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    How can a "docent i kärnfysik" specialized in nuclear measures (and strangely working in an "Analytisk kemi" dpt.) transmute some Swedish glacier water into ice wine?

    Intriguing question to be settled in the next weeks, post lemonade.

    That's kind of cool. Fulvio working with the Uppsala team now... (Roland Pettersson). Interesting.

    I can see that Planet Rossi has geared up to try and influence things at trial time and predict that is not going to turn out so well for those folks. The regurgitated

    hack play is particularly hilarious - I think that best filter may be something like - if Planet Rossi claims it, the opposite points to the truth.

    No, no, no. The almighty prophet Lord Yugo has already pointed out clearly that he knows the TRUTH ... You should direct your morning prayers in that direction instead of here on this forum... Maybe the YUGO can help you with getting your sins forgiven by some unknown Yugo entity. Who knows. :))

    Moved from the Rossi v. Darden thread. Eric


    You're not going to wait for the quark X to be available to the market because that won't work either and you know it.

    If the Ecat worked as stated we could all do that, but it doesn't does it?

    OMG! Your sense for logic deductions and ways to use it almost takes on metaphysical properties :)

    or is it something else, more closely related to stupidity, who knows?

    anotherTroll - your attacks on everybody who shows any sign on not believing Rossi and his fake opera at Doral are miserable and speak for itself. What is your own opinion on Rossi? You seem to fully support his agenda to sue IH without asking any question to him or yourself. Rossi is the poor and honest guy that needs help because he was fallen in the hands of robbers, evil investors and bloodsuckers? You should be fair and analyze both sides to understand why most people here came to the conclusion that Rossi is a conman.

    Yeah, right. Truth is a democracy thing, isn't it?

    Actually, the reason for the advantage (in numbers) among IH supporters is probably a result of fact that many of the other investments/investors and advisers incl their (Apco)bots (Dewey, Jed, etc.) are represented here and talking their book. It has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the arguments. This could be the fact of Rossi as well, but he do not have as many of them... Elementary really, since IH sort of signed the whole community up on NDAs/stock. The suit though enabled Rossi to speak out, which is a good thing.

    IH did not want the test in the first place.

    Of course they did not want the GPT since one possible outcome was them paying $89M. Comparing that with having Rossi in lab producing small reactors and distributing that IP among the other investments (which was the case for a long time until Rossi himself found a way to do it in Miami), there is absolutely no upside, only the $89M downside. This is obvious.

    Plus, it seems a little unfair to blame them for the expense of the lawsuit. I doubt they realized Rossi had the chutzpah to sue. I know him pretty well, but I was shocked by the suit. I thought he would fold his tent and vanish in the night.

    You are actually right about this Jed. Rossi surely took Darden from behind with the suit. He was not prepared which resulted in the collective meltdown mostly shown by Dewey, you and your bots on different forums. And since IH contracted most everyone in the "LENR-community", at least with some stock and NDAs this fight is still going on. I would say that the billion dollar valuation is now down to cash at hand (now rapidly moving into the pockets of JD), which surely pisses off most of the people in the IH portfolio (and the "advisors").

    It actually could be that the not-the-GPT argument is what JD come up with as the only way out of this mess, which makes the deceiving and tripping around behaviour of Darden/Vaughn more logical. A simple explanation for non-payment could be that Darden did not have the money at hand by the end of the test. And that he felt kind if safe anyway since Rossi was on NDA and couldn't speak out. The lawsuit and I believe progress with the QuarkX made that change. The rest is history. (this is about the nicest scenario I can come up with when it comes to IH/Darden)

    Isn't it strange that you KEEP forgetting that Darden USED the 1MW plant to raise at least $50M from Woodford and who knows what from the Chinese. So in this business case the 200k spent is of course nothing. It has nothing to do with Rossi at this point since Darden did never intend to pay Rossi any $89M because of the murky legal GPT hedge he had. And part of the plan was obviously not to tell Rossi about it... You know - the better not disturb him - let him work - arguments... He did not plan to get sued though, that was his big mistake.

    Why do you think that Woodford based their "investment interest" on the Rossi asset? Because of the prospect of near term product sales should the Rossi technology pan out. IH was meant to be an engineering venture. They invested the $11M to determine if the Rossi technology could be brought to product. The record seems to show that IH determined that they could not bring it to product with what Rossi had shown or given them. The GPT was meant to demonstrate that the technology had been matured and IH was ready to take the technology to product. I don't think IH is ready to take any of Rossi's technology to product now - so the GPT did not happen. The contract was phased like many other such advanced technology licenses with payout milestones based on development milestones.

    Most such contracts reserve the big payout for not when the inventor says, "I did it", but when he has (with the design team) developed and installed a prototype manufacturing line and built devices like the product to be sold - built by people who will be manufacturing the product. At that point you are demonstrating that the technology is ready for product. This usually means that the inventor will have to work closely with the engineers developing the product prototype design, work with them while observing the prototype manufacturing, work with them to debug the prototypes, and work with the engineers on the design changes required to fix the design/manufacturing problems found in the first prototype run. Prototype runs are normally continued until a build comes back with nearly 100% functional devices. The next step is a larger "pilot" build by the same people with an updated manufacturing process. The pilot products are tested for regulatory and specification compliance, and for reliability, safety compliance, and accelerated life. You go into a pilot run expecting everything to pass. Regardless of what the contract says, this is how new technologies are brought to product. I don't get the feeling that Rossi was behaving in a manner at any time where he was ardently working to get his technology into a product. Without that, Rossi doesn't deserve the next milestone payment.

    The time for coming to product phase with IH's other investments is much farther out than it would be if Rossi had what he claimed and worked as an engineer to get the technology into product. I can understand why Woodward was disappointed.

    Really simple. As you eventually say, they were disappointed (after two long paragraphs of confusion - the issue here is VALUATION), which they clearly wrote Vaughn when he told them everything was blowing up ... The $2billion valuation Darden sold Woodford was hardly based on any other asset than Rossi. That is what they mean with "core element".


    People seemed to be judging Darden's judgment solely on views of Rossi. Don't forget that IH was working with a number of other researchers. We do no know if some of the success by other researchers raised his hopes that Rossi might actually have something.

    Would it not have been foolish for Darden to deny Rossi a 2 year sale of heat (not officially claimed as a GPT) if some of the other researchers were seeing some modest success with other systems. -- especially if that success was with materials containing Nickel?

    At least we know that Woodford based it's view of IH/Darden mainly on the core Rossi asset. They said so. No doubt Darden sold that view to them.

    There are two sides to this. VC's get capital from investors to invest in ventures. IH already had the money they needed for the 10.5M to Rossi. Had the Rossi IP been real no doubt they would have been able to raise another $100M (they have shown this in the Court documents) and any such potential investor would be interested in the Doral test. Only Rossi would think that test a determining factor, rather than the controlled tests done by IH.

    Well, Darden did have the venture already, didn't he? I'm talking about the Woodford $50M (and the Chinese) he was collection obviously using Rossi as his core asset (in Woodford words more or less). And this was during the same time as he was getting the Murray dog out and he obviously was very well aware about his despicable legal hedge about the GPT. Darden is a piece of lawyer trash. Worst kind. And you or on his team. Which makes you ... go figure.