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    me 356 new paper on modified microwave inducing nuclear transformation
    Erno LakatosBookmarked by Alain Coetmeur Microwave induced nuclear transmutationsLow energy nuclear transmutation reactions were found in microwave induced plasma states created from solids irradiated by an intense microwave field. A modified commercial microwave owen was applied as a source of the intense electromagnetic field. Samples were fabricated from solid P b placed on ceramic substrate which construction absorbed microwave power efficiently resulting arc discharge and producing plasma state. Possible nuclear transmutations originated form K and Si of the components of the ceramic substrate were observed resulting Cl and S in such quantity that was not present...

    Alan I think your new power source is headed in right direction! Best of luck, love watching your experiments, Jim EM is Rossi's secret is my guess! Lot of frequencies in your current pulses / sparks. lMHO! Hope ME356 gets well soon & you two co-operating with Bob as intermediary very nice! Thank you all again, sadly many of us can only watch & wait now or else we would gladly join your efforts! Like ME 356 use of his own PID controller & unique programming control efforts! Think Rossi could use some advanced control help duplicaing his sethascope use With computer acoustic probes similar to Tesla cars. Just maybe some neural network learning models following & learning acoustic signals getting to SSM state, no?

    Andrea Rossi is in a league of his own, beyond the rest of the LENR field, due to the triumph of the E-Cat technology. His recipe of carbonyl nickel, lithium aluminum hydride, and elemental lithium produces results far beyond the wildest dreams of other…

    read Jane Mayer's new book "Dark Money" look at Charles Koch's methodical take over of the Houses of the USA congress since about 1970! He is our Oil Oligarchys billionaire supreme, a Nuclear & Chemical Engineer! He surely is well aware of Rossi's achievements to date & years ago didn't D Sarnof of RCA get fm, am, Tv patents by nefarious court actions against the inventors. We should be careful that the Kochs are note repeating history here with IHs involvement, no less?

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