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    If nothing reacts in them, then there is plenty of reaction to them.

    One metric might be YouTube views. The SK extravaganza has attracted some 13,000 views. By YouTube standards that is the sound of crickets in the wilderness. By any reasonable metric the Rossi show is a non-entity except within a very insular slice of society.

    THH, you left out (6) He has hitched his wagon to a pre-existing, passionate support group for LENR, many of whose members continue to cling to belief in Rossi's "technology" despite the fact that it increasingly bears little or no resemblance to any other LENR systems. If Rossi had started out right away claiming to have a new energy source based on "the Rossi effect" rather than LENR, he would have attracted no more attention than any of the hundreds of other free energy hucksters out there.

    Anyway, what you said is also flat out wrong:

    Me: “I don’t think it is a mystery what could be done with an energy source like cold fusion.”

    I am sure I made many mistakes, but unlike you, I am not clairvoyant and I think the future potential of technology is mysterious.

    I have never encountered anyone as stubbornly obtuse as you.

    I am not clairvoyant and don't claim to even have a clue about all the possibilities of cold fusion. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure you realize that I did not imply any such thing and are just being an obstinate boor about it.

    You are a programmer so you supposedly understand logic. Yet you insist on interpreting "I don't think it is a mystery what could be done with cold fusion" to mean that it is not a mystery what ALL the things are that can be done with it. But the statement was not intended to be all-inclusive. Rather, the meaning of my sentence is that there is no mystery that there are at least some obvious uses for an unlimited, cheap, and safe energy source. Or do you have to read 1,000 papers and ponder for months even to leap to that conclusion? But this is to no avail because, as always, you have decided what to think and nothing is going to alter your stubborn insistance.

    Like I said, you just are constantly gunning for a fight and an excuse to flaunt your astonishing brilliance rather than listening to what people actually have to say. What a fine spokesman for the world of cold fusion.

    No, that is not what was said. SOT said there is no point to discussing the advantages of cold fusion, and no point in telling the public and investors about these advantages, because the advantages are self-evident. Everyone can see them. I pointed out that the advantages are not self-evident, and I know many investors who do not see them. SOT is flat out wrong. So you have changed the subject and you pretend the debate is about something else.

    I was responding to what you said to ME, not what you said to SOT. So how about if you not ascrbe his opinions to me and then argue with me about them? All I had to say on the subject is that an energy source like cold fusion would obviously appear to have great value even if one can think of only a small fraction of the ways that it would be valuable. But as usual you took it as an opportunity to slash at a straw man.

    You always lecture people about whether they are qualified to make comments on this technical forum. I would estimate that at least two-thirds of all the comments at this forum are nothing more than pissing contests with at most minimal technical content. At awful lot of folks here are just spoiling for a fight and they make one up if they can’t find one to their liking.

    Me: “I don’t think it is a mystery what could be done with a energy source like cold fusion.”

    Jed: “You don't? It took me years to work through the ramifications, and weeks to write that recent paper. You could have done it before breakfast? You are smarter than I am! You are smarter than Arthur C. Clarke, who put a lot of thought into this.”

    Classic Jed rhetorical attack method. Totally misuing a person’s quote to score points and taunt.

    Any sensible person would understand that all I was saying is that you don’t need a lot of knowledge to know that an unlimited, cheap and safe energy source would be tremendously valuable. I was not in any way implying that I could enumerate or think up every possible application nor does one need to in order to see immense potential value in LENR. Unless Jed is hopelessly literal minded, he knew that. But he loves to pull the old “oh you think you are smarter than (name your favorite genius)” attack in order to pursue yet another pissing contest.

    It is boring and utterly predictable.

    Some of the advantages that are not self-evident are extremely important. That is why it is a good idea to inform the public about them, and it is why you should learn about them if you wish to contribute to this forum.

    So in your book you list some 14 top-level application areas for cold fusion. How many do you think would have to come to fruition for it all to be worthwhile? My guess is exactly one. Sure it is interesting to think about all the ways such a technology would be valuable, but I don’t think the situation has any parallels with what faced computers, for example. Great minds at IBM and elsewhere couldn’t envision what most people would possibly want with a computer. I don’t think it is a mystery what could be done with a energy source like cold fusion. The lack of interest is not based on lack of vision; it is based on the widespread (whether justified or not) belief that cold fusion isn’t real. Listing all the great things it could be used for will not dislodge that view although it might make potential investors somewhat more inclined to take a gamble.

    This latest battle is a real winner. SOT says that if there is an unlimited, cheap and safe energy source, it would change the world. Jed says he has no business saying that. First you have to read his book and the rest of cold fusion literature. Sorry, but to paraphrase some iconic Jewish liturgy, an unlimited, cheap and safe energy source is the story. The rest is just commentary.

    Procedural matter for anyone who knows, admins?

    This thread keeps losing my current place and taking me back to a post last Tuesday. It is the only thread that does it. Is there some easy way to fix it? Is anyone else having the issue?

    I have the exact same thing happening in the exact same way. It must be virus specific to skeptopaths.

    The new blood of posters attacking this forum have a really nasty tone in a majority of the posts, and strangely mostly from one individual who has become unreadable.

    Blocking that individual is quite effective. Of course, if everyone does it, it would leave him talking to himself, which I suspect he would find quite acceptable.

    Good point, so how about we save humanity first, then we will save the planet? :)

    This is pretty much OT, but I suppose what is not universally recognized is the role of the world’s ecosystems in making the planet hospitable for humanity. If we screw things up enough, the planet will most assuredly be here but its inhabitants will be a very different set than exists today. Ants and cockroaches have no problem with climate change. Maybe they own stock in Exxon-Mobil 🙂

    Bullshit. You ascribed that view to me several times in this conversation. You repeatedly claimed that I said cold fusion can be controlled, when I said the opposite. You are not being sarcastic. You have deliberately claimed that I said the opposite of what I actually said, many times, about many different things.

    Why you do this I do not know, but it is not sarcasm. You are not fooling anyone claiming that it is.

    Sorry, but you are totally mistaken and if you were to dislodge your head from where it appears to have been inserted, you would realize it.

    Wow. You literally don’t understand what I write. I thought you were just playing games, but no. You are actually so literal-minded that you don’t comprehend sarcasm. Of course I don’t ascribe the view to you that you think CF will definitely be tamed. (I can’t believe I am explaining this...) My comment was to point out how absurd it is that what you said is basically the same as what I said if you don’t get your knickers in a bunch over the word “fundamental”. I got news for you: this is not a computer program and a misplaced comma is not going to crash it.

    I completely agree with your little paragraph about the difficulties facing CF and, despite your linguistic nitpicking and knee-jerk yakking about the literature, it is essentially all I had to say about the subject. That you choose to make something entirely different out of it is your own tilting at windmills. But hey, who am I to keep a guy from ranting when it’s his favorite thing to do?