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    I'll mock anyone who supports someone like Me356 who could have the power to change the whole LENR community for the better but keeps the know how to himself -- after promising several times to share it -- a YEAR AGO.

    Screw you, Alan. You should be more angry than anyone on here. You labor away tirelessly trying to promote replication work. For Me356 to flat out lie like has done to this forum and move past the use of nickel without sharing the Ni-H know how with us is a travesty that should never be forgotten and should never be forgiven. I consider his lie to be no less severe than Rossi's about Johnson Matthey: they are both horribly disgusting.

    People attack Rossi's character on here all the time with little consequence? Don't get me wrong; in some certain aspects he deserves it -- particularly the whole issue of Johnson Matthey not being a real partner or having anything to do with JM Products. But if he can be insulted and attacked, why should someone who flat out lied personally to this community be given a free pass?

    That's not an implicit threat for a ban. That's a question about whether to engage in the very discussion that is taking place right now. This discussion would never arise in connection with Bob Higgins, Brian Albiston, Alan Goldsmith or Alan Smith, for example.

    The answer is simple. Me356 made specific promises over a year ago to share all the information needed for replicators to reproduce the high powered Ni-H effect. If someone wants to check his post history -- unless he has changed or altered them -- the promises are very clear. The best form of verification of his claims is NOT for the MFMP or any other organization on the planet to run tests on his "black boxes." For goodness sakes, even if a hundred different parties all claimed they worked, but he didn't share how they worked it wouldn't matter one bit in the big scheme of things. If we want his bold claims to be verified (and they are tremendously significant statements) then he simply needs to KEEP HIS PROMISE and share the know how of how to make a simple high powered Ni-H system. He has already left most of the pieces of the puzzle on this forum, but I know multiple replicators who aren't going to bother scrounging down on the floor to put them together. They would gladly perform replications, but they want the full recipe that was promised.

    One reason why I'm certain that the recent post by Me356 is legitimate is because of the claim of a lack of time. He has used this excuse before. For him to compose a few pages of text providing instructions on how to replicate using his formula would take a few hours at most, I figure. He doesn't have to provide plans for his most exotic LENR setups or the one he is utilizing right now. Also, we don't need his control system. All we need is the know how to show the basic high powered effect using nickel wire, hydrogen, and his signaling method that producing atomic hydrogen on demand. Then he could go about his business for the rest of his life, if he so desired, without another word out of us -- or myself.

    But realistically, he ain't gonna share zilch with us. Pretending that he ever will is a delusion. Unless you desire to be let down, you don't expect addicts to quit smoking methamphetamine without extensive rehab and you don't expect those suffering of inventors syndrome to keep their promises and share their know how. It's more likely for the moon to one day be discovered as having a core made of blue cheese than Me356 to tell us how to replicate. The fact he moved past the use of nickel without telling us anything was my last straw. It let me know we have ZERO hope of learning anything from him in the near term, and very little hope of learning anything from him in the long term unless he hits it big with his technology and becomes a successful multi-billionaire.

    Check your post history. A year ago you were claiming that the information needed to replicate would be provided very soon -- in WEEKS. Read that again, WEEKS. Do you really want to make me go back and pull up your quotes? There are some very clear examples of you specifying how the information would come in the very near term. Moreover, claiming to be able to achieve high COP and self sustain (even if briefly) from a Ni-H system (using only wire no less!) by careful fuel pre-treatment and the production of atomic hydrogen while making such promises ONLY TO GO DARK FOR A YEAR sure does constitute teasing and taunting in my book!

    Liars that speak loudly about being totally open about such a critically important topic such as LENR only to change their minds -- after making specific promises -- deserve ZERO support, period. And, let's be blunt: there is not a single competitor who is truly "open" about their work -- who is producing results powerful and promising enough to make a difference. There maybe a dozen parties producing high COP and kilowatt per gram levels of power from Ni-H systems, but since they are doing so in near total secrecy they don't count. They are either corrupted by various powerful entities already worth billions of dollars or are victims of inventors syndrome. However, a few of them sure like to have it both ways: keeping their know how secret while taunting and teasing the community with worthless tidbits of information that won't help anyone replicate. This is despicable behavior under normal circumstances. But holding back such information when the community has degraded to a cesspool of alligators, crocks, as other serpents fighting each other is even worse.

    So why don't you go back to whatever rock you crawled out from and stay there. You don't want to help this community, you don't want to help this planet, and you sure don't want to help establish LENR as a reality. You've been exposed as a money hungry liar and that's all there is to it.

    This is not a helpful post. Please stop the ad hominem attacks. And let's be happy that Brian Albiston will be looking at me356's device and leave it at that. Eric


    The only way for someone as skeptical as yourself to be convinced is if hundreds of replications from across the planet popped up on YouTube -- many of which showed self sustaining systems with the power cord unplugged. What I've learned is that high COP without absolute 100% transparency (of every issue including all know how) doesn't mean diddly squat to the cynics. And, sadly, they are whom matter the most -- because they have the loudest voices and are the ones the media look to first. Even though in the real world adequate evidence is all that's required for extraordinary claims, the most exotic of claims won't be accepted unless the proof is so overwhelming and coming from so many directions that it would create the appearance of madness to deny it. Me356 has an amazing technology, in my opinion. But this test -- even if a control was used and other parameters changed -- won't do a darn thing to convince the skeptics. Anything less than a disclosure of a guaranteed to work "recipe" will only be another topic of endless debate that will span months while accomplishing nothing.

    If you notice there's not going to be a "control" reactor: another nail in the coffin of this test to the cynics before it even starts. Now, personally, I think that excess heat can be determined in a test without a dummy unit, although it is always far better to have one. But this is yet another aspect of the test that will be a huge target of cynics and skeptics.

    As we know it will be a black box test. The most rock solid and well thought out results from a black box test will NOT be accepted; conversely, they will be challenged and ridiculed. There will be accusations of hidden energy sources in the box, speculation about external sources of energy beamed into the box, and allegations of collusion between the MFMP and Me356. The test is being conducted on Me356's property in his buildings and as far as we know he is going to be around for the duration of the test. There is no way to design such a test that will do more than spike the interest in a minority of people: the howling voices of the cynics will drown out anything positive that is said. Because, as they will claim, the results are impossible and a hoax is a hundred times more likely than a positive result.

    The only satisfactory way to prove this tech works to EVERYONE is to spread the know how far and wide. When there are hundreds of replications of this technology popping up on YouTube, even the staunchest critics will have to back down. Because once something is universally accepted, they usually back down and claim they knew it real from the start. One black box test in an undisclosed location on the inventors property with him around won't prove diddly squat. I already predict that Mary Yugo will do her job very well by pointing out a hundred different aspects of the test (mostly made up) that are insufficient at best or fraudulent at worst.

    Mass replication is the only way that any LENR tech will ever be proven. Thinking anything is is only deluding ourselves with false hope.

    Exactly. Most people realize words are cheap so they don't value them much. Most people realize that life is complicated and it almost always turns out differently than planned. Many people seem to enjoy the discussions (even with trolls!) knowing full well it won't change things even a little. Except you?

    While I appreciate your contributions it seems you've made up you mind about things that are not turning out. Remember life is a journey, not a destination.

    I don't care one bit about the journey. What matters to me is the destination which is a guaranteed to work formula posted that results in hundreds or thousands of high powered Ni-H replications on YouTube. This would end all debate about the reality of Ni-H and start an energy revolution. Me356 holds the power to end the bickering, arguing, and debating once and for all. Can you imagine a situation in which we can't keep track of all the new replications that are happening? Can you imagine a situation where Ni-H technology has made it to all the news networks? Can you imagine a situation in which the current energy paradigm is shattering? Can you imagine a situation in which solar and wind stocks crash because LENR is a hundred times better?

    I can. And all of this could be happening in a month or two, tops, if Me356 released his know how today.

    OK - but what would you personally do, if he would publish detailed recipe? Lenr-canr,org repository is full of them and nobody does something. The BrilliantLight technology is still fully disclosed - did someone bother to attempt for its replication? Bazhutov plasma fusion is also described well - but who attempts to replicate it?

    I know multiple individuals who would most likely drop everything they are doing now to test a formula that is basically guaranteed to work. I'd get all the information to them and help in any way I possibly could. I'd also try to spread the information far and wide. If there was someone replicating close by in the United States, I'd volunteer to help out in any way they thought they could use me -- as long as they agreed to be completely open about their test results once it was complete. But he won't be sharing his know how any time soon.

    I have little to no interest in the BLP technology. I'm only interested in Ni-H. Although he is not using nickel at this time, Me356 claimed that he had the know how to push Ni-H to an infinite COP. This is far more interesting to me than BLP tech or anything else I'm aware of.

    Where does THEDEBATEISUSELESS get his news about me 356 from?

    Bob Greenyer writes.
    "I think both testing and claimant parties are nearly ready for the verification."

    I have it on good authority that Me356 plans to share NOTHING about how the technology actually works. Even if the MFMP verifies his technology, he will keep the know how to himself. He has indicated this in the recent past. The simple truth is that his desire to be "open" about the technology (over and over again he promised that he would tell replicators everything they needed to know to make Ni-H systems work) is a thing of the past.

    Me356 failed to keep his promise -- which he made repeatedly -- to share all the knowledge to replicate the high powered Ni-H effect in "weeks." Since he basically gave two middle fingers to this community while dreaming of his wallet fattening, no silly little control box should be taken seriously. Although I'm convinced his tech is real for my own reasons, he doesn't deserve any of us to give him the time of day. This liar wants us to drool over his control box when he won't keep his basic promise to this community. Discussing his control mechanisms or other features of his technology is like a slave praising his master for dropping him an extra helping of moldy bread after promising him freedom after a certain date. If he had shared with us -- in specific details that we could follow -- the information to make a basic Ni-H configuration work, the past year could have been filled with excitement, wonder, and progress rather than spiteful bickering over legal documents.

    Someone on another thread said that he shared enough for us to follow and we are being selfish to ask for more. First, he promised us all the details. Secondly, he promised the MFMP the details. Thirdly, the simple truth is that 99% of the replicators don't have the time to be more or less guessing about how to implement his bread crumb trail (which I admit has some useful information) or the will power to then run fifty to a hundred tests tweaking individual parameters to produce a robust result. I've learned that even those few replicators who have the equipment/materials don't have a lot of free time to run long series of tests. If his results are going to ever be replicated, there must be a specific and detailed protocol provided. But that's not going to happen. He is just like Patterson and a slew of other inventors: unless he can keep the entire market to himself he won't share the know how.

    What I also know is even if the MFMP are able to measure excess heat from his black box, it won't matter much. There will be a huge amount of controversy and hostility from honest skeptics, pseudo-skeptics, and competitors who will push the idea he has nothing whatsoever out of jealousy. The on going accusations of fraud and collusion with the MFMP will stop his technology from EVER being taken seriously by the world.

    The only thing that will push this technology forward is wide spread replication. A detailed recipe allowing anyone to produce high levels of excess heat from Ni200 wire and hydrogen gas with a minimal amount of equipment (hydrogen generator, vacuum pump, RF signal generator, power supply, etc) would allow for hundreds or thousands of replications to take place. In a very short period of time the tech would be accepted as totally real and legitimate. But that's not going to happen. He's never going to share the one thing that matters -- the recipe to make Ni-H work. Beyond any doubt he has inventors syndrome, and he thinks he can find a way to make a fortune while keeping the know how all to himself. Instead, while he spends another year or two preparing for a product launch, he will simply make himself a bigger target for investors offering megabucks to buy him out, the cynics who will seek to falsely discredit him, competitors that will seek to stop him, and the powers that be who will wish to control him.

    As long as people continue following the path of Me356 there will be no future for LENR. The combination of adequate money, energy, obsessive compulsiveness, skill/talent, open mindedness, and resources to produce high powered Ni-H reactions is RARE. I'd say there may be only a handful of individuals like Me356 on the planet today who have figured out how to make Ni-H work. My guess is that they have all followed his path. Until one of them is willing to OPEN UP and realize proving the reality of the technology FIRST is not only a moral imperative but also the ONLY way to prevent yourself from being a target, we'll see ZERO progress. One, two, three years from now we may still be in the same situation we are in today.

    Almost no one here seems to give a flying flip that the bickering and arguments could be more less completely ENDED by someone like Me356 keeping their word and putting the world and the community before their bank account. People keep on saying that only getting a product onto the market would "prove" LENR. That's total bunk if the effect is as Me356 claims: simple, easy to reproduce, and extremely powerful (up to infinite COP) if you have the know how. The world could not deny hundreds or thousands of kilowatt range experiments being posted on YouTube producing COPs of 10 or higher. And the argument that there wouldn't be many people interested in replicating is total BUNK too! Do you see how many videos of mundane experiments are on YouTube? Homemade galvanic batteries, homemade capacitors, HHO cells, robots of all kinds. If a REVOLUTIONARY tech like nickel hydrogen fusion emerged with a clear set of instructions, there would be a ton of replications almost over night.

    Screw the insane notions of those who enjoy bickering and namecalling and mocking rather than have a RESOLUTION to the debate as to the reality of Ni-H. I never became interested in LENR because I wanted to argue with people about an endless series of court documents. What motivated me to get interested in LENR was the REVELATION to the world of a PARADIGM destroying energy technology. Although there are risks and there will be various types of social and economic disruption, LENR technology could TRANSFORM our civilization! That is what I think anyone with a TRUE interest in LENR should be wanting to see. Not a long winded court trial, not the latest flame war on a toxic internet forum, not a technical debate about experiments that took place years ago. People who are on this forum for the right reasons want to see an energy REVOLUTION.

    Me356 could make that happen NOW if he wanted to. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. NOW.

    But he won't. Because he can get enough satisfaction from the thrill of SCREWING US OVER while having us gawk and drool over a few pictures he tosses our way.

    If he won't share the know how like he promised, he shouldn't be paid attention to.

    I feel really good about my decision; the atmosphere in the LENR community turned highly caustic and tremendously unhealthy. Me356 wasn't the first to go from open to secretive, and he won't be the last. As more and more people "get" how to induce excess heat and follow down the same path, there will be more incidents in which people go "black" and withhold the information to replicate. To respond to a couple comments, I do specifically think me356 is the real deal and has produced exactly what he claims. And I think I understand what he is doing and how it would apply to a variety of metals. My guess is that the MFMP will successfully prove his effect is real, but he will not share any know how until long after his product is on the market -- if that ever happens.

    I wish everyone on the forum peace, purpose, and a happy life. Now, I need to go work on trying to salvage something out of my remaining time on this planet. I've dreamed big, read a lot, jabbered my mouth and fingers off, but I've accomplished little to nothing in my life. If I don't make a major change and do what it takes to accomplish several goals, I'll end up living the rest of my life alone and one day dying alone. I need to move forward now before I'm too old to have any chance at making a better life for myself that I can be content and happy about.

    I've just learned via a recording of a presentation made by Bob Greenyer that Me356 has moved past the use of nickel to avoid patent infringement issues. To be clear, I don't care what materials he is using in his current system or what techniques he may be utilizing. His business endeavors to produce a marketable product -- for profit -- do not matter to me in the least. If he makes nothing, ten million dollars, or ten billion dollars is not a concern to me. What I've been waiting for him to do for over A YEAR NOW is for him to keep the promise he made repeatedly to multiple individuals on LENR Forums and the community as a whole: to share all the information needed to produce high powered nickel hydrogen reactors. Let me be clear. He specified over a year ago that in WEEKS he would share ALL the information required to make NICKEL and HYDROGEN reactors work.

    To a certain extent, he has already done that. There is a bread crumb trail of posts on this forum that individuals could go through, examine, and use to produce their own systems. The problem is that piecing together the dozens of stray nuggets of information, putting them into a coherent framework, and performing tedious trial and error testing would be extremely time consuming and costly. This is one area where Me356 deserves to be commended. He sacrificed a great deal of time, labor, and money to figure out how to make high powered Ni-H devices. My understanding is that he would work each day and go home to perform a new test. Like Andrea Rossi, he was dedicated and obsessive about figuring out the critical parameters to make his system work.

    The fact he has moved past the use of nickel in his systems yet has refused to keep his promise is a disgrace and an abomination. If he's not even using nickel in his latest system, that's another reason why he should honor his commitment to tell us how to make Ni-H systems work. The MFMP and this community aided and assisted him in multiple ways during his learning process. In response, he made promises he should keep. Not doing so only allows the fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the basic NiH effect to continue making the atmosphere on this forum and elsewhere increasingly toxic. Also, at this very moment, there are dozens of replicators who would jump on the opportunity to follow a set of instructions from him on how to make a working NiH system, because doing so can obviously be very tricky. By not doing so, he's letting researchers meander around accomplishing little or nothing when they could be performing successful tests, sharing results with the world, and proving the reality of the NiH effect.

    More so than ever, we need results, NOW! But the kind of results that are needed aren't from groups like Nissan who insist on working in near total secrecy. We need results that come with details and instructions so others can reproduce them. Otherwise, the best result in the world won't mean much in the long term. What's needed is a working recipe which, if followed precisely, can be replicated by any qualified person with access to a basic lab. My understanding is that Me356 has such a recipe for Ni-H. He has a method of treating nickel wire (basic Ni200 vaping wire) so that it becomes highly embrittled and capable of absorbing and desorbing so much hydrogen in a short period of time that the resistance can go up and down by 40%. Then by adding a signal to his resistors (not the fuel wire) that can produce ATOMIC HYDROGEN ON DEMAND (my guess is that it is a radio frequency like Rossi used in his first one megawatt plant to ionize the hydrogen gas) he can push the COP up as high as he desires -- although it can lead to the destruction of the reactor.

    I don't know about anyone else, but this is the last straw for me. I'm not going to continue participating in a community for much longer that mostly ignores such a critical broken promise. In my opinion, me356 holds the key to turning this field upside down (in a good way) so that, for example, the litigation becomes the LAST issue discussed because there would be a tidal wave of new NiH replications on YouTube. The whole range of discussions would shift from never ending and perpetual debates about legal documents to WAVES of new replications showing undeniable levels of excess heat.

    My conclusion at this time is that he's never going to share the information with us. If he had any respect for the community and any desire to improve the conditions on this forum, he would tell us how to make Ni-H technology work, especially since he has moved past it himself! His claims about safety concerns are, for the most part, excuses in my opinion. Although he may want to see LENR eventually be considered "real" his primary consideration is now financial. By sharing the know how to make Ni-H work he'd create a hundred competitors over night. The truth is, of course, that this is a WIDE OPEN field with room for countless companies to earn a profit. And, at least for a period of time, he'd be ahead of almost everyone else. But when inventors syndrome latches on it wipes away all good intentions and morals. What then matters is being FIRST to market, keeping the ENTIRE market for yourself (at least for as long possible), and making as much money as possible. This has been demonstrated again and again. The best example is Patterson who insisted on a 100% market share or nothing at all.

    I'm going to be cutting ties over the next several days to the LENR community and exotic energy field. I just don't see a clear path forward in the near term when so many parties who are achieving success go dark. The LAST thing I want to risk ever again is sharing knowledge with a replicator who would then follow the same path of secrecy as Me356.

    He proves that it is easy to talk of sharing and the spirit of open source when you are in early stages of testing and have little to no results. But when the impossible happens, honesty and integrity vanish as secrecy and greed take over.