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    Jed, I am not denying that mainstream scientists did and said the things you have noted. I am arguing that I find it hard to believe that there aren't people greedy enough and with sufficient resources to make something happen in spite of all of that. Are you really saying that people sniffing around a trillion-dollar score will just take their balls home and give up because a bunch of scientists told them so? Not a single one of them would pursue it just in case? Of course, some deep-pocketed entities have pursued it, such as Toyota. But apparently their results were not good enough to keep the effort going. Or I suppose you will say that is all politics too. Apparently, in your world view, large-scale greed has very little impact and small-potatoes turf battles trump everything. Maybe you are right, but boy does that not sound correct, even to an ignoramus who is incapable of reading anything.

    @Kirk: no doubt, but that doesn’t work with Jed’s narrative. He wants us to believe that the only thing stopping cold fusion from taking over the world is the evil mainstream science community protecting its turf and its funding. It is truly a pity that not a single greedy entity in the world wants to make trillions of dollars by turning the enegy industry on its head. Well, maybe there are such entities but they are too scared of a bunch of plasma phsicists and the dreaded Robert Park to make it happen. So even though it is a proven thing, nobody will touch it.

    Ok Jed. As predicted, your response is that I am too stupid and ignorant to understand the facts pertaining to cold fusion. Boo hoo. You hurt my precious feelings, you big bully.

    For the sake of the smarter people here who might be capable of more advanced thought, how about answering my damned question?


    What actually needs to be accomplished to move LENR from a internet cult topic to something of real impact?

    It is unfortunate that every discussion of the status of LENR immediately degenerates into conspiracy theories, calling people crackpots, and tales of woe.

    It would be interesting to hear a dispassionate assessment of just where things stand without the usual litany of stories of careers destroyed and tales of the limitless power of plasma physicists. The allusions to the history of the transistor are paticularly interesting considering that within 4 years of the generally-acknowledged “birthdate” of the transistor, multiple companies were demonstrating prototype devices for all the world to see.

    According to Jed, there have been literally thousands of replications of cold fusion at hundreds of laboratories. And yet, not a single one of these hundreds of laboratories has been able to assemble a reactor, gather an audience, and say “here is cold fusion in action.” Why not? Politics is simply a lame excuse. Someone among those hundreds of scientists is a person who doesn’t give a damn about politics.

    None of this says that LENR/CF doesn’t exist. What it does say to me is that its current status is far more tenuous than Jed says it is. No many how many papers have not been refuted, there is still the matter that nobody seems to be able to conjure up the phenomenon on demand. That certainly was not the situation with transistors by 1950, regardless of how many scientists were still skeptical.

    Based on Jed’s MO, his response here will be to attack me for being ignorant and egotistical. I guess that is far easier than giving a straight answer to a reasonable question: what is the actual current status of LENR? The kneejerk answer that all that is required is xx million dollars and it is a done deal is deflecting. What actually needs to be accomplished to move LENR from a internet cult topic to something of real impact?

    “In all honesty, I am baffled why this pisses you, and some others off the way it has. Is this some kind of science purist thing?”

    No, it’s a distinguishing between science and hype/salesmanship thing.

    The way they are going about it, is obviously not to everyone's satisfaction, and outright irritates some. Nor does it satisfy any basic science requirements as proof, or provide any basis to be believed

    Pretty much all I was saying here, but since I am branded an “anti-LENR guy”, everyone got their panties in a bunch. Pretty typical.

    Shane, what anti-LENR sentiments did I show tonight? I don’t actually have any so I did not show them. As you say, it is science. I am not anti-science in any way. My criticism was of the behavior of some LENR researchers, not of the subject itself. Apparently you cannot distinguish the difference between the work and the people who perform it. I am surprised. You are generally pretty sensible about all of this stuff but clearly I hit a sore point. If this is about science and not hero worship, then don’t have a fit if someone criticizes the behavior of the scientists. As for LENR Itself, I am not against it. I don’t even know what that would mean. If it is the real deal, then wonderful. If it isn’t, it’s a pity. Either way, it isn’t my battle and I have no interest in fighting about it. As for Rossi, yeah he is a jerk.

    I don’t care if they stay silent or not. They just shouldn’t be surprised if their little tweets are met with scorn by anyone apart from their fans. And LENR researchers are different from those in other fields anyway because they have fans. A very strange phenomenon to say the least.

    In the world of big-boy science, when you are working on promising new stuff that you want to keep proprietary for whatever reason, you don’t send out little teasers to your fans that are both tantalizing and devoid of content. You shut-the-**** up. Perhaps if the professionals in the nascent field of LENR would consider behaving like scientists in pretty much every other field, the field would gain some respect. Just my opinion.

    Wow, Zeus. You really seem to be spoiling for a fight. I’m just not sure why or to what end. Of course fascists stay in power by force and not by public acclaim. I have no interest in going down the politics rabbit hole. If you don’t believe that tribalism and sticking with “your guy” is a pernicious force in the world, so be it. You are entitled to whatever world view you want.

    In any case, applauding every crackpot idea without criticism is not conducive to good science whether you care to admit it or not.


    The problem is that you and Bob have such a poor grasp of logic that you simply can't see when you are wrong.

    What is it I am wrong about? Most assuredly not that you appear to have learned nothing in all your worldly experience. That you demonstrate with practically every post.

    Out of curiosity, does anyone actually know anything at all about this latest and most wonderful e-cat? The previous most wonderful e-cat was a glowing tube hooked up to some sprinkler parts and clearly required an hour or two to build. What is the new one like (I mean apart from the spheromaks and hobgoblins hidden inside)?