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    Really? and where are the proves of? You believe to fusionists's rumors, not need proofs.

    What did you smoke? I never talked about fusionists, so you can't know my opinion about them .... but you don't need to know, you already have your truth, isn't it? I've already mentioned to you the evidence: the articles written by experts who tested the E-Cat and wrote that it works ARE EVIDENCE. But you ignore them deliberately.

    You have a strange ideas of what is a real scientific evidence and probably you also miss that Focardi paper and theory have been "not confirmed" even by Rossi himself. LOL

    Focardi has proposed a theory to explain a phenomenon and any theory can be overcome over time. Rossi continued with experiments and studies and probably what he saw over time led him to develop another explanation for the operation of his devices. But Focardi has not only written theoretical articles, has also released many interviews in which he talked about so many experimental tests performed with Rossi and described the positive results. But people like you at this point cling to the usual stupid apology by saying that Focardi was old and hence he was deceived by Rossi. Focardi was a great professor and a great experimental physicist, he was perfectly able to distinguish an object running from a scam and the words that he left us are valid for me more than all the small talks that are written on the internet.

    No, SSC. The articles you cite all contain severe errors of method and none are truly independent of Rossi. And Levi. THAT is why they are rejected... by most of the world's entire scientific establishment that thought they were even worth a quick look.

    "most of the world's entire scientific establishment" ..... wow !! Maybe I missed a few comments .... Did NASA criticize Lugano's work? The smartest minds of MIT have released press releases in which they show their disdain for that TPR? Nature has dedicated the first page to that terrible Italian-Swedish article? Mary, you're climbing the mirrors ....... Lugano's article has been downloaded by so many people, that's true, but it has been posted on the internet, it has not had a world resonance, as you would like to believe, so it can not be rejected as you say. Many people spend a good part of their time criticizing Rossi and everything that had been written and said about his devices, but the truth is that people who have been able to test the E-Cat have expressed very positive opinions while those who criticize it have not never seen it and spits judgments on the internet. It is easy to understand who is more credible .....

    IH fought Rossi when they would have been better off (in terms of money spent) giving him a sum less than the lawyer fees. That takes balls, and helps their reputation.

    Balls?!? LOL!! Rossi have denounced them and they have been forced to defend themselves (or at least to try ...). Rossi expected $ 89 million, why would he have to be happy for much less? Maybe if they had immediatly give him the IP they could have avoided the controversy .... who knows .... but probably IH also considered the IP very important, even though now they deny it.

    Cook (Department of Informatics ) wrote just another miracolistic "nuclear theory", none verifiable proof has been provides of his claim.

    Peer review buried TPRs because they contain big errors. So what technology are you talking?

    What problem do you have with Mr.Cook? Do you think he can not formulate a valid theory for the fact that he is affiliated with the Department of Informatics? Do you think that only a Nobel can deal with science? It is difficult to seriously consider your way of judging Rossi and his associates if these are your judgmental parameters. In addition, Cook has formulated a theory. If you think that every time someone presents a theory should also make an experiment that validates it, then you are showing all your ignorance about these themes. And not just on these issues: what peer reviewed magazines would have buried the TPRs? Tell me their names, please, I'm just curious to see what you invent!

    Who claim on web his miracolistic and disruptive technology from 10 years without scientific evidences?

    There are scientific evidence, the first dates back to the years of the collaboration with Focardi, then there were the tests of Ferrara, Bologna and Lugano, and the first IH (positive) tests, and there are the Swedish professors who are doing a replication of the E-Cat. How many tests do you need to understand that his technology works? Probably they will never be enough because the only fact that there is an industrial secret that covers some aspects of those devices is enough for you to say that not everything is demonstrable and therefore it is not possible to confirm that the E-Cat works. That's why I think it's useless to continue testing, people like you will always find some criticism to do and will not be satisfied with the results. When Rossi will succeed in transforming his invention into a commercial product, you will have nothing to cling to for keep on talking this way. So vent out now!

    Rossi could have easily avoided much of his legal mess in Italy had he simply proven his biomass plant worked as he said it would. He could have arranged for a team of experts to attend a test, with the public/reporters invited, and if it worked, the prosecutor would have almost no case. But Rossi did not do that.

    Rossi had a biomass plant, this business worked fine and that's why they blocked him .... obviously he bothered someone. But it was not a scientific test, it was a job, so what would he have to prove? What experts would have to test his job? The false accusations that struck him prevented him from defending his belongings: when he was acquitted, all his properties had been already confiscated, and certainly this thing had nothing to do with the fact that he had to demonstrate the operation of his technology.Shane, I think you are a bit confused...........

    In my nightmare Rossi have a functioning QuarkX and managed to make IH abandon his license, like he detered some Swedish with his "magnificence"...

    then I wake up and laugh.

    Alain, keep sleeping ... maybe that's the thing that you can do better.


    We were also told, (almost 7 years ago), that Rossi had built an Energy Out > Energy In


    As of today, no one on the planet knows if it works as stated except Rossi, and he is simply not trustworthy.

    Indeed, the entire planet has read the reports from experts who have been able to test Rossi's technology and thus knows it works. Those who persist in pretending that his devices do not work have all been given an appointment on this forum. I wonder if you occasionally organize funny parties .....

    Do You know anybody, who saw some reliable results ?

    And, btw, what is with the presentation, which was cancelled ?

    All the authors of the articles that describe the various tests performed on the E-Cat (in Bologna, Ferrara, Lugano). You have chosen to ignore them because they deny your vision of things, but those words have been written, signed, and never denied. Regarding the presentation, it was canceled due to the litigation, and will now be done at the end of October. What is it that disturbs you so much?

    Ele: Exactly my dear little girl, so it is useless to say that they are not making any replication, right?

    Ele recent comment (a long way away from original):

    Ele: OH MY GOD! Sexist?? Her name is Mary and I'm a sexist if I turn to her saying "girl"?! As for the insult, you never complained when so many people in this forum insulted Rossi very harshly, but you are indignant if I call someone "little girl". This thing says a lot about your objectivity and your ability to judge. That's why I don't care about your thoughts.

    That comment shows the not so subtle twisting facts that is also found in your comments about Rossi here. Made without reference to the original quote that would show it up (also typical).

    My dear little girl is patronising and sexist. Clearly.

    TTH, put your mind at rest. First of all, the comment that shocked you so much was mine and not Ele's one. I also don't understand why you insist so much on this idea of the sexist comment ..... I wrote "little girl" and since you read it you find no more peace. If you really are such a sensitive spirit, you can begin to denounce all the real insults you read in this forum .... they are so many, but as they are told by some friends of yours they do not disturb you.

    When someone have distributed the hypocrisy, you've put yourself in line twice, right?

    Where are the due scientific and verifiable evidences after 10 years of Rossi's "says"?

    Papers and TPRs (full of "mistakes") written and signed by members of his clan are not.

    Which clan? Mr. Cook, the Swedish professors, Gullstrom, Levi, Focardi ... do you think they're all part of a clan created to tease people? In recent years, Rossi's technology has been tested by various people, all competent, and the results obtained were positive. I'm sorry for you if you can not accept this reality, but I think it's a problem of yours.

    Let me list my things at hand:

    - Is it imagination, that he cancelled the latest presentation BUT in the same sentence told the world, that the device works ? If so, why not delay the
    presentation instead of cancelling ?

    The demo will be made in October, it could not be done before because Rossi had to deal with the litigation. It's a thing that takes time and resources, as everyone with some sense knows, so it was not possible to do it at that time.

    - Is it imagination, that we saw nothing but a silly pixeled violet glow coming from whatever bad smartphone cam where he wanted to "proof", that
    he is still workoing on "something" ?

    Rossi decided on a date for the demo, and on that occasion he will show his new device. There is no reason to show it in advance in detail, so the photo that he posted was just an information given in his blog for anyone interested in his work. He did not advertise on television, did not call journalists, he only updated those who followed him. If it did not satisfy you, you could write to Rossi and ask him more photos ... maybe a dear person like you would deserve a gift like this :)

    - Is it imagination, that ,let's say, two or three years before new years eve / christmas Rossi told the world, he has "major announcement" for the new year,

    what simply resulted in telling us nonsense about "how nice it would be if all lanterns in a city are powered by ecats ? "

    QuarkX is a revolutionary device: when Rossi discovered it, he was definitely very excited about his results, and any hint at that device was an important announcement.

    - Is it imagination, that this guy still continues to blate us all with something, he needs to prove since about at least 10 years now ?

    Rossi has demonstrated that his technology works, so many tests have been done that confirmed it, starting with the words of Focardi until to the last test in Lugano. You've never seen an E-cat close up and yet you're sure it doesn't work because you want it to be so, and it's not enough 20 more tests to make you change your mind. If it is not imagination it is bad faith... call it how you want!

    ... does he really have ? Do You have seen ANY of them ? And I dare to ask "in action" ? Producing the mentioned results ? No.

    You insist on this nonsense. QuarkX has yet to be presented to the public so it's obvious that I could not see it. Why should this mean that it does not exist or does not work? It's not a difficult concept to understand ... come on, with some effort you can do it too ...

    I accuse Mats for... who cares ?

    I do not care and surely even Mats doesn't care ...... accusing someone and not saying what is the accusation is a perfectly consistent attitude with the personality you show.

    Ele - may I remind you that Rossi is the one who proposed a walkaway settlement minutes before Darden was to take the stand to begin trial testimony.

    Darden was ready to go and Rossi apparently wasn't.

    Do you believe that settlement was decided when Rossi's lawyer consulted with Darden's lawyer in the courtroom? Things like these are decided in advance, it is impossible to discuss important details while the judge and the jury are waiting to figure out what is happening. The lawyers had talked to each other of this event at least several days before, and Darden was at least as aware as Rossi about what was about to occur, and he accepted it. Rossi has not fled, he just chose to turn the page and take what he considered most important, the IP. And he was not afraid of what Darden might have said in the courtroom, he would certainly be able to answer and counter.

    As to the gold smuggling charges; Rossi did not even address that in AndreaRossi bio...or did I miss that? Failing to do so is a red flag to me. Why try and explain Petroldragon and not his role in that?

    Rossi does not hide the episode, you can read what happened on Vessela Nikolova's book ("The new fire"). The author has collected the information by doing private research and interviewing Rossi, so it is clear that he is not going to keep secret what has happened and there is no reason for it: even from those allegations he have been acquitted. Do you think that the initial charge is more important of the final judgment? Accusing someone is easy, but if after a trial the accused is absolved, then he deserves only so many excuses, do not you think? But after so many years there is still who loses time on the Internet to throw mud on Rossi for these episodes ..... really sad.

    That article convinced me of nothing other than that Rossi knows how to ride a bicycle. First, it was in Italian and provided without the simple courtesy of a translation. So I have no idea what it said. Second, IIRC, the source was not specified. Finally, whatever the article DOES say would have to be compared with what Rossi claimed he did.

    Thetruemonty is right, maybe "Captain Ignorance" would be the most appropriate name! First of all, the race wasn't on bicycles but they ran, so you did not even bother to translate the title or the first lines. Regarding the translation, if it was an article against Rossi you would have translated it all ... for things like these you find time! It was clearly an article from a newspaper and it contained a picture of a young Rossi at the end of the race ..... it matters so much knowing the source? Finally, it is not difficult to compare what is written in the article with what Rossi said: if you do the little effort to translate those lines you can see for yourself that the two versions coincide.

    I bet 150 dollars against any presentation/demo of a working prototype ( and let's not talk about a real device ).

    Another cancellation is the most likely outcome.

    I've never bets and I'm not going to bet now (I think it's a bad habit). But I tell you that in my opinion you will lose your money because at the end of October there will be a demo, the prototype will be real and working and there will be no cancellations (on the delays I do not bet because bad luck is always possible!).

    Actually they are talking about 2018 the shit will be produced in robotic-factories.... AND YET NO WORKING, HANDMADE, MANUALLY ASSEMBLED DEVICE HAS BEEN SEEN, DEMONSTRATED, PRESENTED, whatsoever.

    You just have to wait for the October demo to see the devices: if Rossi set a date for a public demonstration why you should be able to see a QuarkX before the time?

    I could even imagine, there is no real Rossi and this is set up by a big hoaxery as a study of "how long people can support bullshit" even if they are dropped into it with their own face... internet psychological study.... and Mats Lewans is one of the experimenters...

    I think if there was really an internet psychological study you would be the first to be examined ...... a mind able to give birth to such a bull**it can not go unnoticed.

    I suggest you read some of the references MY provided off of Krivits site. No commentary necessary, as most are simply the headlines, or quotes from Italian newspapers. It is just damning, and I fail to see why it should be considered of a personal nature, and therefore off limits to mention?

    What Krivit writes is misleading, he just reports the news he wants and keep silent about the others and in this way he can make things look like he likes, not the way they really are. He reported the articles of some journalists who were looking for scoops, who wanted to give a clamorous news to sell more copies of their newspaper. The following news, those ones that retract the scandal, are never so loud and so they do not deserve the first page, according to those journalists . In Italy people say "slam the monster on the front page", it is exactly the attitude taken by Corriere della Sera journalists in those years. When the first slanders on Rossi spread, they wrote long pieces full of disdain. When all the trials against Rossi ended with the acquittals they wrote just a few lines, relegated to the last pages. It is a very incorrect attitude but is also very common among journalists. Everybody knows this, even Krivit, but he prefers to ignore it instead of looking for information about Rossi's acquittals. Did Krivit ever talk about Emilio Spaziante? This is the corrupt Italian general who made Rossi go to jail and made his business go bankrupt in Italy in the nineties. He was affiliated to the Italian Mafia. You can have news following this link (use Google translator if you do not know Italian). The title says more or less this: "Luxury boat, villa, cash and living the high life: general of fiscal police convicted. One of those who causes the bankruptcy of workers because of a sales receipt or for a wrongly filled-in invoice"…lla-contanti-e-bella.html

    I suggest you listen to many different voices, if you really want to know something about Rossi. Whoever reads only Krivit will never know how things really are.