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    Google search for Holmlid fusion gives me something new to ponder...

    Holmlid-Olafsson Slideshow on Ultra-dense Hydrogen and Low

    Apr 5, 2016 - Holmlid-Olafsson Slideshow on Ultra-dense Hydrogen and Low ... Ultra-dense hydrogen can be the source of all or part of Cold fusion LENR

    http://atom-ecology.russgeorge…-olafsson-rydberg-fusion/ vivid slide show -- overview since 1989

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    by L Holmlid - ‎2013
    MeV/u from laser-induced fusion in ultra-dense deuterium. Leif Holmlid. Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, SE-412 96.

    My first post on this forum -- now 73, on the Net since December 1995, contact info on every post -- have a Scientific American level of learning about science -- expert at mysticism -- keenly excited about cold fusion after April 1989 -- became a "pragmatic skeptic" in December 1996 after more carefully reviewing the common sense details of the research claims on Vortex-L and many published reports -- by July 2011 became convinced there was no proof about the Rossi results -- glad to see "Mary Yugo" and "Joshua Cude" and my friend Abd Lomax here with a group near 1800 size -- seems to me very alluring anomalies have been found but still no helpful theory or independent replication of a specific anomaly? -- perhaps, everything is just as spontaneous and vivid as any dream...?

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