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    Adrian’s heels are firmly dug in, he will not and in fact cannot, under any circumstances admit he is wrong and was conned by Rossi,

    Adrian believes that he is too smart for that to ever happen.

    No discussion by anyone on this, or any other board is going to sway his opinion.

    I do not believe Rossi will ever produce any device producing Energy Out > Energy In.

    But I do believe that he will continue with this charade of staged demos, new models, extended dates, presentations, and fake data until he is no more.

    Then, without a product ever being installed and tested by trusted sources, the faithful will blame it on a Big Oil conspiracy.


    If you have not already consumed,

    May I suggest “Empires of Light”

    by Jill Jonnes


    Please, “pointless speculation” is what your ilk has been doing since January, 2011.


    It comes down to whether or not you trust my, and Alan's judgement. Hopefully in deciding that, you consider that both he and I abhor banning, and consider it only as a last resort. IMO, just that one deleted post to Jed justified a temporary ban. Added to Greg's other posts, and his provocative response to Alan and my private pleas to him, it became very clear a permanent ban was in order..

    In one of his private responses to us, Greg claimed he was copying our private conversations to his Google+ LENR Group website...for some reason beyond my understanding. I do not have an account there, but if he is so foolish as to make public his taunts, you can read them there, and maybe come to a better informed understanding of why we decided to ban him.


    Did not know that, you have more data than I do Your decision amigo.

    I hate to see him banned for that. It was silly. It did not bother me at all. Kind of mysterious. I have no clue what he was upset about.

    I don't know what else he wrote. I wasn't following. Generally speaking, I don't like the idea of banning people.


    Although Greg reminds me of Alainco from many years ago, I believe he meant to

    “Intellectually slaughter” Jed, nothing more.

    GBG does add value, he like many others,

    Tends to ignore data that does not support his preferred conclusion.


    If some “trusted sources”

    do all of the measurements,

    showing “Energy Out > Energy In

    it would go a long way.

    No. Obviously not as there hasn't been a "commercial" version yet. The 1 MW unit was found wanting after the one year test.

    To save you the trouble of now writing "Why not?" I point out that the time for development of a new technology is not unusual. Think ITER.l


    Found wanting?


    My god man, how far down the rabbit hole have you fallen?

    It was flat out fraud.



    However clear, concise, straightforward

    and honest you are, you must realize that you simply cannot argue faith with the faithful.

    “Rossiism” is almost a cult on ECW,

    and woe betide the heretics.

    I would point out that there have been six replications of the LION protocol based on his descroption of the methodology. 3 by LFH and 3 by MFMP. No success has been reported.


    Not to be an ass, (I’m good at it),

    If there was no success, what exactly did they replicate?


    We have been over this before.

    Alan cannot be objective, at least not openly on this forum. If he was, if he was critical of Rossi in any way, shape or form, he would not get invited back to Rossi demos and he desperately wants to keep that avenue open.

    This is clearly understood, if any of us were in Alan’s place we would do the same,

    (I know I would).

    This is why he continues with his best duck, dodge, hide, flee, avoid and evade tactics when asked direct questions.

    It is actually a good thing to have him closer to the con than the rest of us as he may actually call out the scam when seen.

    Patience my young Padawan, patience, All will be revealed in time.

    Sometimes big pictures need a push start to get moving -


    I have finally come to grips with this,

    (I know your happy for me).

    For the longest time I could find no rational reason why a bunch of seemingly smart lawyer type people could get swindled by this guy.

    Rossi’s con seemed so obvious to most of us

    I guess in your zeal to want something so badly, your judgement seems to have been clouded ie: Religion, politics, psychology, etc.

    Happens to most of us sooner or later, hopefully, we learn, recover and move on.

    Good luck in your grail quest amigo, I shall continue to hope & watch progress of this most unusual field.

    as someone else,

    “There’s one born every minute”

    Ahi - you're sniffing down a trail with no scent. Fake reactors never throw off energetics.

    Experts with the best instrumentation reported across the board null in all USA tests. Every time you contemplate this - always remember the

    empty tube with a COP of 8.


    And yet, your team invested?

    This never ceases to amaze me.

    What exactly did you see/interpret that

    out-weighed all of these negatives?

    I would suggest measure DC into an inverter for the input of what ever device is required - possibly from a battery array - much harder to trick a DC measurement. And pump water from and into a large pool/ or tank and the measure heat rise as a function of time while mixing. Yes there will be loss, but at his claimed COP that should not be a problem. This should be done by setting up, turning on and then leaving the device to run on its own. It should run for over 100 times any known chemical events possible calculated from the device's mass.

    If he has on demand, on/off and a robust system, that shouldn't be a problem. If the device does require constant "adjustments" by Rossi then it is not ready for commercialization. Turn it on, stand back and watch for a few days. You can calibrate with an electric pool heater if needed.

    In short, heat a "bucket" of water with a battery sourced device for a length of time while the device is left untouched.

    Good news/bad news, over on JONP. Rossi is "trembling" over the latest (good) test results, but nothing will be presented in 2018. For those that think LF won't survive once he is proven right...looks like we have another year at least before the day of reckoning. :)


    Who knows? Like you, after Doral, I follow his followers, not him. That said, his one "successful" product...the LT Ecats bundled into 1MW, within a shipping container, which obtained an average COP 83 over a 1 year period, is no longer on the market. Understandably, his customers no longer wanted it, opting instead to wait years more for the QX.


    This, (along with myriad other solutions),

    has been suggested for years.

    Rossi COULD comply,

    but will not because he cannot

    for reasons obvious to all but a select few that remain at the Rossi altar.

    Adrian, not sure who the babbler is here. Any engineer who believes that Rossi’s fabulous reactor works as claimed and can produce heat or steam with an unbelievable COP would think instantly of much simpler, more widely useable and much quicker and less expensive realizable fields of application. Using an existing gas turbine and remodel that one would be probably the last thing a realistic and experienced engineer who has still all his senses together could think is so hilarious. So many things beneficial to mankind could be done, if Rossi simply would come out of the corner with his sectrets. Instead he pics topics which can endlessly be evolved and discussed until end of times by his babblers...and nothing happens. We will talk about this next June again. Looking forward.

    What Zorud said

    “I have no reason to disbelieve him”

    It boggles the imagination to think of what would constitute a reason for Adrian to disbelieve Rossi. Perhaps if Rossi had a nose like Pinnochio.

    That would be tantamount to Adrian admitting he was wrong, he got conned by an expert and he wasn’t smart enough to see thru he con. This will never happen.

    At the end of 2018 when a grand total of nothing has changed, the “Rossiites” will still believe their savior is working on something bigger and better.

    What an enormous steaming pile of turd.

    Adrian Ashfield I am not a pathological sceptic. I was a huge Rossi fan untill I started to pay more attention to rossisays. After that I quickly realized that there is no logic in it.

    Eccentric behaviour usually does not include swindling I guess.


    The two are mutually inclusive,

    If you do not believe what “Rossi says”,

    You MUST be a pathoskeptic.

    Askie (^^) didn't you previously claim that you are just trying to fit pieces of ‘evidence’ into a puzzle, rather than promoting your own overarching conspiratorial narrative?

    only if the puzzle forms the proper picture that allows he correct conclusion to be drawn


    As I have been saying for years.

    “IF” the Ecat works as stated, there is no way anyone anywhere under any conditions could keep it a secret as AR suggests.

    imagination is all we’ve been using for the last 7 years, sorry none left.

    Yes, it saves the customer the up front cost of buying the reactors.

    It is easy enough to measure the heat transport fluid and calculate the heat transferred. They already do that for electric power. If the customer can halve his heating bill, why not?

    assuming temp control is +/- 50°f is may work that way, BUT, if the Ecat loses a network connection, (because that never happens), does the customer er lose control

    Or does the Ecat just continue to do what it was told to do before the connection was lost.

    Adrian, you are agreeing with me that the input power was not measured.

    Otherwise you are saying you think Rossi could not be fraudulent, and therefore must be incompetent. That is your choice. I'll keep both options open, though I mildly prefer incompetent Rossi's highly deceitful statements give ammunition to those who think he is fraudulent. The two options are not mutually exclusive.

    He has, on the record, behaved in ways that appear fraudulent towards IH, lying in order to obtain money. Such a pity (for us, though not IH) he chickened out of the Court case after IH lawyer's (damning) initial statement and before he was due to give evidence and be cross-examined.


    He cannot be incompetent, he has been doing this for 9 years.

    Somehow, somewhere, someone he knows would tell him how to do it right.

    The electrical power going into the QX was determined by the measurement of the 1 ohm resistor in series with the QX . The output energy measured by the heating of water. What are you on about?


    If you were doing a power and Energy measurement to show out > in,

    would you do it the way Rossi did it?

    It is rhetorical, please do NOT answer yes.