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    Japanese NEDO funded experiment have convinced already, but this is not enough to get allowance to ruin other's careers. Facts are not enough, there is a societal problem. By the way the guys who are convinced have a plan to launche a social/epistemology efforts to understand the problem and get a way through the mesh.

    My advice is to stop talking to physicist, and start talking to cognition experts.


    Vehemently disagree.

    “IF”, the test results run by 5 different groups, all showed Energy Out > Energy In

    And all of the results were the same, then

    Publish the experiment on the internet.

    Once the entire world is replicating excess heat academia can no longer say it doesn’t work.

    The Japaneses NEDO project would qualify. It was a partnership between 3 universities, and 2 automotive research divisions. Brillouin is close, as SRI replicated them many times in their own lab.


    Did the 3 universities and 2 auto companies

    Replicate, (get the same), results?

    If they did, then yes, if they didn’t then no

    Hi, I'm talking with a friend who doesn't believe in LENR based on the fact that there must be gamma emissions from these reactions, and Rossi should be dead by now if his devices are unshielded.

    Anyway, I want to find some papers that can convince a skeptic. Any papers from Mizuno are welcome too.

    I just don't know what papers to organize and give to my friend for reading to convince him. Any advice appreciated.

    Bulletproof replication by multiples trusted sources, including academia and preferably a national Lab, showing replication of

    Energy Out > Energy In


    Yeah, he’s got 7 “Robotic” production lines up and running now, cranking out thousands of Ecats.

    What evidence is there that it isn't?


    All of my professional career, 35 spent in mechanical and electrical fields, I have noticed when someone asks a simple direct

    yes or no question, just as woodworker has,

    And is answered by another question, just as you have done, it is either because you don’t know the answer and are stalling, or, are trying to think of a lie.

    Which is it with you Adrian?

    Answer the question!!!!!!!

    All of his statements are factually wrong. If you read the literature, you will see that. You could easily confirm that everything he says is nonsense or contrary to the facts, yet evidently you believe it. You are very gullible.


    Is it possible that you simply believe what you have read because it aligns with your current belief system?

    Just asking


    Well, Rossi has always been his own best Sock Puppet


    Maybe you could comment on your impression of the 13th ICMNS workshop you attended?


    Yes please advise your impressions of the conference, very much looking forward to an unbiased opinion by an attendee


    I don’t care if LENR reactions have nuclear byproducts, it doesn’t matter at all.

    What does matter and is the only thing that has ever mattered is does:

    Energy Out > Energy In?

    We don’t even know if it is real yet,

    And we are all assuming that it is some unknown nuclear reaction.

    It could just as easily be some unknown chemical reaction.

    Who suggested it was simple? There is a lot of technique involved in getting it right. While I think solo builders would be few and far between (like solo bicycle builders for example - and I don't mean just assemblers of factory supplied parts) there could be a spot for small companies offering 'local solutions for local problems'.


    I said it’s simple, “IF” it works.

    Think about it for 1 minute.

    If Rossi is to be believed, LENR can be accomplished with $100 of plumbing and electrical parts and maybe another $200 of specially prepared grams of specific isotopes.

    If it works as Rossi and ME, and Mizuno etc suggest then it is mindless simple.

    As soon as it is figured out what is needed how to assemble and how to initialize the reaction people can do it in their basements.

    Again “IF”, it works it will be duplicated by every energy intensive industry and Nation State on the planet with no one paying anyone royalty’s.

    No, those who make the initial cash will be the first to market and they might have a couple of years. After that, unless they build a brand like Ford did, it will be a free-for- all (except the people who need 'free' the most.(- and even Henry Ford's monopoly didn't last long.


    If it as simple as suggested,

    People will make Ecats in their garages

    If it is

    Forget science, LENR needs to make money...lots of is über alles



    How long after LENR is figured out do you think nonit will take every global energy company and Nation State to hijCk and duplicate?

    An invention of this kind, of real, is simply

    Not protectable.

    Replication über alles

    That is not true THH and you know it. You need an "international academy of science" to officially acknowledge LENR as a real and official science. Before that you would say that the experimen)t (no matter how good it was) was not independently tested (original experiment and replication were on the same continent -> not indepent; the researchers sat at the same table at the last conference -> not indepent; ...--> infinity) and you would say it was not "good calorimetry" (solar activity was not taken into account and the sun heated up the experiment --> no good calorimetry; there is no 24 hour video stream of the experiment - a cat could have slept on the experiment heating it up --> no good calorimetry;...--> infinity).

    You are going to learn that real science is to a large extend a social/emotional thing and not the highly idealized science from the textbook. When you are converted from a skeptic to a believer by national TV in the (hopefully not so far away) future you will see many of the here presented experiments in a different light. You would not admit it and you would defend your past view as the "correct" scientific method, but this would not change the fact that you were flat out wrong. (I know that good science needs sceptics (to a certain degree) to design better experiments)


    That is also not true and you know it.

    You need bulletproof replication by trusted sources, (this should include academia),

    Showing consistently that

    Energy Out > Energy In.

    “Come In professors, Industrialists & media members, welcome to our lab.

    Here is our Bill of Materials,

    build instructions, testing methodology

    and test results.

    If you follow same, you will see results so consistently extraordinary that you will find it impossible to explain using known chemical and physical sciences.

    We urge you to try these tests in your own labs, using your own measuring equipment and personnel ASAP, we will be happy to assist if asked.

    We believe this to be a prolific paradigm shift in cheap, clean, renewable energy.

    This is truly world changing”.

    Broadcast to internet with documentation for global replication.

    Screw the sceptics, they’re opinions mean less than 2 dead flies.

    Only replication matters.

    End of story


    That comment belongs in the trash bin more so than any other I have read.

    Andrea Rossi is very relevant in today's world and the discussion of LENR. Granted, due to his past behavior and inventors syndrome resulting in a possibly low chance of finding the type of partner he needs to massively commercialize his technology, there are other researchers that could very well be more relevant -- like Alexander Parkhomov. However, Andrea Rossi is literally part of the chain of inventors that started with Ni-H and moved forward optimizing the combination. Trying to avoid speaking about him is ridiculous. He's a part of history -- both good (the work he did with Ni-H) and bad (the whole Doral fiasco, the lies he has told, the ways he has manipulated the LENR community, etc). Anyone who wants his very mixed legacy to simply vanish is as bad as people who wish to tear down monuments about parts of history, religions icons, or political figures they don't like.


    I don’t want him to vanish, I NEVER said that, but I do want him to stop lying and at least one time during these Bulls,,,,,it test/demo whatever, have someone do proper energy in and energy out testing.

    If Rossi does not allow that, then, yes, my original statement stands.


    The only people who are less relevant than Rossi today are Hillary Clinton and Bob Lutz


    As much as I can appreciate your guns blazing at some of the dim witted here, my dad always told me, “Son, never argue with idiots, they’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience”.


    All of the anvils would make a loud noise & leave a big hole in the ground, (read ALL).

    Not ALL of the Ni-H experiments result in excess heat do they? (Why not)?

    In fact the overwhelming majority of them do not and never have.

    In the very rare odd case, a Ni-H experiment does result in some amount of excess heat, but when run exactly the same again, there is no hole in the ground, again why?

    Because something in the experiment changed, it is up to the experimenter to find out what, and so far, nada


    I guess in Roseland67 world, if you don’t get the same results, you haven’t replicated anything, all you’ve done is another experiment and gotten different results.

    It is science, there is an answer why you didn’t get the same results, it is up to science to find out why.

    Continue experimenting, continue eliminating all of the variables until you do get the same results, time and time again.

    Then the theory of what is happening can begin to shape additional experimenting to improve in the results.

    There are lots of different types of vehicles that transport humans: boats, airplanes, trains, trucks, cars, motorcycles, helicopters, hover craft, gyrocopters, dune buggies, and others. For the sake of this analogy, I'll say that any LENR reaction that primarily utilizes nickel and hydrogen is a specifically a car. However, there are many different types of cars that have many differences. One car can be a blue four door sedan with a puny four cylinder engine while another can be a red four door sports coup with a 500HP engine. But they are both fundamentally cars even though there are differences. Anyone can recognize that they are not airplanes (plasma-electrolysis), boats (palladium-deuterium electrolytic cells), motorcycles (Unified Gravity Corporation's Li-H technology), or trains (BLP's hydrino tech). If someone builds a Ni-H system that produces high power (in the kilowatts like Rossi) and reasonable COP (not something like 1.1 or 1.2 that can be argued about as measurement error) then I might not call it a strict replication, but they did in fact build a car. I'd say Focardi and Piantelli built a car as well long before Rossi came along. After Rossi came along, other teams built nickel-hydrogen systems with smaller proportions of other elements such as lithium. They were also cars. Interestingly, Andrea Rossi built a bunch of different cars that used nickel-hydrogen but with added components and enhanced features. To go through the changes that were made from system to system could take up an entire essay. However, he built enough cars to have a decent used car lot. And, of course, like any used car lot, although most will run half decent for a while and a few are really good diamonds in the rough, there are also a couple lemons. What I'm trying to say here is that even though what Parkhomov has done is not a STRICT replication of a specific system Rossi built, I am not going to be critical and negative if someone calls it a replication.

    The truth is that any powerful Ni-H system is going to be compared to Rossi's E-Cats. I think this is appropriate. The fact some people can't seem to tolerate a positive Ni-H result being compared to Rossi is sickening. I understand why a bunch of people are irritated with him due to his very poor behavior, bad business practices, and manipulations. However, Parkhomov's experiment adds evidence that Ni-H is capable of high powered operation even when poorly optimized. This makes it even more likely that Andrea Rossi's technology did indeed work (even if specific devices may not have operated as he described). This is not a bad thing but a very good thing.


    I would “tolerate” a positive Ni-H result of excess heat if it was replicated by trusted sources, in fact I would welcome and celebrate it.

    However, FYI, moving forward:

    To replicate:

    Use the same bill of materials

    Use the same build instructions

    Use the same testing procedure/protocols

    Get the same results

    There have been many claims of excess heat by many different experimenters, however,

    when pushed, these people cannot even reliably replicate their own experiments let alone train someone else do it.

    As before, this is not politics, religion or philosophy, it is not a high school debate class, it is science, there is an answer,

    it must be found.

    You know, when I think of Edison the first name in contemporary science that comes to mind is Andrea Rossi: After all, Rossi is 68 and has at least one patent, which has never been developed into anything publicly recognized as being useful. Poor old Alva, at age 67, only had a few more patents, approximately 950 more, the products of which revolutionized the world we live in. So it is easy to confuse the two.

    Rossi’s mother and Edison’s mother were both mothers, that’s where the similarities end

    could be trouble,

    Rossi didn’t say F5😎

    AND they were both broken, covered with spiderwebs and didn't turn a single RPM during the R'ster's reign in this space.

    Regarding supersonic steam decibels - anybody remember Renzie's picture of the R'ster listening to a Saturn V rocket motor with his stethoscope?

    Guess what I found in a lab drawer today?

    THE stethoscope!!!!


    Like Khrusxhrv’s shoe😎

    Actually, I think he does know how to properly measure this. I have had e-mail exchanges with him and I have spoken with people who worked with him. He could do this right if he wanted to. His fake demos are deliberately wrong, not mistakes.

    Also, at times he plays stupid. He pretends to know less than he actually knows.

    At Doral, he was phoning it in. That was such a crude fake, it did not fool anyone. You can see from the report it was nonsense. However, some of his earlier demos were pretty convincing. They fooled me. From a distance, anyway. I like to think . . . okay, I hope that if I had been there, and if he had let me measure the temperatures and flow rates, I would seen the problem. He never let anyone else measure anything, presumably to prevent that. The moment I told him I would bring my own instruments, he cut me off an never once invited me to anything. I would not go to any demo of this sort without my own instruments, even at Mizuno's lab.

    Well, I was intrigued at first and hopeful, but upon further review and deeper investigation it became obvious to me that Rossi is a fraud and a conman.

    If he truly knows how to measure properly and he chooses not to, why in God’s name would any reasonably sane person believe anything this boob does?