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    Rossi here is commenting on the events following Feb 16 2016 when the Doral plant was shut down and padlocked after its 1 year test.

    In contrast, I am talking about the events of a year earlier, February 2015, near the beginning of the 1-year test. Over the first 2 weeks of Feb of that year, Rossi had brought approximately 50 small E-Cat units online. Those E-Cats were permanently shut down on Feb 19 without Rossi ever complaining that they failed to produce excess heat.

    In the interview I mentioned, Rossi tells that he can now enter the Doral Plant again and analyze the reactors that have been turn off since 2016. If you read what I reported, you can see that Rossi speaks about the small E-Cat units and says that they have stopped working almost immediately but he still doesn't know the reason why:

    "The big ones that worked pretty well, and the small ones that never worked, because at the beginning they had many problems. [...]In the small ones it will be very interesting to understand now why the heck they did not work, as if in some of them there was simply no charge."

    I don't know if Rossi ever complained before about their failure ... but what does it matter? The plant consisted of 4 250kW reactors and 52 20kW reactors, so it was perfectly able to operate (producing 1 MW) even with the small reactors out of order. So what is your point?

    People kept saying that Rossi couldn't let anyone test his devices because the testers would steal the technology. If theft of technology were so easy, what do you think would happen the first time ever sold one

    Rossi knows that his E-Cat will be imitated as soon as it is sold. That's why he wants to introduce his reactor to the market only when he will be able to make mass production so that he can beat future competition with an advantageous price. Much different is the fact that a product is copied when it is still a prototype: the damage would obviously be much greater. It is obvious that Rossi tries to protect himself by not leaving his reactor in the hands of whomever.

    And how do you explain that Darden, to whom Rossi supposedly provided all the secrets for making ecats, is not currently occupied with making thousands of ecat power plants in some unregulated country like China or a poorly regulated one like maybe Brazil or Dubai or an African nation or even North Korea?

    And what do you know about what Darden is doing? Maybe he is really organizing a production of reactors somewhere in the world, or (more simply) passing information learned from Rossi to the various members of his portfolio, which maybe he did even when he was collaborating with Rossi.

    At least Darden is positive about LENR,

    Positive??! Hard to believe, since his "experts" are throwing discredited across the field. Also in one of the documents sent to the judge in the IH vs Rossi process it is clear that IH doubts the functioning of the E-Cat on the ground that the theory on which it is based is fallacious and contrary to the laws of physics (excuse me If I do not quote the document, I don't have time to look for it, but it has been shown several times here). So Darden's point of view about the LENR field changes according to his audience and what is convenient to him (nothing to be surprised by considering the subject ...).

    I am pretty impressed with TD's comments Abd so kindly provided. He sounds sincere, and truly committed to the humanitarian first, money second aspect in his search for a working LENR tech. Definitely at odds with the unflattering picture IH haters here painted. By their depiction, the "greedy bastard" should have pulled his money out of LENR by now, and gone back to real estate. Instead, he is continuing on with his LENR quest. Good on him!

    You base your judgment on the words that Darden said, while his detractors are based on the facts. Darden can tell all the fables he wants, he can say that his first thought when he wakes up every morning is to save the world and he can even tell you that money does not matter to him. But are you really willing to believe him? Did you read the Cherokee - Zeneca case?

    The property known as Zeneca site consisted of bay-front 86 acre between Marina Bay and Point Isabel in Richmond (CA). Cherokee proposed to continue the remediation and clean –up plan begun by Zeneca and to develop a mini-city in the site (biotech park, housing, retail spaces). In 2003 the City and the Richmond Redevelopment Agency supported the remediation and redevelopment plan of Cherokee. Cherokee began to redevelop the Lot 1 , remodeling the building, finishing landscaping and parking lot.

    Between July and November 2004 the California Department of Toxic Substances Control made an investigation on use levels of 68 acre property , on criteria for housing on the property , on method used for the clean –up and asked for more tests on soil and groundwater across the entire site.

    At the end of its investigation, the Department of Toxic Substances Control released the results that showed an high levels of dangerous substances in soil and in groundwater, included in northern Lot 1 (where the redevelopment had already advanced ).

    In September 2006 the California Department of Toxic Substances Control issued a remediation order mandating the remediation of the property. Cherokee was obliged to pay for remediation a portion of the property, capping a portion of the property and monitoring and investigating the property.

    On October 23, 2013 Cherokee filed its petition for Chapter 11 protection (bankruptcy) in Delaware Federal Court.

    Do you think that this attitude deserves an applause? And this is just one of the many cases reported by Sifferkol ( tax-payer-investor /). Those are facts, documented and available on the internet, not Darden's small talks.

    I'll add that although I question the decision to invest in any LENR/CF by IH, I must applaud them for the work they did once they had full access to all the top LENR technology. Their team of experts rigorously tested these technologies against the tough standards of real science. They discovered that maybe around 75% of them, including the Ecat, did not work. Out of the few remaining, they haven't announced success on any yet. Although IH will likely lose the 10's of millions+ they invested in this, their work served a greater purpose. By thoroughly disproving all of the top LENR claims, IH has likely prevented 100's of millions more from being wasted as investment in this field. Hopefully, any potential investor in this field will think: "IH had full access to everything and their experts failed to replicate any of the effects. Why would I think we could do better?".

    Do you really think IH is doing a favor at the LENR field? Their so-called experts are destroying the work of scientists and highly prepared and competent people, condemning them to no longer get any funding for the bad reputation that IH is spreading. Have you ever thought that maybe IH experts are wrong? You think it is more likely that so many scientists scattered around the world who have devoted themselves to different experiments and have achieved positive results independently from each other are wrong, or that a handful of people paid by VC's who fails to run any reactor are wrong? How can you say that IH tests are rigorous if you have never read a report that describes them in detail? Your nickname clearly expresses your point of view on this topic and this one makes you see things in a distorted way.

    No one one involved with the Doral test ever said that the small E-Cats failed to produce excess power. They were shut down apparently because of water leaks and grounding problems. Rossi never complained about this as far as I know. Do you know any different?

    I know what Rossi said in an interview with E-Catworld:…evelopments-of-the-e-cat/

    "We are working pretty much on the 1 MW plant that has worked for one year, because probably you know that after the 16th of February 2016, the plant has been sealed by the parties, and it was in a land of nobody, like the land between the two Koreas. Basically nobody could enter there. We put our locks, they put their locks, and to enter, as in the safes of the banks, you needed two keys, etc., etc. So, it was tragicomic.

    Now, I got my key, their keys also had been given back to me, I have opened everything, and now we are dismounting everything, opening all the reactors. The big ones that worked pretty well, and the small ones that never worked, because at the beginning they had many problems. Now we are going to open all of them to study. It will be very interesting, the analysis. Also the isotopic analysis of the powders of the four reactors that worked, and also the degradation that happened in one year. So now we will have precise data about how the powder became through one year, etc. In the small ones it will be very interesting to understand now why the heck they did not work, as if in some of them there was simply no charge. Because they were connected in a way that was necessary for coordination.So now I am disassembling the plant in thousands of small pieces to be analyzed because this is technology, this is how technology is made."

    I expect you would say, "if there is a megawatt of heat coming out of this machine, why isn't this whole warehouse hot?" Everyone I know who saw it said that.

    Everyone? Like Murray, who visited the Plant the very last day, when the reactors just ran for half an hour? Sure there was no heat in that location!

    If Rossi was lightly involved, and seldom present, then the report would be more respected, than if Rossi was there all, or most of the time, as the documents show was the case.

    I don't understand why Rossi's presence at the Lugano test has to disturb you so much. In the report, is it written that Rossi conducted the test? The actions he has made are listed and are perfectly understandable since the Professors were not required to know how to load or turn on an object they saw for the first time. If you believe in the authors' word, you know that they had the control of the test. If you do not believe it then you would have suspicions even if the documents did not report Rossi's presence. But it is difficult to understand why professors with a career and a reputation should lie about a test they chose to do and describe. Really absurd ....

    There is very little opposition to Cherokee/Darden here and elsewhere because all-in-all their activities are fairly inconsequential.

    What do you mean by "inconsequential"? Do you mean "Unimportant"? With "no influence"? I believe it is important to know both parties when talking about a dispute, especially when one says that he/she wants to warn others of the dangers they face in dealing with one of these parts (like Maryyugo does). Cherokee has made illicit behaviours for years, has often been accused of nonfeasances and is still standing up just because it always sacrifices one of its affiliated companies, created for the sole purpose of blowing in the air instead of the parent company. All the information that Sifferkol spreads are on the internet, if anyone has the patience to look for them (for those who do not have it, you can find a good summary here: -darden-Cherokee-simply-fake-environmentalists-in-business-only-to-defraud-the-tax-payer-investor /). Cherokee has had misguided and fraudulent behaviours and it is important to remember with who we are dealing with when we listen to the "beautiful words" Darden often donates to the world that listens to him.

    and what is the most interesting for us

    "But Darden and team plan to continue exploring LENR development. Darden says Rossi’s device was just “one of a dozen that we were funding” in the cold fusion space."

    Just .... "just one of a dozen" ... as if it were of little value! Woodford called the E-Cat the "core" of the business and was quite upset when he knew things were not going well. It seems that the other projects in the portfolio are a kind of way out ....

    he "re-writes" his lawsuit intentions when he loses and he has to keep face with this supporters!!!

    Rossi has never commented on the process, he has always abstained from expressing any opinion about it. Only after the settlement Rossi granted two interviews, the first of which was with Mats Lewan, and only in this case he explained his point of view:

    "So my lawyers asked me before the trial which my priorities were if the trial would lead to any transactions—those indispensable and those negotiable. My answer was that the indispensable condition was to get the license back because I didn’t want to collaborate with IH anymore." (https://animpossibleinvention.…-was-rossis-top-priority/)

    Obviously, he would not be sorry to get both the money for the test and the IP, but when he was forced to choose, he preferred to be sure to get back his IP. So Rossi did not re-write anything: you're the one who wants to read things in a way that makes you more enjoyable.

    Don't you think think this was their intention when paying 11 Mio$ to get the proper loading information from Rossi? They failed and so are failing others who try to replicate Rossi's claims...maybe his reactor and his ECTA techology never worked, indeed....

    Of course, it was their intention, but they failed for their own fault. Darden admitted to having put the wrong fuel into the reactor he gave to Boeing, as you can read in the doc 326 - Defendants' witnesses:

    Q. Does this refresh your recollection as to any explanation that had been provided as to why the E‐Cat may not have worked?

    A. Yes. It is indicating that they may have had a slight difference in the fuel.

    Q. In fact, I believe in this email dated 14 November 21st, 2014, from Mr. Darden to yourself, Mr. Vaughn, and Mr. Dameron, Mr. Darden states, "I was hopeful, but also worried due to the change I made to the fuel based on the material supply issue." Was it your understanding, sir, that the fuel was not the same as Dr. Rossi's fuel, based on that comment?

    A. So I ‐‐ yeah. So apparently, based on that comment, I would say that, yes, that is not necessarily exactly the same. So yeah. I ‐‐ I ‐‐ I take the face ‐‐ comment at face value.

    Darden can't say that Rossi did not give him all the information to be able to create an E-Cat .... if he does not follow the procedures properly, how can he expect to get a working reactor? IH failed for incompetence. And who would be these "others" who are failing? I do not know that there are any attempts to replicate the E-cat now, if not that of the Swedish professors who seems are getting good results.

    It's unbelievable how Darden can release interviews in which he says he is concerned about pollution and says he wants to do something concrete to save our planet. It's really a hypocritical attitude .... what a cheek! It is now well-known to everyone what Cherokee has been doing in these years, its habit of buying for small change some plots of land to be clean-up, receiving funds for that work and then not executing it. Their affiliated companies have collected a large number of Orders for such events, but for them it has never been a problem because it was enough to declare bankruptcy to close the business. And so a new company could be born, and everything could start again. I believe that Sifferkol's report is illuminating ( -investor /), and what Ele has discovered confirms Darden's fame.

    That, and the fact that Rossi was involved in designing and choosing the major portions of the measurement method, makes in a NON-independent measurement.

    Who told you that Rossi was involved in designing and selecting the major portions of the measurement method? The authors of the report do not say it, they have written and signed an article, so they are the ones who have the paternity of what they have done. They decided every aspect of the test, Rossi intervened only when they could not act alone because they did not know how to do it (was the first time they saw that reactor, why should they know how to activate it?) And always in their presence, as they specified in their text. The rest are just your inventions to discredit Rossi, as always .....

    If one reads the Lugano report, and compare it with the court documents, they tell different stories as to Rossi's, and the Swede's involvement. In his report, Levi describes Rossi as an occasional participant, never mentions Fabiani, and never addresses how often the Swedes were there, leaving us to assume all the time. The documents paint a much different picture, with Rossi AND Fabiani there most, if not all the time, while the Swedes flew in on occasion.

    The authors of the Lugano report are 6, so whatever is written is not the only result of Levi's thought, and it's unbelievable that all 6 have agreed to facilitate Rossi. What they have written in the report was what they thought was useful to say: it was not a text written to reassure Rossi's detractors about his role, it was a scientific article and had to report only useful data describing the experiment performed. Have you ever read any scientific article in which the author indicated the number of hours he had been in the lab? The authors considered it useful to point out that they had control of the test and that Rossi only intervened on some occasions (though in their presence) when it was obviously impossible for them to act alone as they did not know the object they were testing. When the instruments were set up, there was no need for the Professors to stay in Lugano, since there were their ever-on instruments that measured what was going on. The fact that Rossi was present every day (if it is true) doesn't surprise me: I would also check my precious discovery continuously, I would never leave it unattended.

    That does seem likely. But it was unbecoming of academic scientists. It was bad behavior.

    The Swedes didn't conduct an experiment at their University, did a test at a private premises and were partly funded by a company. In fact, in the report's acknowledgments, you can read this:

    "This paper was partially sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and Elforsk AB."

    It is normal for them to have privacy obligations and not to accept interviews for fear of revealing too much. There's nothing wrong with this, it's a normal practice when dealing with companies that pay you.

    It is not clear to me whether or not the shutdown of the smaller ecats was really due to functional problems. It turns out that all of the fuel charges in the smaller E-Cat units were manufactured and put in place by IH at a time when Rossi was not around (this was in N Carolina). In contrast, the fuel charges in the Big Frankies were 100% Rossi-controlled. Rossi may have been worried that IH had placed a few "control" charges full of dummy fuel into some of the small E-Cats and so shut them all down.

    Perhaps really IH didn't properly load those reactors, which didn't work for that very reason. Darden couldn't put the correct fuel even when he gave the reactor to Boeing to test it. IH was not even able to do such a basic thing ..... but then they continued to argue that if they could not do functional reactors was because Rossi hadn't given them the right information. The hypothesis that they were incapable seems to me much more plausible.

    An explanation someone attempted to bring out quite some time ago was that the exact flow of liquid/water going into those E-Cats is part of what Rossi considers IP and crucial to make that specific implementation properly work;

    It may be that way. From the interview Rossi released to Mats Lewan we can read this:

    A ‘circulator’ (positioned in connection to the heat exchanger) was used to stabilize the flow of steam and water through the whole system. Rossi wouldn’t comment on further data of the circulator since he said he was preparing a patent for this device.


    Hey, I would treat Levi and the three blind Swedish mice the same polite way if they had the courage to engage us here, which clearly they don't.

    Courage? Do you believe that they lack the courage to discuss with you about their work ?! I think they have better to do than devote their time to a forum. They are devoting themselves to the replication of the E-Cat and probably try to make a test that is reproducible and reliable because they know that there are so many people like you who will even analyze it in punctuation in the hope of being able to find errors. This is how they will answer you, certainly not wasting time on the internet.

    Actually, I did reference some publications suggesting that Cherokee Fund and Darden are far from benign. I obviously don't have time to pursue it all and don't much care. If it turns out that Cherokee Associates are crooks, that doesn't make Rossi any more honest!

    I'm not surprised that you do not have time to deal with Cherokee's wrongdoing, since you devote it completely to fundamental things like discovering what people of the same name of Rossi do around the world daily. But it's a pity, because Cherokee never ceases to amaze you ... you could fill your days if you wanted to be interested in the story of Darden and his affiliated companies. Meanwhile, if you want to catch a breath between an attack on Rossi and the other, you can refer to these links:

    The Playground

    The Playground…d-the-tax-payer-investor/