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    I'm surprised you can put your clothes on by yourself in the morning. You can, can't you? PS: dead people can't sue for damages nor can anyone on the behalf. Not to mention that I am not releasing any of Papp's sordid records because I never saw any. I am not even reporting facts about Papp! I am simply reporting an anecdote about what someone told me. Hear say. Also you seem to have lost track and wandered into the wrong thread. Anyway sue me. Give it a try. I am terrified.

    Hi Mary! I had not realized you had a new account. What happened to the old one? Was it banned? You seem to have all sorts of problem maintaining accounts. I am sorry to see this.

    You should not be terrified Mary. You know I will always be there for you, calorimeter in hand. Please come back Mary. I miss our calorimeter ANalysis sessions. They were so much fun!

    No joke, I had a vivid and highly memorable dream about Mary last night - I woke up genuinely terrified and relieved to be awake (and thankfully without facial bite marks).

    I was debating writing a full account of it, but ultimately it's far too dark and malevolent to recount in public... Proper Nightmare on Elm Street stuff. In fact, now that I mention it, there were some amusing parallels to certain aspects of those films, [Um, nope I was thinking of The Candyman...] however, I still don't think we need that level of insight into my psyche.


    Pray do tell! I would very much enjoy reading about it. If you feel it is not suitable for a public forum then please PM me. Thanks.

    Quote: “I have talked this one to death and edited papers about it.”What papers, please?

    Quote: “Basically when it is boiling at 1 atm, it saturates the bottom sensor, then the middle, leaving only the top one to show differences in power. Not…

    Hi Mary! Great to see you back and posting. It feels like you never left on your Christmas break. Hope all is well with you. I've had a bit of a cold. Been sniffing and slurping a lot if you know what I mean. ;)

    BTW, how did you find those calorimeters I sent you? Did you put them to good use?

    Measurement errors! BLP/Mills! Misplaced thermocouples! Lewan! Such a wonderful summary Mary! I have not heard you mention these terms and names since your last post ;) Don't forget for tonight's session the safe word is "Defkalion". :P

    Quote from Mary Yugo

    Virtually all senior officers leave internet traces due to changes in
    command, promotions, decoration ceremonies and retirements. For one
    SMALL example see:
    An illustrious colonel like Rossi's probably jailbird buddy, would be
    mentioned somewhere! Obviously, they don't give personal details,
    addresses and so on, but they are mentioned, usually often.

    I agree with you Mary. Suppose I need to give you a BIG thumbs up for that. Illustrious colonel or not, a drenching is in order! Do you not agree?

    BTW, what is happening with Defkalion these days and are you still using that big calorimeter?

    @Abd: Other than Rossifiction, there is nothing to suggest anyone by the real name of "Fioravanti" and somehow acting for an anonymous *military* "customer" ever existed. Google has nothing about any such military officer. It's almost certainly just…

    Agreed whole heartedly Mary. Nice to see you online. Do ping me if you want to have a chat.

    Para, was that tongue in cheek or serious? My irony bone is worn through. Anyway, Google says: "No results found for "professor fioravanti" padova polytechnic." (or Polytech instead of Polytechnic) Either the professor or the university doesn't…

    Hi Mary, I saw your post on FT was removed and you were threatened with a ban. I wonder why that happened.

    Abd, why do I get the feeling this story involved lots of LSD?

    Quote from Roger Barker: “This is definitely one of the calorimeters Mary and the crw at ECN have familiarity with.”
    Roger, I too am interested too know what inputs Yugo has, regarding…

    If you trawl ECN you'll find many posts of her experiences with this calorimeter. All quite descrpitive! The design is ideal, length and width can be modified depending on the session.

    I'm not overly convinced. The thrust is still small enough to be measurement errors. Also is 1.2mN/kW sufficient for anything useful? Is this scalable i.e. more power = more thrust? If it scales is it linear i.e. will 1MW product 1.2N of thrust?

    I believe they have plans to stick this in space and see if run. If this works it will be way more convincing.

    Rossi has always said that the "dummy" concept (blank runs and calibration runs without fuel) is dumb. Of course it is. If done properly, it would show that the ecats don't work.

    A wig drencher of a comment Mary! I too agree that if calorimetry was used there would be conclusive proof of this.

    Quote from Roger Barker: “Hi, I am no expert on calorimetry but Mary Yugo is. She knows all about calorimetry. We've used them often in our fact finding sessions.

    Mary, can you kindly share your thoughts on using calorimetry for MFMP.”

    As you may…

    Hi, yes! This is definitely one of the calorimeters Mary and the crew at ECN have familiarity with. They've described its use in some detail. You will have to trawl through ECN to find the relevant sessions but I believe Popeye (Joshua Cude) and Mary had numerous sessions with this calorimeter. I was an observer in most cases and did not participate.

    Mary, are you still in contact with Josh? If so can you kindly extend him an invite so we can get his input on this matter. Thanks.

    @ Roger Barker

    Please define "proper calorimetry", keeping in mind that the cells we are testing typically run at 1000°C. The team at HUG built some very nice calorimeters for testing Celani-type cells, which run at lower temperature and power density.…

    Hi, I am no expert on calorimetry but Mary Yugo is. She knows all about calorimetry. We've used them often in our fact finding sessions.

    Mary, can you kindly share your thoughts on using calorimetry for MFMP.

    They're officially dead and McCarthy is officially unemployed and by his own admission unemployable. He plans to earn a living with poker. Good plan! That should work about as well as Steorn did. About time Steorn joined Defkalion in ignominy. Can…

    Hi Mary, I have a bit of a cold. Been sniffing a lot. Apologies for that.

    Yes, McCarthy is a nasty one, isn't he? He conned many people and you bleated about it till your throat was raw but he still got away with it. Alas! :(