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    Quote from lenrisnotreal:I'm really starting to like the "Block" feature here. It actually saves me hours a day. I do not block anyone merely because I disagree with them. I block when I see that there is no point to conversation. This is my last response then, to "lenrisnotreal." However, if someone else, a regular user, given to cogency, quotes him, I will reconsider. I do notice that there are suppressed comments and sometimes look at the user profile to see a summary, and sometimes unblock so I can read the full comment. Then, usually, I restore the block. The process reminds me of my decision to avoid wasting time.

    At least one user I have blocked has mentioned this -- and more than once -- as if blocking is some kind of message, as if it is, itself, trolling. No. I do think that generally a person has the right to know that they are blocked. This site doesn't automatically do that. I suspect that they could find out by trying to PM me. Tests are welcome. (I will not complain if a blocked user PMs me, unless it becomes harassment. I am also very public and it's easy to find ways to communicate with me.) Blocking is a way to control my own time, and everyone has the right to do that.

    Well, sir, you have defeated your argument against me without knowing it. I am not a troll. I have a degree in engineering and I am a strict believer in the scientific method unlike many here. You know, that scientific method which states that a phenomena is to be considered false or fake unless 1) verified by University physics department caliber research and 2) then peer reviewed independently by more University physics department caliber research.

    And, the other reason your argument is defeated is I did my research before posting unlike you. One of the main reasons top physicists give for refuting the existence of cold fusion/ LENR is that it is has never once been observed in nature. This is despite the fact that the conditions for cold fusion/LENR, whether Ni-H or Pd-D, are many orders of magnitude more likely than the conditions for real hot fusion. So, physicists estimate there are 100 billion+ stars and instances of hot fusion in our galaxy alone and perhaps 1 *10^23 + stars and instances of hot fusion in the universe. But not one single instance of LENR/ cold fusion has ever been observed in nature even though the conditions for it are much more likely than the conditions for hot fusion. This would also seem to violate the law of conservation of energy as the lower energy fusion state might be expected to dominate if it existed.

    Also, any "tests" returning positive results performed on LENR/Cold Fusion by any other entity than a reputable University Physics dept which stakes it's reputation on these positive results, are null and invalid. We have to be very strict in believing positive cold Fusion/LENR results given all the fraud and accusations of fraud in this field.

    Say my name. :rolleyes:

    MrSelfSustain Wrote --->

    Your argument is refuted by the fact universities and governments give hot fusion scientists billions of dollars to perform hot fusion research despite:

    - Any proof that significant excess heat capable of industrial use will ever be produced.

    - Any hope that there will be a commercial reactor within thirty years.

    Instead, hot fusion has became a massive money pit in which there are no practical results.

    Cold fusion experiments, on the other hand, cost a thousand or ten thousand times less to perform and many of them have already yielded excess heat, transmutations, isotope shifts, etc.

    end quote

    Well, there are items called stars (such as our own sun) whose very existence proves that hot fusion works. For LENR, however, the extremely common conditions of a temperature less than 1000C and a mixture of nickel and hydrogen, two of the most abundant materials in the universe, has resulted in zero observances of natural LENR in either a cosmic or local (on Earth) scale. The reason for this? Say my name.