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    I contacted Holcomb and received a reply that Scarborough is no longer at TTU, but is currently attending UT Austin through a distance program for nuclear and radiation engineering. He provided her TTU email address which he said should still be active even though he noted that she left TTU in fall 2015. TTU's website states that student email addresses are only active for 180 days after their last attendance, so she must still be associated with TTU in some way.

    A quick search of this program turns up the following from UTA's distance education page:

    "It has served many graduate students in the national laboratories, industry and the Department of Defense who have sought advanced degrees while maintaining full time employment."

    Since we know that Scarborough purchased a home in Wolfforth in October 2015 (and quite an expensive one at that), it seems likely that she is still working with Duncan and is likely employed full time through whatever money funneling Gates is doing through TTU.

    I remember in another thread here that Trevor Dardik was listed as being associated with Seashore and McKubre (ICCF 20). Was anyone else able to find additional information about Dardik's involvement? I'd imagine this is the son of Alison Godfrey, and if that's the case she may also be involved considering that McKubre and Godfrey have worked together in the past. Another interesting find: according to public records Dardik purchased a home in Lubbock in October 2015, the same month that Scarborough purchased her home.

    [Dardik property records]

    [Dardik wedding announcement]

    I wasn't 100% sure this was Dardik due to odd name listing on these records, but a quick search confirmed this with his wedding announcement to the other person listed.

    Might have some new information, or at least have found a new name related to this.

    I was searching around a bit and found that Scarborough is a doctoral student at TTU in physics, so it's likely that she is Duncan's grad student. I'm a bit nosy, so a public records search from turned up records that she recently bought a house just outside of Lubbock (holy cow - a doctoral student had the funds to buy a house worth well over a quarter million??).

    [Scarborough property records]

    A bit more interesting - here's where the new name comes in - is when I ran this information through Spokeo and found a previous resident (?), Michael Holcomb, who is also in the physics department at TTU.

    [Spokeo Scarborough property - 1]

    [Spokeo Scarborough property - 2]

    Holcomb appears on both the departmental instructor page and under the list of graduate students for the TTU physics department. According to his bio, he completed his masters with TTU in 2013 so he's likely a doctoral student just like Scarborough. He appears to be working in theoretical soft condensed matter (granular matter with a biophysics application) based on his recent publication and presentation at APS DFD.

    Holcomb doesn't appear to have owned any property himself according to Since he's a graduate student, doesn't own property in Lubbock, and the Spokeo records list him as a resident at the same address, it seems likely he and Scarborough live together. Since he also doesn't appear to be connected directly to the group he probably doesn't have an NDA and might be privy to information about Scarborough's work.