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    Except that Rossi says so, how do we know there is anything in the so-called QX other than perhaps a few passive electrical components to generate heat when powered by the obvious included power supply? Why does a device with such a high COP and the ability to generate electricity require a power supply at all, except maybe for starting?

    Also, what is it that is proprietary? if only the fuel, why not take it apart and show the inside?


    Ok. Lets try again. Eric moved my previous answer to this creepy MY post within a minute. It seem that it is ok to post hidden threats/hints and "WORRY" about Mats and his family in a "I know which school your kids goto" manner but me answering to it is censured...

    Are you some sort of nut case? I genuinely worry about Lewan can earn a living after Rossi finally goes down in flames and he is revealed as the (fill in the blank) that he is. And you find that creepy? What does that say about YOU?


    Rather than measure voltage across and current through the QX, like any normal person, he measures current through the QX and then asserts that its resistance is 800 ohms. This allows him to extrapolate voltage and power. If it is a discharge tube its impedance must be unclear and variable, so that seems thoroughly unsafe. it is also completely unnecessary. Nothing easier than to measure also the voltage across the supply

    Right. Unclear what if anything Rossi is measuring or how. Anyone wonder or inquire how this thing is being controlled? Or what the 50W power supply does and why? Why the reactor does not stop or runaway?


    Good thing IH agreed to settle with Rossi. After the Doral scam and his dishonesty was put on public display...for him to then rebound and command a packed house today, have his old faithful Swedes, and Levi attend for a show of force, attract this new guy, says something about his magnetic personality. If he could do that with the well educated, and scientifically informed and trained, just imagine what he could do with a jury.

    No. It says something about the boundless gullibility of murky thinkers, believers without evidence, and desirous individuals with more money than sense. I do agree with the latter point. It was likely enough that Rossi could have confused a jury that it was a major threat to IH which is why they settled on giving Rossi nothing. Rossi does not have a magnetic personality. He is annoying, abrasive, obviously evasive, and transparently dishonest. Most people with sense would avoid him like a plague. And then, there is his obvious internet record which documents his consistent failures and lies. I do worry about Lewan. He has a lovely family to take care of. I wonder how he is going to do it after Rossi's eventual and inevitable demise.

    OK so, this image below sums it all up. Rossi's zillion degree hot plasma reactor is wrapped in plastic electrical tape, most likely the cheap vinyl variety you get at Radio Shack for a dollar. The reactor is made of dirty plastic parts. And some of you people believe him? Wow. Just Wow. (image cropped from Siffy's effluvia stream). I ask you, this is a nuclear reaction? There is a plasma within at thousands of degrees C temp? What happens if the coolant stream (ducted through junk parts wrapped with cheap tape) fails?



    And really..."paid internet trolls", that is getting very worn out.

    Not at all! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, tell me how I can get paid! pretty-P L E A S E??!!


    Rossi makes this story so intriguing, not necessarily the technology, as in 6 years his Ecats have never passed a valid independent test. And by the looks of it, we may have years to go (oh, boy) for this to play out, as he will not submit any of his Ecat products for verification, and the market looks a long ways off.

    Not only no "valid independent test" but not a single correctly performed calibration and until the hot cat, NEVER a SINGLE CALIBRATION WHATSOEVER. Six year and MILLIONS of investor dollars wasted in various manner and NOT ONE CALIBRATION.

    And about this demonstration-- did anyone think to calibrate the output power and energy measurement by using a blank reactor and a Joule heater in the usual manner of calibrating calorimeters which, as Jed Rothwell would be pleased to confirm, has been in use for centuries?? Did anyone bring their own measuring devices to rule out spoofing of input power and/or output measurements?

    Let's see, we are expected to believe that a device containing a plasma, based on a nuclear reaction, is being demonstrated in a hall filled with people without the slightest safety equipment, shields, barriers, or radiation monitoring? Seriously? Maybe this is why this did not take place in the US! It would have been very illegal.

    I am very amused by the oscilloscope and laptop shown-- it is highly reminiscent of Steorn's Waterways "Scoposcopy" demo... people milling about, nothing actually happening, no clarity. no credibility, just the usual DPS. There is an overweight gentleman in a suit sitting nearby the device whose presence reminds me of Steorn's tachoman. I didn't see Vasella but if she's there, she'd be analogous to Steorn's Booth Babe or O-Girl. Wow.

    The real fascination here is trying to understand why any of the people attending bothered and why anyone still believes Rossi about anything. As for the device, it looks like the usual collection of meaningless junk that Rossi put together from cheap scrap. He must have an oversize junk drawer in his "factory."


    I've checked out Rossi's work. Its certainly interesting conceptually, but I'm not sure why he'd turn down a million dollars to demonstrate it working. Maybe I am missing something? It certainly glows

    Rossi, in essence, turned down ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS and, I am sure, a share of profits, when he failed to provide IH with anything whatever that worked. He turned it down again, if you believe him, when he agreed to settle with IH and to take nothing on his complaint and to pay what was probably millions on his own legal bills.

    Believers excuse this because somehow he suddenly realized it was a bad deal, IH was going to screw him, and his IP was worth much more. Seriously? Someone really believes it?


    So here is the contrast. According to Rossi's claims the hose he holds up should be spurting out 11.9 m^3/hr whereas according to conservative calculations it is visibly emitting about 0.72 m^3/hr. That is a disparity of about 16x and I don't see how this can be explained away by minor adjustments such as condensation in the line. The steam really should be rocketing out of the hose at a speed of at least 16 m/s, not 1 m/s. And recall that my 1 m/s estimate of gas velocity was intentionally on the high side. I really think that the true gas velocity seen coming out of the hose is about 1/3 of 1 m/s so the disparity is really about a factor of about 45.

    Good call. As I recall, Grabowski et. al. recalculated enthalpy in one Rossi run with the steam ecat, assuming steam was wet rather than dry as Rossi claimed. That alone would account for a COP up to 6, as per that report. See: -- next to last slide, IIRC.

    Also, there is a theory that Rossi located the thermocouple right on the internal heater, especially in the ecat which gave Levi's NyTeknik-reported spectacular result. Who could know either way about that since Rossi and Levi did not do or permit calibrations? A simple calibration with the two large Joule heaters in the ecat would have settled that issue but of course, in SIX YEARS, none of the geniuses working with Rossi nor the redoubtable Rossi himself has thought to do that! It is known that the so-called Ottoman ecat (derisively named that by NASA people) did, in fact, have a misplaced thermocouple, a misplacement which seemed to be calculated and deliberate. Again, this would have been easily corrected had a simple calibration been done and again, nobody did one. Not ONE flippin' calibration.


    LOLs. Yes, Roger Green IS the owner of all those regions he mentions:

    He may as well have said instead: "I, Roger Green, the Ecat licensee for Africa, India, Japan, Korea, SE Asia and Spain - wish Andrea good luck with the upcoming demo, and eagerly await a independent validation in the near future. I have supported Andrea now for many years thru thick and thin, and wish him the best- he deserves it !'

    Who knows? He was trying mercilessly to sell those regions for beaucoup bucks. No idea if he succeeded. Green has been steadily lying on his web pages for five years about ecat accomplishments and delivery dates. I have a very low opinion, to say it politely, of Mr. Green.


    You raise the issue of whether or not a proposed treatment works. What has that to do with what I wrote? Sure it can be difficult to know what works and what doesn't. But you have to use the scientific method to find out. That means reliable and replicable experiments and usually but not always at least some idea about the relevant theory. If it matters, and I think it's irrelevant to my statement, medical research in the US is not funded exclusively by government. A good deal of it (you can look up the proportions if you wish) is paid for from charitable gifts and foundations and from private industry. I agree the government, at least in the US, is pretty well done with LENR research which still leaves you foundations and private individuals and companies. But someone has to convince them that it is a good way to spend money. Debauches, farces, and fiascoes like the recent one with Rossi and IH are hardly a way to do that.


    Of course, there are those who think Fabiani, Penon, Levi, Kullander, and the rest were all in cahoots with one another in one of the most extensive and complex conspiracies hoisted upon the world in recent memory.

    First, you have not been following the case very well if you think Kullander, Essen, the Swedish scientists, Focardi and even Lewan are accused of being "in on the scam." What they are accused of is never pressing Rossi to perform calibrations which could have revealed the scam and which had been advised over and over by critics in many places. They are accused of negligence and/or incompetence in evaluating Rossi's methods. I have never heard the above mentioned people accused of collusion (to use a popular term in the US these days) with Rossi. Gullibility and an over-eagerness to see something happen go a long ways to assisting a scammer but this is not a conscious assistance.

    Alan dislikes hearing about it but certain few other people he likes, who are involved in the story, may have in fact conspired with Rossi although I know of no evidence that they did. it's just that if they didn't, they were so close to Rossi that the level of incompetence they exhibited in not questioning Rossi appropriately, is staggering.

    There is nothing either extensive nor complex about Rossi's scam. It is a simple, straightforward, classical free energy scam very reminiscent of Carl Tilley, Steorn, Howard Johnson, Mylow, Dennis Lee, and many others. What distinguishes Rossi's caper are, IMO, primarily two things: 1) His rather amazing ability to choose gullible marks (victims) to exploit and who won't fight back and 2) Rossi's blind luck that his various cheats and machinations were not uncovered. Yet. This is in part because of the constantly changing nature of his latest device (classical free energy scamming) and because Rossi always manages to degrade access to the devices for anyone who can check them out. He even goes so far as to claim such ridiculous things as that he has no working device to show, that an obviously excellent test was performed incorrectly, and even that he made the device malfunction to cheat a rival or even one of his own distributors. Amazingly, he has gotten away with this. So far.

    But extensive, complex, even clever? Not a chance.


    It sounds a bit like a fuel cell. Would it have any advantages over that kind of tech? . I ask because I have developed a very robust hydrogen production system, ideal market being fuel cells.

    You may already have done so but you will want to talk to Toyota. They are starting to push hard to sell the fuel-cell powered Mirai (US name anyway) and possibly a fuel cell powered bus.


    Another set of possible attendees who would be interesting to talk with would be any of the original Lugano report authors. Have they indeed been working away trying to refine or add to the evidence that they published in the report? Have been successful? I suggest that the upcoming demo on Friday would be a highly suitable time for the Lugano authors to disclose what progress they have made, if any.
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    You seriously expect the "Lugano authors" to be present at the Quark QX demo?


    Shane: "There may actually be something to Rossi, and we shall see shortly."

    Interested Observer: I think the safest thing that one can say about the forthcoming Rossi event is that it will change absolutely nothing. I'm sure there will be wild and dramatic assertions from all quarters in the wake of the demo for a little while but within weeks we will be back to the same pointless bickering between those who believe in spite of everything and those who can't understand why anybody would. So, in the big picture, I am confident that we will see very little shortly.

    If you look at recent free energy scams, they get more pitiful, obvious and lame as time goes by (spectacular example: Steorn) as the "inventor" grows more desperate and runs out of good ways to flummox and has to use bad ones. I suspect Rossi is getting to that place. But hey, maybe he will pull another sickly rabbit out of his mangy hat! That would be more fun! I hope but doubt that he will have an "O-Girl" or a "Tachoman" to show.

    ETA: Now that I think about it, Vessela is sort of like Steorn's "O-Girl" but seems a bit more wholesome and definitely not mercenary like O-Girl.

    Alan Smith

    AFTER you ask everything you really want to know, you might want to ask Rossi how the military has used the megawatt plants they bought in 2012. Also, to confirm, that it was the US Military and what branch. And if he pleads secrecy, how does that work when the IP was given out commercially to IH? Then, if you want some serious trouble from Rossi, ask where the robotic manufacturing plant is being built and would it be possible to pay it a visit. Better bring a soft pad to cushion the cement when you land after he has you forcibly ejected for asking those questions. But aren't they reasonable questions, actually?

    While we are at it, I'd like to know how old COL Fioravanti is doing? If he's still active duty or reserves, he surely must have made general by now due to his heroic work on the ecats and plants. So where is he working and what is he doing these days?


    My advice? Whine a little less, read a little more. Then you might be less of an obstacle to research.

    Me, an "obstacle to research?" Whose research exactly? How? I am all FOR research --by reputable people, using reliable methods, of course.


    Ouch. Having a change of script THH? All about vomiting on the potential fans & demo attendants now, is it? Fake facts are out, right? Maybe you are merging with the MY handle?

    Whooopeee! Now, I write all the opposition dialog as per Siffie. I hope I get paid enough by the Nefarious Forces of Evil. Do I, Sifferkol? I should be at least as rich and famous as Rossi. ROTFWL

    I am glad for TTHuxkleynew (why new?). I am pretty sure Mills mostly has verbal gas from his demonstrations and supposed independent replications but I do not understand enough theory to speak to that aspect. I am glad TTH new or old does.