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    Thus: Buy your personal Ivermectin. Ask a friend with an horse. Eraquell is safe for humans too.

    On serious symptoms you have to react fast! 4 .. 6x normal dose first day to stop viral replication in cell.

    Can you be more specific please? x6 times normal horse dose?

    Shall this mean that in solution 1 unknown quantities of some elements just disappear ?..

    Without giving intial concentration/mol's or g/l this analysis makes no sense at all!

    True. But the paper comes from the company making water purification systems and components for 30 years. I hope they understand how to analyze. However after Joi scientific fiasco everything is possible

    Interesting experiment from Russia reported by…-v-neravnovesnykh-sredakh


    What makes it interesting is than electrolyte is being stimulated contactless. As in Fig.1. So unless one claims diffusion/fallout of Ca via glass or polypropylene , it will be hard to explain absence of Calcium is samples after treatment see Таблица 1 (1 row before, 2nd and 3rd after experiment) Also subject to errors in ICP-AES analysis,

    Be very scepical of start-ups with trendy names like QHydrogen - they are usually run by idiots with loadsa money but zero scientific knowledge or training and will probably blow themselves up anyway! A bit like my younger brother who spells everything backwards but is an excellent welder. I still cant convince him that V = IR not I = VR Which you can imagine is rather dangerous when messing around with wind turbines and solar panels. At least he is not connected to the mains! Mormons are a good bunch but again-no scientific training if you think GOD will provide all. God is dead mate.

    what are the names of startups run by non-idiots on a budget according to you?

    not the global research please. It is dump. Big dump. Remember how some Alpine climber from Japan was posting there article about Nazis in Ukraine killing people in my home town. The founder of the time refused to delete it citing freedom of speech. Here is guy 'Michel Chossudovsky is a Canadian economist, author and conspiracy theorist. He is professor emeritus of economics at the University of Ottawa and the president and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, which runs the website and publishes conspiracy theories. '

    Nice big dumps like in Epoch Times one guy keeps tweeting recently.

    Seeing that Andrea Rossi has been dabbling in nickel powder and hydrogen since 1991, and that Randell Mills made his first big announcement in 1991, it seems fitting that thirty years later, in 2021, both men should be rewarded by Providence for a helluva long ride of trials and tribulations, mixed mercifully with the joys of discovery and progress.

    All I wanted to is to congratulate those in Neverland with early the new year. Will see I wish 2021 will be a year of perfectly splendid demo as all the previous ones.

    For those who took high school of professor Dave attack on lenr too close

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    Apparently water has been tested in Canadian capital for virus since summer. Around Thanksgiving they predicted disaster. Instead Ottawa cases on decline right now bucking national trend. Oh, all those scientists with their predictions...

    Cherepanov2020 добрый день, как насчёт отдельного топика для постов на эту тему? Вы знаете как его открыть? Я могу помочь. Дайте мне только нназвание для него пожалуйста.