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    Have you seen Miles Mathis work - everything is light there as well.

    I have seen his work. But It's over complicated, and doesn't really have predictive power as I understand it.

    The ideas behind his work might be correct, but when I as an Engineer compare it to this piece linked here there is huge difference.

    I've now went through these papers and done the reality checks I need, and I can confirm that this written text below summarizes very well the value of this discovery!

    To me this paper fullfilles the requirements of being declared "right";

    Following this model what could you suggest to do an antigravity device ?

    How do you come to this question? That the reason for Gravity is found, doesn't mean it cease's from existing.

    It's like if you change from geocentric model to Heliocentric. The huge orbital speed of earth doesn't start do you any blow jobs (pun intented) at the moment you understand that the Earth rotates around the sun.


    Yeah, ok. That is actually a good question and should be answered;

    1. It would imply that the mass is just a pseudo thing and is depending from our rotational velocity around our galaxy; Vg= −221677.92498 m/s.

    This accurate value is calculated in this paper. (EQ 26)

    It explains exact values how from this velocity can be calculated ie. following things;

    2. Electron / Proton mass-ratio (EQ 36)

    3. Fine Structure constant "Alpha" (EQ 32)

    4. Gravitational constant "G" (In another paper)

    ..... for example....

    So you only need this velocity and speed of light, and you can have everything in physics we know.

    Here is the Abstract;


    Einstein's theory of special relativity was incomplete as originally formulated since it did not include the rotational effect described twenty years later by Thomas, now referred to as Thomas precession. Though Thomas precession has been accepted for decades, its relationship to particle structure is a recent discovery, first described in an article titled "Electromagnetic effects and structure of particles due to special relativity". Thomas precession acts as a velocity dependent counter-rotation, so that at a rotation velocity of 3 / 2 c , precession is equal to rotation, resulting in an inertial frame of reference. During the last year and a half significant progress was made in determining further details of the role of Thomas precession in particle structure, fundamental constants, and the galactic rotation velocity. In this article, these discoveries are described and proofs are provided, with results matching experimentally determined values to between eight and thirteen significant digits. Among the discoveries described and proven herein are 1) the observed galactic rotation velocity and elementary particle spin interact due to Thomas precession, 2) the basis for Planck's constant and quantized energy levels is Thomas precession, 3) the fine structure constant is a function of galactic rotation velocity and the maximum value of rotation velocity minus precession velocity. Also discovered and proven is that, due to the inertial frame of reference resulting from Thomas precession, distance and time, with units meters and seconds, within three dimensional space are sufficient to describe the structure of particles and their interactions. Einstein showed that energy is dependent on frame of reference with his equation E =γ mc2, and he formulated E = mc2 as rest energy. Proven herein is that particle mass and rest energy are functions of rotational velocity due to Thomas precession. These far reaching discoveries are all interrelated, and based in Thomas precession. The theory, models, and equations give results that match experimental data to very high precision.

    The process by which the proton decays in LENR.

    Some esoteric process is causing the proton to decay in LENR. This process is the root source for the production of energy and sub atomic particles in LENR.

    Whatever is causing the proton to decay into strange matter is a new unrecognized if not unknown process in physics.…llar-problem-riemann.html

    Thanks about this. I agree. And this Riemann equation is a bulls eye too! Thank you for this hint. It really helps me forward with this;…ything_-THE_MATH_07102016

    it also makes more than clear that the anti materie is just bullshit.

    Proton decays to light, and there is nothing strange between, Just muons and other observable stuff.

    - There is NO neutrinos!

    - There is NO mass!

    If you just forget the MeV "mass-energy" countings it all becomes easy and clear and verifiable in the lab.

    As Nothing is missing. It's just never was there.

    Alan Smith No, the Dimensionless heat capacity doesnt. Yes, the one with dimensionful does.…mensionless_heat_capacity

    And I am talking about the dimensionless one.

    snotty No. It didn't help. -I read it already before asking here. I've asked this also here;


    and here;…b8361405792334bcd06190957

    And this source given in later;…pdfs/NRL_FORMULARY_16.pdf

    Didn't help me either.

    But thanks. I've used to this (no answers to my questions) since I was just a kid.

    @fabrice DAVID
    Nice post with well thought arguments. I give short&quick reply;
    According to present theory it should have decreased it with -2.5 MeV. It sould also be noted that it was expected, that the Li7+ n Makes Be-8 which further makes 2x He.
    This energy was actually calculated to the original Yield expectation, it was only thought to be delayed, as Li-8 -> Be-8 halflife is 0.84 seconds, and thus not add on too much on peak power.

    Saltatory, Molecule weight.
    This is true.
    Yet, there is no reason why the Noctilucent clouds should produce these ice chrystals first at the hight of ~80 km. (Temperature limit already at Tropopause, ~65-70 km below)
    And there is also now reason, why they would not be homogenous distributed, but form a cloud. Only this Saltatory priniciple in mind, there should be all components present in same scales as this H2O is. And there actually even is ie Sodium (Na) Metal about 400 ppm. And though this Sodium can be explained with shooting stars with first view, if you broaden the observations in other planets, youll find that ie. 29 % of Mercury's atmosphere is sodium. There is also a lot of other Metals.

    What comes to the Molecular weights; Ok,
    so H2O has 18,
    N2 has 28
    O2 has 32
    Ar has 40
    There is no trace that the Argon amount would be reduced at hights, though the weight difference between Ar <-> N2 is 40/28= 1.43 and and H2O <-> N2 is 28/18 = 1.55

    Yet there is a clear analogy with the Fact that absolute amount of H peaks at ~84 km, but disappears quickly with factor 0.00003 when the height is 73 km.
    Otherwice said, there is 38500 times more free Hydrogen in 84 km height, than in 73 km Height. If the H2O noctilucent clouds in height 76-85 km, is coming from the Earth. Why is this Hydrogen then reduced so quickly?

    Yes. Bringing Ice from poles to "equator" (generally raising the see level) reduces the rotation speed. And so does the Added CO2 and all the hydropower lakes.
    All fine and comprehensive. The Problem is that form 1973 to 1998 the LOD was getting shorter, and thus the rotation speed was increaced.

    The drag is here and the planet rotation is slowing down - this is another known fact. No need to raise the LeSage theory, fusion the less.
    You can be mental case without problem - but you shouldn't get illogical with your alleged IQ...

    You just blow your second change Zephir_AWT. This is the last message I will ever write to you. There surely is enough mediocre minds around, if I ever happen to miss such a dialogue.

    For those who are open minded and able, this LOD acceleration might be of interest.


    Another example can be made through long term changes. The slowest rotation speed ever was measured 18.3.1973; 86400.0041340 seconds, the fastest so far was measured at 5.7.2005; 86399.9989263 seconds. This difference means that 25.6 x1021 J of Kinetic energy was stored for 32 years.

    And I am aware that "Storing kinetic energy" is oxymoron. But this is what you get, if you calculate this. The rotation speed was Accelerated, and this increase of kinetic energy must come from some other source. There must be an Input. And IF there is an Input, then there can also be OUTPUT. >->> Drag becomes aloud. So, it's not the end of the Theory.
    But how much is this "25.6 x1021 J"? In 2013, total world energy consumption was or 3.89 × 1020 joules, And as for 40 years, it was only 1/2 of that, it's actually close the amount what Mankind has used energy in last 200 Years.

    It's 5.2077 ms, 226 Year on the most aggresive curve (2.3 ms/cy) in the previous post, or 372 years in the mildest 1.4 ms/cy -rate.

    So.. how it can be calculated?

    This is just Mathematic. You can calculate it with your head, excel, whatever, if you do it correctly, you get the results.
    But I can't give knowledge or understanding, I can only share information.


    You don't seem to understand the problem.
    Yes, "solar wind" (or what ever particle's in space) Sweeps. Ok. We both Agree with that. What does this mean. I have calculate it (with Excel or what ever, "how" you calculate, depends on your own education.)

    It means that there is DRAG.

    But this is NOT aloud, because it would bring the planets down from rotating!
    See this video, correct point from ~7:30 min->, you need to look the next 5 minutes, bunchline is at 9:50-10:45

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    And so as the earth is moving in this direction, is running into the particles rather, and running away from theones that are chasing it from behind, so that more particles hit it from the front than from the back. And therewould be a force also sideways whenever there was any motion. This sideways force would slow the earth up inorbit, and it certainly would not have lasted the at least 4 billion years that it has been going around the sun. So that's the end of that theory.

    So the Drag is there, AND the planets keep rotating. This is the contradiction, and here I have the answer. With the existence of this drag it can be shown, that also the ENERGY PROBLEM must be there.…ory_of_gravitation#Energy

    AFTER you accept that this ENERGY PROBLEM exists, you can start to seek the answer.
    And the Fusion is the answer.

    This helium hole was not Fusion related. The location is wrong compared to Temperature-dip.
    And when I compared it to south pole, it became clear, that this was NOT caused by the max-orbital speed of Earth at Perihelion and the Sun activity maximum. (Data was from 05.January 2002)

    See first attached picture.

    But the Hole is real. Only it's reason is different. This is actually another prove that the ONLY comprehensive thery for Gravity is actually correct.
    As I have already shown in this paper;…vity_Theory_of_Everything
    (The end of the paper is already out of date.)
    For those who are interested, I'v written about this topic also in here;

    But back to Fusion. In the "Southpole" picture there is clearly some anomaly in 122-123 km height in Temperature and in all other molecules than Helium.
    Another very interesting aspect is, that the amount of Free Nitrogen (N) atoms are slightly increasing in about 90-95 km height (derivate > 1)
    If the Southpole absolute values are compared to Northpole we get following data; (It's not quite "pole", Lat 68 But "Northern hemisphere" is just annoying long to write)

    See Second attached picture.

    There seems to be too many things happening parallel in these Polar regions, that it might be too difficult to dig out any causalities to just a certain aspect.

    @Gennadiy Tarassenko
    Thanks. Now that you show me the first ones, i learned to seek these my self too. The black spot -balls are clearly recognizable in the satellite picture, and if oyu change to map and then to terrain you get this kind of view;…9948,11.34z/data=!5m1!1e4

    This helps to search similar places, and so I actually even found this; "Balls Valley"…26m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e4

    Just few km south-east from there is an interesting valley Full of these dots. So many, that I have doubts if these are bushes. This place might not been even explored yet.…30m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e4