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    That is the true, me356, after looking for information about LENR in internet sharing sites like this, find something then choose to keep cards close to chess.

    ¿good or bad decision? i dont know. I just know, that greed is the poison for LENR researchers, after stop sharing info, they stop development. is like a curse.

    is fake, that if you share info, you can not make money. here there is money for everyone.

    It's so refreshing to see someone else out there who has caught on to Miles Mathis's work. I realized about a year ago that Mathisian physics holds the key to understanding LENR in all of its forms (as well as the Suncell), but unfortunately nobody cares to listen because his work overturns so many closely held beliefs. Here is a link to the most recent update of my paper on Mathisian Physics and LENR. If you'd like to discuss it further, please e-mail me at the address given at the top of the paper.

    I be with you. I can not say that Miles Mathis work is all true, but have a better, more logical mathematics that main street science. Just look to many explanations of LENR with a lot of bizarre names: pions, muons, virtual particles, zero point energy, that is crazy!

    The problems of science repeat from time to time:

    1.500 -> Coppernico and Galilei, fight against the intellectual elites (not just the church) with their theory that the earth revolves around the sun.

    1.860 -> Semmelweis, against the all wise doctors, was expelled and mocked for saying that doctors had to wash his hands before touching a patient.

    2.000 -> Status quo reject LENR.

    The problem is the human been, the egoistic nature of humans. We need to fix that problem, using the right education model, The aim of this educational system is the internal absorption within the student of social awareness and scientific method, develop the heart and mind.…les-of-the-new-education/

    joshg , like a week ago, i send to you a e-mail, but dont receive response.

    One point I've seen is that one way to distribute wealth is to produce things with less efforts, and let common people get it for cheap.

    This is what we call healthy capitalism, which are the two laws that I have already described.…amentales-de-la-economia/

    Robots, LENR, vertical farming, 3D printing, gives the opportunity for common people to get things for cheaper, or even to produce themselves. If some nasty "capitalist" try to abuse of it's monopoly, people will be able to raise their middle finger.

    This finger capacity is maybe more powerful than laws, which explain probably the desperate attacks against self-industry.

    That is the power of the minimin income, of separation of slave work from work.

    Here I see that many people are sad, because they have a fixed salary (wages), and fixed expenses (loan/rent,energy,water,telecom,cantina, school, bus/metro/car), and there is nearly no way to work harder to buy little piece of happiness. It is also consumerist society which transformed some bonus satisfactions (vacations, nice car), into social requirements (especially with kids pressure)...

    That's what robert kiyosaki calls the hamster cycle.

    This is where some freedom to work hard for you own good, like repairing your house or sharing economy, gives oxygen to common people.

    Wages are good in avoiding people to starve when things get bad, but some people see also that it prevent them to control their life.

    yes, the People need a purpose in life, a motive beyond material.

    That is the claimed position, but they defend also the established big business.

    One example of such behavior is finance, where big regulation promotes big actors, preventing newcomers and access by small players or even people...

    Neoliberalism is a myth, there is crony capitalism (mercantilism too), very common like is finance today, where states protect you, and banal capitalism where you pay your mistakes, that common people experience locally.

    Maybe we are going too far from the subject... This question is hotter than reality of LENR and will never be solved by evidences. Future will say who is right.

    You are right, the problem is that the fundamental laws of economy dont are used.

    The fundamental laws of economy are: 1- (gain) profit. 2- competition, when this 2 laws are working, then we have a market. If this two laws are not implemented, then we have "crony capitalism", "neoliberalism", too big to fail, etc.

    You will not get your microcapitalism without a lot of state intervention. Otherwise it is might makes right all the way until a few gigantic corporations control everything and set the terms of engagement, as we learned with Standard Oil and US Steel in the late 1800's, when regulation was very laissez faire. The trick in my mind is not having a lot of red tape, but having the right kind of red tape.

    Right, but we can not fix a educative problem with more rules, dont matter the amount of rules, a egoistic human always will find ways to bypass the rules. The real solution is a real change in the root, in the educative system, to develop the right values of science and love in the citizens, not indoctrinated humans that we have now. and when i speak of science, is not about our selfserving definition of science that keep LERN out of development, because our science is really dogmatic.

    Yes all the society are in a transition mode, and LENR can make this happen more faster.

    For understanding the problem of economy, we need to understand two basic concepts: Money and Interest. When we understand these concepts well, then we can understand Theorem A + B as expressed in 1920 by C.H. Douglas.


    And there are two options: 1- reset the monetary system. (It was what we did in the old times) 2 - Give money to people.

    Since it is no longer the kings who govern the world, but the bankers, option 1, is discarded. (Unless the citizens from below organize and do it).

    So, the basic income is going to be a reality, and we also agree is that if it is high, $ 2,000 a month, it will produce problems. But if it is low, $ 500, which is what we propose, a minimum universal income, then will be a redefinition of what is "work" and "social security".

    At that point, money will no longer have the supreme importance it has today. Since with little money you can have everything, and a lot of money will not allow you to have everithing, in fact, there are already people who do not sell their factories to the highest bidder, but the one that goes more according to your vision for the factory, with its values. Money stops mattering, that is the direction.

    Finally we do not need more taxes to implement a universal minimum income, we can take that money from the tax havens with a tax on those transactions and take money from the military budget. Especially if we start giving it just to women and older adults. (Young men go to work!).

    1- There is a financial system, which sees the future and carries out operations in the present. The stock market.

    2- We know that financial markets are totally inflated with excessive leverage, which makes a little expected change, can make a big implosion.

    3- One of the main indicators of the stock market is the price of a barrel of oil, with many companies in the energy sector, whether oil or not.

    Yes, we add all that, then:

    If LENR is confirmed, with very specific evidence, it is not necessary for LENR to reach the public to make a great impact. First many oil companies will break, and then the alternatives and finally the banks will all go to the bottom. Governments bail out banks, assigning these losses to taxpayers. And there will come a revolution, not only energetic, but citizens asking the heads of bankers, investment funds, and politicians.

    The price of the products is going to lower, since its main cost, is the energetic cost (production and transport). There will be more merchandise traveling on airplanes and less on ships. And therefore more global competition.
    It will have to rethink the work and the income in the society. A minimum universal income will be implemented,

    You will have to prepare with a lot of Pop Corn.

    LiAlH4 and LiH can be used to produce atomic hydrogen. However, the problem is that shortly after the H1 has been released during decomposition, the H1 reverts back to H2. This will happen even more rapidly at high pressures. So as soon as the LiH or LiAlH4 finishes decomposing, there will be virtually no H1 inside the reactor because virtually all of it will have formed H2 (molecular hydrogen). However, at least with LiH, cycling is possible in that by increasing and dropping the temperature you can repeatedly make LiH decompose and reform. This is yet another thing Me356 taught us. However, such a system suffers from the flaw of not having a constant source of atomic hydrogen. For the record, I think simple mixtures of LiAlH4 and nickel can produce copious excess heat (for example Songsheng's tests that allowed for hours of self sustained behavior) but the cycling process of forming and decomposing LiH is tricky at best and not always fully repeatable. This is why I think a frequency is piggy backed onto the main signal feeding the resistors. If the frequency is high enough and the pulses of voltage/current are powerful enough, molecular hydrogen might ionize into atomic hydrogen to bombard the nickel fuel.

    I agree.

    The true is out. Now is the work of the makers.

    Habakkuk 2:14

    The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as The waters cover the sea.

    The LiH, is the catalyst to get mono atomic hidrogen.

    The Larmor frequencies are two , one to resonate the nucleus of nickel to get LENR with the mono atomic hidrogen, another larmor frequency is to resonate the diatomic hidrogen to get monoatomic hidrogen and feed the LENR.

    The metal nickel in powder is to get more available contact surface, also the hidrogen pressure.

    i think this work is really interesting therefore, if you talk about Lenr, how explain Piantelli's ( or Shongsheng) excès heat with just one heating coil ?

    Yes, the LENR just need a slow heated nickel + mono atomic hidrogen source like LiH. this secret of LENR is for obtain high COP.

    1) Focardi/Piantelli and others have produced excess heat with NiH utilizing just a DC powered resistance heater.

    2) The magnitude of the excess heat was associated with anomalous hydrogen absorption that depended upon tedious and repeated processing of the fuel.

    3) In some tests by some parties, once the reaction gets started, the fuel can "self sustain" for periods of time with no input whatsoever.

    Now, electromagnetic stimulation may add to the above effect or enhance the above effect for a number of possible reasons. I suspect the number one reason is due to the production of atomic hydrogen and ions of atomic hydrogen. A high frequency electric field (RF or microwave) is capable of dissociating H2. Glow discharge and other techniques can do the same. If you can polarize the nickel so that these ions are attracted to it, the lattice will literally be bombarded with protons. These protons with relatively high (at least compared to the tiny quantities of H1 produced by the dissociation of H2 on the nickel surface) energies can easily penetrate the surface, interact with tiny pockets of exotic hydrogen species (there are many different names for these) and induce nuclear reactions.

    Yes many people can do LENR, like focardi, piantelli, rossi and others. The problem is consistency, and high COP. Imagine that you have a car, that when you use it sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. That's why Rossi has the problem with IH, without consistency what you have is an interesting phenomenon, not a viable product.

    RF at what frequency?: at LARMOR frequency.

    Magnetic Miles, can have something, but the business model is wrong. How can we distinguish it from a scam? Scams have existed many, and surely there are more. How do we know that what he says is true?

    Elisha : There are many more secretes concerning the nuclear spin axes. Near future will show it!

    Sure, we dont know everything. if we work together, we can find more secrets.

    First, What is your contribution ?,

    since emotional critiques serve to entertain us, but they do not serve to advance in science.

    Second, this man in not miles mathis. He is a follower of him.

    Third, there is a experiment that confirm that pi is 3.14 and 4 this depend of the use case.

    please try again with positive constructive critics.

    Thanks you.

    The world desperately needs a new source of energy. (Governments, banks and energy companies, ARE AGAINST).

    We need to unite us, share what we have, and open business opportunities to all!, United we are Strong!

    If science is simple, common, and accessible to all, that they can not suppress it. That is the advantage for the world, but the disadvantage for manufacturers, since anyone can copy it.

    The SECRET of LENR is this.


    Nickel with monohydrogen, excited with Electrical current in one direction and Magnetic stimulation at Larmor frequency at or below 90 deg.


    The polarization of nuclear spin axes with static magnetic field does not affect nuclear beta "decay" rates, but the addition of a perpendicular high frequency alternating field at the Larmor frequency, does. With maximum stimulation, does not occur exactly at 90deg nuclear spin precession, but at some angles a little below and a little above 90deg ....

    This is the source:


    "I just tried Xelement disk with the static magnetic field of X Gauss and the perpendicular alternating field of XkHz."

    "Beta particles generated in this experiment are very energetic (well over XMeV) which gave me problems containing them in a disk of that radius because it required a static magnetic field over X Gauss for circular confinement, which I was not prepared to generate."


    "Upon discovering my ability to answer his questions with ease, he replied,"


    "I am quite satisfied that there is a model for these interactions after all." "

    "Legacy science leaves me completely out in the cold when I do these experiments. For example, I can easily find the" decay energies "for the unstable element X, see here .... but I can not find anywhere the expected" decay energies "For element X2 (the most abundant stable isotope) under NMR excitation, because it is ... well ..." stable. "Without knowing the speeds of these beta particles it is very difficult to calculate the expected cyclotron radius in a given Magnetic field. "

    "Does your model allow for the calculation of beta particles coming out of the X nucleus element?"

    "Also, I am still struggling to understand, really understand mechanically, why the polarization of nuclear spin axes with static magnetic field does not affect nuclear beta" decay "rates, but the addition of a perpendicular high frequency alternating field at the Larmor frequency, Does. "


    "I sent him more nuclear diagrams to show exactly why the direction of input was important, and Informed him that I could also calculate the energy of the beta particles. "


    "Thousands, Thanks, for your input. Since last time I wrote my experiment became more complicated. I was able to Confirm the double-extreme function for the intensity of stimulated beta decay vs. NMR excitation pulse Length.

    The existence of two maximums suggests that you were correct in predicting that maximum stimulation Nuclear spin precession, but at some angles a little below and a little

    Above 90deg .... "

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

    Habakkuk 2:14

    The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as The waters cover the sea.