already read back and it's enlightening. Thanks, Andrea, for sharing your reality with us.

    I called out randombit as being Rossi months ago....if I recall correctly, he was not so very pleased about it. If only Rossi was as transparent with his fake devices as he is with his fake

    "Another questioner asked Rossi “Rating from 1 ( lowest) to 10, which is the rate you deem proper right now for the behavior of the QuarkX?” Rossi’s answer was “6.”

    While the question is quite ambiguous, a rating of just over 50/50% on a world changing technology of great magnificence by the inventor himself, is quite troubling and extremely lackluster for the good "doctor". Ouch!! Something tells me there is trouble in paradise in the labs on Planet Rossi. Rossi gives the QuackX a rating of 6 out of 10 after making incredible claims of operation for months, while on the other hand Engineer48 has solved the mystery of the E-Cat from reading "gold nuggets" from Lewan's holy grail. Another day of true madness on Planet Rossi.

    Nobody? Ok. Lets make this easier. Lets say there was no pipe of 6m length and lets assume that the e-cat was installed on ISIS and leaked its steam directly from the 1 bar outlet next to the reaction chamber into space through a perfectly round, perfectly straight pipe stub with 40 mm diameter and 60 mm length. How much steam can it possibly leak? The answer is about 1170 kg/h. So even if Murray drastically misjudged the pipe's length by two orders of magnitude and even if the pressure at the receiving end would have been zero (which is categorically impossible), the maximum possible flow rate would have been LESS than what Rossi claims he delivered to the customer. So maybe Rossi invented a pipe which has a much, much smaller outer diameter than inner diameter (patent pending). I'm sure e-catworld will come up with an explanation which is at least as likely as that in no time.

    I did a quick model of a Rossi's magic pipe with a smaller outer diameter, unfortunately I cannot render it in photo-realistic mode as it is an impossibility of course. Hey Rossi, you have permission to use this diagram in court if you wish, you are gonna need all the help you can get! lol

    The day the first E-Cats or QuackXs (XD XD XD) get rolled out of factory and successfully installed at clients', you will see all the Jed Rothwells, Mary Yugos, Eric Walkers, Jack Coles and assorted FUD machines, scrambling to find new reasons for the scam to go on unchallenged:
    - The energy produced by the E-Cats is beamed down from Sirius, on undetectable wavelengths
    - There are mini-fission devices inside the E-Cats, providing buffer energy. Once it's gone, Rossi will be too, happily living off his condos' revenues in some taxless island.
    - The clients are actually part of the scam. After italian scientists (who are all crooks raised by Mafia), it will be the swedish professors and heat businesses who'll be privy and complicit to Rossi's nefarious plots.
    - There is no excess heat provided by the gadget, which doesn't work. There is however mass self-hypnosis at work, for reasons unknown. Swamp gas is being investigated.

    It is actually far more likely that Rossi is beaming down QuackX (thank you for that new meme btw) from Planet Rossi if you think about it. By doing so he is able to not only control all aspects of the devices, but also all licensing rights on Planet Rossi. Should be interesting to see if those on Planet Rossi start following Engineer48 as the next prophet after the E-Cat is proven to be a hoax especially as ME356 has disappeared into the LENR vacuum.

    Speaking of disappearing, where is good old Sufferkill lately? Quite odd that he has gone silent unless I missed some posts by our darling Rossi Supporter-In-Chief!

    Have Steorn officially capitulated? Or are they just quiet about the Orbo at this point?

    They are now saying they are out of money and need another large investment to continue. There have been ZERO confirmations of operation of any Steorn device at this point. The charade is finally coming to an end I believe. Why they still have the live stream still running with no operating devices is so odd..

    Yeah. I sold mine in the 1990s to a good home for $1. The I/O ribbon cables were breaking, it was kind of a mess. I had expanded it with an 8 MB memory card, as I recall. Cost a fortune. I had an IO card, and a video interface, that was about it. I had written a program to use an ordinary cassette recorder to store and retrieve data. Wrote an article about it for Byte magazine, 1977. I think it's still available on-line. I was using the name "Daniel" then.

    The hardware was, for the output, more or less wiring the interrupt enable line to the cassette mike input. Reading was done by clipping the interrupt line to the power rails and feeding the signal through an isolation capacitor. The modulation was variable pulse length.(So the time it took to transmit a byte depended on the data). It all ran in very little memory, I built this when I only had 256 bytes.

    I am quite jealous that you owned one, I don't think I could have parted with it! lol I will see if I can track down your article...I may even have that issue in print! I fired up one of my TRS-80s a few months ago with the massive 5 MEGABYTE harddrive cabinet with the keylock start actually still works! The funny part is that I never filled up the 5Mb drive, amazing how far things have come.

    Forget "nuclear reactor," it creates a host of images that don't apply. Is it reasonable to use a stethoscope to check the state of boiling in a single reactor?

    Yes. It is.

    We do not add credibility to criticism of Rossi by criticizing and ridiculing what might be reasonable.

    While it is technically possible to use a stethoscope to check the state of boiling in a single reactor of this supposed complexity, it is not reasonable nor wise to do so in 2016. For under $20.00 you can buy a sensor to monitor such a condition with far more accuracy than a stethoscope with the ability to log and record anything that is detected through a wide spectrum that can't even be detected by the human ear. I personally can tell when a car's timing is relatively off because of a lifetime of dealing with racing engines, but in 2016 I would NEVER EVER rely on my ear to check and/or set the timing of a modern engine, that should be left to sensors/ECU nowadays. I think you may have missed the point a bit on this one even though I posed it in jest.

    Assuming it works, I think you could sell more. Word would get out that it works and people who are not involved in the field would buy one. I think you could soon sell tens of thousands.

    It worked that way with the early microcomputers, such as the MITS Altair. People who had no idea they get a computer for themselves heard about it, and ordered it. Later, people who did not even know they wanted a computer got one. The Altair had not practical purpose at first. It was an expensive toy.

    I got to work on an Altair as a kid...I would give my left arm for one now. I have quite an extensive computer collection going back to the late 70s, but the Altair is one I am still drooling over!

    I sincerely doubt it, there are amazingly few active experimenters. You might sell 50/100 at best.

    That is crazy Alan, once a couple trusted names in the field bought kits and posted videos and reviews, they would absolutely sell like hot cakes. If we could have access to a peek into the technology of the century for $1000, myself along with many others here would be throwing money at Engineer48. No question they would all sell out easily and quickly.

    There is this one. And the other. Are they the same?

    It is literally impossible not to laugh every time I see that photo of Rossi using a stethoscope to monitor a nuclear reactor (or simple water boiler in reality). I know the ridiculous backstory behind the use perpetuated on Planet Rossi, but this is pretty much the same thing as the timing and air/fuel mixture of a 1000+ horsepower engine being tuned by smelling the exhaust. Pure comedy....I am just rollling today reading posts.

    Oh this is just priceless!!! Evidentally Engineer48 has entered a magical realm much like that of the book/movie "The Da Vinci Code" by finding hidden codes and secrets in Lewan's book combined with his amazing detective sleuthing skills to ultimately solve the mystery of the impossible machine! IH was going to pay $100 million dollars for this magic technology, but for a mere $1000 you too can have the machine of the century. Has Engineer48 gone mad along with Rossi? I think the air has become FAR too thin on planet Rossi as of late. I can't even believe Engineer is serious with this nonsense!

    Edit: OBVIOUSLY when they write the book/movie for this ridiculous circus, it would make most sense to name it "The Rossi Code". Instead of Rose Line, we have Rossi Line...this stuff will just write itself! haha

    Jed Rothwell - Do you know anything about a private firm that was hired by IH to handle security in either Florida or NC?
    I've heard specifically the name BlackWater Security.

    This is nothing I can substantiate, so I'm asking others if they know something.
    Becuase you have more information than most others- is there anything you can add or detract from this?

    You guys just don't give up do you Sam?? What's next, the Illuminati?

    The specualtion goes as follows: The meeting in the Rossi's lawyer's office was setup to negotiate a licence agreement between JMP and Rossi. This meeting was setup by Rossi's lawyer.

    Note: JMP was known by IH from the very start of the testing.

    Well...going off Rossi's words, the odds are truly astounding that the inventor and customer were brought together in this way. So ridiculous in my opinion.

    I find it amazing that Rossi supporters always glaze over the glaring incredible yet ridiculous coincidence that Rossi and the owners of an overseas company who could use Rossi's technology would share the same relatively small-time Florida lawyer. Brilliant minds are struggling to figure out what product or process could use the heat/energy in the way that Rossi is claiming, yet coincidentally Rossi runs into the very customer he needs...ohh the odds! Then that this overseas company would name their attorney as the President of the division created to use this amazing technology. It would be hard to make it actually sound any more outlandish if one was to try. This narrative is so humorous to me!

    Ah, I see your snarkiness. You come from a place where LENR+ itself is outlandish. I understand. But given a set of presumed parameters, and working within those parameters, this is the single best explanation that fits the facts of which we are aware, without resorting to less probable multi-person conspiracy theories.

    That does not change the fact that it is yet ANOTHER outlandish explaination/excuse necessary to deal with inconsistencies and problems with Rossi's story. Maybe Rossi should have hired APCO to help him with his fantasy tales and implausible answers.