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    February 26, 2015 at 16:00

    All-Russian physics seminar "Cold fusion and fireball" in the People's Friendship University will be held on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 16:00 in the hall number 1 (7th floor)
    in the building of "the Corps" Russian
    Peoples' Friendship University (University),
    st. Ordzhonikidze, d. 3 (at the Donskoy Monastery)
    Directions: From Metro Shabolovskaya any tram stop 2. up to Mr. "Diamond" then walk 100 meters, at the crossroads right after 100 meters left the old building RUDN


    1. 16.00 - 16.15. NV Samsoneko, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences., Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow, Science News,
    2. 16.15 - 16.45 Laptuhov AI, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences., Troitsk, Moscow, "On the Nature of excess heat in the reactor Rossi-Parkhomov. Electron-ion core. "
    3. 16.45 - 17.30 Bob Griner, Chief Coordinator of research projects at Memorial Fund quantum heat them. Martin Fleischmann, USA, "The research in the fund," (in English. With translation)
    4. 17.30 - 18.30 Free (panel) discussion (Panel dicussion) in Russian "Reactor Rossi-Parkhomov."3-5 minutes maximum, maximum 3-5 slides. Pre-registration at the head of the seminar: Samsonenka Nikolay Vladimirovich
    Tel .: +79166274969, e-mail: [email protected]
    Entrance to the seminar free upon presentation of an identification document.

    Seminar leader: Samsonenka Nikolay Vladimirovich
    Tel. For more information call 79166274969.


    BlackRock is Following’ LENR (2012)

    Page 11

    “We are closely following start-ups experimenting with new technologies such as low-energy nuclear reaction and fusion. If successful, these efforts could completely change the current status quo and hurt traditional energy producers. It is worth watching this space. People tend to overestimate what can be done in a year, but underestimate what can happen in a decade”

    Thanks to @Peter Gluck for this Link

    "Google translate from Russian"

    Five cents in favor of cold nuclear fusion

    In recent years it has become clear that the idea of CNF (cold fusion) or LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) is confirmed by many scientists around the world. Although with the theory is not all right, as long as it simply does not have, but there are experimental and even commercial plants that can produce the output of heat more than is spent on heating thermal cells.

    History CNF has many decades. And anyone can run a search engine of any browser on your computer to get a list of addresses for articles on the internet to get an idea of the scale of the research and the results obtained. Even if students could arrange CNF in a glass of water with the release of the neutron flux is about more competent scientists and say nothing. Simply list their names without initials to understand that people do not lose time in vain. This Filimonenko, Fleischmann, Pons, swamps and Solin, Baranov, and Nigmatulin Taleyarhan, Kaldamasov, Timashev, Mills, Crimea, Shoulders, Deriagin and Lipson, Usherenko Leon, Savvatimova and Karabut, Iwamura, Kirkinskii, Arata, flowers, Rossi, Chelani , Piantelli, Mayer, Patterson, Vacha, Konar Parkhomov and others. And this is just a small list of those who are not afraid to be called a charlatan and opposed official science, which does not recognize the CNF, blocking all the channels for financing the CNF.

    Official science, at least in Russia, admits as a possible source of nuclear energy only nuclear decay of heavy elements, which are made on the basis of nuclear weapons, as well as a hypothetical nuclear fusion, which, according to "leading lights of science" can only be done with deuterium and only at very high temperatures, and only in strong magnetic fields. This so-called project ITER, which is annually spent tens of billions of dollars. Involved in this project, and Russia. However, not all countries share the belief that it is possible to fusion plants ITER.At the head of these countries, oddly enough, is worth US, a country in which produced the largest amount of energy is about 10 times higher than in Russia. And if the US does not want to engage in ITER, so they are up to something.

    Those who insist that the thermonuclear reaction should occur at very high temperatures and in high magnetic fields result in an argument thermonuclear reactions going on the sun. But recent studies show that the temperature on the surface of the Sun is very small, a little less than 6000o C. But in the photosphere and corona plasma temperature has already reached many millions of degrees, but there is pressure drops significantly. Part physicists insist that high temperature, pressure and magnetic fields are in the center of the sun. But some sane physicists and astronomers believe that the sun inside colder than the surface that hydrogen burning under the bed is in the liquid state, and that the combustion of hydrogen on the surface is cooled downstream hydrogen. So with nuclear fusion in the Sun is not all clear. Perhaps such planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus revolve specifically in their orbits, so that we have not experienced in the future shortage of energy and hydrogen.

    Be based on thermonuclear processes in thermonuclear bomb is also impossible, since it is not a thermonuclear bomb, and lithium-uranium bomb with a small amount of heavy water.

    Development of CNF in Russia complicated by the fact that the Russian Academy of Sciences created a "commission to combat pseudoscience", a kind of modern version of the Inquisition. But if the Inquisition used to burn ordinary people on suspicion that they are associated with the devil, but now "the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience" destroys "four-eyes", educated people, allowed themselves to question the dogmas of "scientific luminaries" set forth in textbooks half a century ago. Although it can be assumed that the Commission is not so clean and smooth. I suspect that the purpose of the commission is not to break not only the life of a talented scientist, but also to prevent the curious literate people to prevent those studies which are classified as confidential under the protection of the FSB. Do not rule out that somewhere deep underground in institutions like sharashek times Beria hundreds of scientists are struggling with the answer to the mystery of nature. And, most of all, they do a lot. But, unfortunately, the principle works - chop wood - chips fly. Anyone encroached on state secrets, authorities do not regret. And the role of the Commission is in the hand of black marks. But it does not charge the FSB, and only a guess. Painfully around us there was any neponyatok.That UFO different fly where they want, then crop circles appear and spoil the crops, the submarines at a speed of 400 km / h, etc.

    Development CNF also hampered by long-standing and landing on Russian oil and gas needle. At this point the Liberals since 1991 have tried. It is so pleasant to the heads of oil and gas companies as well as government officials at all levels, that they are in full confidence that alternative gas and oil in the near future and never will be. Therefore, Russia has actively trying to sell gas and oil left and right, not realizing that thereby fueling their historical rivals, falling at the same time in the scientific and technological development. And instead of without fuel, non-chemical sources of energy, try the old one, which is destroying our Earth, to enter paradise. In order not to bore the technical details E-cat, can only say that without any oil and gas is a device created on the basis of nickel powder, lithium and hydrogen, can carry out an exothermic reaction (ie - with heat). The number of released energy will be no less than 6 times the energy expended. Limit of only one - nickel reserves in the ground. But it is known to abound. Therefore, in the short term will be able to get the cheap energy, the production of which will not pollute the environment. Except for the fact that the earth will be warmed. So it does not interfere with this technology in the future to connect with technology Schauberger.

    On the eve of the Great October Socialist Revolution, namely 6 November 2014 published US patent application A. Rossi "Settings and methods of generating heat" № US 2014/0326711 A1. Andrea Rossi managed to break through the huge "gap" in the defense of traditional science from the advancing alternative energy. Prior to this, all attempts A.Rossi brushed aside US Patent Office.

    A month before the report was published 32-day trial installation E-cat Andrea Rossi, which fully confirmed the unique properties of the reactor fuel based on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). Za32 day 1 gram of fuel (a mixture of nickel, lithium, aluminum and hydrogen) has developed a net of 1.5 MW * hour of thermal energy, which is unprecedented even in nuclear power energy power density of 2.1 mW / kg. This means for energy fossil fuel and nuclear power plants in the fission reaction for fusion based on Tokamak solemn funeral and unborn hot fusion and gradual replacement of traditional energy with new types of energy production on the basis of LENR.

    The report is published by the same group of Swedish and Italian scientists were previously 96 and 116 hour test in 2013. This 32-day test held in Lugano (Switzerland) in March 2014. Long life to the publication due to the large volume of research and treatment results.The next step is a report of another group of scientists who conducted a 6-month test. But the results of the report indicate that there is no turning back, that LENR exists, that we are on the threshold of unknown physical phenomena, and need quick and effective program of comprehensive studies such as the first nuclear project.

    32 days continuous testing were produced net energy MJ 5825 ± 10% from 1 g of fuel (a mixture of nickel, lithium, aluminum and hydrogen), density of the thermal energy of the fuel is 5.8? 106 MJ / kg ± 10% and the power density of the energy is equal to 2.1 mW / kg ± 10% [1].For comparison, the power density of the energy of the VVER-1000 is 111 kW / l core or 0.035 mW / kg fuel UO2, BN-800 - 430kVt / L or ~ 0.14 mW / kg of fuel, that is, E-Sat power density energy higher than 2 orders of VVER and BN than one order of magnitude. These specific parameters for the energy density and power of the energy put E-cat beyond any other known device on the planet and fuel.

    Fuel mainly consists of nano nickel powder size of several microns (550 mg), lithium and aluminum in the form of LiAlN4 with the isotopic composition roughly corresponds with the natural deviation within the error of the instrument. After a 32 day burn in the sample were observed almost exclusively even isotopes 62Ni and 6Li (see. Table 1).


    19/02/2015 in CIAM workshop report

    "Physical and mathematical model of radiant heat in the combustion chambers of gas turbine engines and heat generation in the generators of Rossi - Parkhomov."

    On Thursday, February 19, 2015 at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. PI Baranova, a regular meeting mezhotrasle-new scientific and technical seminar "Applied Problems of Mechanics-tinuous medium in aircraft engine." Will make a report:

    "Physical and mathematical model of radiant heat in the combustion chambers of gas turbine engines and heat generation in the generators of Rossi - Parkhomov."
    (Authors: MJ Ivanov, VK Mamaev, MA Surin).

    The seminar will be held in 15-00 in the small conference hall of CIAM (Building 19, 2nd floor).

    The workshop

    Doctor of Technical Sciences,
    Professor Yu Themis

    Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
    Professor M. Ivanov

    Phones for information and pre-registration for the seminar:
    495-361-64-76; 495-362-13-86

    Access to the CIAM participants on the passport.

    Published February 9, 9:50


    Could anyone tell me the email address of prof. A. Parkhomov ?

    Hello @alpha-omega
    We have just started a translation group so Alexander can answer questions in Russian and members from LENR Forum will translate them to English. Please ask questions in the thread instead, then we save "translating" time for Alexander.

    Thanks to @Alexander Parkhomov @Peter Gluck and @FactBits for translation:)

    Soon more questions will get answers.

    English Translation from Peter Gluck and Bob Higgins

    Follow MFMP work here.
    Reaction Hypothesis Assuming Piantelli - MFMP
    To Russia with Love - MFMP

    ParkhomovPaper 20150129 English Update from Alexander 2015.02.01


    I looked at the translation of my presentation. Generally everything is good. The only slide which is made unsuccessfully - where is a table with results of experiment 25.12.2014. Apparently, the table is taken not from the translated presentation, and from presentation of the report 25.12. But after the report I found inaccuracy in definition of heat leaving through thermal insulation and made amendments. Therefore it is necessary to remake this unsuccessful slide on a sample of presentation of the report on January 29. I apply this slide.


    Thanks for unselfish work and Happy birthday!

    Think about it for a while. Few people in the world would do what Parkhomov is doing. Parkhomov is a great human being. Some others in the field are not willing to share their experiences in the same level as Parkhomov does, Parkhomov want to share all information and this also lenr-forum main purpose.

    We need to pay attention to this perhaps historic event. If Parkhomov measurements are correct then the date 25 December 2014 will go to history. Parkhomov will be in the history books for his greatness.

    New papers is today released by Alexander Parkhomov. Unfortunately we published wrong papers for some days ago, we apologize for what we messed up.

    See the updated link.
    New report by Alexander Parkhomov

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    Safety concerns for LENR replication.

    The replication of Parkhomov/Rossi involves sealing an ampoule with dangerous levels of gas. This looks like a bebign experiment that can be accomplished in Grandmother's kitche n. It can be done that way, but I would take out an insurance policy on grandmother and her house.

    1. LiAlH4 is:

    A. Pyrophoric
    B. Explosive
    C. Poisonous

    Therefore, this effort should be conducted within a hood using protective face shields and non-flammable clothing. Elbow length gloves are recommended. If no hood is available use a box fan and operate outside and upwind with the ampoule inside an explosion-proof chamber. People have died from breathing fumes from LiAlH4. ( hence the need for a fan)

    2.REACTING THE LiAlH4 AT HIGH TEMPERATURES RELEASES H2 GAS. With little internal volume the resulting pressure can achieve 3,000 psi! Even after cool down the tube would contain 50 atmospheres of internal pressure, so the ampoule is dangerous until it is cracked open.

    3. Weighing the sample - proceed quickly just prior to loading. Warm the upper surface of the scale and use dry paper to contain the powders.

    4. Loading the sample - LiAlH4 can spontaneously ignite in moist air or on moist surfaces. The alumina tube should be preheated in an oven at 350F for several hours. A machined funnel must be placed over the end of the alumina tube and the powders poured inside. The bottom has been previously sealed with alumina cement.

    5. Sealing the top end of the ampoule require alumina slurries and local bake out. The ampoule is dangerous from this step forward.

    6. Heating the ampoule - if the powder is inhomogeneously loaded it can cause hot spots and decomposition. I am using an open ended quartz tube into which the alumina tube is inserted. This outer tube has the nichrome heating wire coiled around the OD and is covered with a roll of Zircar insulation. This is not a protection against explosion. It simply limits the power input needed to get to 1,000C

    7. After operation and cool down, the ampoule is still a danger until the pressure is released by breaking open the alumina ampoule. The thermocouple confirm low temperature after the cool down, but the sealed ampoule is like a ticking bomb until cracked open.

    8.Analysis of byproducts - There is no need to do this unless significant excess energy is recorded. Little change is anticipated until the sample has been operated for extended periods at high temperature.

    9. Be careful with every step!

    Brian Ahern
    Acton MA