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    Interesting to see this being discussed here :) I don't think that LENR would influence crypto a lot but ultimately both fields of technology will most probably lead to a much greater degree of decentralization and personal freedom. If you do not rely on "the grid" anymore to receive energy and heat, then a different form of lifestyle suddenly becomes feasible and people might also start to experiment with different forms of society (like the described non-scarcity scenario where people just "share" their possessions). But I think it will take a while for this to happen as the desire to "own" something is most probably embedded deep in our social structures.

    I don't think that the desire to possess things is inherently "human" as in the early days of being hunter-gatherers we also didn't have the concept of "property", but it will take time for society to adopt.

    I'm sure other techniques like proof-of-stake of directed acyclic graph ledgers (like IOTA) will succeed in the long run.

    I totally agree. The vision of IOTA is essentially the described "zero-marginal cost society" where stuff is shared and most things are free. I can recommend the book by Jeremy Rifkin which covers exactly this (also in the context of the next "revolution" - the Internet Of Things).

    Btw. I am happy to see IOTA being mentioned here as I am one of the IOTA core developers :)

    Henry I happened to read your comments and since you are too lazy to look up the information yourself (or too busy writing obvious bullshit about alan) ... The name of the person that claims to have achieved XH with lfh's Equipment is "LION".

    LENR is a highly controversial field and nobody in here obviously has the full recipe to success yet, some people are seeing effects which they can not explain due to missing theory and hard reproduceability. This however is no proof that the effect is not real.

    If we would have believed in the early failures of people who tried to make flying machines as being proof for the impossibility to fly we would have most probably never build airplanes.

    It might very well be the case that in the end it turns out that LENR is not real and all the experiments that showed something were just artifacts and measurement errors. I don't think that will be the case but as long as we do not have that final conclusion it makes very little sense to blame people for being curious and doing research in thia field or even supplying people with the Equipment which is thought to be necessary to do research.

    It's really sad how the overall tone here in this forum has changed from optimistic enthusiasm to relentless scepticism. I can understand where it's coming from but me356 has not kept us waiting for years and years. If the test turns out to be successfull he in fact delivered way faster than anybody else of the "big" players and will finally resolve the question if this technology is real or not.

    In addition to that, he is really young (he is in his early 20s) and doesn't have much experience at all (that is even more remarkable if his claims turn out to be true). Anyway the test is just a few weeks in the future so we don't have to wait very long anymore. I am counting the days and every day reveals more exciting details about the upcoming tests, that leads me to believe we are on to something really really huge:

    • possible transmutations in the fuel that are visible under EDX
    • similar "structures" in the aparatus that are considered to be the key to success in both suhas and me356's device (visible under SEM) [small "domes/bubbles" on the foil]
    • and so on ...

    In addition me356 has not started to replicate recently but had many many failed attempts before seeing excess heat. I highly doubt, that he is misjudging his results regarding excess heat since he is most probably using the same techniques to decide if he sees XH or not as he used in the beginning. The fact that he failed so many times before being successfull gives the claimed results way more credibility since he obiously sees a difference to the results he had before.

    And just by applying common sense: What would he get out of his claims (apart from momentary fame) if they were all totally made up? He didn't even show up the last months anymore to harvest the fruits of his deception (if it would be one). I am working as a hacker and I am very used to wannabe's who claim to be able to do fantastic things but those people usually stay around to "enjoy" the attention they get (until people get suspicious). The behaviour of me356 is totally not the behaviour of a normal "troll"!

    Dear LENR readers,


    You don't owe anything to anybody! Let the haters hate and let the facts (test of MFMP) speak for itself :D

    I donated a lot of money to make this test happen and i am really putting a lot of hope in you and the other guys who are willing to let their claims be verified. I don't mind if it takes a few more months / years until the technology is used in everyday life as long as i know it will happen at some point.

    And I am totally fine with you getting your reward (in money) if the tech really works. Extraordinary people with extraordinary achievements deserve to get paid.

    Okay regardless how credible this is ... am i the only one seeing parallels to Mr. Suhas reactor that is getting tested by MFMP quite soon?

    A tube with 2 "rods" pointing at the fuel from both sides having "a little bit of space" between the rods and the fuel (1,5 cm)? And a voltage (also DC) applied to the rods?

    100% agree - that's why I donated 1k USD to them today :P Let's hope that it wasn't wasted and these reactors really work. But honestly I think even a "no it doesn't work" is still better than spending hundreds of hours theorizing about sth that in the end turns out to be just a waste of time and we actually do learn sth from every failure.

    TBH i have higher expectations with me356's reactor - simply because he didn't stumble on it "by accident" and has a more scientifical approach to the whole thing, but then again - who knows.

    And if it does work ... I am happy that I had the chance to make a contribution to maybe one of the most important inventions of mankind.

    I am curious and I think we have very exciting days and weeks ahead. Let's enjoy this together!

    I guess a few people here got the "early" announcement of MFMP via mail a few minutes ago.

    Looks like we finally get to know what got Bob so excited in india. Even tho i do not share Bob's conclusions about conspiracy theories and so on, it still sounds like it is getting a bit more "serious" and also scientifically validateable now.

    I am not sure if it is intended that people share that early knowledge so I will not write too much about it and assume that the news will come out quite soon anyway. But maybe it's time to at least get a little bit excited again :P

    Stop peddling fake news. Neither Japan nor japanese companies do fund Ni-based LENR research, period. Which can only mean one thing: Rossi is a con artist and the people following his research are conspiracy theorists.

    "16:30-17:00 JCF17_07 M. Uchimura et al. .(Nissan Motor Co., Ltd) Materials structure clarification for novel exothermic reaction between metal and hydrogen"

    So much for the fake news ...


    So you are claiming we are young at heart? :) I will take that as a compliment.


    Indeed - I did not want to attack anybody and it is easy to get angry at others if it is a topic that really touches your heart - so I can understand WHY people are so mercieless when it comes to standing their ground.

    It is however a bit sad to see how the tone in this forum changed over time and even very respectable people like Peter Gluck and others get attacked just because they still believe in Rossi and LENR.

    All in all you wrote a nice summary and in fact your scenario makes a whole lot of sense. It would also explain why they wrote that they "could not substantiate" rossis claims instead of just telling everybody that he was a scammer.

    It's quite funny how a lot of really smart grown up people are behaving like kids when it comes to the IH and Rossi affair. I am quite sure that not even IH knows for sure if Rossi has sth or not since he definitly behaved deceptive to a certain degree, The fact that other people like me356, parkhomov and so on claimed to have success (which of course still has to be proven) let's me think that there is at least some truth in his claims.

    Why don't we just sit and wait for more revelations instead of attacking each other based on assumptions and pure hear-say <3

    I still hope for a positive outcome when it comes to LENR (and I think pretty much everybody here does - otherwise they would not be reading or writing here) but so far we just can not be 100% sure yet.

    Bob Greeneyer claimed at some point that the "breakthrough" of understanding came when me356 bought his very own SEM (scanning electron microscope) to analyze the ash. So he seems to be investing quite a lot of money into his research. He was however said to finance and do his research all by himself (which i would not nessecarily relate to fraudulent behaviour).

    If he would just be an "attention whore" making false claims to get some "fame" in a forum he would most probably show up more often. I tend to at least take into account the remote possibillity that he might be on to sth.

    Year zero talk to me as French around Revolutionary ideas.

    It finished with a genocide and then a dictator to restore state and civil peace, triggering a classical war (no choice however since all countries around wanted to neutralize France) based on nationalism (new concept at that time) with 1Mn dead (uncommon bill) finally...

    to be short, beware of anything like "new man" "new era".

    I actually don't expect it to be THAT revolutionary - i guess it will just be another batch of emails or information related to the CIA. But since Bob referred to the Vault 7 announcements a few times - i thought it might be of interest here. (even tho i don't expect it to be).

    Wikileaks will reveal the vault 7 story today - i downloaded the file already ...

    Let's see if this is in any way related as Bob proposed :P I don't think so but the announcement:

    "Vault 7 - Year Zero"

    is pointing to a big release. Also the fact that they released an encrypted file upfront and not just release it through their normal channels, points to sth big.


    BrLP device has many wonderful things going for it including a self sustaining plasma reaction. This reaction is a earth shaking violation of current beliefs in science. But the mating of this reaction with a tungsten structure and a solar cell array that requires 3000C temperature minimum to function is something that is not going to happen. Why this is will first confuse the BrLP engineers then confound them then the schedule will slip then a high temperature electric turbine approach will be rolled in to replace the solar cells; the production costs will double and maybe more and the BrPL investors will become spooked and stop the funding and there will be another failed R. Mills system that failed to work added to a long list. Sad.

    I think your prediction is nonsense ... If PV really would turn out to not work (for whatever reasons) - you can still just collect the heat and turn it into energy using the carnot cycle ... If this technology is real (and not a scam) there will be sooo many ways to collect the energy.

    Is it really that far fetched that the technology behin LENR (if he really understood it) scared the shit out of him?

    I don't necessarily agree with his implications but there is only two possibilities:

    a) He has seen something that is so powerfull that it scared the shit out of him and he is seriously concerned.

    b) He has some psychotic episode and makes up stuff completely out of the blue.

    I have seen a friend of mine having and schizphrenic episode just half a year ago and he looked eerily similar (pale, staring eyes and so on) but i am also open minded enough to take into account that the "truth" is scary.

    I will wait for further messages to draw a final conclusion.


    A Leak From Our Universe to Another.pdf
    Dark Matter Messengers.pdf

    This sounds really mambo jambo to me ... Maybe that's why he is releasing it under a different "flag" - to not destroy MFMP's credibility by diving deep into exotic and esoteric territories.

    I am however open minded enough to be excited and digest the documents posted. Even the first sentence sounds exciting :P "Apparently, a physical matter leak occurs between our Universe and another still unexplored one."

    Looks like Bob Greenyer's handywork.

    Yeah ... the incremental changes of the post are definitly Bob's handwriting.

    Maybe it is related to the upcoming (?) tests of me356's reactor:

    What ME356 did for us.

    Maybe ... the message about getting a job to archive media might indicate that it is indeed big news and they want as many people as possible to grab the information before it gets supressed.