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    Stay Tuned R67.

    No Sam, I don’t believe I’m going to stay tuned anymore now than I did 10 years ago.

    It is my opinion that Andrea Rossi will NEVER produce an “Energy Out > Energy In” device.

    Even the foolishness of his believers has worn thin on me, I am no longer amazed at their gullability, but I am now convinced that P.T. Barnum was right.

    DR Storms will be waiting for

    Dec 9 Presentation like the

    Rest of us.

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    “The rest of us”?

    I stopped waiting for the next Rossimabob, many years ago.

    I peak in every 2-3 months now just to see how the faithful are doing.

    Didn’t even know the Covid discussion got moved, that was interesting until the conspiracy theorists got to mud slinging, then it wasn’t .

    Keep the faith and don’t get parted from your $$$$.

    It reminds me of Shemp from the

    3 Stooges, similar sounding but identical dna


    It doesn’t work and never did, but he cannot possibly continue to scam $millions from people if he admits it


    I suggested same years ago.

    Not 1 single person on planet earth has ever seen this miracle invention working, not one.

    No one has seen any deliveries of any kind to any building anywhere.

    Not 1 disaffected employee, not 1 entrepreneur taking info and striking out on his own.

    Not a single government demanding Rossi’s product be turned over for the betterment of humanity.

    Not a single kidnapping plot of the greatest invention since electricity.

    All of this in over 10+ years, nothing,

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, mercy.

    PT Barnum was right

    Actually most important is Legit

    Safety Certification of the SKLed.

    If he gets S.C. and the Product is as good as claimed he should easily sell a million.

    Then the Customers can decide

    whether it is all B.S. or not.

    Sell to whom?

    Sam, would you buy ANYTHING from this guy with his impossibly stupid failure rate at everything he’s ever done?

    My god man, think for a moment

    Glad you’re on the mend.

    Two friends of the family are both in ICU, both 55, married, working fathers

    and of the “I don’t believe this media induced scamdemic” hype.

    It’s terrible to see pictures of them, unconscious with tubes sticking down their throats, just terrible, they look totally helpless.

    A month ago they were both healthy and playing golf with us.

    Huh? You speak as if Mats writes about the Ecat without reservation. Whether the Ecat pans out or not, it's a story that deserves to be told and I'm glad Mats had the balls to pursue it.

    He does write about the Ecat without reservation Mark.

    Mats has never once opined about any of the failures, fakes, sleight of hand, dubious tests, certifications or sock puppet comments that riddle ECW and the interwebs.

    BUT, he always finds a way to justify the steady stream of flat out BS that comes streaming out of ECW and the “Rossiworld” faithful.

    Mats is either on Rossi’s payroll, or so gullible that he is incapable of seeing what is obvious to anyone using common sense, logic and reason.

    Rossi does not have a product or process that produces Energy Out > Energy In and never has, he is either delusional or a conman, what is so difficult about this to understand?


    Experiments, if not replicated by multiple trusted sources, (hint, not Rossi sock puppets), are worth less than 2 dead flies, they are simply experiments, interesting data sets that need to be further reviewed and evaluated.