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    Maybe we should file this oath next to his pronouncement: "In Mercatu Veritas"

    Loosely translated as: "The Ecat will be real when you can buy one at Home Depot."

    For every 10 Ecats you buy at Home Depot, you get a free orange storage bucket and a pig that flies!

    I always love reading bedtime stories that Rossi reads to Rossi so he can sleep soundly at night. This one reads like a fantasy novel where our character Jacky goes from an enemy of the grand lord to a deep admirer supporting the fight against the sharks who are dedicated to end our fearless leaders reign. Priceless...truly priceless.

    Just when we thought this circus could not get any more ridiculous, they pull poor God into the mix.

    Jackie: "Dear Mr. Rossi, would you be kind enough to state the words below..."
    Rossi: "I swear on the Holy Bible that my E-cat works as I have described..." (fingers crossed behind his back of course)
    God: "Leave me out of this circus with Rossi please!"
    Jesus: "Sorry guys, I am on vacation, but I PROMISE I will return someday" (I couldn't resist - no offense to those who are religious)

    My client's pays me. I expect my team will deliver much more of value to the client than the ECat.

    I debate the issue, I don't attack unless you consider having your opinion questioned is an attack?

    As far as I know, I have never had posts deleted, disappeared by Disqus yes but not deleted my someone.

    The situations I am speaking of were more or less a group banter usually consisting of myself or myself and one other person arguing a point against a large group of Rossi supporters, which is common on E-Scat World. On numerous occasions MANY of my posts were deleted (actually said deleted in my history) right in the middle of the banter while those on the Rossi side were allowed to continue with even personal attacks (yours were not very personal from my recollection). The first one or two times I experienced this, I wrote it off..but then I experienced a definitely distinct pattern of being silenced.

    If you are being paid by your clients rather than by Rossi for consulation/leads etc, then I do retract my statement as I misunderstood thinking Rossi was to compensate you. My apologizes on that.

    I remember vividly that you were one of those that attacked me on more than one occasion and I was not allowed to respond. Your attacks were not necessarily deeply personal, but attacks nonetheless that I was never allowed to respond to. Yes I did take the issue up with Frank, and I was lied to even after showing proof from my post history...he stuck to it being disqus errors even after I proved it wrong. I have moderated many forums over the years..everything from phpbb to disqus, I know full well how all of it works.

    Let's not play games and dance around you working for Rossi. "No money comes by way until the client's engineers sign off and accept the plant." You are working for Rossi at that point...if even just as a contractor. If he pays you for your work as an agent to customers, you are working for him. Deep conflict of interest when considering your perspectives now that we know you are working for Rossi. Sorry.

    Yet, I am telling you what people who have actually spent significant time with him have said to me (or to others I trust, conveyed to me confidentially). People who are not naive and who understand the situation, which they consider tragic.

    It sure seems to me that the ones who trusted Rossi and were fooled by his charade of likability are the ones in fact who are now showing to be the naive. Often the one who is reaching his hand farthest into your pocket to steal from you is the one who is shaking your other hand with the largest warmest most loving smile. Remember...blind faith allows for so much justification in a person's character.

    I personally tested this to see if it was a Disqus issue when my posts were systematically being was absolutely not. It was obvious from the history and content that they were being deleted by moderators...also they were not just disappering the way you see with Discus issues, it showed they were being blocked by a moderator. On numerous occasions I was attacked by numerous users on there (you among them more than once Engineer..but more often the sheep like Sufferkill or Clovis or someone like that) for any statements that were not pro-Rossi. At one point a moderator was deleting posts of mine over and over all day just to make a point, and then when I got agitated and wrote one directly to the magically went through instantly to mock me. This of course DID happen...many E-Scat users mocked and attacked me for complaining, all which again magically was not moderated down. Don't pretend you do not know that Frank used to throttle us skeptics to a point that we had no voice. Also when looking at my post history right up to when I was banned on E-Scat world, there is no reason I should have been banned. Engineer, unfortunately Rossi has you fooled so deeply that you cannot see reality, especially now that he has offered you some sort of job or position you mentioned recently.

    "Telecopier" is a trademarked name also. Lawyers usually avoid using trademarked names in official paperwork.

    That among about a thousand other things that a "lawyer usually would avoid" in this circus, from both sides of the fence, I would add. I see that Engineer48 is now pushing a ridiculous narrative that the document is an inside joke, I would say that would be something far more odd for a lawyer to send out. His notion is just another good example of how ridiculous explanations must ALWAYS be concocted to fit questions and inconsistencies regarding Rossi/Ecat. Saunas...foam board...inside jokes...Engineer48 is on quite a fantasy roll!

    Well, they might take some liberties.

    And you have not factored in the love interest. Rossi's family rejected him, but he plays tennis with his beautiful wife.

    Rossi is, by all accounts, engaging and likable. So how could someone like that do what he did? What, in fact, did he do? How has he kept the trust of, say, Mats Lewan?

    It is always shocks me when people say Rossi is likable in person. While I of course have not met the man, I have watched numerous videos of him, and he seems 180 degrees off from a likable or pleasant character. He comes off as a cranky angry jaded egotistical idiot savant who is being inconvenienced by the very presence of plebeians around him.

    Every post I ever made on E-Scat world had to wait for moderation...I figured that was the standard practice there. Either Frank or one of his moderators had/has a real problem with any remarks that were not pro-Rossi as they deleted many of my posts. Typically I would get attacked by 4 or 5 of the standard Rossi worshipers over there like Clovis or Engineer and would then not be allowed to respond, but instead have my post deleted. Frank would then say it was probably a Disqus error, but you could easily see it was intentional when you look at the post history. Then of course I got banned for bringing up points that were not pro-Rossi. I also got banned with another name on E-Scat world for being anti-Steorn. We all know that Frank and company were completely wrong about Steorn/Orbo now as well, that one just turned comical. I learned early on that you will get banned immediately if you troll or push the envelope on E-Scat, so I was actually pretty careful over there. I wonder what will become of E-Scat world if the E-Cat is shown to be a complete fraud.

    You can easily have stains or water marks in pipes and or equipment from short or long standing water. Pipe material, elements and components of the fluid and heat all play a large part of the characteristics of the stain/watermark. Even flowing water in the right circumstances can create water marks. You are completely wrong in assuming that only 'long standi(n)g water' creates water marks. Also "lieing" is not a word.

    This is just yet another example of a track record a few of us have been pointing out. As a moderator he should know better than invest in such behavior.

    If I am correctly reading between the lines and inferring authorship here (note the punctuation and grammar), one gets the sense that Rossi might be acknowledging that the customer was not exactly a normal customer:

    (Via Peter Gluck's blog.)

    'He' should at least stop using "Cheers" and "Regards" every time he uses a sock puppet. He is so sloppy with indicators of authorship, it almost makes one think he is trying to get caught with all these fake posters. No doubt in my mind that he is trying to push the agenda that the customer is not important, unfortunately for him this tactic does not fool those outside of Planet Rossi and it surely will not fool anyone in court.

    Abd. TLDR. IMHO you are a pompous self-serving narcissist. But I suppose you serve a purpose of sorts. Please avoid writing to me in future.

    Yet AGAIN another disgusting display by Alan as a moderator. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black on trolling. You are just on a roll.

    One part of it is quite clear though. IH included these emails because they are worried about the HF/Swedish connection. They need to bring Rossi out of business. Darden even travelled to Stockholm and told a lot of people a lot of lies to discredit Rossi. The impression he gave was that of a used car salesman; great first impression facade, but slippery and empty inside. Scary guy.

    Btw, when visiting Sweden Darden refused to talk to Mats Lewan, wonder why?

    The irony of you using terms like "used car salesman", slippery, "empty inside" in the very same response to mention of proof that Rossi used disgusting deception to get rid of HF by rigging the test to fail is just priceless. Evidently Rossi gets a pass and can lie, cheat and steal all he wants when it comes to a business deal that suits his needs, but otherwise he is an innocent angel that is being attacked by snakes in the grass. Ohh those evil evil liars at IH haha!! So gullible very gullible you are.

    Yes Renzzzzzzie, that is your XXXXXXX "opinion", nothing else.

    Truly insightful response there Sufferkoll, because we know you NEVER post your opinion. Obviously I struck a little nerve there with my perspective of your buddy, and obviously your parents never taught you a little story about the pot and kettle. You are really on the defense the last day or so lol...gee I wonder why.

    I do not follow the "Rossi Saga" on multiple blogs. I used to read ECW some, but it became 90% complete nonsense for me. I started reading this blog on occasion just to pick up "hopefully factual and truthful data". ?(

    With that said, I would like to inquire about Mats Lewan. I do not read his blog (if it is still available?) and I see his name pop up on occasion here as well in various posts. I know for a while, he had Rossi's ear to some extent and had done research for his book.

    What is his status? Has anyone heard from him at all? When and what was his last public comments on Rossi? Has he dropped of the radar?

    In my opinion, Lewan unfortunately found himself in a bad place as many (I almost would say most) non-Rossi-Planet inhabitants began to look at him as being VERY biased in his views and reporting regarding Rossi/Ecat. A biased journalist is not a jouralist, but more of a spokesperson...which is what Lewan became. I think he has had to back away from the whole circus because of this stigma he has gained. Add on top of this, that Lewan has a book for sale about Rossi. Whether he makes a dime or not on the book currently, there is no doubt that point presents a glaring conflict of interest and just looks plain shady. According to Lewan, his blog got out of control and he shut it down. I have run numerous forums and blogs in the past (have done some code development for phpBB) and never had a problem controlling the small number of posts he had per day let alone 100 times that, but who knows he may legitimately be a very busy many. I do not know if Lewan is biased because of motive, naivety or blind faith.

    It does seem to be quite uncommon. When reading the comments, I think you just need to ask yourself, "what is the intended goal he is trying to achieve with this?" He's not actually talking to himself. It is for a purpose.

    I think to understand it better, you can start with the other fakes. For example, what was the purpose of the fake employee of the the fake customer? What was the purpose of the fake business card? What was the purpose of the fake customer? What was the purpose of the fake transmutation? What was the purpose of the supposed fake test failure with his licensee? What was the purpose of the fake data (36000 kg/day)?

    You can start to see the pattern emerge.

    I have been talking about Rossi's fake users on JONP, here and E-Scat World since I joined this forum...and on E-Scat world until I was banned for bringing up topics like this. You will have those such as Colwyn and Sufferkoll (and a few others on Planet Rossi) who will continue to deny that Rossi has sock puppets all over the place, but it is so incredibly obvious and apparent. Rossi creates these fake puppets so that he can answer questions that he wants answered in the way he wants them answered and in his time frames. He also loves to bring in fake female users to praise and support him...hilarious to me what an amazing amount of females magically have appeared who have interest and deep knowledge of LENR lol! Rossi has finally stopped using obvious grammar and sentence structure elements such as the odd extra spaces before and after parenthesis and certain wording that we have been pointing out to him for months, but he still inadvertently uses so many obvious identifiers in his puppets. I believe his communication gap causes him to make most of these glaring mistakes that are so easy to detect. One would almost start to wonder if there is a mental and/or emotional problem adding to the fake puppet world. As pointed out also, it is amazing that Rossi has so many hours a day to not only answer questions on JONP to legitimate posters (probably a smaller number nowadays than the sock puppet population over there) but also to all of his sock puppets while somehow finding the time to develop the QuarkX to great magnificence! That last sentence was hard too type without laughing.