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    OK, SSC. Kindly list Levi's accomplishments in science, not related to Rossi or the ecat or, for that matter, brewing coffee. Papers for example? Discoveries? Honors and awards?

    I just told you that in Italian universities it takes years (and so many aids ...) to make a career and you ask me to quote "honors and awards"? As for the papers, they have been listed several times, but you have always gave them little consideration because you think that not being the sole author of an article means you do not have merit. Other proof that you don't know anything about the academic world.

    No one of his followers seem to be interested in details or is asking him questions, all what matters is what he says and promises.

    His followers know there will be a demo in October and after that there will be a chance to ask questions. What is the point of questioning each single detail of a test (as is often the case here) before the test is done? It is better to spend time in other ways, especially in the summer.

    Except, of course, that Rossi told IH that he spoofed (faked, cheated on, lied about) those isotope results (Ni --> Cu) in order to "mislead competitors" (of which he notably has none after six years of claims). Some value those have!

    And how do you know it? Did Darden tell you during your usual coffee break? The evidence, please.....otherwise these are just small talks.

    Not that IH was credible but Boeing or some other consulting firm they might have worked with would have been. And where did that go? Did Rossi offer his help? Did Rossi offer to provide a working reactor and the appropriate fuel if IH couldn't or wouldn't? OF COURSE NOT.

    Poor little girl ....... IH delivered a reactor loaded with the wrong fuel at Boeing, so there was no chance that the Boeing test could yield positive results. Do you wonder why Rossi did not intervene? Simple: IH had not said anything to Rossi, delivered the reactor to Boeing without telling it to Rossi, as you can read in documents filed during the trial (look for the right document by your own, I have better things to do). Before spitting judgments, be informed, if you are capable.

    As is wrote 7 years ago, I'll believe it when I see it, not before, and for the last 7 years I have seen nothing but sleight of hand crackpott, fake science and engineering.

    For seven years you've seen what you wanted to see. Rossi made several prototypes of his invention, made them be tested by experts who confirmed the good performance of his technology, lost time because of IH, which promised him money without ever really intending to give it to him, and now he is again on his own way that goes toward the presentation of an improved version of his E-Cat. Seven years are nothing if you think about how difficult it was to run it all, relying almost exclusively on his own strength. Anyway it's hard to believe you've been following this story for seven years if you think it's just "fake science": if it was really so, you would be disinterested to Rossi much earlier. When QuarkX will be a business reality, you will probably use a different nickname to write that you've always believed in Rossi.

    Thus, there is no logical connection between hopes (what you would like to happen) and expectation (what you think likely to happen). I may hope to win a lottery first prize. I don't expect this.

    Given however you seem to think that Rossi's (much to be hoped for if real) claims are likely real, perhaps you confuse the two there as you have done in the above post.

    I know very well the difference between hopes and expectation, and in the case of Rossi they coincide perfectly. I hope his technology can be successful and I also expect this to happen. Obviously if you have prejudices against Rossi, you will do nothing but negatively interpret any news that concerns him. In this case you are unlikely to hope for his success while you foresee his fall. You hope Rossi will not be successful for not having to eat your words against him, so even in your case the hopes and expectation coincide.

    Levi is a mediocre and obscure faculty member at UniBo who is still an assistant professor, the lowest rank, after decades.

    Obscure? I think you've spent too much time on role-playing! It is clear that you do not know the Italian university system at all. Do you really think that all the assistants succeed in becoming professors? Do you think it takes only a few years for an advancement in Italian universities? You are talking about a world completly unknown for you (something that happens to you often) and you make insulting conclusions that show just how ignorant you are. But this no longer surprise anybody ......

    They supposedly witnessed the cure for the cancer of the 21at century, cheap, clean sustainable energy and they're staying quiet? Really?

    They don't have to share anything with

    "us guys" just confirm that the Ecat built by Rossi and tested by them actually produced

    Energy Out > Enerfy IN, but no, nothing for over 2 years, nothing. No interviews, no published papers, no re test, no additional data from the test, nothing, crickets.

    They have already given their validation about the Lugano test, with a report written and signed by them. What else do you think they should say about Lugano? They are testing in Sweden now, and there is nothing strange about the fact that they have not yet officially reported anything about the results (although Alan Smith had positive views from direct sources). If the professors had published the results of a test that has been repeated just a few times, you would have said that their experiment is not reproducible. If they had missed some detail or did not evaluate all the weaknesses in their test, you would have said their findings are suspect and therefore unreliable. The truth is that the professors are well aware that they have to do a test (and a related article) which should be irrefutable, because there are people like you who just wait for a false step. And this takes time and discretion ..... exactly what is happening. Moreover if it is true that Volvo is financing their work, it may be that they do not even have the freedom to publish when and how they want.

    A shame that Levi in that case does not post here - he would I'd hope improve his experimental methodology if he did.

    Levi does not need to waste his time reading a forum and certainly he does not need your advice about physics. He is an academic, has worked at CERN in Geneva, has been directly involved in various major university research .... is your ego so boundless to make you believe you have something to teach him?Only on the internet you can feel superior .....

    Well I have no strong hopes from the Swedish guys.

    Good news in this case is at best an interpretation.

    Alan is right, you have obvious hopes that the good news coming from Sweden turns out to be a flop. Alan said he had two sources in Sweden who confirmed the good results the Professors are getting, but according to you these confirmations are just interpretations .... of what? What is to be interpreted when someone tells you that things are going well? Or don't you trust Alan's sources? You don't even know who they are, but it doesn't make you comfortable what they say and so it's impossible for you to accept their words. Sooner or later you will have to step back and admit that your prejudices were all motivated by the hatred that you show towards Rossi. It's just a matter of time ......

    It is also true that you have not heard, seen or read 1 word of support from any of these scientists that validated Rossi's Ecat claims since the Lugano "test" they attended.

    You'd think if these people really truly believed the Ecat test data they would

    step up and say something, anything,

    to lend credence to this data, but nothing.

    It appears that want to distance themselves from "All Things Rossi" hoping the scientific community forgets their involvement.

    How many nonsense .............. Professors have written and signed the Lugano report, that is enough to make it clear that they support the work they have done. There is no need to reiterate their point of view on the internet: if they did not deny what they wrote,it means that they are convinced of the value of their work. The fact that they believe in the E-Cat is confirmed by the replication they are making in Sweden: if it were not so, now they would deal with other things. It is useless that you try to interpret the attitude of the Professors so that this can be part of your vision, where Rossi is an orc and anyone who has to deal with him is a victim. Things are not so, resign yourself to that.

    It is quite obvious, that the "believers" in Rossis ECAT "success" at Doral are looking for every little detail (pipes and pumps and windows and fans...) that they can argue on to help them to continue believing in the masters claims that some day his robotic factories will drown the markets with CATs and Quarks,


    I plan to reach out to ProMinent GmbH in Heidelberg to hopefully get in contact with their Product Management / R&D, just to get some professional feedback and statements regarding this entire GAMMA /L pump mess. I hope they will be cooperative.

    To tell the truth, it seems to me that Rossi's detractors are the ones who spend their days looking for flaws in E-Cat technology and Doral's test. You have called into question anything, always trying to interpret every grey area in your favor. And now you yourself, who say that others are looking for every little detail, are the first to do the same, since you want to contact ProMinent in the hope they could tell you something that can put Rossi in bad light. If detractors were so convinced that the E-Cat is a scam, they would not work so hard trying to discredit it.

    Again, why is Rossi not selling in Europe?

    Probably because it is not yet able to market a massive serial production. It is obvious that his reactors will be victims of back-engineering as soon as the first one is sold. If he wants to be sure he have the right primacy in sales, he has to keep the price of his reactors not too high, and he can get this only if he can produce so many of them in an automated way. And to organize such a thing it takes time and money. Be patient :)

    Nothing happened with Focardi except that the poor, elderly, kindly gentleman with an illustrious past of teaching and research was roundly bamboozled, flummoxed and deceived by Rossi.

    Mary wash your mouth before talking about Focardi. Focardi was a highly competent and experienced physicist, a professor emeritus of physics at the University of Bologna, he was chair of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Bologna and directed the Bolognese section of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics . Such a person doesn't let anyone bamboozle him, he is perfectly able to distinguish a revolutionary object from a base scam. Anyone who is less biased than you would think that Focardi's word is a proof of the truthfulness of the E-cat's operation. Instead you discredit Focardi, who has a knowledge of physics and an experience far far superior to yours, just to support your theory. I do not know who you think you are ... but you are not that.

    Something? Uhm ... very similar to "It -- the results were there looked like there was something going on."

    Ascoli65 your irony is unjustified. The first tests conducted by IH have really gave positive results and Boeing people are getting good results from their quite secret tests on LENR reactor (maybe similar to those of Rossi that they have had in their hands) as evidenced by the reticence they showed during the interrogatory when they had to talk about technology.

    Prior to the threat of lawsuit, there were all kinds of crimes that he had been said to be found guilty of

    Kev, Rossi was acquitted of all charges he had received in the past and the time he spent in jail was stolen to him because of unfounded charges. I don't know if there has been a correction on Wikipedia about these topics, but if anyone had initially wrote there that Rossi had been accused without specifying also that he had been cleared, then it is right that these claims were correct on Wikipedia. If you want a proof of his acquittal, you can see this link, which shows you an article of November 2004 whose title says "Recycling toxic waste: Andrea Rossi acquitted":…HMDd6bUQwcVZPM0pfOXNnNldR

    ROTFWL! The first most important thing for Rossi was to stay out of jail. That issue is pending and will be probably for years. The second most important things for Rossi were stopping the legal fee drain and keeping at least some of his Miami condos. Sadly, in that he succeeded.

    Oh silly little girl .... Rossi is the one who denounced IH for having not receiving the right compensation at the end of the test, a test that IH people have never said they didn't want (except when the time to pay has come). For no reason Rossi could end up in jail even if the process did not end with a settlement: this is just one of your recurring fantasies, your good night's thinking. As for legal fees, surely the hemorrhage of money for lawyers was more severe in IH's case. Rossi has accepted the settlement not because he didn't want to pay the lawyer further, but because he wanted to be sure that he could retrieve the IP. In addition to that he also managed to keep the 1 MW plant and the money raised for having previously sold the IP. Now he has everything he needs and is free from any constraint with IH ... undoubtedly a win, that's the reason why you can't accept it.

    But, NOW we are informed by the Brethren, that Rossi's grand ingenious plot all along was simply to get his Water Heater IP back, and be free to work on the QuackX.

    You are really biased, you transform things so they can fit with your distorted vision. It is obvious that when Rossi denounced IH he hoped to be able to get both the money and the IP, but over time he realized that it was safer to bet on one of the two because when it comes to dealing with a jury you can never be certain of the outcome even if you are right. It was Rossi's lawyer who asked him what was the most important for him, and he responded "the IP". Then the lawyer suggested the settlement because it was the safest way to get the IP. When you will see the first QuarkX on sale you will understand why the IP was worth more that the money... or maybe you will not understand it anyway, because people like you will continue to hate Rossi and say that the E-Cat doesn't work even when they will get one in their house that heats their bottom.

    Yes, I read the Zeneca case. Hazardous waste sites are like quick sand that suck under the best of intentions. Especially so in hyper regulated, very liberal, California. This one Cherokee franchisee saw an opportunity to make money, after first committing to cleaning up the site that had been polluted long before, by another company. Then some local residents complained they were not doing enough, or making it worse, which attracted the attention of the environmental activist organizations, which brought in the state's regulatory agencies. It became politicized, and once that happens, nothing Cherokee could do, or no matter how much they would be willing to spend...would ever be enough to satisfy the various governmental, activist, and resident concerns.

    At that point they did the only thing they could...file bankruptcy, and let the government deal with it. I really can not believe anyone would be so crazy to invest in brown fields. Hell, Rossi seems like a safe investment compared to that. Some of them must work out though, because they seem to have done quite a few.

    Shane, these are just excuses. First of all, local residents did not complain about the fact that the work had not been done well, they complained about the fact that they were getting cancer and some of them were dead too. Those land has not been cleaned-up, Cherokee has built on a land that was still contaminated! You can not say "it became politicized" as if Cherokee was a victim of a political dispute. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control issued a remediation order mandating the remediation of the property and Cherokee was obliged to pay for remediation. It was not obliged just because someone find them unpleasant! You say that you don't understand how anyone would be so crazy to invest in brown fields, but that's just Cherokee's job, they have been doing it for years, they did not come across a wrong deal. And bankruptcy hasn't happened by chance, it is the usual loophole used to get out of these situations, which are repeated periodically. How can you think that Cherokee is made up of poor and unprepared VCs that so often bump into the wrong deal? If you read what Sifferkol reported, you know of so many other similar cases. I refresh your memory at least on some:

    1) South Carolina - Charleston, Project: Magnolia Development, Companies: Ashley I LLC, Ashley II of Charleston LLC (owned by Cherokee Investment Partners LLC)

    Located on a large swath of polluted land along the Ashley Rive in the Charleston Neck Area, Magnolia was part of a long-term plan to clean up the 216 acres and develop a mini-city on the northern edge of the peninsula. The land housed fertilizer factories, a lumber –treatment plant and other heavy industrial business that left a legacy of lead, arsenic, creosote and other contaminants in the soil. Cherokee described its project as the largest redevelopment of a so-called brownfield property in South Carolina. The Magnolia master plan called for a mix up to 4,400 residential units, along with hotels, office buildings, retail shops, parks and a marina.

    What happened to that project?

    In September 2010 , the Court concluded that Ashley was a liable party under CERCLA, that meant it was a liable party for the remediation of the site. In 2013 , the mortgage on the land went into default and a new lender , Magnolia/ARC Lender bought the bank note. In the meantime , Ashley appealed the decision of the District Court. In April 2013 the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit confirmed the judgement of the District Court . Ashley was a liable party for the costs of the clean- up and remediation of the site.

    On February 8, 2016 both Ashley I LLC and Ashley II of Charleston LLC filed for bankruptcy.

    Another one:

    2) Meadowlands

    Project : It was a 1,230 acre redevelopment site- According to EnCap’s plan the project enclosed six landfills and encompassed six golf courses, almost 3.500 homes, two resort hotels and a commercial center.

    Cherokee Investment Partners ( Cherokee) managed the Meadowlands project together with EnCap Golf Holdings LLC (EnCap), whose President was William Gauger.

    What about this project?

    At the beginning of 2008 the Inspector General’s office released a 277 page report about its year-long investigation: The report accused EnCap, company controlled by Cherokee, of inflating its qualification and financial backing. On May 8, 2008 EnCap and NJM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    In July 2009 Federal investigators subpoenaed the governor’s office for more than six years of documents records and emails related to the failed EnCap Golf and housing project

    In the meantime EnCap/Cherokee ( and its subsidiaries ) received other public-backed incentives such as brownfields-development tax credits and by accepting waste material to fill in its site EnCap could benefit from the private sector For example : Cherokee was paid from the Army Corps of Engineers for accepting dredge from Newark Bay.

    And we can go on:

    3) Asbury Park and North Arlington

    Both these projects regarded the redevelopment of old boroughs. Cherokee created two new entities: Asbury Partners LLC and Cherokee Porete LLC.

    Both the City Council of Asbury and the City Council of North Arlington voted to take the properties by eminent domain. In such a way , the redevelopment became a way to confiscate the properties , businesses by municipalities and their connected redevelopers. As a consequence of that, from 2006 to 2009 many owners have complained that the developer Asbury Partners LLC had offered them too little for their properties and for example in May 2009 a jury in Monmouth County directed Asbury Partners LLC to pay a businessman $1.5 million for a beachside restaurant the city had said was worth only $230,000.

    What happend this time?

    With regard to North Arlington’s project, in May 2006 the North Arlington Property Rights Coalition filed a suit to stop the borough from using eminent domain for the project.

    And again:

    4) Colorado, Denver. Project Gates Redevelopment and Metropolitan Garden. Company: Cherokee Denver LLC

    In December 2001 Cherokee Denver acquired 50 acres of the entire 85-acre site from Gates. It paid $26.5 million for the property. The deal indemnified Gates from any future responsibility for the significant soil contamination caused by eight decades of industrial use as well as for the buildings it left behind on the site. Eventually, in 2005 Gates sold the remaining 35 acres to the Lionstone Group.

    In 2003 the Denver City Council approved Urban Renewal Area for the project and granted a special “Transit Mixed –Use Zoning”. Cherokee functioned as the master developer of the project.

    To finance the project , including necessary remediation work and the installation of the infrastructure Cherokee was granted $126 million in tax-increment financing subsidies by the City: the Denver Urban Renewal Authority issued bonds that it would repay from sales and property taxes generated by the development in future years.

    In the meantime Cherokee Denver also received $2 million in loans through the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority.

    Despite the $1 billion plan , Cherokee couldn’t finance the project, therefore the project never left the drawing board .

    In September 2007, a Metropolitan State College of Denver student, 23-year-old, John Polzin, during an urban exploration of the massive, abandoned industrial complex , fell thirty feet into an open elevator shaft. He left paralyze with serious injuries leading to his death a month later.

    According to some witnesses, several gates around the abandoned property were either unlocked or left open, without any care of the hazardous materials and of the abandoned buildings.

    How did this end up?

    Because Cherokee Denver asserted that Polzin’s status as a trespasser absolved the company from liability in his accident, Cherokee Denver and Polzin family did not reach a settlement about the amount of the damages, Polzin family sued Cherokee Denver and its contractor Misers Asbestos Removal and alpine demolition. According to the court filings Polzin family sought more than $100,000 plus punitive damages , which could reach into the millions.

    In September 2009,because Cherokee Denver’s project failed, Cherokee Denver sold back the property to Gates Rubber Co.

    And these are just a few examples. Do you really want to justify Cherokee's actions by defining them as "wrong investments" or "political cases"? Don't be naive ..... certain actions are just to be condemned.

    In that case you have not been paying attention. We have, as the result of the Trial, a clear understanding now of the aspects of the test that did not make sense.

    (1) Rossi was trusted by the profs and viewed as an authority on his device

    (2) He was in charge of critical aspects of the test, like heating up the dummy

    (3) Before the dummy test started to get hot enough to be used as a genuine control he pulled the plug

    In the Lugano report the Professors wrote this:

    "The dummy reactor was switched on at 12:20 PM of 24 February 2014 by Andrea Rossi who gradually brought it to the power level requested by us. Rossi later intervened to switch off the dummy, and in the following subsequent operations on the E-Cat: charge insertion, reactor startup, reactor shutdown and powder charge extraction. Throughout the test, no further intervention or interference on his part occurred; moreover, all phases of the test were monitored directly by the collaboration."

    Here is no written that Rossi decided what to do. It has been written that Rossi made some actions under the direct control of the Professors and at least one of that action was requested by them. On what basis do you say that Rossi was deciding when to turn off the dummy?