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    @jedd. An earlier post you mentioned trying to avoid radiation for twenty years, I don't recall any of your posts that pertained to you working on anything. Are you implying that you can make it work and you just have a lot of radiation and trying to figure out how to control it or you are not working on anything and trying to figure it out by other people's comments. Sorry if I don't understand and if you are working on something can you elaborate ,mabee some pictures of your reactor? . Got to be carefull here these people have good memories

    I don't understand why bob Higgins and can run his expierements through all of you guys. Unless he needs a quick laugh every now and again from reading all of the silly back and fourth armchair scientists that no matter what argue about someone . Sure makes it hard for me to follow actual information. A lot of you seem like you know some stuff that would be helpful but even if you agree with someone you will go out of your way to research why you are more right than they are. Complete nonsense use that time to mabee help a little. Again if you do not believe that lenr works I am ok with that go on about your business and quit arguing try getting laid instead of comeing here every 5 minutes. (That was a joke). Seriously I have read some interesting things from one person in particular but lately he has turned into another guy who quit following because he was so pissed off at me356, mabee that guy just changed his name very familiar in his rants. Me356 has done everything he has ever said he was going to do so I don't see the problem let him do his patent thing and he will probably share more info. Rossi is all about a buck along with burllion blacklight power and everyone else . your talking about a shit ton of dinero here , so let's not pretend about this humanity thing and free to the world I like money too!!!!! so I am cool with whatever but I really want to know if it is possible so let's see if we can help a little more cause it is really starting to suck here and I only have three sites I care to follow. Pleeeease. Moderators feel free to move this to every other thread you have!

    Do you guys ever have anything you agree on??? I just want some new info now and then and have to weed through all this crap of you don't know no you don't know. Why don't the moderators make you guys do that in the playground. Not a one of you know anything more than I do and apparently none of you actually work on anything. Except keyboards. I wish bob and can could move over to ecat world. Sorry it just really suxxx! I know it is a forum for passing time.

    Sometimes I think about telling people about this stuff but catch it because in years past I told my mineing company president in an email (which I got in trouble for even though we have an "open door policy") to start putting emphasis on nickel that email is the only one ever I got a reply to. It went all the way around the world until they got some guy to email me back explaining how perpetual motion will never work. All I mentioned was nickel and lenr. And sometimes I think mabee I am that wierd person following all these other wierd people on a make believe subject. It has been a long time of watching and waiting. I think I will go back to Santa at least he showed up once a year.

    @ thedebateisuseless. I thought you were done following all of this stuff and was going to get back to your life before you die alone. I mean I would be ok with that because your posts are really long and nerve racking who cares if me356 stuff works or doesn't or he tells us or not I really am not concerned with it it just would be cool to have someone like mfmp to test this I trust them and they will know if it works for sure or there is not enough to tell. if they tell without a question it is cop10 I will probably not even care about the whole subject anymore. And go get some gasoline because it is easy. For me it is more of a who can do it first and I won't lie if I found out how to do it first I would bet my wallet would tell me to shut the hell up until I had a lock down on it! We are talking about trillions of dollars here, set every relative you have up for millions of generations kind of money!

    As far as not haveing to read this thread I understand that but I also learn lots of stuff about the operating system of the ecat weather it works or not. What is frustrating is reading through all the fighting I just don't understand the guys that spend so much time trying to convince me it doesn't work I mean who cares if I think it might be possibles? Leave me alone and let it be! ok you are right it does not and can not ever work you win now leave me alone. Let me be a loser and continue to hope it does is that really that bad . Now go away you win

    Wow this thread has like 5.9 k comments of mostly fighting back and forth can't wait for bob Higgins next expierement so I can get back to lenr! Wish him and can would move to ecw not as bad there or mabee the moderator not allow the people who want to fight about it not able to work on that thread. This thread is starting to get playgroundish. Sorry