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    You'll just ignore Jed. You said such things and worse on a scientific thread about replications but you act like none of it applies. Lurkers are invited to see for themselves.

    How many times has the Pons-Fleischmann Anomalous Heating Event been replicated in peer reviewed journals?

    Well kev, I guess you recently awoke from a coma you went into in August 2017 and are reliving those glory days. So apparently I repeatedly told you that I don’t know enough about LENR to have an educated opinion and that was unacceptable to you. Why are you obsessed with trying to discount my non-opinion. I repeatedly have said that I have zero interest in convincing anybody about any aspect of LENR and of course nobody should listen to my opinion about LENR because I haven’t expressed one. Meanwhile with respect the quote that Jed incorrectly attributed to me, you offered that I “said such things and worse.” It was supposedly a quote, so either I said it or not.

    So you are picking up right where you left off. Desperate to pick a fight and prove some mysterious point that is irrelevant. Don’t you have something better to do?

    I do thank you for finding that old thread. My comment several posts down to Adrian about how things would shake out over the the next year was spot on.

    You most certainly did say that! You said they signed off on the Levi paper, which you said was "an incompetent and negligent experiment." That makes them incompetent and negligent. You probably think that Rossi designed the experiment.

    I would love to see where I said these things. Methinks you are confusing me with someone else. Otherwise, show me the quote.

    Jed: “There is evidence that Levi and the others are competent scientists. See the first Levi report:”

    I said absolutely nothing about whether Levi and the others are competent scientists. All I said is that they have negligible visibility apart from their involvement with Rossi. I did not challenge their results so don’t ask me what is wrong with those results.

    It seems to me that people here are really itching for specific fights and if nobody tries to have that fight with them, they pretend otherwise. How about presenting counter-arguments only when somebody makes an argument in the first place?

    There is no reason to listen to what you have to say when it comes to scientific matters... by your own words.

    Other than the obvious fact that I have never said anything about scientific matters in my little exchanges with you, you are completely in your rights to ignore them. In fact, feel free to ignore anything I say. That’s pretty much what you do anyway as you pursue your mysterious agenda.

    Impressive work, kev. A quote out of context from August 2017 that is supposed to somehow negate whatever I have ever said. And the same quote used to somehow respond to my demonstration that you are fabricating my view of Rossi’s place in LENR.

    By the way, how do your comments here “move the science”?

    And Shane says you have worthwhile things to say. Still waiting.

    It was clear to me that Penon either participated or he was exceptionally stupid. I could not tell which. But I am sorry to hear that Levi participated. I do not know what evidence of that you might have, but I am sure you would not say so without evidence. That's depressing. I guess it explains a lot of what happened.

    The various individuals associated with Rossi are almost mythical figures. Take Levi, for example. Rossi supporters speak of him as though he was a distinguished scientist with a long and impressive track record. There is actually no evidence of this. The information about him online is underwhelming to say the least. What has he done to distinguish himself apart from his role in the Rossi saga? What is the truth about him? Who knows? Maybe he's a genius; maybe he's an idiot. If you are a Rossi fan, he is a pillar of science. If you are a Rossi detractor, he is a co-conspirator. In either case, it is nearly worthless hearsay.

    We would have never heard of any these people if it were not for Rossi and we actually know pretty much nothing about them other than in the context of the Rossi saga. Meanwhile, people continue to name drop Levi, Penon, Fabiani and others as though these were individuals with well-established reputations whose opinions carry lots of weight. Argument from authority minus any actual authority. Other than in the Rossi microcosm, they have virtually no reputation. Does that make them idiots? No, but it sure doesn't make them geniuses either. Another curious element of this silly story.

    What I have said here many times and in many ways:

    Dr Richard: the real basic problem is that whatever LENR actually is, there is NO REASON to believe that Rossi's charade has anything whatsoever to do with it.

    Your claim:

    Your world view seems to be that Rossi represents LENR , which is nonsense because LENR was replicated more than 150 times before Rossi even showed up. There is practically no reason to listen to you on these subjects.

    Talk about factless assertions...

    When you read the arguments made by Rossi believers you begin to realize what their world view must be. Basically, their ground truth is that the e-cat is real and what Rossi says is correct. If those things are a priori true, then all other things - counterfactuals, the laws of physics, logic, common sense, etc - become mutable. The results are what we observe.

    If Rossi supporters are trying to be more effective in making their case (and that is probably a poor assumption), then they should understand that simply regurgitating whatever Rossi says accomplishes nothing. Anyone with any sense doesn't trust Rossi to tell them how many eggs are in a dozen much less any part of the fantasy world news of his efforts. So if they are really trying to persuade anybody, they had better come up with some evidence beyond Rossisays. But, of course, since there is none, I guess they don't have that option.

    Good to have someone well informed about the Rossi story speak up in his defense.

    What is so good about it? Like the other Rossi supporters, jt provides zero corroboration, evidence, or justification for any of Rossi’s claims. He doesn’t actually defend Rossi; all we get are attacks on IH and skeptics. None of that gives any reason to take Rossi seriously.

    Agreed. It does not seem Rossi wants any investors. At least not before the product is securely in the market and then make an IPO. Maybe that is not such a good idea, or maybe it is the only way he can to do it - future will tell.

    How long will it take for nothing to continue to happen just as nothing real has happened for eight years before you might reconsider your take on this?

    It has always been toxic. What did kevmo change? At one time or another, many who ventured there, were at first deemed too radical because they were strangers, but after a time accepted. You yourself were controversial at first, and now one of the regulars. Same goes for Adrian...who we all miss now. Give it a little time, and so will he be accepted...hopefully.

    Like I said, get beyond his abrupt style, which many here have, and he is no different from any Rossi defender, or skeptic.

    It is your kitty litter and entirely your choice whether to clean it.

    I am putting this here rather than in the toxic waste dump (congratulations on allowing that to develop.)

    Shane said over there referring to the kev person: “IMO, if you get beyond his prickly nature, he is a very smart guy.”

    I am genuinely sad to hear you say that. That’s all I’ll say about it.

    And observers will take note by reading through this thread that we were having a simple disagreement when you started in on the insults. That is just so typical of skeptopaths. Thank you for reinforcing the stereotype.

    Your extended hissy fit began at post 651 with an insult coming from you, rerferring to anyone who doesn’t share your delusions as a skeptopath. So, Mr. Why Is Everyone Else Allowed to be Insulting But Me, as the saying goes, you started it. And you continue to use that stupid term repeatedly as if it carried intellectual weight. If I may parphrase you, that is so typical of brainless blowhards.

    And Shane, I will refrain from further exhanges with this moron. When a protypical Rossiphile emerges out of the primordial slime from whence he comes, it is nearly irresistible to not poke it with a stick and see what happens. Sorry for the unseemly results.

    While kevmolenr continues with his crusade, it seems appropriate to make a side comment. As far as I am concerned, as soon as an individual here uses the term “skeptopath”, I confidently place them in the intellectual spam folder and confidently disregard any opinions they share going forward. This is not unique. On more general websites, I do the same for anyone who uses the term “libtard”. So to those who find these terms helpful in expressing their views to the world, thank you for saving me the effort of deciding whether you are worth listening to. You most assuredly are not.

    “***Why don't you just come on over to the Cold Fusion site on DISQUS where I can tell you what I really think and the comments won't get removed by Ecat World nor LENR Forum?”

    Oh boy! I am genuinely terrified of the thought of finding out what you REALLY think. That kind of invective would probably send me into therapy for years.

    Maybe not. We'll see. At the present rate, I am not allowed to trade insult for insult, but yours are allowed to remain. I'll happily invite you to a cold fusion discussion site where my insults will remain and so will yours. I already know how you will scurry back from such an invitation.

    I am not interested in trading insults with you on some other site. I am mostly here to watch the Rossi circus and his remarkable supporters of which there only a handful who participate these days. I don’t have a strong enough stomach to spend time on sites where there are lots of Rossi fans.

    That being said, if it would make you a happier camper to call me names, please do. Shane will probably let you get away with it. I will only call you a Rossi supporter. That suffices as an insult in my view.

    Maybe it’s because my “insults” are humorous in nature while yours sound like the thrashing about of a pointlessly angry individual whose views are not received the way he would like.

    There are insults and then there are insults. You may well be a swell guy and a real pillar of the community. I don’t know and I don’t care. If you say dumb things, people here will point out that the things you say are dumb. If you find that insulting, say fewer dumb things.

    @kevmolenr: Now that we are clued in that you are a delicate soul who gets very upset over bits of sarcasm and takes them as horrible insults, we will try to stay clear of your tender toes (yes, that is more sarcasm and probably will set you off again crying “unfair!” to the mods.

    So let’s try to understand where you are coming from. Based on the notion that it is not strictly speaking impossible that Rossi’s assorted claims are real, you are saying that pointing out how absurd and unlikely they are is bad form? You like it better if people just regurgitate the nonsense he spews? ECW is designed for that purpose. Why not spend all your time there among like-minded souls? I guess it is because you see yourself as an heroic defender of LENR battling skeptopaths like Jed Rothwell (😅😅😅).