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    I had asked this question in the past to a rather unconvincing answer. How can hydrinos form chemical compounds if the electron is bound tightly to the proton and is unreactive?

    I’m curious as to why Mizuno is still working in such dilapidated conditions. Surely there is some spare space at a university that would be honored to host him and or why hasn’t IH, Google, etc offered to fund him for a meager amount to continue his work in better accommodations.

    Would the replicators of his work not offer assistance as well?

    If they will not step up to the plate perhaps an additional crowdfunding is in order.

    Mr. Weaver - it seems your sole purpose in here is to bash Rossi and any supporters or those on the fence.

    Being amongst if not the largest backers of LENR tech I would think you would have some constructive information to add to the discussions. Perhaps some forthcoming research and or groups that are advancing the tech and their progress. For all the courageous work being done, the silence from Industrial Heat is deafening as they say.

    Bill Gates is no doubt one of the worlds most recognized names. His thoughts and influence reach far and wide in terms of technology, science, economics, and humanitarian efforts. All or most of his public investments to date have backed ideas based on well known scientific principles and for the most part been uncontroversial.

    LENR is neither of those in the main stream scientific circles and media. His coming out in support would be a huge reputational risk. If I were him I would not show support without certain proof that it is real, scaleable for mass energy production, and also safe.

    His show of support would swing billions of dollars in energy investments overnight. It could literally upend global stock and energy markets. It would have vast geopolitical ramifications. And he knows this.

    He has little to gain and much more to lose by publicly backing LENR at this moment.

    Hello Alan,

    Over the years I have appreciated your subtle humor and keeping the conversation moving forward in a quasi civilized manner. As they say idle hands can lead to trouble but all work and no play isn't any better. I'd like to send you to the pub on your trip. Although you may have to substitute a pint for an umbrella drink. Cheers and safe travels.

    Aboard was one Carl Page. For his insights into cold fusion, access to his brother, or both?