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    I like the HP/Agilent 65XX series of analog supplies. They're widely available on eBay and surplus electronics dealers for $500 or less. I got a 6555A for this project, $220 with shipping. It's 0-120 vdc @ 0-4a, and 500 watts max. It has both constant current and constant voltage adjustments, and fully isolated output. These weigh around 35 kg and are beautifully built and very reliable. Some versions with GPIB interface may cost a bit more.


    just don’t use the HP 65 series for large battery chargers, any back emf ( IE you dial the voltage back or the main quits) and they make a lot of smoke and they are a pain to repair

    Wind energy is the most ignorant solution to a national energy plan possible, and no utility would put up a single turbine without the heavy government subsidy, meaning the tax payer takes it in the ass.

    The capital costs are multiples of alternatives, the efficiencies are low due to transmission losses, maintenance is high and expensive, they decimate large quantities of migratory birds, and the availability

    sucks. And while wind may be free, there is a lot more to the price of a delivered kWh than the base energy component, the cost of the coal for 10 cent per kWh electricity is just under a penny. The availability issue causes all kinds inane discussions about batteries, capacitors and pumping water, all hugely inefficient and or polluting in their own right, so one is left with building gas plants of EQUIVALENT CAPACITY. In the final analysis, the true cost is at at least 3x-4x more conventional sources. Real genius at work making your industry uncompetitive and you people poor.

    If that were the case, we would not see a dramatic rise in CO2 and large changes in temperature and weather. But we do see them, so obviously plant life cannot keep up.

    Here is one of the best illustrations of the change in temperature. Scroll to the bottom:

    except for one small fact,

    there is no "dramatic" rise in CO2

    the effects of CO2 decrease at the log of the concentration, once over 100 ppm the effects are negligible,

    and blaming global temps on CO2 concentrations is massive misdirection of the facts

    Sooner or later the cows come home, and the fact that trillions of dollars have been spent by the dept of energy and other government agencies, with one out of every three dollars borrowed, and paying no regard to the utility or probable benefit to the taxpayer has led to an unsustainable situation. Average Joe Sixpack works his entire life to pay federal and state taxes and if he is lucky and frugal, he will have a small nest egg made worthless by inflation. Any small increase in interest rates on a debt of $20 x 10>12 will make us all poor.

    The dept of energy became a cash machine for well connected individuals and companies and spent money like a drunken sailor. Case in point, CO2 "remediation projects". We have things called plants that done that job admirably , without complaint or cost, at CO2 levels ranging from near extinction at 170 ppm to 8000 ppm, for billions of years.

    The dept of energy was created to make this country energy independent, which it has failed miserably at, and is about as useless as the government subsidy on sugar.

    unfortunately, having a billion dollars has no effect on your IQ or wisdom, and admiring Tesla Motors is proof

    sorry, just noticed this, holidays got in the way,,
    will get the link, but I think it would be as simple as a search for
    "null result Poher "

    part of of me wonders why the Poher boys made such an error,
    ( an arc at the connection at the superconducting pellet created a pressure wave in the LN)
    but then I have to ask why the effect was not present in the same pellet when not
    a super conductor, as I would the arc to be even worse, I probably need to retread the
    null paper

    What a deal ! A high efficiency, high temp, high irradiance PV array and three phase electronics that OUTPUTS 250 kW after ALL THE LOSSES ARE ACCOUNTED FOR, with an added factor for PV efficiency "fade" due to aging during 20 years, but wait there's more !!!! Taking a SWAG,
    there might be another 500 to 700 kW of heat to warm your building, make your water hot of even deice your parking lots and driveway.

    Hey, my Fluke BS meter just blew a fuse,,,,

    a three phase VFD will always have all three phases at the same frequency and with a constant 120 degree phase difference phase to phase,
    recent units have multi kilowatt capacities at very economical prices, it would make no sense to design a custom unit, the frequencies of off the shelf units usually top out in the 400 Hz range

    This is good, a great first step,

    I have some lengths of nickel rods out of an old delay line, a machine shop, power electronics, instrumentation and resources adequate to the task, but have been waiting for someone to step up who is willing to share the meat and potatoes of their successful forays into LENR.

    Damn, you're right, it has been twenty years. Remember getting all excited when I first ran accross
    BLP, reality finally resumed, but one of my first exposures to this kind of scientific BS, and the artists of same.

    Best litmus test for the current free energy perveyors is when an attempt is made to conjoin the hokum with the fraud of global warming, I.E., it will save the planet.