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    guy looks like David Feherty from the

    Golf Channel?

    I of course could not presume to know who is right or wrong in this dispute, regarding whether the ECat really works or not. However, it does seem quite strange that there should be such extreme polarization of opinion. Rossi is claiming (since at least 2011), that he has built a 1 MW reactor. He claims that it operated some 350 days during the IH test period, producing this level of power, for a customer that was using a large fraction of the power for an industrial process. He claims that measurements were made daily showing the power produced. But that he did not take pictures...never takes pictures. And IH people say that the thing does not work.

    Now I have about 35 years of experience as an engineer, and have been through many qualification tests with customers to demonstrate that the products of the companies I worked for performed according to their specifications. We take pictures of everything. Provide very detailed drawings of test setups. Make, model, serial number, calibration date of any test equipment used. Wiring diagrams, mechanical drawings of test jigs, whatever is needed to make sure our customer knows exactly what test was performed. Often, we do things together with the customer, so that they can see exactly how it is done. Sometimes they bring their own measuring equipment. I suppose that because of this approach, there is almost never any dispute about whether the product works according to spec or not. And this kind of detail is common for products that have a cost sometimes of less than 1 million dollars. How much more one would expect this when $100 million dollars is at stake!

    So again, I do not know who is right and who is wrong. But it is not exactly a positive picture to the "outside world" when a major, respected player in the cold fusion community, such as Rossi, is making the sort of claims he is making for over 7 years, and receiving money from investors, and yet does not seem to be willing or able to put together the sort of carefully documented and witnessed engineering testing that would end the dispute.


    Rossi is a pathological liar, cheat and a fraud

    LENR may yet prove to be what it has been portrayed to be, but Rossi will NOT be the deliverer.

    Could anyone here point me to a picture of the naked Quark reactor that I have seen circulated in the past? I am seriously thinking that in at least some circumstances he uses permanent magnets to help produce spheromaks and create a magnetic trap that will keep them in the center column. This would allow him with every pulse to collide large numbers of spheromaks that are emitted from the cathode. From the demonstration in Stockholm, it sure looks like there is plenty of room to incorporate a permanent magnet either at either end or one or more rings around the center. There are multiple ways to configure such magnets, but I'm interested if there is any evidence that such magnets may be used.


    What would all of the supposed excess heat do to these magnetic fields?


    I am still excited about the process you and your friends invented, and this has nothing to do with what you are about to launch, but...

    what if I told you of someone I know, who could turn organic waste (tires, wood, plastics, etc.) into oil, gas, coal, solvents, and gold and silver? Yes, I said gold and silver. Metals. Valuable metals. From biological waste?


    What I’m realky looking for is a process that can change nickel to copper,

    If I had that, it would really be something.

    Is there no end to this gullibility ?


    What’s probably closer to the truth is that Penon and Rossi didn’t get their stories straight before answering those questions


    Televangelist is good,

    On the other site I suggested Rossi should be selling Amway products,

    didn’t go over to good w/moderator

    Why is Mats still with Rossi? That is the most puzzling question left in this tale.


    Mata is “All In” with Rossi now, he simply cannot back down from his belief that Rossi has what he says he has.

    Like most of the believers on that side of the ledger, they consider themselves relatively smart people and in no way, shape or form could they ever be hoodwinked by a scam artist, so, they believe what they are told to believe, no questions, no demands for proofs other than what Rossi offers them.

    This was definitely my big laugh for the day. It's not that the Ecat people said this as nothing they say surprises me since I know the Ecat has never worked. What was funny is that some people seem to actually believe this. What's next? That there is a mini black hole in the Ecat?


    He predicted excess heat,

    why not anti matter?

    1. Much blustering and Sabre Ratteling threats of war from North Korea

    2. Venezuelan government falls

    3. “Brexit” continues, no one notices

    4. Rockwell Int’l. is finally sold.

    5. US gdp finishes 2018 at 3.8%

    6. Rossi says “blah, blah, blah”.

    7. American president continues to be “roasted” by global media.

    8. I will retire

    Yes, in strength. And being very sociable and optimistic. The other financial questions - I have no knowledge of who paid for what -but I suspect that this was mostly on Rossi's dollar.


    Did you ask any of the Hydrofusion group how many Evats they have sold in Europe?


    I post there often,

    The Usual Suspects, (you know them all),

    still believe what they are told,

    However, a rather significant amount are beginning to see Rossi for what he is.

    What really surprises me is the lengths they will go to dreaming up excuses and explanations for his failures, it would almost even amusing if it were not so sad.


    Was the wire insulation large enough to protect for 200 volts


    I have never been a Rossi believer, however, when first introduced to it in January, 2011,

    I was certainly intrigued enough to follow it.

    However, within the first 12 months it was obvious to me that he had absolutely no intent to follow the scientific method to prove his assertions.

    It is my humble opinion that Andrea Rossi is a flat out con man.

    Rossi put out the bait yet again. Now, he will ensconce himself in his Miami condo and sip mint juleps and wait to see if anyone bites. In the meantime, he is going to continue the cloud of bovine feces he has always emanated from his idiotic and misnamed blog, JONP. I doubt he can resist doing that. Maybe, like someone famous we know, he will discover Twitter? I really hope some of the information that has been relayed by various people to local prosecutorial authorities is eventually acted upon. I'd love to see that man in court and in prison (again).


    Thanks for the history. But to paraphrase Barnum, new suckers are born every minute.


    I don’t care if he goes to prison, suckers are born every minute and if they are foolish enough not to do their due diligence and then to get taken by a con man, oh well.

    However, I would absolutely love to see him in court and watch him uncomfortably twist and turn, clench his jaw, gnash his teeth, mumble and stumble in a witness chair while being asked yes or no questions prepared by an engineer.

    Now THAT is a show I would buy tickets for

    It could certainly be intentionally "flawed". At least we can be sure not all information was revealed. The reason for this could be argued from any direction I suppose. So I don't understand you point here otherwise than having a personal opinion. Seems like you try to cover all exits...

    All witnesses however seems to agree there were potential investors/partners lining up to meet with Rossi, so in that respect and according to general sentiment from witnesses it does not seem at all that flawed. So in that respect it doesn't really matter you arguing something happened that did not happen here, or?


    There was not a single notice of any investor

    at the demo.

    No one had name tags on and the guest list was not published, how do you know who was there and what they were there for?

    If you know who was there please advise

    My guess is that these guests were friend of the program.

    Your guess is entirely right, since (you may have noticed) there were 70 people there, and quite a few were still waiting in line to talk with Rossi hours after the demo finished. And he was only available on that day. The whole event was tightly managed. I had a chance to talk with Fulvio Fabiani, but we were discussing E-Cats. Some helpful info for replicators there, which needs to be sorted out.

    not a guess Alan,

    After 7 years of this charade, can anyone anywhere believe anything this guy presents? I do not.

    I called it right just before you left, he controlled the audience, the presentation, the test, the results and the questioning.

    Now maybe you’re not a Rossi stooge

    But you were not allowed to verify anything

    Or even ask questions, Rossi made sure of that, you were simply window dressing,

    a credible source to add credibility where there is absolutely none.

    He could have stayed for days answering questions but he didn’t, why not?

    (It’s rhetorical, please don’t answer).

    Nothing conclusive, same old Steaming raft of turd from senor Rossi.

    Yet still his minions line up to applaud him

    and dream up myriad excuses for his failures.

    Rossi always seeks false associations with major universities and companies. He did it and was repudiated by U of Bologna, Upsalla, National Instruments, Philips, NASA maybe, and others I forget. It's a classical hallmark of free energy scams-- yet another that Rossi adopts. Along with meaningless certifications from agencies that allow self-certification. I am sorry nobody asked Rossi how the "certificators" he has had working with him since 2012 are doing with his original ecats and megawatt plant. Seems like the species of certificators we have these days suffers a lot of inertia. Come to think of it, nobody asked Rossi hard questions or if they did, the microphones were not in use so nobody heard them. Typical.

    Well Mary,

    Allen indicates that he would NOT

    be a Rossi stooge, let’s wait to see what he returns with and if he in fact asked difficult questions and Rossi, plainly,

    (not in Rossi Speak), answered them

    My guess is no, I might be wrong

    but I don’t think so, (“Charles Barkley”).


    Ask IHFB to explain The heat stressed tree theory,

    then you will succumb to his logic


    Rossi truly has a product/process that produces more Energy Out > Energy In

    Then the entire world, (including me), rejoices in a new world, unparalleled opportunities,

    However, and there is always a however axil

    You, Adrian, IHFB, Warthog, bachcole et al,

    Know the odds of that happening are -1^1/2

    But not to worry, for your entertainment this charade of Rossi’s Is going to linger for many many moons, allowing you all to continue to think up excuses for his continual demos, tests, robitized factories,

    imaginary customers, fake data etc.

    LENR may in fact be real, I hope to see it my lifetime, but Andrea Rossi? Sorry, not gonna happen.

    is not the guy to deliver it

    Oh yes? Consider the way he misquoted me to put Rossi in the worst possible light. It's what lawyers do to make their point.

    If both of you looked a glass half full, you would say it was 1/4 full and IHFB would say it was 5/8 full.

    if Rossi measured the glass I would abstain from an opinion.