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    By upside down, do you mean switch toggle down is on? I saw that. I guess those connection block wires aren't too scary next to the switch, too. At least once Rossi reaches in there without looking.

    Yes. down is on. 1 minute fix, not much quality control.

    As a woodwork i have used hold-down clamps.

    Question, with all the rivet joints in the clamp, can,t see it being a very good choice for transferring current for such a high tech device??(

    I think there is a lot more then the switch upside down in the demo.

    After watching the video again, I noticed Rossi turning the switch at the side of the covered control system on and and off several times. Each 'off' time, the waveform on the scope goes away completely. This means that the switch does not control the initiation spike only, but the entire output. If the spike is controlled separately, it is done by the laptop software control, or somewhere else.

    Watch the events starting at 2:30:30 Rossi lifts the lid of controller

    makes 2 motions at the back, no sound of switches being turned off or no, could be opening vents as he said?

    2:31:13 Fabiani reaches to the back left side of controller (Rossi's right) and hits a switch which can be heard in the audio.(Main controller switch front left)

    2:34:17 controller is switch on for resistor test, The cooling for the controller does not come on for the rest of the demonstration when main switch is turned on

    What this means? :/

    note main switch for controller is installed upside down

    In fact that is fully true. He was cleared and refunded .

    Just ask the Italian Lawyer (another day another troll.... probably) to ask all the documents of the trials from Rossi's lawyers .

    The Version of Rossi can be found here:

    Insults are not welcome. Alan. owned by Rossi.

    More rossi says?

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