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    Noting that the oil reserves have an average production life of 50 years, Çetin said: In the event that no new reserves can be identified, oil-based energy production will end in 50 years.

    Lawyer Süleyman Çetin; Despite the fact that there is more hydrocarbon supply in the world, the development of petroleum extraction technologies at high oil prices in recent years has led to the operation of new resources.

    Süleyman Çetin; Recalling that OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo supported the restraint of oil production, "In fact, a" restriction "in this direction will also provide an important opportunity to increase investments in renewable energy sources. This opportunity also needs to be evaluated. "

    Lawyer Süleyman Çetin, an expert on energy law and a legal counsel for Imaj Medya, received the following rating under the heading "Energy Restriction":


    Lawyer Süleyman ÇETİN

    The world giants who hold the power to produce energy resources also maintain their claim to dominate global governance at all times.

    Investments in renewable energy or "green energy" sources have not yet reached the desired level. In this case, fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal, along with natural gas, maintain their first place in energy production.

    As well as being the most developed countries using energy resources at the highest level, 2 billion people in the world still do not have access to energy resources.

    However, it is indispensable that energy can provide access to the basic needs of mankind and live in civilized conditions.

    Despite all this, energy production based on petroleum and coal is increasing rapidly. In parallel, a parallel increase in natural gas production is observed. Increasing the production of liquefied natural gas, in particular, has made the natural gas market global.

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