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    That is simply not true.


    Rossi has what he says he has there is NOTHING on this planet that will stop companies and countries from trying to duplicate it, the reward is simply to great no matter the risk, (Including his foolish NDA).


    The eacat works as stated it CANNOT be protected, ever, so his fear is irrational, he must know this.


    Even the most faithful of Rossi's followers will stop following his blog.

    I suspect, after another 3-4 years of supposed tests/demos/fake customers etc

    and a grand total of zero sales, factories, customers, replications Rossi will take whatever money he has scammed from whoever and just go away.

    Can't wait

    Open replication by multiple trusted sources

    (academic, scientific, industrial, lab rats etc), using identical bill of materials, build instructions, testing procedures, measurement principles and protocols and getting the same results.

    In "Roseland67 world" a theory is not needed to develop a product/process, the theory can come after.

    IF/when, the Ecat meets those requirements

    the world will change, until then,

    "Rossi says", just doesn't cut it for me.


    Because I do not believe Rossi has developed an Energy Out > Energy In device, and I never have.

    It is very difficult for me to understand why anyone, anywhere would believe anything this man says.

    It is probable that sometime, someone, somewhere will actually develop some type of clean, safe, sustainable atomic energy platform, but it will not be Rossi.

    The "Hot Fusion" crowd, whoever they are, have corrupt congress funding their pet state boondoggles, but this has nothing to do with Rossi, it is not and either/or proposition.

    I did not know! Very interesting ..... I think so many things are moving in this time ....

    I am told that several informal demos to interested parties have been given in Doral over the last few months. I think the delay until October is because other work is to be presented at around the same time.


    We were also told, (almost 7 years ago), that Rossi had built an Energy Out > Energy In


    As of today, no one on the planet knows if it works as stated except Rossi, and he is simply not trustworthy.

    The crackpottery continues,

    The same people who believe the BS from The Church of Scientology believe this nonsense.

    Please leave religion (or what might be considered religion) entirely out of this forum. Alan.

    How many nonsense .............. Professors have written and signed the Lugano report, that is enough to make it clear that they support the work they have done. There is no need to reiterate their point of view on the internet: if they did not deny what they wrote,it means that they are convinced of the value of their work. The fact that they believe in the E-Cat is confirmed by the replication they are making in Sweden: if it were not so, now they would deal with other things. It is useless that you try to interpret the attitude of the Professors so that this can be part of your vision, where Rossi is an orc and anyone who has to deal with him is a victim. Things are not so, resign yourself to that.

    uhm, no, I won't resign myself to anything.

    Rossi has shown himself to not be trustworthy, believable, scientific in any of these Ecat, Quark scams for 7 years now.

    As is wrote 7 years ago, I'll believe it when I see it, not before, and for the last 7 years I have seen nothing but sleight of hand crackpott, fake science and engineering.

    Hehe. You wish!

    Maybe they simply do not want to share their work with you guys ... which I find somewhat understandable. Rumour is they are financed and doing very well. ;)


    Do you really believe that?

    They supposedly witnessed the cure for the cancer of the 21at century, cheap, clean sustainable energy and they're staying quiet? Really?

    They don't have to share anything with

    "us guys" just confirm that the Ecat built by Rossi and tested by them actually produced

    Energy Out > Enerfy IN, but no, nothing for over 2 years, nothing. No interviews, no published papers, no re test, no additional data from the test, nothing, crickets.

    They're staying quiet in hopes that the scientific community just forgets their involvement.

    ... thats true, but those fakenews almost never have a valid scientific background and even if some users claim that Rossi has fooled the Professors, I have not read one single statement by these scientists that they withdraw their reports, or any criticism about Rossi.


    It is also true that you have not heard, seen or read 1 word of support from any of these scientists that validated Rossi's Ecat claims since the Lugano "test" they attended.

    You'd think if these people really truly believed the Ecat test data they would

    step up and say something, anything,

    to lend credence to this data, but nothing.

    It appears that want to distance themselves from "All Things Rossi" hoping the scientific community forgets their involvement.

    Political opposition to LENR caused the destruction of many people's careers, savage attacks in the mainstream press, firing, threats of deportation, sabotage of experiments, and publishing of fraudulent data by MIT and others. This is not "tempest in a teapot." It is the worse scandal in the history of academic science.

    All proposals were turned down immediately. The reputations of anyone making a proposal was trashed, and Robert Park and others tried to fire anyone who made a proposal. See:

    and here I thought that MIT offered a class on cold fusion taught by Peter Hagelstein?…-fusion-101-to-run-again/

    maybe there are no "well thought out proposals" yet.

    Just a bunch of people looking for government funding that is known will not work and lead nowhere.

    NREL and NASA could do it though if the

    Thought it had a possibility of working.

    It would be interesting to see MY trying to fake running around a 400m track for 24h... Hint - It is really really hard to make a scam out of that performance... :D


    It was "running". You can contact FIDAL (acronym for the Italian Federation of Athletics, and they will reply that Rossi has set the best Italian performance (Absolute and Juniores) in the 24 hour racing on track in Brescia, 23 and 24 April 1970, with 175,144 meters

    You are so foolishly disbeliever that you wouldn't even believe what you see if it is shown by Rossi. In order to carry out your war against him, you deny the most trivial things .... I hope at least that this attitude gives you some satisfaction: seen from the outside is just pathetic.

    This matters less than 2 dead flies.

    What matters is did the Ecat produce

    Energy Out > Energy In?

    And after 7 years, no one except Rossi KNOWS this for sure, no one, nobody.

    Oh for cripes sake, the so-called megawatt plant was until very recently nothing but a grotesque collection of cobbled together pieces of crap that Rossi called ordinary ecats -- 50 or even 100 of them at one time. The supposedly latest reincarnation with six modules, far as I know, has never been seen pretending to run by anyone yet. Rossi has talked about being ready for market since 2011 when he supposedly had 12 + sales of the "plants". And according to Rossi, he was holding back the consumer version only because it needed "certification" by mystery certificators who were ever so busy doing the work... in 2012. I guess certificators must do a very slow process. How anyone can still believe the low level garbage that is Rossi's scam is absolutely mystifying. One must really have to work at that hard to rationalize for Rossi's obvious errors and plentiful, constant lies.


    You simply cannot argue faith with the faithful.

    Rossi fanatics are the church of Scientology.

    Logic and reason are countered with faith in their leader, you cannot win this argument.

    You are passionate about gambling, as I see ...... Will you keep the same odds even after the October demo?


    Please advise your expectations of what his "October Demo" is going to exhibit.

    Mine are as follows:

    Rossi will say/show/exhibit claims of excess heat and staggering CoP, but will not allow

    Anyone outside his coven of yesmen to examine, measure and independently test anything he builds.

    First Jed maintains the E-Cat QX doesn't even exist, so the photo is apparently a figment of one's imagination.

    Then THH can't resist speculating in his usual negative way, that one can't determine the power by measuring the voltage drop across a known resistor in series with the reactor, to get the current, and measure the output voltage pf the power supply. As it it supposed to be DC it should be fairly simple.

    Also curious is where my last post on the settlement thread disappeared to


    Jed does not believe the Ecat works,

    he never said it didn't exist.


    Mineral oil on shell side, water in tube side,

    Overall heat transfer coefficient is close to

    100 btu/hr/ft2/f?

    Water comes in at say 55f out at?

    Oil in at? Out at ?

    To calculate heat exchanger efficiency he should have this data, no?

    Would be nice to KNOW both fluid flows,

    Delta T's, specific heats and not have to mke assumptions.

    With oil start temp before Quark x,

    after Quark x and oil flow, energy input can be calculated.

    Then, if this quantity is as large as AR suggests, back calculate how much electrical energy is needed to heat the oil to the quartz temp.

    Is it even possible to get that much electrical power/energy thru the wire size used?


    The only thing that is absolutely

    "clear as air" is that after 7 years Andrea Rossi Still has not produced a working device that produces more

    Energy Out > Energy In.

    No one can argue this

    Agree with that; sort of sad that people admire con-men, and when the money could have actually gone to something at least somewhat productive.

    I do NOT admire Rossi or any of his ilk,

    This is simply a case of "caveat emptor"

    And IH was foolish, hopefully, future investors will look at this charade BEFORE they get in to deep.

    IH didn't really lose anything anyway, other than a relatively small chunk (to them and their kind) of money, and it's OPM (other people's money) which investors knew was at risk when they gave it to them. They knew the $10M was gone, and probably wouldn't have tried to claw it back, due to some bad judgement and poor due diligence. But then Rossi had the unmitigated gall to attempt to "bluff" them into handing over yet more, for his bag-o-nothing. So, Rossi got cold feet (in south-florida summer, no less, guess he needed a couple of Quack-X's stuffed in his socks) when actually having to prove his case (after all, there was repeated droning here by the Rossi Brethren, that his stuff absolutely worked, and he would get his $89M in court, and that was why the genius filed suit), and is out a few million in lawyer fees, and a large amount of his dubious behavior, wild unsupported claims, technical malfeasance, etc. made public in forums and disclosures. The counter-suit was merely to up the ante on Rossi, and he folded like a house of cards (a few million poorer, and reputation in (more) shambles). Guess Rossi has gotten away with so much for so long (eg $10M), he was overly-emboldened--self-delusion and overconfidence can be dangerous.

    No matter how you look at this,

    IH got conned out of $10,000,000 by Rossi.

    I say good for him,


    Well, according to you, Rossi is a victim of a scam! So, of course, he did what anyone would do that is being scammed...set up a fake company, rigged a test with the help of long time friends, destroyed equipment, data, and emails to cover his tracks, and tried to collect $89 million from the one scamming him -IH. :)

    Well, thats what I would do😀

    Dewey Weaver

    Do you have a public CV/Bio posted somewhere or maybe on Linkedin? One question I wanted to ask you since you seem actively involved in this case, is why otherwise smart people like Darden and Vaughn, did not bother to have someone look over the internet chatter about Rossi. Or if they did, why they disregarded it so completely? Also, why would they use entirely or mostly people related to or working with Rossi to evaluate the old work? And why in the world did a one year test of a weird kludge consisting of multiple ecats appeal to them when no decent simple test existed before? Or did they even know that? Or did they care about any of this? How did you feel about it? Thanks

    ETA: why did neither IH nor Woodford contact Krivit, Wright, Pomp and Ericsson, Shanahan, Zeopfl, and many others. Or little old me ([email protected])? Why did they not ask Boeing (or another credible lab) to test a simple ecat BEFORE they committed $10M. Is that such chump change to them?

    Mary Yugoslav,

    I have asked Dewey the same question twice

    And either I missed his response, or he has chosen not to answer it.

    How in the world could a bunch of seemingly smart banker lawyer types got taken by such an obvious con man?

    The quickness of the scientific establishment to label LENR as pseudo-science will assuredly come back around to bite. It may take another decade or two, but there will come a day of reckoning. My only lament is that the harshest critics of LENR will mostly be dead by that time.


    I'll still be here and I'll wager that Rossi has sold a grand total of nothing that produces

    Energy Out > Energy In.

    To be fair, I am NOT, and never have been, a critic of LENR, only the crackpottery that is

    Andrea Rossi