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    I just have an idea...a belief that I need to express. Please excuse me, so sorry if it scares you.

    scaring ? You are selling absolute nonsense as if there is only one QUANT of it true, as on aclands forum and here all the time. This is nothing scientific. This is nothing but a combined nonsensical rubbish, violating basic rules and laws, posted as "LENR in a nutshell".

    Why Do You continuously post that kind of nonsense and try to sell that as a "even slightest part of being true" ???

    It seems, that ADD syndrom might be the only answer for that.



    I have been able to write a really simple routine to read the spectrum data out of the Spectrum Techniques .spu spectrum files. Here is the simple Matlab code which would be able to re-code into almost any language:


    ... I assume, the file is a stream and the filedescriptor defines that stream to an IO-port.

    ... else I think, I need not to tell, what the implications of that might be, if You want to process relatively fast.

    ...personally ? In my opinion You are defending axil now, what I consider far more personally, than to accuse someone, which is constantly blating us, of that, what is obvious. Blating.

    Stop bickering. Axil is welcome to post here any time. I would add that his contributions are not required reading for you, or anybody, but often contain interesting insights. In contrast, your posts are always short and critical but seldom contain any content beyond an expression of your own prejudices.

    If you want to criticise someone, go do it in the 'Playground'. A post there MAY survive some moderator input, but it is not guaranteed.

    Consider yourself warned. Alan.

    axil: If you ever studied theory of cognition, then you should know that there is no time. Time is just a mathematical simplification of a "physical reality", which in fact is caused by a partial set of ordered events. Thus no backwards travelling in time is ever possible in 3D+T universe.

    Only minimal measurable events have no time, as they are the markers for the so called time.

    Thus if physicists talk of time reversal, then they mean that a very tiny set of minimal events can run in two directions, which can be along the macroscopic time.

    "If you ever studied theory of cognition".... theory of cognition is not the right apporach to deal with true science, neither is it axils nonsense.

    Bob Higgins: THX a lot for Your time and effort. We seem finally to come to a point, where we can be more and more sure, that, at least in this approach, LENR simply does not exist. Good work, besides the results, but we need to start somewhere, and falsifying something is as valid as proving it. Keep on.

    I could not learn anything, but, that axil's only actions are always the same: Copy-pasting of entire articles into this forum and additionally posting the link to them and his own, completely unproven speculations, why and how is something involved in the LENR process, over and over again, filled with nothing then wishfull thinking and spamming the etire forum.

    I remember one very dangerous experiment, which was spread all over the internet, where a person sold a nice and interesting experiment, wich many people repeated. That resulted in a lot of injuries, because the person, who spread that experiment intentionally wanted the repeaters to be injured... strange people out there.

    ... finally You see, that Your comments are infantile. Good way to work on Your weaknesses starts with their acceptance first.

    What Do You want to say ? The same stuff, which I mentioned ? As it seems....this place became, what a pitty, the right place for that.

    So, I have been following quite "quiet" until now.

    This forum can even create a pt. 3 of Rossi vs. Darden development, it will be as useless as this.

    The major posts are nonsense argumentations for "my opinion is right, tell me, why Your should be more right".


    I really loose interest in this. Especially, because no one realized, that the picture of the location of the flow-meter and water probe is exactly that kind of scam, which we have been seeing all the time until now.

    Some esoteric axil is again posting nonsense. Everytime the same, as if something has changed since his last nonsense.explaining post... No, You are still no particly physicist.

    As an aside, Rossi has talked for many years about 'robotic factories', and in the deposition with Bass about Beagle Bones and Raspberry Pis but when it came to a 'test' he asserts had $89 Million riding on it, he had to write down the performance data by hand every day (at a time he can't seem to remember).

    Whatever you think about Rossi, he is most certainly enigmatic.

    What I think ... is: He is following all similar forums like this, reading all posts about him, while jerking off, 16 hours a day. That's why

    he can't remember to have done the reports, which he apparently did not do.