I feel really good about my decision; the atmosphere in the LENR community turned highly caustic and tremendously unhealthy. Me356 wasn't the first to go from open to secretive, and he won't be the last. As more and more people "get" how to induce excess heat and follow down the same path, there will be more incidents in which people go "black" and withhold the information to replicate. To respond to a couple comments, I do specifically think me356 is the real deal and has produced exactly what he claims. And I think I understand what he is doing and how it would apply to a variety of metals. My guess is that the MFMP will successfully prove his effect is real, but he will not share any know how until long after his product is on the market -- if that ever happens.

    I wish everyone on the forum peace, purpose, and a happy life. Now, I need to go work on trying to salvage something out of my remaining time on this planet. I've dreamed big, read a lot, jabbered my mouth and fingers off, but I've accomplished little to nothing in my life. If I don't make a major change and do what it takes to accomplish several goals, I'll end up living the rest of my life alone and one day dying alone. I need to move forward now before I'm too old to have any chance at making a better life for myself that I can be content and happy about.

    I've just learned via a recording of a presentation made by Bob Greenyer that Me356 has moved past the use of nickel to avoid patent infringement issues. To be clear, I don't care what materials he is using in his current system or what techniques he may be utilizing. His business endeavors to produce a marketable product -- for profit -- do not matter to me in the least. If he makes nothing, ten million dollars, or ten billion dollars is not a concern to me. What I've been waiting for him to do for over A YEAR NOW is for him to keep the promise he made repeatedly to multiple individuals on LENR Forums and the community as a whole: to share all the information needed to produce high powered nickel hydrogen reactors. Let me be clear. He specified over a year ago that in WEEKS he would share ALL the information required to make NICKEL and HYDROGEN reactors work.

    To a certain extent, he has already done that. There is a bread crumb trail of posts on this forum that individuals could go through, examine, and use to produce their own systems. The problem is that piecing together the dozens of stray nuggets of information, putting them into a coherent framework, and performing tedious trial and error testing would be extremely time consuming and costly. This is one area where Me356 deserves to be commended. He sacrificed a great deal of time, labor, and money to figure out how to make high powered Ni-H devices. My understanding is that he would work each day and go home to perform a new test. Like Andrea Rossi, he was dedicated and obsessive about figuring out the critical parameters to make his system work.

    The fact he has moved past the use of nickel in his systems yet has refused to keep his promise is a disgrace and an abomination. If he's not even using nickel in his latest system, that's another reason why he should honor his commitment to tell us how to make Ni-H systems work. The MFMP and this community aided and assisted him in multiple ways during his learning process. In response, he made promises he should keep. Not doing so only allows the fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the basic NiH effect to continue making the atmosphere on this forum and elsewhere increasingly toxic. Also, at this very moment, there are dozens of replicators who would jump on the opportunity to follow a set of instructions from him on how to make a working NiH system, because doing so can obviously be very tricky. By not doing so, he's letting researchers meander around accomplishing little or nothing when they could be performing successful tests, sharing results with the world, and proving the reality of the NiH effect.

    More so than ever, we need results, NOW! But the kind of results that are needed aren't from groups like Nissan who insist on working in near total secrecy. We need results that come with details and instructions so others can reproduce them. Otherwise, the best result in the world won't mean much in the long term. What's needed is a working recipe which, if followed precisely, can be replicated by any qualified person with access to a basic lab. My understanding is that Me356 has such a recipe for Ni-H. He has a method of treating nickel wire (basic Ni200 vaping wire) so that it becomes highly embrittled and capable of absorbing and desorbing so much hydrogen in a short period of time that the resistance can go up and down by 40%. Then by adding a signal to his resistors (not the fuel wire) that can produce ATOMIC HYDROGEN ON DEMAND (my guess is that it is a radio frequency like Rossi used in his first one megawatt plant to ionize the hydrogen gas) he can push the COP up as high as he desires -- although it can lead to the destruction of the reactor.

    I don't know about anyone else, but this is the last straw for me. I'm not going to continue participating in a community for much longer that mostly ignores such a critical broken promise. In my opinion, me356 holds the key to turning this field upside down (in a good way) so that, for example, the litigation becomes the LAST issue discussed because there would be a tidal wave of new NiH replications on YouTube. The whole range of discussions would shift from never ending and perpetual debates about legal documents to WAVES of new replications showing undeniable levels of excess heat.

    My conclusion at this time is that he's never going to share the information with us. If he had any respect for the community and any desire to improve the conditions on this forum, he would tell us how to make Ni-H technology work, especially since he has moved past it himself! His claims about safety concerns are, for the most part, excuses in my opinion. Although he may want to see LENR eventually be considered "real" his primary consideration is now financial. By sharing the know how to make Ni-H work he'd create a hundred competitors over night. The truth is, of course, that this is a WIDE OPEN field with room for countless companies to earn a profit. And, at least for a period of time, he'd be ahead of almost everyone else. But when inventors syndrome latches on it wipes away all good intentions and morals. What then matters is being FIRST to market, keeping the ENTIRE market for yourself (at least for as long possible), and making as much money as possible. This has been demonstrated again and again. The best example is Patterson who insisted on a 100% market share or nothing at all.

    I'm going to be cutting ties over the next several days to the LENR community and exotic energy field. I just don't see a clear path forward in the near term when so many parties who are achieving success go dark. The LAST thing I want to risk ever again is sharing knowledge with a replicator who would then follow the same path of secrecy as Me356.

    He proves that it is easy to talk of sharing and the spirit of open source when you are in early stages of testing and have little to no results. But when the impossible happens, honesty and integrity vanish as secrecy and greed take over.

    The infantile remarks, intentionally provocative insults, blatant taunting, and attempts to intensify the already high levels of emotion this forum all must end. There is no room for such disruption on this board. Regardless who is right, who is wrong, or if there is enough blame to cover everyone with a sticky goo, the behavior that has been exhibited on this forum by many members has been abysmal. It doesn't matter who feels persecuted or mistreated: the principle is that this forum should be considered a conference room -- not a war zone on one hand or a play pen for snarky mouthed remarks to be exchanged.

    Everyone has opinions. Being a civilized adult means that you exert self control so that you DO YOUR BEST to convey them with some semblance of logic and reason, resisting the impulse to let emotions and attitudes pass through your fingers onto the forum. I'm guilty as satan incarnate for letting my emotions get the better of me sometimes; every now and then my posts have been inappropriately spiced with strong feelings. So as I write this post, I'm also speaking to myself.

    The required porosity of the fuel keeps coming up. Possibly there are defects in the lattice structure below these cavities that may be sites that can produce exotic hydrogen species.

    Again and again generic statements..... there is also evidence that that system do work ( Parchkomov, and Chinese groups ) a failed replica is not a proof (e.g. DC current heating notoriously does not work).

    Also Ni+LiAlH4 is not the same technology of Doral.

    That's news to me. Perhaps I never heard a specific statement that the reactors at Doral used Ni and LiAlH4, but I thought that was at least strongly implied -- especially from the fuel sample analysis that emerged a while back. Of course , I would not be surprised at all if there were additional additives to the fuel mixture, but at the core I always thought it was Ni and LiAlH4. Since there were not hydrogen tanks, the alternative would have to be Ni and another metal hydride such as LiH (lithium hydride), Titanium hydride, or sodium borohydride. Or, perhaps, the fuel mixture was so well pre-hydrogenated that it could continually operate for long periods without an additional source of hydrogen.

    There is so much we don't know about this technology, and the replicators who have alleged success have had to design their fuel mixes and reactor plans with very little to go on. Numerous variables abound when considering how to prepare the "charge" and configure the setup of a replication attempt. I hope this changes at some point.

    I personally see more bias here than on ECW. Here supporter's of Rossi are denigrated , ridiculed and eventually banned if they respond in kind. I see ECW as less technically oriented, but more evenly balanced over all.

    I agree. ECW is, on balance, less biased.

    Yes, another painful sock puppet post, but probably still believable to those who really hope against hope that it is real. AR at least gets better at what he does over time--he grows and alters approach to give a more effective presentation. ;) The question is can the puppet master and his puppets put on a good enough show to convince a jury or will he be revealed as the clown and snake he is? (he, he, he)

    Please define, "this." The truth about Doral doesn't impact my opinion on the overall "Rossi Effect" technology. Regardless if the plant produced significant excess heat (my opinion) or none at all, there is no or very little impact on Ni-H or Ni-LiAlH4. There have been too many third party tests that showed anomalous heat.

    Awww, gee . . . Are we hurting your itty-witty feewings??? Poor baaaybee.

    Unless I knew better, I would say that some time ago an extraterrestrial ship came down from one of the hundreds of exoplanets discovered, picked you up, and replaced you with a clone. For an excellent writer with an impeccable understanding of the English language who maintained a high standard of online posts for many years, this type of banter (even in response to a statement you strongly disagree with) doesn't seem to match you're previous standard. Damn this lawsuit -- the whole thing regardless of the issues of who is right and who is wrong -- to hades. It seems to be bringing out the worst in countless people, driving emotions to ridiculous levels, degrading people's writing styles, and obliterating basic manners (my own included perhaps by this very post).

    The only way I see any endothermic reaction absorbing enough heat from the one megawatt plant to make a difference is if Andrea Rossi had someone in the JM Products container continuously changing out the reactors inside the sepentine tubes or if there was some type of NUCLEAR ENDOTHERMIC REACTIONS taking place. What was alleged to be going on in the JM Product container was alleged to be pretty exotic, utilizing high voltage fields for Project Beagle Bone.

    Countless inventors have claimed high levels of output from all sorts of exotic alleged energy production technologies. However, absolutely undeniable and practically useful results are what matter. Milliwatts from electrets with a permanent electric field pushing electrons around, tiny quantities of excess torque from magnet motors manipulating the BH curve, repetitive demonstrations of "cold electricity" making light bulbs flicker wildly, wildly shaped geometric coil windings making permanent magnets spin, flyback current bringing "dead" lead acid batteries back to life, a few stray watts of thermal power from low temperature palladium-deuterium electrolytic systems: even if they did demonstrate a "real" anomalous effect they aren't immediately useful towards solving the world's energy issues. This planet needs one or more breakthrough solutions that are capable of being implemented in the near term.

    The high powered Ni-H technology -- which me356 still allegedly promises to share openly with the replicator community at some point -- is the closest technology fitting the description of being truly paradigm shattering, industry busting, and economy shaking. We need portability, high temperatures, and power density. If me356 hasn't been making gross measurement errors or flat out lying to us, which I doubt, he may be the individual who provides the recipe that can ignite the LENR revolution.

    The emissary of the prophets took care of that pah-wraith infected cardassian long ago. Although Worf should have been allowed to avenge the death of Judzia.

    Personally, I'm looking forward to species mimicking any of these fictional civilizations (except the Borg) coming and taking over. I wouldn't really have a problem with the Ferengi straightening out things on Earth. We can't do much worse than we already have.


    Personally I don't believe any of that. In a high pressure system like we have here at 0.5 barA, the mean free path of a created monatomic hydrogen ion (it will not be neutral) is a micron or less. So, any monatomic hydrogen must be created right where it is needed. Piantelli tells that a properly created Ni surface catalytically splits H2 into H+ and H- ions adsorbed onto its surface - I believe that is a key. Since the Li-Al-H liquid metal hydride is coating the Ni in the fuel I am using, the hydrogen must be supplied through the hydride. Piantelli implicates the H- anion in the LENR reaction and the liquid Li-Al-H is an ionic hydride with the H being specifically an H- anion! Molten Li will not wet to Ni. Molten Li-Al will wet to Ni. This metal has a high surface tension, so it is important that the Ni is first properly prepared so that the high surface tension Li-Al-H liquid metal will wet to it. Once that happens, the H2 goes variably into the Li-Al-H hydride and the molten metal presents the needed H- anion to the Ni surface for the reaction.

    You are right in that a monatomic hydrogen ion won't exist long in a high pressure environment. However, if you are supplying a frequency which excites the contents of the reactor and is producing tons of ions -- even close to the nickel surface -- some of those should ping the nickel. Me356 showed a set of pictures of the same reactor with the same total input power. With the frequencies -- their nature undisclosed -- to the resistor turned on the stainless steel tube leading to the reactor glowed bright hot for a couple of inches. When the frequencies were turned off, only the reactor itself glowed. He claimed to be able to turn the excess heat on and off at will by the application of these frequencies.

    So you don't think electromagnetic stimulation, to produce atomic hydrogen or associated ions, has any impact at all, whatsoever?

    I too have some reasons to believe that the hydrogen desorption aspect might be crucial; ultimately leaking or admitting it should accomplish the same job. Admitting it is probably more direct and efficient, however. Perhaps some limitations of the system could be circumvented with lower efforts with a reversible hydride for H storage only in a separately controlled reactor section in order to allow a hydrogen flow over the presumably active fuel independently of its temperature.

    Me356 flat out stated that he believed controlling the rate of atomic hydrogen (if your nickel was properly conditioned) was the key to producing high outputs and setting your COP at whatever you desire. One way of producing atomic hydrogen is by applying a frequency to your resistors that can dissociate the H2 and ionize the hydrogen gas inside the reactor. Secondly, he pointed out how the gas emitted from LiAlH4 or the decomposition of LiH is in the atomic form. So by cycling up and down in temperature and allowing the LiH to form and decompose over and over, you could produce atomic hydrogen repeatedly and produce a high COP.

    Hurling insults is an especially sickening idea when all of these parties -- regardless if they are observing truly anomalous phenomena -- have glass windows. No one seems to be totally innocent and pure as the rain driven snow. Although it can be challenging especially when emotions are heightened, we're all much better off to objectively examine the technologies themselves -- separating them from the inventors.

    If very well done calorimetric readings are performed -- Rossi has also said that they found a way to keep the Quark on continuously -- then they should tell us if the COP really is as high as these initial tests suggest.

    The point is that with a COP of 22,000, even if Rossi is off by a certain margin it really doesn't matter! Once you get past a COP of lets say 100 you start getting into a zone of diminishing returns.

    Nickel wire/powder exposed to H2 in a heated environment can undergo nuclear reactions. (For example, the basic Focardi/Piantelli work.)

    Me356 and others seem to suggest nickel wire/powder exposed to H2 which is undergoing electromagnetic stimulation to produce atomic hydrogen and ions can produce more intense quantities of excess heat. (For example, the radio frequency generators in the reactors of the first one megawatt plant, piggy backing RF frequencies onto an external heating resistor, or tuning your input frequency to the resonance frequency of your resistor to produce powerful current spikes.)

    The Quark seems, on the surface, to take this basic concept to the next level -- bombarding bare protons onto the nickel cathode with significant kinetic energy. Although there could be exotic effects in the plasma, I find it likely the majority of the effect takes place (at least initially) at the cathode. If this is correct...

    X quantity of electrons may be produced by thermionic emission from the nickel being heated to a high temperature by the nuclear reactions.

    X quantity of electrons may be produced directly via the nuclear reactions at the cathode like Ed Storms observed in his glow discharge experiments.

    X quantity of electrons may be produced by emissions from the cathode such as perhaps low level gamma traveling through to the tube and ionizing gas.

    So here are three possible mechanisms that summed up could possibly account for the excess number of electrons produced. These excess electrons would then add to the current running through the tube to the anode. Obviously, a result of this increased current would be a higher magnitude of heat, light, and output amperage. The use of a highly conductive material like graphene -- maybe deposited on the anode -- could help maximize the output of the overall reactor by increasing the number of electrons captured.

    The Quark is brilliant, but super duper simple in theory; conversely, preparing the nickel cathode so it can be "active" (just like how virtually all nickel fuel used in all Ni-H experiments must be prepared) could require tedious, precise, and careful work.

    I bet Me356 could build a Quark X tomorrow since he understands the optimal nickel processing methods -- if he so desired.

    This patent seems to be somewhat similar to the Quark. Except instead of glow discharge, it seems like Rossi used an arc discharge in a very small volume. The result was an enormous amount of power in a tiny volume that even beats the claims of Black Light Power.

    You simply can't beat the power density or the simplicity of the Quark. If further third party testing verifies the results that have been reported, this is a simply phenomenal technology. Basically, it takes the original core of the Rossi Effect, stream lines it, and makes it as powerful as possible.

    First of all, can someone make sure we have the highest quality version?

    Secondly, can anyone run the image through some processing to correct for the blur so we can make out more of the words and numbers?

    Thirdly, once the blur has been corrected, is it possible for us to reconstruct the information on the board in a clearer format?


    None of Negan's elect ever pushes boundries on this forum. If they call other users cockroaches, vermin, knuckle heads, know-nothings, new agers, or a wide range of other names then, you know what, they must be right. Since Negan has elevated them to such a position -- because they are even more like Negan than even we are -- they must have special knowledge we don't. And if they want to keep emotion high and the atmosphere toxic, then they must have a very valid reason because Negan's wisdom runs through their veins. We should all just accept that as servants of Negan, we should be grateful for their reproof and correction.

    It has been brought to my attention that a Facebook user by the name of Matias Mattsson has posted an image of Rossi at a white board, apparently discussing the Quark.…Sxyb3NzaSxsZW5yLGNvbGQ%3D

    Can anyone who is good at image processing clear up the image so all of the writing and drawings are capable of being read/understood?

    I'm very interested in the circuit diagram. Can anyone try to make some sense of it?

    what are negans and saviors?

    We are all Negan. You are Negan. You just don't know it yet.

    Negan is the leader of the Saviors, a group that has survived the zomb.... LENR apocalypse. Obey Negan, follow his commandments, accept his way as the only way, and conform your mind to his mind and he'll provide protection from the outside world. Because you really won't like the alternative. Lucille, Negan's ban hammer, doesn't tolerate any opposition.

    Work long enough for Negan as a slave, and you may be just move up in the ranks after you've proven yourself as being 100% Negan, inside and out. Until then, accept that everything you have belongs to him, everyone around you belongs to him, and there is absolutely no reason to oppose him.