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    HAHA I was just thinking the same thing as I read 2 female posts on JONP and in a row even haha. Magically Rossi pulls in the chicks on his site...but Lenr-Forum and E-Scat World are just not cool enough for the ladies. HAHA priceless!

    It looks like a hilarious ploy to try to get a modicum of plausible deniability in there. If they had put "Johnson Matthey Platinum Sponges," I suppose they would have left themselves open to an action from Johnson Matthey, or one of false representation from IH. As it stands, JMP just look (really) foolish. It is the case that "Johnson" is the last name of the lawyer who is JMP's CEO; now they just need to explain to the jury where the "Matthew" comes from (as well as the part about the platinum sponges). ("Matthew" was the name of a character in my son's favorite childhood story, or something.)

    Yeah we are on the same page then. I also think they tried to muddy up the waters with Johnson (lawyer) as tying into the name...and the Matthew switch is priceless. The irony is that all of it is wrapped directly around a LAWYER!

    Rossi sure is busy with his fake users on the ever so ridiculous JONP today. He should at least have someone else write the comments for him so the speech patterns and grammar are not so obvious. I love the ones that praise him and speak of paper tigers and clowns. Rossi is SO transparent lol.

    I took a close look, and it looks like a simple PDF scanning artifact. My bet is on its having been "Johnson Matthew Platinum Sponges," without any after-the-fact modification.

    I don't know...I find it odd that the only letter in question is the one letter that has off spacing and slightly tilted. If you believe it has not been edited, do you think creating letterhead as Matthew was a ploy (weak one) to sneak around actually claiming Matthey? It is highly unlikely that letterhead would have a typo in it as it is not typed out each time. It is VERY VERY fishy either way...especially since Rossi continues even today to claim no attachment to Johnson Matthey.

    Do the inhabitants of Planet Rossi have an answer yet for the Matthew/Matthey debacle? It be completely implausible that the company name would be mispelled in the letter head, this is not something that gets typed every time a letter is produced with it. Also it appears that the 'W' has been photoshopped in over they 'Y' because of bad spacing and slight tilt. I am sure Sifferkoll will come up with some ridiculous outlandish excuse to fit the problem as usual..

    James Bass is found, playing soccer for the Johnson Matthey team in Royston, UK. Surprisingly also the HQ of Johnson Matthey Chemical Products manufacturing among other things platinum catalysts of different kinds ... Kind of funny actually; IH making all this stuff up ...…atthey-chemical-products/

    You are more gullible than a small child Sifferkoll. Plays soccer in England and moonlights as director of Engineering in Florida for a fake company run by Rossi's lawyer. Plus of course all major companies typically have company directors print amateur business cards at home. Ridiculous! If Rossi told you this guy also bred unicorns and dragons as a hobby you would believe it, one of them is named Petroldragon. Rich

    EDIT: I guess we just have to 'believe' Rossi when you say we should and only when you say we know because the customer wants to stay hidden. That line is about as tired as 'Rossi Says'.

    Andrea Rossi
    August 7, 2016 at 2:17 PM
    Luis Navarro:
    Thank you for the link, anyway, as I always said, Johnson Matthey is NOT the Customer.
    Warm regards,A.R.

    Even today Rossi STILL can't stop lying. Is that where you get your tactics Siffer?

    Ahh typical Sifferkoll lol. When his fearless lord Rossi repeats over and over that Johnson Matthey is NOT involved...then they are absolutely not involved. When findings turn up evidence to the contrary...all of a sudden Sifferkoll sings a totally different tune. Classic.

    Here is another gem.

    Wondering what Sifferkoll and Co. are thinking about this gem on planet Rossi. Sure appears to align perfectly with what we have all been predicting the whole time about the fake customer outside the cold cold planet. Matthew, Matthey, Mathow, Mitthey this is awesome!

    It appears Sifferkoll was quite selective in his posting of exhibits among his barely coherent slanted analysis. Something tells me Sifferkoll and company are NOT happy campers today on Planet Rossi. No smores around the campfire tonight on that cold cold planet without a E-Cat to warm them. :)

    Ahh the irony of a Troll trying to call out someone for trolling. That's rich...

    Good try, but I have stuck to my word. Show me where I have trolled or posted my entertaining memes anymore after I said I would not. (normal heated banter does not constitute trolling - that has been discussed ad nauseum). Also I never said I would publish any statistical data about randombit0....I think we all know EXACTLY who he is. Looks like I easily knocked your amazing percentage there friend! Better luck next time.

    EDIT: with numbers like this "Likes Received49 Posts153" are barely even part of any discussion here. Join in with some activity and possibly someone will take you serious.

    How can one shot be from the front and one from the back when the joists go perpendicular to door end in the photo with two containers, but run parallel to the door end in the other photo? (Engineer shows that the doors are on the ends of the containers). It also looks like the bases of the two containers are dark and inset (definitely the right container) while the photo with the single container is the flat bottom rail style and matching red paint. Small details, but something to consider.

    EDIT: I see from looking at another photo that what I thought was the end of the container is actually the's drawing has the doors in the wrong places. I should not have gone by his drawing.

    Look at the roof beams and how they are supported at the wall interfaces in the 2 red container photos. They are the same in both photos of the red containers, so both photos are probably at the same site.

    Also attached how the reactors, heat exchanger, condensate tank and piping may have been arranged.

    As the 40ft ECat container with the dual reactors is clearly elevated quote a lot, this would suggest the black unit on the other side of the wall is 10ft high as Rossi claimed, which BTW does not have the top structure of a container.

    Sorry Engineer, you are incorrect. While both photos have similar style joists (as is common nowadays for similar type buildings), they are not the same building or at least the same wall. It is pretty obvious by the very large gap differences between the bottom of the joists and the cement lines. Camera angle would NOT account for this huge difference. There is also a very well defined upper line completely missing from one of the photos. The devil is in the details....

    EDIT: I see from looking at another photo that what I thought was the end of the container is actually the's drawing has the doors in the wrong places. I should not have gone by his drawing.

    Why wouldn't you be biased towards a LENR inventor, on a LENR-related forum?

    Also why would you spend hours and hours on a LENR forum, if you don't think LENR is real, or if you know it's not exploitable, or populated with conmen?

    I am of course speaking of the Rossi Circus, not LENR in general. I believe everyone engaged in this conversation has hope for LENR....we just have no faith in Rossi anyore. Pretty simple.

    EDIT: Ahh the irony of everyone liking your reply to my comment being Sifferkoll and company is just priceless. Kieieueueueue thank you for proving my point!!!! Just priceless!

    I see Alan Smith is back on the bias train! All one has to do is see who likes most of Alan's posts to see the clarity of the bias...cough Sifferkoll and co. cough. Much like the old adage about who you keep as friends. Obviously pretty much all the non-moderators have and show bias in this circus, but its just sad to see a moderator with such slant. Alan...why don't you just knock off the charade and admit you are biased towards Rossi, at least you will be acting honestly at that point.


    Well it doesn't surprise me your logic does not extend to the consideration of fact. Nor does it surprise me that circumstantial evidence of the sort you provide is much closer to a fairy story than reality.

    Best regards

    This makes absolutely no sense in the context of the topic. All I can think is that we again have a communication gap..or your first language is not English. I posted fact and rock solid logic...and you answer with some strange unrelated lofty blather. You really are slipping farther and farther from reality there FrankWTF.

    "There are no regulations in Florida or anywhere else pertaining to cold nuclear fusion reactors, because most scientists do not think they exist. If there were a 1-MW nuclear fusion reactor, the authorities would have no regulations governing it, but that does not mean they would allow it to operate. If they found out about it, I am sure they would close it down, and probably cordon off the neighborhood with dozens of police cars."

    It doesn't matter whether ithe device is nuclear, zero point energy, or millions of Maxwell's Demons dancing on a stage...the important meme here is "experimental". Prototype devices being tested for industrial applications are simply not regulated to the same stringency as devices being sold commercially. They are in a different category. I know this from twenty years of experience working with such systems. Admittedly, my experience is largely in Louisiana and Texas, both of which have far more industry of this sort than Florida, but I would think that would mean that such regulations would be more comprehensive rather than less. Instead of repeatedly regurgitating the same silly comments, just point me to the section of Florida's regulations that apply.

    The minute Rossi started selling his 1MW plant (and advertising it as a commercially available product), he stepped out of the "experimental" protection realm. If you have a million dollars, you can purchase a commercially available 1MW E-Cat plant are just flat wrong on this one.

    WHAT WHAT WHAT? What makes one think you believe in Rossi?? Hmm I dunno, the fact that you argue every single point made by skeptics about Rossi. I can't believe I even read that!! That is like saying to a wolf licking his lips that has blood all over its face and deer bones at its feet....did you eat that deer mister Wolf? And the wolf responds...what makes you think I eat didn't see me eat it.... good lord.