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    Typo in the caption to Fig 8 p6 ?

    Figure 8. Calibration with blower power only, and no power to the reactors. The temperature rise of ∼3.5◦C is probably caused by waste heat from the blower motor reaching the outlet RTDs.

    But the graph shows about 0.35◦C : Vertical axis (Temp Difference) is 0.1 0.2 ... 0.5 C

    Also : Is there a model number for the blower? Is it centrifugal, or a fan?

    Re-re-reading the paper. I think the 420 samples are for Ni/H (Rossi hotcat style: they reference G. Levi "indications') .

    "We tested the independent variables of temperature, pressure, sample composition, particle size, surface treatment, and others. ... However, none of the 420 samples we evaluated provided evidence of excess heat". No mention of 'stimulus', though.

    The "in preparation" paper is by PA (Phil) Schauer of BUC (who has co-authored with Berlinguette of this paper)

    Edit: latest calorimetry paper is…1007%2Fs10973-019-08271-z
    We acknowledge Google LLC for financial support and Dr. Edmund Storms for his detailed input on the Seebeck calorimeter design.


    ACS Paper : Furthermore, we show that the achievable hydrogen concentration is severely limited by electrochemomechanical damage to palladium and/or the substrate and that such damage is minimized by a combination of thin palladium films and compliant substrates.

    Hmmm ... but mightn't it be the cracking at the peak-historic-loading that makes NAE-s?


    (from nat geo )

    In the past, researchers had measured palladium's deuterium content by tracking changes in its electrical resistance. But when the Google team tried the technique, they noticed errors. So they came up with a new measurement technique: shining x-rays through the palladium to directly see how much the loaded metal had swelled.

    So their loading values might be different from the 'traditional' lenr numbers. Higher? Lower? I guess we'll just have to wait for the detailed papers.

    Edit: says they got to 0.96 H

    Here's a 2015 checklist :

    Louis DeChiaro of US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) on Replicating Pons and Fleischmann…ing-pons-and-fleischmann/

    eg #2 : The overall hydrogen loading fraction (ratio of hydrogen to palladium atoms, for example) must exceed the minimum threshold of about 0.88, otherwise the “party” never even gets started. Achieving this level of loading in Pd is not trivial.

    #5 A departure from equilibrium must be established that will permit an external energy source (eg. the DC power supply in an electrolysis experiment and/or a pair of low power lasers as in the Letts/Hagelstein two laser experiment) to feed energy into the H-H or D-D stretching mode vibrations. The difference in chemical potential that is established in gas loading experiments can also serve very nicely; in this case the flux feeds energy into the stretching mode vibrations.

    As I said, I am having trouble reading the paper. It is too small. So I don't know what they did. Someone here mentioned 400 samples. If I tested 400 samples and I did not find a single one that loads, it would not surprise me.

    On windows (opera browser) ctrl-scroll-wheel changes the display size.

    The 400 samples were in several categories ... Pd/H, Ni/Li, Plasma beam etc. So maybe 100 PdH runs with low loading (0.85)

    Study finds scientific reproducibility does not equate to scientific truth

    Reproducible scientific results are not always true and true scientific results are not always reproducible, according to a mathematical model produced by University of Idaho researchers. Their study, which simulates the search for that scientific truth, will be published Wednesday, May 15, in the journal PLOS ONE.


    Within the model, the rate of reproducibility did not always correlate with the probability of identifying the truth, how fast the community identified the truth and whether the community stuck with the truth once they identified it. These findings indicate reproducible results are not synonymous with finding the truth, Devezer said.

    Compared to other research strategies, highly innovative research tactics resulted in a quicker discovery of the truth. According to the study, a diversity of research strategies protected against ineffective research approaches and optimized desirable aspects of the scientific process.


    1b : Water flow : the diaphragm pump used has the same properties as the Prominent -- at very low head the actual output is much greater than the rated output. They measured the ACTUAL flow.

    LMI-J56D :

    Back Pressure / Anti-Syphon Valve

    If you are pumping downhill or into low or no system pressure, a back pressure / antisyphon device such as LMI®’s Four Function Valve (4-FV) should be installed to prevent over pumping or syphoning.



    4. Back Pressure [ valve ]
    Supplies approximately 25 psi back pressure to prevent overpumping when little or no system back pressure is present.

    As for the absence of water overflow, how can you say so? I would make you notice that, contrary to the previous test held on December 2010, when the water hoses were transparent, the outflow water hose used in the January 2011 demo was a black opaque one (1a). Wonder why.

    The main issue, for this second flaw (2), is that the value of the maximum flow rate of the pump was not specified in the calorimetric report. This is absolutely not correct for a scientific document and it is highly suspicious.

    > As for the absence of water overflow, how can you say so?
    Dr Gilberto Galantini

    5- I made my measurements only when the temperature was exactly 100.1 Celsius
    [ Implies steam, not water ]

    12- An empirical confirmation, not rigorous though, is the fact that I extracted many times

    the probe from the chimney of the reactor, and it was “ictu oculi” dry: being the
    chimney a small vertical cylinder, due to the gravity in short time it would be filled by
    water, if significant amount of water shouldn’t evaporate, with two consequences: i)
    the temperature could not be 101.1 Celsius and ii) the probe would have been wet.

    > The main issue, for this second flaw (2), is that the value of the maximum flow rate of the pump was not specified in the calorimetric report.

    That is the nominal (or maybe minimum value as for the Prominent).

    The ACTUAL MEASURED value trumps the nominal value.

    The fact that he couldn't remember the exact measured value during an interview is irrelevant. Levi said at the time he couldn't remember, and would look it up.

    Taking a snapshot of the system at around 35 minutes…rossi-20110114-test2-png/

    Flow 168 g ( = 0.168 kg)
    Time 45 secs
    Power : 400W (= 0.400 kW)
    Pressure 1 bar
    Steam Quality 80% (dry-out for tube boiler)

    gives (via my steam calculator)…rossi-20110114-test2-png/

    Energy Including Controller
    Total 8.066 kWh
    Input 0.400 kWh
    Excess 7.666 kWh
    COP (Input+Output/Input) 21.164

    (1) demo, where it was claimed - thanks to the misrepresentation of the steam dryness, the water flow and the test duration

    1a : Although the meter used was not qualified for steam, the fact that water was NOT overflowing indicates that steam quality was at least 80% (and probably 85%)

    1b : Water flow : the diaphragm pump used has the same properties as the Prominent -- at very low head the actual output is much greater than the rated output. They measured the ACTUAL flow.

    (I'm not sure about the test duration ... )

    No, KM ... I'm sure IH knew what Dewey was doing here.

    Summary :

    Mar 16, 2016 -- Lewan (who I trust) reports that Rossi said :

    -- During summer 2015, IH offered Rossi to back out from the test and cancel it, with a significant sum of money as compensation. Rossi’s counter offer was to give back the already paid 11.5M and cancel the license agreement, but IH didn’t accept.

    (This is one item on a long list of items related to the Doral trial ... nearly all of which did indeed come out in/around the trial.

    June 21 2016 --

    Argon says (here) :

    - if such possible attempts have lead nowhere and parties end up to court and if Rossis technology (E-Cat or Quark) really works, would IH be open to negotiations on selling license back to Rossi for reassigning to new partner he likes. Just to enable technology widespread distribution and 'save the planet'? (price is own matter of course).

    and on JoNP

    Can you in any conditions think of discussing with IH about solving your dispute by negotiations before it goes to court?


    I am not happy to make a war, but I am ready to make a war if I have to.

    To make a war it takes two parties, as well as to make a peace it takes two parties.

    June 22 : Dewey says to Argon -- trying to open a negotiation channel through Argon

    Argon - Is it possible for you to contact me via email for a private discussion?

    We'll take an additional security step should you choose to make contact.

    (He wouldn't have done this without IH's permission)

    Jun 23 : Argon says he'll only talk in the open, and wont try anything privately:

    Dewey, I prefer not to do personal contacts at this point and I try my best to give reason here.

    Jun 23 : Dewey

    Okay Argon - get Rossi to send a letter to Tom Darden offering to buy back his license and the 1MW unit. $11.5M plus reasonable contract separation terms, mutual indemnifications and confidentiality agreements. He'll need to move quickly as the bombers are fueled and ready.

    Jun 23 : Dewey repeats the proposal :

    Argon - Thanks for the effort. It's very simple. Rossi can have peace by buying back the IH license and the IH 1MW unit for $11.5M along with standard terms for when parties end agreements. He has a limited window of opportunity to move. There is only truth and zero testosterone in the prospect of treble damages. In the interim, IH is proceeding with it's gameplan.

    (Argon says that's all he can do)

    Jun 23 : Rossi says on JoNP

    Andrea Rossi

    June 23, 2016 at 5:05 PM

    Ruby Shale:

    As usually, the guys of Industrial Heat are ready to sell what they do not own: now they are offering us to buy back our license, the license that they do not have anymore ( see the press release made few weeks ago from our Attorney John Annesser). I wonder if they will try to sell the Colosseum of Rome as well.

    IH has no more any license related to out IP and whomever is interested to us in North America, Central America, South America, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Emirates must contact exclusively:

    [email protected]

    I have received other comments asking me what I think of the proposal made today by IH and this comments answers to all the others. I will not comment further issues to be discussed in Court.

    Warm Regards,


    (Given the context, AR seems to be responding to the Argon/Dewey posts)

    So, no : IH and Rossi seem to have both been fully informed about this.

    UNLESS, of course, IH approached Rossi again along similar lines, but I doubt it)

    Suppose I am thinking of moving, and I tell a friend, "I am going to make an offer for that house for $250,000." But I never call the real estate broker.

    But if the broker tells you that an offer of $250,000 would be acceptable, for a limited time, it puts the matter beyond mere chatter.