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    Experiments, if not replicated by multiple trusted sources, (hint, not Rossi sock puppets), are worth less than 2 dead flies, they are simply experiments, interesting data sets that need to be further reviewed and evaluated.


    Another “point to be noted” is that Rossi has been selling the same steaming raft of turd for over 10 years and has produced a grand total of nothing, ever, zip, zero, zilch, nada, fondalamatz, bubkis, NOTHING.

    and Andrea Rossi still has yet to produce a single energy out > energy in device

    Operational security on something like this is virtually impossible to keep secret.

    Eventually, someone, somewhere is gonna say something then the entire conspiracy unravels.

    I personally would not bet against the code breakers at the FBI or Ft. Meade, they’re pretty good at what they do and I would not be surprised if they already know exactly what happened.

    But now consider, What does the government do if they find out China purpose built and released this?

    How many Covid tests did you take? False positives are not unknown, one test is not a guarantee you have an active infection.
    But sorry to hear about the self-isolation.

    Mrs. Roseland 67 thinks I have the disease, she’s not sure, she just thinks I have it, and just to be safe she wants me to self isolate for the rest of 2021, somewhere else.


    Does it say how much $ they had before Covid-19 hit?

    just another article showering praise on our CDC, they help maintain the 37th ranked healthcare system in the world. They should be so proud.

    But they are all “experts”

    It seems no one here is complaining about Moderna.... any side effects or simply the same story as Pfizer? There have been hundreds of million people vaccinated, mainly in the US...not much can be read nor found...


    I had moderna,

    12 hours after 2nd injection, @ 10:00 am:

    I was shaking, had fever, and banging headache for 12 hours.

    Didn’t sleep and was exhausted,

    but perfectly fine by 10:00 am:


    Good to hear,

    My band is gigging again, crowds are increasing, agent is busy.

    Hopefully back to “normal” in summer

    For “Group Think Red”, the evidence is just as compelling to NOT get the vaccine.