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    This is what I received from a US pharmacy after sending in a prescription.

    Dear Customer,

    Due to the national shortage and directives from the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy (the state where we are located), we are ONLY dispensing Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine, Mefloquine, and Azithromycin to patients who meet the following criteria:

    1. Proof of prior diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus – we must be able to verify prior filling history with either our pharmacy or another pharmacy.

    2. Proof of positive test for COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus or current novel virus)

    At this time, we are unable to accommodate orders for Malaria prevention.

    If you have a positive test of COVID-19 or a prior verifiable diagnosis for RA or Lupus, please email [email protected] or reply to this email within 24 hours. Otherwise, your order will be CANCELLED

    Additionally, Doctors prescribing outside of their scope of practice will be DENIED, regardless of diagnosis.