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    IHFB - I don't think you understand. The environmental disaster left behind by Rosis's PetroDragon con in Italy is only partially cleaned up.

    I've recently learned that the remaining clean-up number is much larger than 100M euro and that the in the ground pollution represents an ongoing monumental crime against our planet AND humanity. We might need to send someone on an investigative expedition - some pictures would be nice of the incredible damage left in the R'ster's criminal wake.

    Dewey, I don't think you understand. The guv guy that hounded Rossi ended up being involved in a multi-billion Euro fraud years after the Rossi afair. Goes to show what kind of people were in play on this scheme. The corruption runs deep and is a way of life (and literally a means of multi-generational support) for those who latch on and suck.

    I highly doubt that.

    Cecilia SP did not mention the never described, but claimed by Dott. Rossi, electric/electronic devices he invented/developped and not the new materials he has invented/developped for the SK heat exchanger...

    In my business, voltages (12V up to 800V) and data distribution systems (analog and digital sensor data and signals for actuators) in automotive business, every change related to new invented materials (physical prototypes, test cases ...etc...) has to go to rigorous, long term tests and than has to be certified by authorities. THAN you got that in a stock car. A product for customers.

    But I do not do NUCULAR energy business ... that seems to be much easier, according to Dott. Rossi or the SP Cecilia...:-)

    This attitude is why we can't have nice things. Safety, yes. But unnecessary hyper-focus on safety as a means to slow adoption of LENR? Get lost in my book.

    As far as I know, no-one is on his payroll, or that would have been publicl registered somewhere (but is not), as Zorud has mentioned a few times...

    As a private U.S.-based company, there would be no public register about who is on Leonardo's payroll. Private companies in the U.S. need not share any information with the public.

    But no one can hold you to anything until you put it in writing, in a message to the broker (or the owner acting as his own broker).

    For real estate, yes, because of the statute of frauds. But not so for pretty much everything else. An oral offer and acceptance are just as binding as those in writing, for example. If you make an offer, and someone accepts it, you're pretty much bound, even if done on a blog.

    I have great respect for Mats. He comes from a conventional scientific reporting background, and has put himself out there like few others. Hopefully he will chime in here in the future, but he already has a voice that is heard far and wide.

    You have more faith in the man than I do. Even you must agree it is not an unreasonable position to disbelieve whatever he says? That is not to say he does not have a little something. I keep reading testimonials supporting that. Not many, but some, and those are very passionate.

    Nearly every one of Rossi's actions over the years can be explained and placed into a certain context that makes sense, including the deceptions. For whatever reason, I (and a few others) can clearly see it, what likely motivates his actions, and what has brought us to the present situation today. If it turns out that Rossi has that little something as you and I suspect, I (and a few others) have provided the reasons for his actions, nearly every one. There will be no excuse for anyone who has followed along on this forum to cry that none of it made sense along the way.

    Could be Rossi had, or has a little something, but if so, he will take it to his grave.

    I don't think he would (take it to his grave). He has asserted several times that the tech is in good hands in the event of his demise. Sure, you can disbelieve that and whatever else, but I think if he has what he says he has, he would want to go down in history as being the discoverer. It might actually be in better hands anyway if anything were to happen to him.

    Rossi probably getting trolled, very likely by someone that frequents this forum. Learn a few Rossi-isms, and troll away. Has been going on for years. You all assume it is Rossi trolling himself. Prove me otherwise.

    I just watched this interesting show on Netflix today about the Flat Earthers. What was interesting was that some of these people obviously have scientific minds, and were designing scientific experiments. For example they obtained a $30000 gyroscope to prove the earth was not rotating, but their results showed it was, so they blamed themselves for screwing up the experiment somehow. Then these other people shined a laser down a canal for miles and measured the height, but once again rejected their own results. The psychology is such that sometimes people want to believe something so much, they can't possibly be convinced they are wrong. Not that this has anything to do with Rossi or A.A. or Bevmo or anything. It is a good show, check it out.

    LENR-deniers are actually more aligned mentally with flat-earthers--the ultimate skeptics.

    Hi Bob, hope you have a nice day.

    He has been claiming those certificates for years. Now the one-time use CE certifications can just be ported over to the USA because his plasma device resembles his .....1MW plant or a Six Pack?

    It's the same mentality as those who oppose at every step widespread use of autonomous vehicle technology. They do so in the name of safety. In reality, they are responsible for the loss of thousands of lives and they have blood on their hands.

    The very predictable next line of attack. If you can't perceive the world as it is and where it is rapidly going, then please just get out of the way. I'll do everything in my power to ensure that LENR doesn't get bogged down in red tape and stupidities. Those who stand in the way of progress and relish the status quo sometimes make me ill. We can do better as a species.

    In response to Gerard McEk's question, Rossi attempts to leave open the possibility that he is sleeping 3 hours or less per night. He implies that this is because of the pressure of work. His numerous blog postings, however, tell a different story. Since Feb 8, when he first shifted to the European time zone pattern, his posting activity is quiescent for about 7 hours every night ... just as always.

    Right, because it is impossible that he is doing other things like reading, eating, or getting ready for bed during those times. The only logical explanation is that he is sleeping for the entire 7 hours. ;)

    Alan - are you implying that Rossi's self-induced radiation safety matters should be considered as a "business dispute"?

    Interestingly, the local authorities don't seem to think that a $12M fraud is a big deal in Southern FL either - another element of Rossi's genius.

    Or maybe he just likes the sun. Many folks his age like the sun.

    He's probably speaking to Mr. Fred Z., who likely contacted the Florida Dept of Radiation (aaagggaaaiiiinn), who are probably getting a little perturbed right about now with his absurd persistence, and who are probably getting tired of making visits to Rossi's premises, only to find that nothing is amiss.

    Anyway, you show no signs of trying to scam people so one could argue this process is less relevant in your case; science that is good will out in the end one way or another.

    Tell that to a scientific establishment that attempted (and in some cases succeeded) to destroy stellar reputations of scientists who dared experiment with F&P modalities, despite there being dozens of reported successful replications around the world. While I agree wholeheartedly with your statement, the reality is that good science that relies on the scientific method and withholds judgment is unfortunately the exception in this field.