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    That's your opinion. I don't know how extensively you have studied some of the less discussed replications. However, my opinion is that the fact that all of the alleged "black swans" combined provide robust and strong evidence for the "Rossi Effect" being real -- despite the characterization of the parameters needed to initialize the effect being almost non-existent. A simple combination of nickel powder and LiAlH4 seems to be capable of sporadically producing excess heat -- sometimes with no pre-processing of the fuel and no exotic electromagnetic stimulation. What makes many experiments totally unsuccessful is unknown. It's easy to proclaim that the nickel needs to be cleaned of oxides in order to absorb hydrogen, the nickel needs to be pre-heated to create microcavities, or a special waveform should be used. But excess heat has been reported without any of these.

    If the excess heat reported by several teams of replicators is legitimate when we have little to no clue about the conditions required to trigger it, then I can only imagine the level of success that could be obtained if we knew what was actually important. The only thing preventing us from gathering that information is a lack of continued and on going testing. To me, it makes sense that two of the highest strung, work-a-holics who performed the most tests would figure it out, Me356 and Andrea Rossi.

    Discovering the truth requires continued and frequent testing.

    Personally, I'm unsure what "is" the NAE in the "Rossi Effect" fuel. Andrea Rossi claims the reactions take place in micro-cavities, and his patent claims baking the nickel "for times and temperatures" will produce these surface features. This may or may not be an accurate explanation of where the reactions take place. But there is not a need for exhaustive discussion. What needs to happen is for replicators to test various combinations of fuel "baking" and processing and then utilize the fuel to see what happens. SEM images of the nickel particles from each run would be useful in case a certain method of pre-processing turns out to assist in the production of excess heat. Such repetitive testing takes time, resources, human labor, and money. Sadly, there are only a very few researchers with enough of each of these things -- in addition to the personal drive -- to perform long series of tests.

    Me356 seems to be a rare exception. According to Bob Greenyer, he is a work-a-holic who will run his business all day and then run tests each night. He produced his claimed breakthroughs by changing parameters one at a time and then doing more testing. We need a dozen Me356's. However, they need to be willing to openly share their results.

    I'm not interested in being dragged into a debate over previous replications that have taken place. Picking apart experiments bit by bit to show how every single last one of them could have been designed "better" is not productive. Although I agree that many of these replications were not as extremely sophisticated as could be desired, my opinion is that they were adequate to show high levels of excess heat. What's important is that the work continues to characterize the conditions required to stimulate the fuel into excess heat mode. This may involve fuel prep (a complex subject in and of itself), the atmosphere inside the reactor (crucial for hydrogenation), and electromagnetic stimulation (which won't help produce a watt if the fuel is not optimal and hydrogenation has not taken place).

    We can discover the truth only by moving forwards.

    The conditions to trigger the exothermic nuclear events are poorly characterized. When they do happen by more or less chance, they have often been enormous and represent an effect far beyond what Piantelli and Focardi witnessed. There are probably many reasons for this enhancement. The first and most obvious is probably the increased surface area yielding a greater number of NAE. Using powder, especially highly textured like carbonyl nickel, may have the potential to send the output soaring upwards. Secondly, the use of lithium may release far more energy per reaction than simple nickel + hydrogen reactions. Also, lithium seems to shield the emission of the gamma radiation and neutrons that Piantelli and Focardi wrote about in many of their papers.

    I should mention that there are multiple successful replicators that have only published once or a very few times. There were at least two teams of Russians that replicated the "effect" other than Parkhomov. I'm also hearing, confidentially, about other replications "in the works."

    The basic effect is indeed real if one has the mental fortitude to peel away the "drama" created by both Rossi and IH.

    One black swan proves that not all swans are white.

    Hundreds of successful LENR experiments have proven not fusion reactors require billion dollar Tokamaks.

    Ongoing testing has proven that a combination of nickel and a source of lithium and hydrogen can produce "Friking Enormous" exothermic reactions.

    A search through the threads of this forum will reveal the names and papers that represent the "Black Swans" of the Rossi Effect. If you consider them valid or not, they exist and continue to grow. Not a million post screaming -- perhaps with reason -- about flow pumps and water lines will make them vanish.

    But we have a stinkin' problem. The simplest recipe that everyone performs repeatedly, almost ad nauseam, only works sporadically. Throwing these two ingredients into a reactor and shouting "BAM" before sealing it up and applying heat isn't cutting it anymore. In the weeks and months to come I'm almost certain we will here of more tales of "bakers" having cakes "rise" with this recipe. But we'll also hear of many flops.

    What we need isn't simple. It may require exhaustive work and effort or daily testing. But it's necessary if we are to produce a flock of Black Swans that can darken the skies and create a storm with their flapping.

    We need a better brownie mix.

    The ingredients might or might not be different, but the instruction list on the box needs to change.

    It might not even be an issue of us not having the know how, but simply not the "experience" required.


    History is also full of criminals and frauds whose families abandoned them. That probably happens more often than heroes being abandoned. So, being abandoned by one's family is no indication that Rossi is right, or that he is a hero. If that's what you are thinking.

    The best indication of Rossi being "right" about his unique effect being capable of generating kW levels of XHE is the repeated replications by experimentalists. Everyone can argue about the year long test until Hillary Clinton divorces Bill and becomes Donald Trumps side girlfriend. But confirmation from third parties trumps (pun intended) any data Rossi can offer from his own experiments.

    Rossi is not a hero by any means. But the continued production of XHE utilizing LAH provides evidence that his systems can work. Whether or not the monstrosity (which is not a negative term because I crave Godzilla movies) in Doral, Florida produced *documentable* excess heat up to the rigorous Sigma 6 standard of IH a totally different issue.

    The testing continues moving forward. Many parties are performing tests. Some of them very quietly.

    The number of experiments are obviously increasing due to the utter simplicity of the current process that yields sporadic results. Throw some nickel powder of any kind with LiAlH4 and pray really hard. Oddly enough, this combination, some of the time, yields results. If a hundred more parties attempt it, a fraction of them will produce more evidence of excess heat.

    Me356, who may eventually break this field wide open, suggests that experiments controlling the individual parameters are important. This "guru" implies that every environmental factor inside of the reactor needs to be controllable. I see Alan Smith's company is working towards building systems with multiple ports that could help with this.

    Trying to ignite gasoline with a match is actually hard -- the vapors are what are highly combustible. Yet after enough attempts gasoline will catch fire.

    We just need to build a carburetor.

    The chance of Rossi having table top fusion is about the same as the chance of a large, fat pig flying in through your living room window, wearing a saddle, and asking if you'd like a ride anywhere.

    The nickel and lithium aluminum hydride combination is continuing to provide many experimentalists across this celestial object with a relatively easy track to table top fusion. There is no doubt the number of parties testing this combination will continue to increase and so will the papers providing evidence of XHE. The engima that is Andrea Rossi may be many things. Descriptions of him from both supporters and detractors may both be accurate. But the effect remains.

    The XHE generated by nickel and LiAlH4 isn't moved by litigation and lawsuits. It remains.

    More folks have been busy jamming nickel and LAH into reactors and producing excess heat.

    Regardless if the plant was a success or a dud, or something in between, the upcoming results may vindicate excess heat from the "amazing" mixture of simple elements. The results may stun everyone on all sides. How will the forums respond? I'm waiting patiently.

    This reaction fits nicely within the very definition of pseudoskepticism. Taking sides because of the filing of a lawsuit and a falling out between an inventor and a licensee. Brilliant!

    I would go so far as to say that many scientists in the field of LENR have done more than accepted Rossi's claims. In fact, they have went so far as to replicate. In this field, replication is the sincerest form of flattery. And, guess what, more replications are on the way.

    Many issues are up in the air right now, but the confirmation that XHE is available from Rossi's fuel combination is solidifying into rock hard reality. You can't argue with self sustain -- infinite COP.