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    There are many criterias to be fulfilled for F&P type LENR, many identified, and some criterias not yet fully identified and understood. That is why the sucessrate was low.

    But again, to my knowledge the SPAWAR co-deposition studies gave better LENR reproducibility than F&P style and if google havent tried this allready, they absolutely should.


    "Positive feedback" would only be relevant for the cells that have been first identified as having active LENR, in accordance with my procedure above.

    you still dont get it ?

    If F&P effect was easy to replicate it would no longer be a mystery.

    To my memory the best they achieved was 1 of 8 cells indicating LENR. But you will find info on this if you bother to investigate a litle are stop being lazy.

    So again: Many parallell F&P Runs must be set up for any hope of one or a few to show excess heat Events. And you would of course start with the easy tests of electrolysis Below Boiling to identify these.

    That is why I suggested the SPAWAR co deposition tests a better option for google , which had a higer rate of success.…_Fleischmann-_Pons_Effect

    That is beceause you have not read or understood the whole story.

    F&P managed to get at best "only" one of 8 electrolytic cells to show active LENR.

    So you do NEED to find what cells are active and which is not active before you try more advanced tests like the boil off.

    And the way of finding active cells is to test many parallell cells like 20 off for weeks at temperatures below boiling and identify by excess heat or bursts of heat.

    same BS again.

    Anyone trying F&P Pd/D system MUST set up 10 or 20 parallell cells and hope one or more of them show signs of heat bursts according to the F&P Seminal paper of 1990.

    The cells that prove signs of active LENR i.e. heat burst, may the used to test their 1992 hypothesis of larger excess heat at higher temepratures.

    But hey, they do not need to because their first test according to 1990 proved the LENR phenomenon.

    The recent Mizuno experiment is an obvious one.

    And I think the SPAWAR rsearch was good and should be tried.

    For other I would suggest google should discuss the matter with Mitchell Swartz and Peter Hagelstein, which would have some very good suggestions I believe.

    And you did not get my point.

    No one should do boil off test before they know for sure they have a Pd/D cell that actually produce excess heat.

    So they would have to first test according to F&P 1990 paper.

    And f they acihieve positive result by F&P original experiment, they have allready proven LENR and do not need boil off, since that was only an extension to prove increased excess at elevated temperatures.

    Before doing a boil off experiment you would first like to know if the particular Pd/D cell actually produce excess heat.

    F&P found some 1 of 8 cells producing excess heat.

    So google would in any case replicate the 1990 paper of F&P BEFORE they would try the 1992 paper. Which is an extension of the 1990 paper and excess heat at elevated temperatures.

    But we have discussed this before, and you never understood the F&P experiment.

    If the SPAWAR work has not been tried replicated, it should absolutely be on top of the list.

    If it is THz radiation that is the trigger mechanism ( ref earlier work by Hagelstein) then adjusting the heater power should work as control mechanism. Since the heater will partly radiate also THz spectrum.

    An explanation for the higher levels of excess heat could be due to the pumping effect of terahertz infra-red radiation released by the heater located in the centre of the reactor space containing the Pd coated Ni mesh. Forming high density of SPP's (Surface Plasma Polaritons) - all demonstrated by Dennis Letts and Hagelstein's work with discrete laser wavelengths. So increasing power input from 50W to 300W would induce probably a >10 fold increase in THz infra-red resulting in turn >100-fold increase in SPP's and account for up to 3 kW power output. Takahashi's group have also recently demonstrated a transient up to 3 kW excess heat release from Cu/Ni nanoparticles - the beauty of Mizuno's work is its simplicity and the D gas pressure was maintained without leading to runaway which I think Takahashi's group were afraid of - all brilliant work which we should all try and replicate/although I would try using a much larger mass of Pd/Ni or maybe Cu/Ni mesh.

    Yes, I think you are right! 8)

    Mizuno should try a far infrared heater and see If the % XSH change... i.e. It should improve If it is THz radiation that is the trigger, since far infrared heater has more THz radiation relative to a normal heater.

    and alternative would be to introduced a water heat exchanger in the air stream and measure waterflow and water dT required to get air temperature back down to ambient....again, we would not need to know air flow accuracy, ITS only energy exchange.

    Why not immerse the cylinder in a bath of water and measure the electric input energy used to heat water between temperatures?

    The heat capacity of water is 4,18 KJ/kgK and would be very simple and accurate method, actually conservative:

    If the water bath is not insulated any excess energy calculated would be a Conservative Value, i.e. Actual excess will be higher.

    So this method can easily be used when we have large excess values as claimed here.

    oystla : Rossi has never accomplished anything positive with respect to technology- nothing that is not entirely sourced as to information by Rossi. As to criminality, recently, he obtained money from Industrial Heat though fraud and lies. This is amply documented in the pretrial testimony of his own lawsuit. He did the same to prior associates and distributors (yes, I know some was returned but so what?). Rossi also roundly cheated, lied and defrauded DOD with phony claims and made up stories about a high efficiency thermoelectric converter. This is well documented via Gary Wright. You really need to keep up.

    As to the older Italian frauds and illegal activities in which Rossi dumped toxic waste into irrigation channels-- that is amply documented by Krivit via contemporary newspaper reports of the time. Do you need a link?

    Max Nozin : Hilarious and brilliant!

    The claim of not achieving anything in business, would prove my point when saying Rossi is an inventor and not a business entrepenour. And inventors is often very suspicous of others (like " they will steel my invention, for sure").

    And when inventors do not trust investors, the business will die.

    When judging Rossi, I would say the best is to look at convictions, not rumors and heresay.

    Anyhow, I doubt Rossi will achieve much success going forward. But I do believe there is something to Nickel Hydrogen systems, just because it started with real scientists, like Piantelli and Focardi, prior to Rossi involvement. And Piantelli, Focardi and others found anomalies.

    Rossi is a crook. Nothing more. If you have not read his full record of activities since at least 2011 and his dealings even before that with DOD and the Italian government and a province, then you have no clue whatever.

    Ahlfors Any paper with Rossi's name as an author is DOA (dead on arrival). If the authorship includes a well known and credible figure like Focardi, it just means that person was bamboozled and flummoxed by Rossi.

    You mean the conviction of tax fraud in Italy? Is there any other convictions?

    By the way, the responsible police officer that investigated and arrested Rossi, where himself convicted for ties to the Mafia a few years back, so who knows what really went on back then. The Camorra controls the waste business, which Rossi tried to get into, not smart.

    If Rossi is finished and done, I will not conclude, but If he is a scammer he should have taken the millions and setled down years ago on some sunny Island and ease down with his lady in the later part of his life.

    But I know, he is a sociopath, that lives for attention 😏

    Anyhow, I do not judge his followers, since we all look for some hope of clean energy in this polluted world.

    And since Nickel Hydrogen research started with Piantelli and Focardi and they found some anomalies, it would be pure logic that Focardi thought Rossi had something, since using Nickel powder creates much more surface area. And I believe the conclusion so far on Any LENR device, is that this is a surface phenomenon.

    My take is that Rossi is an Inventor and not a business entrepenour. And when inventors try to be business men, they are very seldom successful.

    Thanks to Acland:…change-nuclear-power.html

    Very interesting development to have the NYT's advocate for nuclear. So will LENR now have to compete against, and if so how will it compare? The Op-Ed piece addresses the high cost, but feels it can be reduced.

    Two silver linings I see; once LENR breaks out, this may make it easier to pass the regulatory hurdles. Another is that GEC uses spent nuclear fuel in their hybrid fission/LENR reactor, and there would be synergies between the two industries.

    First of all there is a myth that is persistent spread on the web, which is that electricity is cheaper in France and more expensive in Germany and Danmark CAused by nuclear vs. Renewables.

    It is completely wrong. Eurostat proves that it is taxes that makes electricity more expensive in Germany and Dnemark.

    Before tax electricity is cheaper in Gemany and Denmark.

    Also taxes varies from country to country. In Germany el. Tax have been used to build a fund , which now sums to some 5,5 billion Euros, which is used to assist renewable power. But cost of renewables have fallen and now require next to no subsidies.

    France have no similar fund to replace nuclear reactors, which are getting old, and that will be an expensive problem for France. They will need to increase taxes to renew their electricity generation system...

    The latest offshore wind power project offshore UK have offered long term power at 57 Euros/MWh.

    The ongoing UK Hinkley Point nuclear power project have now a long term power cost of above 100 Euros/MWh, and still rising (inflation adjusted).

    The present new nuclear reactors have a CAPEX of above 8 USD/watt installed capacity, mainstream caused by safety requirements.

    Secondly, building new nuclear takes some 15 years from start to finish. In 15 years we will have dirt Cheap grid Sized batteries, and Absolutely no need for nuclear.

    The cheapest sources of electricity going forward will be solar, wind and with energy storage as energy storage costs come down.

    In 2018 the world built some 155 GW (!) new solar and wind power. This equal to same annual electricity production as 20 to 30 nuclear reactors.

    There is no way nuclear reactors can be built as fast as renewables.

    The present nuclear Industry is a dying dinosaur. But If only somebody can get a LENR breakthorugh, then we're talking. 😀


    The main problem with your analysis is there is just too many assumptions, and the conclusions in either directions for this particular paper is not important for the science or for F&P previous work.

    Boiling cellls is different from the work that was replicated by many.

    With Regards to current , they did read the current, but since they where conservative in their calculations, the Form of the current curve (as the cell approach dry) from 500mA to 0 A is not important.

    However, They may have logged the last period, but we cannot conclude either way by the paper. But you conclude, and that is an assumption.

    Anyhow the HAD paper specifically evaluates several HAD Events, and states 100V and 0 A during the HAD period, so I believe they would have noticed and discussed different values, If there was.