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    The only source for Rossi's alleged acquittals is Rossi. Krivit's carefully assembled news accounts say that Rossi was convicted of several felonies and served considerable prison time.

    Mary, you keep looking for information only from Krivit, which is like collecting signatures against hunting at a vegan meeting.

    Long ago you doubted that Rossi had set the record in the 24 hour race and it was Sifferkol to prove that it was real, showing an article that you would not find from Krivit. Then you continued to accuse Rossi of having committed crimes, and I showed you a 2004 article where it was written that Rossi was acquitted of all charges ... could you find it from Krivit? You do nothing but spit judgments saying that they are the truth "because Krivit said it." Krivit is just a poor man who has spent his life collecting only the news that he liked about Rossi and hiding the others. And you're doing exactly the same thing.

    Stupid nonsense. Just look at e-cat-world's last interview . There You have Rossi's truth.

    I'm reassured knowing that you consider stupid what I say .... a further confirmation that I'm right.

    In that interview Rossi mentions something on QuarkX but he does not reveal much because the product has yet to be presented in the demo. You will surely have already drawn a thousand conclusions without having the elements in hand to do so, but in the end you know that you don't need it: you just want to perpetrate your insults to Rossi, and to do that you only need your imagination.

    No, simply I look back to past comics, "papers", "demos", "TPRs" of years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, ... stuff for psychopathology.

    True Science is the opposite to these comics.

    True science always takes so many years for affirmation while scams do not last so long. If Rossi did not have anything in his hand, his game would stop long before. Moreover, what is requiring time in this case is not Science, but it is technology, that is, putting into practice a principle that may still be unknown. But I do not expect you to understand this difference, all you can do is spend your time reading JONP's comments with extreme interest, pretending it's just for fun. If you really were sure that this was all foolishness, you'd devote yourself to something else.

    I do. And a lot of other's also do. Who is not taken seriously are those, who REALLY DARE TO DEFEND ROSSI AND CONTINUE BELIEVING, HE MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING at that current state.


    I even dare to accuse Lewans for ..

    Rossi has nothing?? He has several types of reactors tested on a variety of occasions by expert people, he has collected millions of dollars after one of these tests (which apparently went pretty well ... no one donate money!), he has a 1 MW plant and has the new QuarkX that will be soon disclose to the world. Instead, you have only the presumption of knowing everything, and the false courage to accuse Mats, but without saying what you are accusing him of. This is really ridiculous.

    Oh oh, he is looking for a new "partner" in order to continue his "plucking chicken". Who will be the next chicken?

    Here the only chicken seems to be you, who spends your days reading the blog of a person in which you don't believe. Don't you have best things to do?

    Rossi's new partner will make the deal of his life, if he can be just less sneaky and more competent than the previous one.

    The prosecutor that claimed Rossi was the leader of a criminal gang, was the one investigating Rossi's gold running operation, not the Petroldragon mess. I am pretty sure I saw that on Krivit's website, but too bored with Rossi to look it up.

    No Shane, your game is unfair and your statements are false.

    You said that Fabiani and Penon are part of the alleged criminal gang quoted by the prosecutor but at the time of the "gold running operation" these people probably did not even know him. Moreover, there was no criminal gang, as evidenced by the fact that Rossi was acquitted by all those false accusations. You're putting together random pieces to build an accusation against Rossi, but what you say is groundless and certainly using Krivit as a source is the safest way to stay away from the truth. And apparently that's what you're trying to do. If you're really "too bored with Rossi", dedicate your time to football or some other hobby: inventing lies about Rossi is not funny and you don't make an excellent impression.....

    Oh, OK. Levi, Penon, Fabiani and especially Rossi are all geniuses who have discovered a source of inexhaustible power. And what are they doing with it since 2011 (2007 actually was when Rossi claimed to heat a factory with an ecat)?

    The discovery is of Rossi, the others have made their lives in these years. Rossi has improved his technology, has made long-term tests, has (unfortunately) lost time with the wrong partner and now, with some luck, he will come to the success he deserves. You instead? How did you spend these years? It's obvious, insulting Rossi on every site where you've been able to do it. It does not seem to me a fruitful attitude ....... (or maybe it is?)

    Truth is not insult. People only told the truth about Rossi. He created that truth himself.

    What a stupid thing! Your version of truth is always distorted by your hatred toward Rossi. Perhaps yours is a kind of frustration, you don't love people struggling to gain success, people who devote themselves to create something instead of trying to destroy what others do, as in your case.

    If IH had conclusive tests with COP's of 5, you can be sure they would have paid Rossi instead of sending him packing. So no, anything conclusively proving IH got that sort of performance doesn't exist and if you claim it does, it is up to you to link it, not up to me to search for it.

    Sorry, I was wrong...... COP 11!

    214-4, page 164 JT Vaughn Deposition:

    14 Q. Okay. The second paragraph below, where it

    15 says Industrial Heat update July 2013, the document

    16 states, in the middle of that paragraph: "We tested our

    17 plant at the end of April and beginning of May for four

    18 days. During the test we operate 37 different reactors

    19 for periods ranging from 24 hours to a few hours and the

    20 results were good. Our engineer and the independent

    21 engineer operating the test reported the machines produced

    22 far more energy than they required to operate. Nearly 11

    23 times as much in some instances versus our test

    24 requirement of six times during the 24-hour test."

    25 A. Mm-hmm.

    That comment is insulting and sexist

    OH MY GOD! Sexist?? Her name is Mary and I'm a sexist if I turn to her saying "girl"?! As for the insult, you never complained when so many people in this forum insulted Rossi very harshly, but you are indignant if I call someone "little girl". This thing says a lot about your objectivity and your ability to judge. That's why I don't care about your thoughts.

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden thread. Eric

    Well, maybe you can say the Swedes are, maybe even Levi, but do you have some evidence of any others. I have never heard Rossisay he worked with anyone else. Hard to hide that kind of thing don't you think?

    Why should it be a hard thing to hide? Rossi could work with dozens of people around the world. It's enough that he and the other people do not write anything about that on the internet and so you can't know anything about them.

    Considering the amount of nonsense that is written on Penon, I think Rossi would do well not to disclose the names of his collaborators. It's a way to protect them from the mud that so many people would pour on them just because they were connected to him.

    Penon and FF were not even collaborators. A better description would be part of Rossi's gang -the Italian prosecutor stated that Rossi was the ring leader of a criminal gang, as they destroyed key data, and deleted emails to Rossi to cover their scam.

    What the hell are you talking about? Which Italian prosecutor?? Which criminal gang? Now we are in madness ..... in order to insult Rossi, people invent absurd stories based on nothing ...

    Regarding the destroyed data and deleted emails, if you are referring to Penon you are saying nonsense. Penon was required to deliver reports to IH and he did so. He was not obliged to even deliver his private correspondence with Rossi, so if IH then asked him to deliver all the emails he had written or received during the entire test run and then IH was deemed unhappy about what received, the problem is only of IH. Penon did not have the duty to keep any word exchanged with Rossi, and he certainly could not know that one day there would be a trial and someone would have asked him to deliver all his correspondence. This speech of erased emails is a stupid rumor and the fact of repeated it does not make it more serious.

    We've know about both Penon and Fabiani for years. Many electrons have been spent discussing the merits of various things they have written or said.

    No matter how long these people are known. The point is that one can not say that Rossi is not working with anyone just because the names of people working with him are not known. There is no way to draw this conclusion on the grounds that in the past Rossi quoted Fabiani and Penon, and now he does not mention anyone. The moon does not have one face, though we never see the other.

    Until they say or publish something, we haven't a clue about their goings on, have we?

    Exactly my dear little girl, so it is useless to say that they are not making any replication, right? The truth is that you do not know anything about what's happening in Sweden, the only one who knows something more is Alan but you refuse to believe him because knowing that the professors are succeeding is a thing that disturbs you. Your desire to see Rossi's fail makes you see everything under a distorted view, but you can do little to prevent him from achieving the glory he deserves, unless you really believe that you can influence someone with your hysteric litanies.

    Which document is that? I would love to see it. Link pls?

    The link has been provided several times in the past, if you have not seen those emails is just because your memory is selective and just remember what can be useful to feed your continued need to insult Rossi. Yours is a real obsession. If you are really interested in knowing things that you may not like, read all the court documents and look for emails (from JTV, if I remember well) talking about positive tests and COP 5.

    How do we know what the Swedish professors are doing? Do you have a private channel? Where is it published?

    I do not know directly what they are doing, but I know what Alan said and I trust him.

    Neither did Rossi have a team of professionals around him like Mills...unless one considers his friends from the old country, Penon/Fabiani professionals in that sense.

    How can you say that? What do we know about Rossi's collaborators? Penon and Fabiani are known because you've heard of them in the trial, otherwise you might not even know their names. Rossi has no reason to reveal the names of his collaborators, and that doesn't mean he is working alone. You do not have to come to conclusions when you don't have all the information you need.

    So, IH DID pay Rossi $11.5 MILLION DOLLARS and for what? Rossi himself is not pursuing the 1MW plant any longer as he himself does not think it worth pursuing! Is this worth $11.5 MILLIONS dollars ?

    IH paid 11.5 million dollars before the start of the Doral test, they paid them after the test that took place in Ferrara. With that money they had bought the IP, which then Rossi recovered with settlement. IH initially succeeded to create functioning reactors, as it is testified in some of the emails you can find in the trial documents, then they said they were not able to run the technology. Yet the reactor tested in Lugano was built by IH, and that reactor worked well, as the Lugano report shows and as is clear by the fact that the Swedish professors are replicating that reactor. Regarding the 1MW plant, it has been sealed for more than a year and only recently Rossi was able to get in. Now he is analyzing the ashes of each single reactor to gain new information. At this stage it is soon to say that Rossi is completely abandoning that technology. Moreover the QuarkX demo is approaching: it is normal for him to dedicate more time to the new product during this time.

    Suppose, for the sake of argument, that I had written ZERO papers and had NO academic accomplishments at all and not even an association with research or academia, then that would somehow make Levi more respectable or accomplished in your very strange view?

    So you appreciate the respectability of a scientist from the number of articles he has written on his own? Levi has participated in so many researches, as evidenced by articles bearing his name. Perhaps in America every scientist competes with his colleagues to publish an article and sign it on his own. In Italy, funding is given to groups of researchers who collaborate together on a project and then all contribute to the creation of an article describing their work. In Italy, no one is considered to be of little value if he publishes with others. But if the American university system really works differently (and if you really are part of it) then that explains many things about your vast ego, but it does not justify your pretension to judge a reality and a person you do not know at all. You are presumptuous, as always.....

    []lost time because of IH, which promised him money without ever really intending to give it to him,

    You truthfully cannot say this

    Bob, Darden argued during the trial of never having considered Doral's test as the GPT. Despite this, he let the test run for the entire duration (which was scheduled for the GPT). Do you think that this attitude could be a proof that he was inclined to pay? Why Darden did not stop the test at the beginning knowing that he would have to pay at the end of it and considering that he did not agree with his performance? It is clear that the intention to pay has never existed.