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    I tend to

    Is this eternal Rossi Bashing not boring for you? What is the point of getting the same old stories out of the cellar again and again? The fronts have long since been clarified, the one thinks that, the others something different. Is there nothing else important in your life? Why don't you just wait and see what is going on in LENR field in general and Rossi in particular?

    I agree in general with this statement. So, to add more than just constant verbal rehashing, lets' make things more interesting and put the money where the mouth is. As stated previously, I will take IHFB, or any of the Rossi Brethren up on on IHFB's wager (even at even odds, much better than his 10:1 bluster) put money (big bucks) in escrow, that nothing of Rossi's QuackX or other Rossi LENR device, will be in production, commercialized, and/or in a practical working environment within ANOTHER five years (of course, the definition of production and available and commercialized to be what "normal" people/businesses consider easily verifiable proof positive of such developments). After all, that is one of the main drones from the Brethren (even some so-called "engineers") who say that no one would believe ANY test results (I don't believe ANY of those UL, or CE certifications stamped on millions of products either, they must be sham organizations), only seeing Quack-X's in Home Depot will convince we non-believers--so we will wait to see some QuackX's available from Home-Depot or any other established wholesaler or retailer (incidentally, JM Products or similar will NOT be considered "established", and certified sales records will be required (as is customarily done in licensing contracts )). But then, I highly doubt IHFB or any Brethren will execute that bet, despite IHFB's and others' blustering. It's also rather ironic that the Brethren consider IH some evil conspiracy, when they gave Rossi $10M and all latitude he needed to definitively prove himself, and gain another $89M, and still have licensing rights for a good portion of the globe, thereby becoming famous, rich, a Nobel Prize winner, savior of humanity, but yet Rossi turns it down for simple refusal to allow independent test verification (ok-"re-verification" for the Rossi Brethren).. PS. how many of the Brethren have "invested" funds in past or future Rossi QuackX's or E-Dogs etc. Place your bets, any proceeds you win can be invested in Rossi, Quackx's, etc, so it's a good cause!

    Everyone has seen those Rossi charades before, lots of luck to Rossi and Brethren on gathering more into the Fold, much less Rossi getting any more money from anyone (his main objective).

    No mystery . Rossi had the technology, IH don't honored the contract, obviously there was a legal battle and then Rossi won taking back his IP .

    keep repeating your few talking points, you are jousting at windmills, convincing no one, as only you and a handful of Cult Members believe your own fantasies.

    If IH really thought Rossi's IP was worthless, why did not they first proposed the same conditions that then they have accepted in the settlement? They would certainly have saved all the money spent on the lawyers. Maybe IH hoped Rossi would give up first by renouncing the process so he would not have to incur lawyer's cost? If this is the scenario, it really means that Darden never understood who he was in front of. Now IH has to return to Rossi all the know-how on the E-Cat, packing each piece of paper where the secret formulas are annotated and then sending it back to the inventor. If some member of their portfolio were to present an E-Cat-like reactor in the future, there would be the conditions for another process. Really IH comes out of this dispute with nothing in their hands....

    Your last sentence at least makes sense, and sums up the entire fiasco succinctly---IH ended up with nothing in their hands (and their wallets about $15M or so lighter), as Rossi had, and has NOTHING (why IH was suckered to such a degree is really the ONLY mystery in the whole farce).

    The decentralized prediction market Augur should be up, with oracles and verifiers, by end of this year. We'll get the bet set up there. We can flesh out the details as well. Hope you're ready and willing.

    I will put that on my calendar, along with the QuackX commercialization, and the End of the World predictions, etc.

    Ha, why the hedge on "COP"

    Please confirm and elaborate on your "bet" in specific detail (as we all know however, that will not be forthcoming, since your are the quintessential definition of a "TROLL") , as many will take you up on that bet, including myself; we will set up an escrow account on that bet. Although we will need some sane, customarily approved and provable ground-rules (which again will not be forthcoming, as that is antithetical to Rossi and Brethren). Also, why the lowball hedge now of COP just greater than 1, and what does "released into the wild" mean exactly. C'mon give us publicly the specific, understandable, details of your bet, such that we can all review and participate--we're waiting.

    What garbage! Annasser's even taking the case was borderline if not plainly unethical because I am quite confident he knew Rossi has always been FOS and nothing else. I guess the lawyers here can tell us if it's OK to take a civil case founded on blatant lies, deception and fraud.

    IH settled because they could not rely on what a lay jury would do with complex contracts, some in conflict of others, and with technical facts in a field in which few people agree. They simply could not risk a large settlement, however improbable it seemed from a logical POV.

    Simpler than that, they agreed to Rossi's folding (more accurate description the "IH settling") to cut their losses, basic straightforward business decision. There was nothing to be gained, and some risk of loss in proceeding (well, 100% risk that they'd be paying out additional millions to lawyers); they probably didn't have grounds to claw back all of the $10M in a counter-suit to begin with (seeing that much of that debacle was their own doing, but it upped the ante on Rossi's bluff lawsuit). Rossi probably didn't have that left in assets, and/or protected them (Florida apparently has some very liberal bankruptcy laws with regard to real-property). The speculation that Rossi's lawyers may have convinced him that their yarns (some of which may be perjury ) would be difficult to prove (and the burden was on them), seems highly likely, but mostly a moot point on IH's decision when offered a settlement.

    You would never believe it anyway. The e-Cat has been tested in all kinds of ways, with phase change, without phase change (dual circuit), by independent parties using their own measurement devices, by scientists from renown universities, by IH in which they then paid $10MM, by Mats, and the list goes on. It doesn't matter to people of your type. I don't mean that in a negative way. There are simply some people who won't believe it until they hold it in their own hands and measure it with their own equipment. And as Rossi has always said, that is why the market will ultimately decide. And I fully agree.

    "You won't believe it, therefore I won't allow you to test it" , does not hold water with laypersons or any scientific community. With an approved test method and parties, one's "beliefs" have nothing to do with it, that pesky old "mathematics smokescreen" prove it. Yes, that is what customers, licensees, buyers, investors, verification experts/organizations characteristically do, and are allowed to do, is measure using their own equipment and proven/agreed methods, simple as that (which, despite the proclamations here, can easily be done at the same time protecting any trade secrets) which may be done in a plethora of ways for any of Rossi's Creations. Do you think UL or CE labs, etc. are going to let Rossi (or his "representatives") design the testing, instrument and test his own "product", and compile the results? If there is doubt in the results or improvements needed in the methodology, the parties make changes and do the test over--simple. Even forgetting past escapades with IH, it still begs the question---why not do a simple approved/accepted test of ANY one basic "design" and quell all the questions, get all the resources needed to refine and manufacture, and be a bazillionaire, win the Nobel prize, be known as the persons that helped save the world, as quickly as possible? There are not many logical answers to that question (and your answers, at least to 99.9+% of the public or scientific community, are NOT the logical ones).

    I consider it a privilege to be insulted as "clueless" and more by a Rossi disciple, thank you. I wasn't referring to the "I MW" plant as being under $10K (that Rube Goldberg of shipping container, plumbing, pumps, heaters and insulation probably cost more) I was referring to the ever-changing, plethora of public "demos and tests" "hardware". If you are such a skilled engineer, you also understand how easy it would be to prove, definitively, that something does work (not all the screaming here that the world needs to prove that it DOES NOT work), but yet there are 1001 reasons why this positive proof/testing cannot/will not be allowed.

    IH people are VCs, all that they can lose is the money (and reputation, but that one has already been sullied by the various Orders and all the bad episodes revealed by Sifferkol). So how can you say that they lost money and considered them at the same time winners? Aren't you able to find best excuses to applaud their (failed) success?

    I agree, they certainly lost money, and probably some reputation, no/little success there, never said they "won" overall. I merely stated that Rossi failed in his Ultimate Con bluff (conning an additional $90M through a lawsuit of the people he already conned). Overall, if one considers fleecing money a "win", Rossi overall won, in that he collected $10 M (minus lawyer fees etc), with no clawback or (apparently) further legal trouble, but he lost his bold Ultimate Con quest when his bluff was called.

    Spoken like the typical anonymous armchair critics who never actually do anything but spend their time insulting others who do.

    You obviously have no idea at all about how difficult it is to develop something new without multi-billion dollar government backing.

    You make many assumptions on what people have/have not done. I perfectly understand what *real* product and process development require, and the difficulty, even with significant resources. Rossi had $10M (plus whatever other "donations") handed to him (much, much, much, more than 99.9% of small companies and inventors) ), pooooooor Rossi.

    Not getting into background extensively (as I don't care a nit of any Brethren opinion of me), but I will relate how trade-secrets can be openly and are customarily handled. We (my own company) developed a trade secret process involving an optical gadget (with our own money, no conning or handouts of 10M, and many patents we've spent our own money on) , which was licensed to two companies, with various front-end processes, processing with said optical gadget, and followed by other processes. We chose to keep the optical gadget a trade secret, because it would be impossible to tell from the end product if someone was using the gadget by examination of the end product, if it was patented. We enclosed this gadget in a frame with metal panel covers with holes goin in, and holes goin out, with tamper seals on the panels, and a confidentiality agreement that the licencees would not open or reverse engineer the gadget. The gadget had small panel openings for any routine adjustments that might be required, without being able to see the entire innards. They were able to, and required, definitive testing, which they performed, all the before and after processes, and were able to do any sort of testing they requested, and went thru a systematic qualification of the process. Now, contrast that to how The Wizard of Italy works.

    As an aside, any engineer, machinist, control engineer, electrician, or plumber would be embarrassed to show any of the crude "demos" he concocted; (guess he didn't want to spend much of that money on anything other than condos, and lawyers, he's sooo dedicated to his "science"). That junk can be made with<<$10000, much less $10M. And his reinvent-the-wheel crude hotdog cooker furnaces, scientists/engineers typically purchase tube furnaces (already properly engineered and controlled, (oops that is contrary to the Rossi antiExperimental Method)) of one of the many varieties, sizes, styles available and conduct their experiments within that furnace in a suitable vessel (metal, ceramic, quartz etc) and inputs/outputs (sensors, tc, gases, vacuum, etc) required (there are hundreds of them even listed on Ebay, for cheap such that not too much condo-money must be diverted). I know that the Brethren will say that there is some secret construction, materials and design of the hotdog cookers (or are they the design described in Rossi's single useless patent). So, what has he actually shown, proven and produced for his many years and millions of "donations", anyone actually seen an ECat, or QuackX actually sold or functioning in a practical application or environment (other than Rossi); for those that say and have been saying for a decade "it's coming...." the offer of a wager on that still stands, place your bets on a Quack X, or at least invest some of your money if you're so confident (he will likely gladly accept it for QuackX Stock, c'mon fork over your 401K on your sure bet!).

    Most of that post is unintelligible, except the part about Rossi happier than ever, that would be logical, sort of like cult-leaders fleecing their brethren for $10M, then buying Rolls Royces (or condos), or a conman getting away with the ultimate con with no consequences. But, , he probably isn't totally happy (despite the unfailing fawning of his Brethren) , in that he didn't pull off the Ultimate Con, in getting another $89 M by suing a party he already conned (he folded like a house of cards on that one when his bluff was called, and lost a chunk of his $10M to lawyers). Now if you would like to take a wager on whether one sees any E-Quacks in the future being commercially sold, installed and working, (and I'll be generous and give Rossi three years), I will certainly take you up on that wager, and that offer extends to the other Rossi Brethren.

    Yea, when you take a crudely engineered, executed, manufactured, and tested "kiln", crudley made cast ceramic and crudely embed a bunch of resistance heaters solidly in the ceramic, then pump several thousand watts into it (from the line), bad things can happen (again since it's crudely engineered and tested)--like thermal-shock (cracking or exploding), overheating/melting/oxidizing of the conductors, and then there is "thermal lag" depending on where/how temperatures are measured, etc etc. Rossi is too uneducated enough to know that all sizes of "muffle furnace" components (tube-like furnaces) can be readily purchased---why even make that component, when one could buy a vessel to put inside an existing working engineered furnace component. Plus, since it's known that Rossi doesn't even understand RMS, he probably had no idea how much power was being pumped into the resistive heaters on his hotdog cooker. As usual, those pictures and "explanation" by Ross are worthless (although the glowing hotdog kiln might impress some peanut galleries).

    I am going to assume that Darden has lawsuit insurance in which case he would not be out any more money (for lawyers) if the trial continued. However, He would still suffer a loss of time and damage to his reputation if the lawsuit continued. In the case of time, potentially 3 years of time, likely at least a year. Darden likely took these into account and decided the settlement was worth taking.

    IH didn't really lose anything anyway, other than a relatively small chunk (to them and their kind) of money, and it's OPM (other people's money) which investors knew was at risk when they gave it to them. They knew the $10M was gone, and probably wouldn't have tried to claw it back, due to some bad judgement and poor due diligence. But then Rossi had the unmitigated gall to attempt to "bluff" them into handing over yet more, for his bag-o-nothing. So, Rossi got cold feet (in south-florida summer, no less, guess he needed a couple of Quack-X's stuffed in his socks) when actually having to prove his case (after all, there was repeated droning here by the Rossi Brethren, that his stuff absolutely worked, and he would get his $89M in court, and that was why the genius filed suit), and is out a few million in lawyer fees, and a large amount of his dubious behavior, wild unsupported claims, technical malfeasance, etc. made public in forums and disclosures. The counter-suit was merely to up the ante on Rossi, and he folded like a house of cards (a few million poorer, and reputation in (more) shambles). Guess Rossi has gotten away with so much for so long (eg $10M), he was overly-emboldened--self-delusion and overconfidence can be dangerous.

    Ha, ha, it's so funny, and fitting, that Rossi Brethren call mathematics (on which physics, engineering, science, economics, etc. are the core, and definitive proof) "mathematical smoke", but then Roscientology is a "religion", not science or engineering, so perhaps that's understandable. Rossi appears to have a tough time from the couple of videos posted, with basic multiplication, addition, subtraction and division--using a calculator.

    Further shows lack of any technology or engineering, that is OLD technology used extensively in manufacturing (microwave bulbs). And that "publicity blurb" is nothing but pure BS fluff for the technically illiterate.

    Makes sense in lots of ways from a business perspective, and a lot more sense than someone who views conmen as "noble".

    You mean the quarkX is a scaled down plasma lamp with a tiny RF source. I see, but what about the energy gains? What is it that turns a 70% efficiency into 7000% ?

    Yep, RF excited plasma lamps have been around for ages for uv curing and other applications, only the QuackX is good for nothing (except perhaps another bobble to try to "entice" people to provide money).

    I wonder if Rossi's lawyer's accepted stock in the Quack-X as payment for their legal fees, versus having Rossi sell his condos....(the former is highly doubtful). In fact, it's probable that Rossi's lawyer's finally talked some sense into him that they were in a heap-o-trouble if he decided to continue to try to explain his his tales in court.

    What if someone takes a photo of a window replacement a year after the heat exchanger that supposedly vented out that window was dismantled?

    Does that indicate that the window was missing for two years, or just that the window was missing on that day? That there was a heat exchanger at all?

    I guess not.

    Oh, and I'm sure that the landlord had no problem with leaving the windows "out" for a year (unless Rossi was using his as-yet patented "Quick Change Commercial Glazing Apparatus" to randomly open and close permanant glazing), nor would the landlord have any problem, nor notice, 15000 pound heat-exchangers being installed, removed or blasting 1mw out of the windows of their building....laughable that anyone would believe that.