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    Thinking for one second that Rossi spent 16 hours a day in his Doral strip mall site requires a suspension of disbelief and decopling from reality that has seldom been rivaled since the days when the ancient gods were popular.

    Adrian, FYI Shane not only does not think LENR is impossible, he is convinced that it exists. Unlike certain other individuals, however, he has not abandoned all semblance of critical thinking as a result.

    Jed's and Alan's comments which have no content other than criticism of skeptical people are considered on topic. Any comments that are sarcastic or otherwise critical of LENR supporters immediately move to the Clearance thread. More fair and balanced coverage. (Watch, this one will move there post haste.)

    It is always fascinating to hear the rationalizations for why anyone who has made an incredibly significant discovery that could change the world would not do the obvious things to prove it to the world. If they are “money motivated” then they are protecting their IP. If they are “true scientists”, then they don’t care (???). Apparently the rewards for such a momentous discovery are insufficient for any of these geniuses to make the effort to prove what they have done. No, they don’t owe any of us a damned thing and they are absolutely entitled to be idiots as are those of us who believe them.

    THH, be warned. Axil’s contributions belong here. Only criticism of them is summarily moved to Clearance without that fact even being noted in the moved post. As Fox News says: fair and balanced coverage.

    Buying into free energy breakthroughs must be a genetic thing. If you believe one of these people (which I suppose might turn out to be sensible), then you believe all of them (which cannot possibly be.)

    While arguing about the motivations and integrity of barely-a-real-company IH is undoubtedly quite fascinating, it is mainly a deflection away from the rather obvious conclusion that no version of the e-cat has ever worked. And nothing said about IH, TC, THH, Maryyugo or anybody else can change that.

    The Rossi believers here will tell you that the demo was not supposed to prove anything or provide any insights. The entire purpose was to impress and attract potential investors. You have to admit that a piece of apparatus that looks like it was put together in a couple of hours in a high school shop class is mighty impressive.

    Mary, you have to use some imagination. That apparatus could be duct-taped to the back of a space capsule and be used to propel it to Mars... if you had a long enough extension cord.

    “being a real person (instead of an anonymous handle) increases the probability of honesty with several orders of magnitude”

    Nope. Probably a little bit, but many people have no problem whatsoever with lying. Read the news.

    Apart from honesty, “realness” has no influence at all on accuracy, astuteness or lack of delusion. So, in the context of internet chatter at the very least, realness is overrated.

    And how do you know that Penon is a real person? Have you met him?

    Tony, it is too bad that your astute analysis is totally hypocritical. You have no problem accepting all kinds of speculative, inconsistent and outrageous garbage as long as it is favorable to your view. Only negative information requires strict standards. As for your obsession with "real people", it is hilarious. I guess it is based on the premise that all "real people" are honest, knowledgeable and accurate. The notion that Mats Lewan is an oracle of truth is just too funny.

    I don't really know what your game is, but it will soon be extremely boring.

    Let’s apply the Tony Standard to your comments here. Were you present for Rossi’s work? No. Are you a “real person”? Nope.

    Conclusion: everything you say is worthless.

    So why do you bother?

    The Rossi acolytes are trying the tag team strategy and Tony is at bat. Too bad they all have the same 2-sentence playbook. Ignore all the facts and attack skeptics for citing them. Incredibly effective so far.

    Roger, I guess you think you were being provocative in asking what reasons one would have for saying there will not be any e-cat product. The obvious answer is that the e-cat does not work (never did and never will). Obviously you believe otherwise. Unfortunately, there is no good reason to believe otherwise. But enjoy your faith.

    Anybody keeping count of how many people have answered Adrian’s repeated question about why Rossi would do his demos if he is a fraud? He has steadfastly ignored every such answer. Apparently, he is still waiting for someone to tell him he has a good point. That may take a long, long time.

    Speaking of anonymous posters and their motives and contexts, Tony, you seem deeply invested in defending the glory of Rossi. Care to share with us what other fictitious names we might know you by in blogs of yore? BTW, this isn’t doxxing. I could not care less who you “really” are.

    Tony joins the rank of Rossi supporters who provide every defense in the book except actual technical arguments for their positions. It is all attacks on his opponents and their credibility. Don’t listen to Thimas Clarke because he is “anonymous.” Instead, they believe Rossi because because he has the world-renowned Fabio Penon vouching for him. In other words: they got nothing.

    I am still waiting for Rossi supporters to explain why they think he has something. All we hear is “well, there are other people who think so.” Especially coming from Alan, that is an astoundingly weak argument.

    William S. Hurley is a financial consultant with his own firm. He has an accounting background. His only public corporate affiliation is being on the board of directors of IPG Photonics, a manufacturer of fiber optic laser components. If he has any relationship with Andeavor (the oil company), it is not at an officer or director level and has not been mentioned by them in any context. Obviously he has been a fan of Rossi for years. Other than that, what's the excitement about?

    Usually it takes several weeks to make it abundantly clear that a Rossi measurement is bogus. In the meantime, his fans would always cheer and declare victory. This time around, even that is not in the cards. So the fans can devote their considerable energies to concocting explanations for why Rossi would do a worthless experiment. Hearing those rationalizations should be most entertaining.

    I look forward to seeing how a crackdown on insults works. I am routinely called pathetic, evil and stupid by Rossi supporters and there is never any concern expressed by moderators. Jed and Kirk call each other names in virtually every post between them and there is no official reaction. So far, the history suggests that if Rossiphiles are not in the crosshairs, there is a great deal of latitude with respect to civil discourse. If there is to be a tidying initiative, I hope it will be even-handed.

    Of course, even if there is completely unassailable, iron-clad proof that the Stockholm demo was a complete sham (and we are getting there), the Rossi believers will still stick with their hero. They will come up with absurd rationalizations for why Rossi can't show "the real e-cat" but instead resorts to unconvincing fakery. From time to time, I try to ask the remaining believers why they believe and never get an answer. Whenever thy say anything that isn't just anger towards long-time skeptics and more recent apostates, they site the support of people like Penon, Levi and Mats Lewan. Of course, these are people whose only claim to fame or credibility is that they support Rossi. Kind of circular reasoning, no?