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    Rossi truly has a product/process that produces more Energy Out > Energy In

    Then the entire world, (including me), rejoices in a new world, unparalleled opportunities,

    However, and there is always a however axil

    You, Adrian, IHFB, Warthog, bachcole et al,

    Know the odds of that happening are -1^1/2

    But not to worry, for your entertainment this charade of Rossi’s Is going to linger for many many moons, allowing you all to continue to think up excuses for his continual demos, tests, robitized factories,

    imaginary customers, fake data etc.

    LENR may in fact be real, I hope to see it my lifetime, but Andrea Rossi? Sorry, not gonna happen.

    is not the guy to deliver it

    No. As I have said they have been answered already and I have no desire to rehash it all at length with someone as biased as Bob.

    I will be interested to see how you will explain away your previous certainty that Rossi has nothing and is a fraud, if the Nov 24th test is successful.


    Successful is a very subjective term,

    It must be defined, and for the last 7 years

    Rossi controls all definitions.

    How about this, you, Adrian, will not be able to purchase an Energy Out> Energy In device from Andrea Rossi in your lifetime.

    I'm an ol' ecatnews connoisseur, and I must say, there were hordes of Rossi haters there who have since apparently retreated into relative silence.


    Not even you believe that.

    Anyone who tries to post anything detrimental to Rossi/Ecat is censored.

    If I have something critical to post, It must be here, because it will not be tolerated

    on Ecat News.

    I'm sure you do. However, you would be wrong.


    I guess we’ll see Alan, but I suspect that if you are not given a script, your questions,

    if not to Rossi’s liking, will simply not be answered


    This appears to be a SOP classic Rossi demo

    Completely control the set up, the test, the data, it’s interpretation and the audience. No media that will ask questions he does not want to answer.

    The “Invitee” list, their vested interests, credentials, nor the location of the demo are known to anyone outside the Rossi selected coven.

    In no way, shape or form can this be considered anything close to science, you must see this Alan.

    I don't think a demo will prove anything definitive. Test driving a new Ferrari is great fun but it doesn't prove it won't overheat in traffic or reliably start on a cold wet morning. But how could somebody from this place not go to see what's cooking- this is LENR-Forum after all.

    That’s a bad analogy Alan,

    Simply prove beyond doubt that Rossi’s device produces Energy Out > Energy In.

    If you can do that during this “demo” wonderful, I will applaud you sir.

    Do you think you can?

    I think all of the invitees will be

    “Friends of the Program”, personally hand selected by Rossi to nod their heads on cue in collective agreement, ask only questions that Rossi has written for them, and to

    stick to the script they have been given.

    That is an unanswerable question. Suppose that you wanted to prove that aliens don't exist. So you ride a rocket to the moon and say "aha" they aren't here, so they must not exist, at least on the moon. Then you travel to Mars and do the same. The problem is, you have an infinite problem space to work out. You would need to travel to every potentially habitable planet in the known universe to confirm for each individual planet whether aliens don't exist. That presents a problem. It is quite difficult to prove a negative.

    Jumping to conclusions is a cardinal sin, in my mind. That is not to say that we must therefore believe everything. That's also absurd. But when there is some evidence for a thing, the most rational position to take is to withhold strong conclusions until such thing is irrefutably proved. To me, in this instance, the only such irrefutable proof can come from the marketplace. The primary reason for this is that the scientific establishment has put up a remarkably effective blockade to peer-reviewed research and has instituted a remarkably effective reputation trap.


    How about this,

    Andrea Rossi will die of old age/natural causes without ever producing an

    Energy Out>Energy In device.

    No space travel, no aliens, no blockades,

    just no Working Ecat, would that be enough?


    Negative posts on ECW are censored,

    Many of my posts responding to or asking for data and proofs are deleted.

    If you are a Rossi zealot, you are welcome to post, however a lifelong energy professional

    who has done work at Fermi, Argon, DOE, DOD, VA, GSA, TVA, UL Labs etc, apparently is not welcome to post contradictions to the

    sham “tests” the Rossi puts on.

    I know they wont. I have emails containing refusals. I wish i could say who they were, but don't ask. ETA - entirely unconnected with those refusals, there is even one of's reactors making no claims of magic sitting in another European university that they have refused to power up because 'Elf and Safety' concerns. Seems that 36V is just too much of a risk for them.


    Do you really believe that, honestly?

    A research university is “afraid” to power up and investigate the cure for the cancer of the 21st century, clean cheap energy? Really?

    Scientists and researchers are as curious and more so than most. If presented with documented evidence of some yet unknown energy source they would most certainly go thru a vetting process and test,

    they most certainly would not be “afraid”.

    That is simply ludicrous.

    As much as I can relate to your sentiment, it 'aint gonna happen. No demo could provide such finality. I'm firm in my belief that only the market can ultimately decide this one. And for those who claim it can be decided by a respected university or two, no it can't. First off, most research scientists are scaredy cats when it comes to LENR and won't touch it with a 100 foot pole. Some would rather drop a peer-reviewed LENR paper on the floor rather than physically touch it (as has been witnessed by some on this forum). For the two brave (and renowned) universities in Europe who have permitted their scientists to entertain the possibility that Rossi has something: kuddos for their courage, but they have paid the price for it.

    scaredy cats?

    Industry term fanboy?

    I would think every university would jump at the chance to put Rossi’s Ecat thru a vetting process and prove it doesn’t work,

    “IF”, in fact, it does work, what does Rossi have to lose?

    Rossi is as black and white as it gets. Hand holding? When Rossi got a hold of Darden, it wasn't his hand he was holding. There can not be "improved" technology because during his entire life, Rossi has never had even a shadow, a soupçon, a vestige, a ghost, an infinitesimal portion of "technology."

    Rossi is a con man,

    he saw a mark, Darden, and he took him down, that’s what he does,

    pretty simple really.


    Have no idea if this person is who he says he is, sounds like a typical logical statement from any # of the “Skeptopaths” that troll this site, including me.

    I have been spouting same for years only to get shouted down by the “Rossi Faithful”.


    Rossi can rustle up 40 stooges for his demo

    Yikes Shane! If it had been successful, why in the world would they not say so immediately and do a preliminary publication? It might even have affected Rossi's lawsuit favorably. Probably would have.

    The only credible reason they have said nothing is that they have nothing and they are terminally embarrassed. Perhaps in fear regarding the future of their careers.

    sadly, Mary,

    You are correct.

    The “Swedes” are trying desperately to distance themselves from all things Rossi.

    They are smart enough to know they were hoodwinked, are embarrassed by the entire experience and want nothing more for the entire charade to go away.


    Bunch of bits, pieces and parts of disparate data, many gaping holes in said data, absolutely zero LENR proofs or conclusion,

    But every "Rossi Zealot" will clap their hands and say "See, I told you so, Rossi is great".


    Peachy! Please ask the professor to do it again. Properly recorded and observed by others of course.


    Won't happen.

    Because if it ever did happen, you can be sure the professor would have immediately replicated it many, many times, then had it attended for additional replications,

    Which I can find no record of.