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    Here is a partial news release - looks like LENR-Forum was majorly Trolled by IH - THE ECAT WORKED IT WAS A SUCCESS

    Then on April 6, Frank got an email from an attorney representing Andrea Rossi containing this press release announcing that the test had been a success, but that Rossi was suing Industrial Heat for breach of its license agreement, and misappropriation of intellectual property. I was shocked, as I know were many others. What could be one of the most important technological advancements in history would now be tied up in court for an unknown period of time, and who could predict the effect on the dissemination of E-Cat technology?

    How do you feel now, a Fake narrative about the Pipes and steam was all part of the disinformation ploy. ) WOW


    When you read Rends, ele, Zeus and several others. you can see the type of thinking that leads one to believe con men like Rossi, Sean McCarthy (Steorn), Defkalion's John Hadjichristos, etc, etc. Humans, sadly, are very prone to this. It's a long discussion but the evolutionary origin of faith is probably rooted in the need to react quickly to announced threats, for example, predators. In prehistory, if someone yells "Lion" and you ask "Oh yeah? How do you know? What color was it? How do you know it's not tame? etc." then you get eaten. If you take it on faith, you run and maybe survive. Taking things on faith once had a strong survival benefit. Nowadays, that same instinct feeds scammers. IMHO of course.

    If there is a psychopath in the room it's definitely you maryyugo, you are allowed to throw out threats and attacks unlike anyone on this board,

    when will the moderators put a stop to it?

    you are a Genuine predator of the worst kind MaryYugo, what is in that sick mind of yours that you persist. There is no question in real life

    that strange things happened to you to be so disturbed, Jesus seek help already? Rossi won get over it.

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden thread. Eric

    Make no mistake Eric Walker was out of line and the LENR-FORUM Board was indeed Hijacked July 4th by Industrial Heat hacks,

    the week of the start of the trial.

    Accounts Suspended July 4th

    kevmolenr@gmail.com 's account suspended for two weeks for incivility and being an all-around boor. ( According to Eric Walker - Moderator/ IH devotee)

    sifferkoll 's account suspended for two weeks. It was just a matter of time. Next time will probably be permanent.

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden thread. Eric





    [email protected] 's account suspended for two weeks for incivility and being an all-around boor.

    sifferkoll 's account suspended for two weeks. It was just a matter of time. Next time will probably be permanent.


    Eric Walker -- THE MODERATOR -- He will decide what the TRUTH is and if it is for

    ROSSI then it should not be heard.


    Removed from the LENR Board:

    ** [email protected] 's account suspended for two weeks for incivility and being an all-around boor.

    ( according to ERIC )

    ** sifferkoll 's account suspended for two weeks. It was just a matter of time. Next time will probably be permanent.



    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden thread. Eric

    The board has just been hijacked by the Industrial Heat Mafia by Eric Walker the moderator who is also pro IH and anti-Rossi

    this is a sham and a disgrace, stay turned to all one sided comments against Rossi.

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden thread. Eric

    Some details of the initial shots fired by IH & Rossi:


    Law360, Miami (June 30, 2017, 9:57 PM EDT) -- An Italian inventor suing over an $89 million licensing agreement for an energy catalyzer patent opened trial Friday in Miami, telling jurors that the licensees had repeatedly touted the technology and said it had "potential to change the world" before reneging on the agreement.

    Brian Chaiken of Perlman Bajandas Yevoli & Albright PL, who represents Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, told the jury that Rossi and his Leonardo Corp. are owed $89 million from licensees Cherokee Investment Partners LLC and related entity Industrial Heat LLC, which boasted about acquiring the technology for a low-energy nuclear reactor called the E-Cat through a 2012 agreement but failed to live up to their end of the deal.

    "They wasted no time telling investors and potential investors that E-Cat actually works and that they were in possession of the technology," Chaiken said.

    At one point, in an investment memorandum, International Heat said the future success of the company was dependent on one key individual: Rossi, according to Chaiken.

    "They're (Industrial Heat ) telling their investors they've got LeBron James on their team and if they're going to the NBA Finals, they're going to ride him all the way there," he said.

    But International Heat changed its tune in May 2015, he said, when it successfully sold 4 percent of the company for $50 million. After that investment, Chaiken said the narrative changed, and the company began to say that Rossi was unreliable and that the test results of his E-Cat technology were unreliable.

    The case is Andrea Rossi et al. v. Thomas Darden et al., case number 1:16-cv-21199, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    Alan - you're perpetuating Rossi fabrications and you should stop. You should also stop drinking the RoSSC kool-aid and do your best to keep yourself and your position as moderator as far away from libelous activity as possible.

    Dewey Weaver -back to threatening members on this board, I really think that actions such as these should not be tolerated during the trial.

    woodworker wrote:

    SSC: If you want to say that I am lying when I say I don't have a dog in this fight, say so and don't be a coward. I repeat, I have no dog in this fight, I have no financial interest in it and I have no personal or business relationships with any of the parties, their counsel or anyone on this board (at least as far as I know, as most of the people here post anonymously). But, if you decide you want to say I am lying, please note that statement could be considered defamatory, particularly as I have identified myself, and I can assure you that this board and your ISP will gladly turn over you real identity pursuant to a subpoena. So, at the risk of violating the norms of this board, fold it five ways and shove it where the moon don't shine.


    So the snowflake attorney from Berkley is on the board for three days and he wants to sue someone - HALARISOUS!! to funny .. Go IH )))

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden thread. Eric

    Just in case you missed the Logic. the Judge is also reading this today:

    LENR Calender

    As an aside: it looks to me that so far IH has been flinging a lot of poo at the wall trying to see if something sticks. I think that rather than engaging consultants that enable them in those ideas (remember 100.1C, the DN40 pipes, etc), and instead of denigrating "planet Rossi", they should have instead hired someone from planet Rossi to try and debunk the IH arguments.

    Someone like IHFB is I admit a bit biased, but when IH comes up with an unconvincing argument, he sees right through it and asks that more digging be done.

    IH has some good reasons to be concerned about the 1MW e-cat test results. However, I think they should have put forward the stuff that is obviously wrong rather than the stuff they don't understand. More digging should have been done on the latter. Maybe that's what Dewey was doing on the forum. In that case, he could have been more friendly to "planet Rossi", who are just people who are also trying to find the truth but just have a different way of thinking.

    Some essentials still missing but many Exhibits nad data and depositions and hearing already known by the Court documents and it can be seen who has a lot of data and who is submerged in half-full pipes and similar abracadabras.

    But the Motto also goes for the list from the paper 2)

    Let's take only the consultants. With one exception they are the best choice our most knowledgeable and wise colleagues. With one - the same exception- they are nice, friendly civilized humans. Not insulting systematically and mercilessly those who disagree with the Funder. And they will do good things for the money. What is still missing- consultants with a technological "green finger" able to compete successfully with the Rossi technology?

    DT April 1, 2017 at 3:21 AM

    Dear Andrea

    The presentation of the QuarkX will be made - measuring the efficiency
    with the Boltzmann and Wien equations or with standard calorimetry
    heating a fluid?

    Warm Regards, D.T.
    Andrea Rossi April 1, 2017 at 10:16 AM

    DT: With standard calorimetry heating a fluid.

    Warm Regards, A.R.