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    you wonder whether all this is Annesser (who must know the score?) pushed by Rossi into doing something, or whether Annesser has some deep game plan like store up things for Appeal.

    Anneser's deep game plan is most likely to get as much of Rossi's, err IH's, money as possible. Maybe he has some of Rossi's, err IH's, condo's as collateral when the cash runs out (I'd assume since he's a lawyer, and know's Rossi, that any "agreements" are in-writing, notarized, and sealed in wax, and that no credit-account is being given).

    Fair enough maryyugo. I am enjoying your rebuttals lately. But I doubt Rossi will ever be my brain surgeon. From what I see his devices while crude would not require unique nor advanced tools for anything other than proving transmutation. The devices that I have seen (if they worked) would require plumbing tools not aircraft tools nor scalpel. I think it shows a bit of your background to describe the tools as dirty or gross ;) It's just that I do not see how this factors in to the case. The only thing that I see that is outstanding on the case is the JMP scam, and I find it outrageous.

    Only persons very naive and inexperienced in engineering, science, or manufacturing would believe that the crude, simplistic, inconsistent, amateurish, "apparatus". "instrumentation" and "test methods" demonstrated by Rossi and his cohorts (well, what is shown under the yards of cheap insulation), would believe that such methods would, or could, allow the research, testing and verification of the greatest invention of the century in "cold fusion". While not impossible, there is (as in everything) an infinitesimal probability, but then, we all know that the Rossi disciples' basic scientific tenant is that the world must prove all negatives.

    My understanding that those tools were from AR's plumber. Not sure he has ever done much work to turn a wrench himself. The pre-1MW show was better. They had some more sophisticated looking boxes (again not sure AR turned a wrench or screw driver anywhere). But there were also pics with Fabiani with the cheapest Chinese components you can get (e.g., $2 current sensor). I recognized it since I had used some in past replication attempts.

    Ahh, well that makes sense, I can see Rossi jumping up and down, waving his hands, in stream-of-consciousness mode, screaming at the plumber, add/delete pipe and fitting here, run tubing to sink drain, hide the "reactor" and strip-heaters, probe's etc with yards of tape and insulation.... Each one of his plumbing hairballs looks different, but always entombed (obscured) in sloppy rubber or mineral/glass foil insulation and tape, wires running in, with cheap thermocouple probes sticking out like a thanksgiving turkey (well it is a turkey (no offense to turkeys)). Oh, and his "control boxes" and wiring would make any control-engineer/electrician turn over in their grave. Look at those boxes with hariballs full of wires twisted together, no DIN terminal blocks/fuses/connectors, improper connectors, or any normal engineering protocol. Rossi doesn't even have enough engineering knowledge to know that his "creations" LOOK incredibly crude and amateurish. Rossi didn't want to spend too much on his "demos" apparently, needed the money for condos, and lawyers. Of course, then there is the ceramic variant also (ie, the poorly made mini kiln fast-acting hotdog cooker). OK, I'm goin' out to my garage to build a much better version this afternoon (I have much better tools and plumbing skills), and will call mine the E-Dog (in order to avoid any trademark conflicts with "E-Cat"), and will be available in a day, at a bargain-basement price to the first bidder at only ONE, thats one... single... $million!

    Those silly universities and corporations spending all that money on labs, lab equipment, instrumentation, analytical equipment, measurement equipment, engineers and technicians, etc. to do research and development, when all you need is the following bag of junk tools and rolls of adhesive-backed rubber tape (not shown: random plumbing pipe and fittings, lots of foil insulation, strip-heaters, and cheap meters (all available from your local Home Depot)), and some poor plumbing skills (Rossi could never get a job as a plumber). If I were trying to scam someone, I'd at least make my fake apparatus look halfway professional and credible.

    You and your like are faced with a whack-a-mole situation. Your interaction with Rossi is not your only problem. I support open source LENR development. There will be more LENR developers than you can shake a stick at. What are you going to do with R. Mills and the SunCell? The LENR reaction is happening in Safire. You just can't fight mother nature.

    It's a simple question, have you, or any of the other Rossi disciples, donated/"invested" one penny toward "the Cause" (directly to a Rossi, or through an investment fund), or asked Rossi if you might invest in his greatest invention of the century??? If not, seems rather hypocritical (at best).

    Problem is, Rossi has no huge pot of money other than funds that he conned, when that is gone , or forced to be clawed back, he is out of "business" (and if he is convicted of fraud, now or later, he will owe multiples of any damages and possibly attorney fees). Unless of course you wish to "donate" your life-savings and retirement to the "Rossi Cause"; have you done so, if not, why, you all believe it is a sure thing and thus would make $$bazillions$$, and I'm sure that Rossi would take your investment money. Have you written him a check, you should put your money where your mouth is.

    Rossi will provide as evidence, his patent applications for "Invisible Megawatt Heat Exchanger", and "Quick-Change Glazing System for Commercial Construction".

    With COP of 60+ it should be "easy" to self generate and disconnect form the utilities. (in fact anything much over 10 to one should be "easy"). You wouldn't even need a steam/boiler engineer. I bet you could even pick up a steam engine/generator set for the cost of a few pinball machines.

    Funny, Rossi's hotdog cookers have NEVER been disconnected from their power source....ever, wonder why.

    IH should bring into the courtroom approx 100, 1500 watt space-heaters (scale relative to the "factory" and courtroom size) to impress on the judge/jury (they'd be run out of the room in short order) the heat output that had to be dissipated by the invisible heat-exchanger along with the quick-change industrial glazing (are invisible heat-exchangers and quick-change glazing new patent applications of Rossi?)--of course they'd need a generator (even more to the point) also since the normal circuits wouldn't handle the power.

    You malign all inventors (you should at least add quotation marks) buy labeling Rossi as such.

    I can understand this sentiment, and to some extent I agree with it. However, I also think that IH is overplaying their hand here. I've never seen so much playing-dumb-after-the-fact in my life. I mean, they had Dameron working closely with Rossi from the get-go. Dameron was still operating an IH-built e-cat as late as January, 2016. Reading from Darden's and Vaughn's depositions alone, one would think that they were totally clueless about anything that was going on: I don't know, I don't know, I don't recall, I don't remember, we weren't experts, we didn't have good experts, ...

    I call BS. They knew what was going on. They knew that they were seeing high COPs even using IH-built reactors. They had engineers and scientists on it, and generating reports. They knew they were attracting funding based on their discoveries. These are not halfwit ignoramuses. This mantra about never being able to substantiate "at all times" became the word of the day only after the lawsuit was filed. That is going to be a tough one to defend before a jury, I'm afraid.

    haaaa, now that's a good one ***IH*** overplaying their hand! (versus a conman who is so deluded in his mastery of con-artistry (admittedly spurned on by previous successes), that he can get away with it in perpetuity, and that, unlike any sane conman, rather than taking the $10M, decides to sue the people he conned to try to con millions more)!

    Given this information (which is quite interesting!) don't you all think that it would be appropriate to give some deference to this elderly (old-styled) gentleman from Italy to be referred to as Dr., given that he has a legitimate advanced degree (equivalent to a U.S. masters degree yes, but it is different historically in Italy) in Philosophy of Science?

    Rossi will...cough, cough, :) play drama queen/victim on stand:

    "The Defendants assert that “Plaintiffs should be barred from presenting evidence or

    arguments relating to Rossi’s physical illnesses or ailments at trial because such information is irrelevant to any claim or defense in this case and would only serve to unduly prejudice the jury.” Notably, Dr. Rossi previously suffered from an ailment that caused him to cough excessively and periodically caused him to have reflux which had to be dispelled into a cup or other vassal. Since his deposition, Dr. Rossi has had surgery to correct the ailment and is still recovering therefrom. Accordingly, any mention of Dr. Rossi’s physical illnesses or ailments would be offered only for the purposes of explaining his appearance and/or reasons for coughing at any point during trial and/or during depositions"

    Rossi got a hernia tearing out all the faulty "instrumentation", and invisible heat-exchanger system, and installing and removing windows...must hot have too many ailments.

    That's my guess too.

    And I could imagine that this plan could bear fruits, wouldn't there be an internet community which keeps an close eye on this case - watching what Rossi does, and what IH does.

    I am sure IH managers know that they have a the responsibility to protect their investors from beeing defrauded, and can not just use "others people money" to pay themself out of a bad deal.

    If they would take the easy path and just pay (with the investors money) Rossi for his shenanigans, they would risk legal consequences.

    That is absolutely what these investors do. Also note that anyone investing in such funds has to be a "qualified" investor, having to sign specific statements for such investments that say that they can lose all their money. Darden are salesmen, with no technical, scientific or engineering background, and for whatever reason were suckered by Rossi. Who knows, they all maybe sat around and said, "if there's a 0.1% chance "something" works, it's worth the $10M."--That is their normal business, the sad part is that they threw away that money on a con, versus using it for something or somebody worthwhile, and now they are throwing it away to attorneys which is costing another small fortune. They are going to try to get that back, almost certainly.

    Yes sure that is exactly what IH hoped, to take the IP for just 10% of the price.

    They had had already done their tests and had all the partial report from Penon (without rising any problem) so why not try not to pay ?

    A good question for them (IH) would be:

    Where is all the money they collected from investors now ?

    Again, Rossi has no IP, neither does IH, a worthless Italian patent, and an equally worthless US patent for a "water heater", no claims, data or otherwise for LENR, the rest are a hoard of published applications, none granted.

    I think neither IH nor Rossi want a do-over. Rossi apparently wants out of a (very bad) contract. And IH apparently wants to wash their hands of Rossi altogether. And I really think it is best for all parties that there be a break up anyway. This Humpty can never be put back together again.

    Yes, indeed, he want's out of a a contract that handed him $10.5 million for nothing; most sane con-men would take such money and run. But not Rossi, he is apparently so deluded in his mastery, and past history of success, of snake-oil-salesmanship as to belie that he can get away with not only the $10.5M, but fleece additional 10's of millions. Likely he overplayed his hand this time 'round.

    Shhhhhh, there is a vast, worldwide, coordinated governmental and industrial-complex black-ops secret conspiracy to squelch Rossi's greatest invention of the was done with the invention of fire, the wheel, printing-press, gunpowder, radio, internal-combustion engine, transistor, laser, computer, nuclear fission... .... ...................

    Yes, two. Not bought from Kensington University :D :D :D

    Also, note that Kensintgon "University", was shut down as a diploma-mill SCAM by the states it was "operating" (a good term actually) in, and their "degrees" are illegal to use as professional credentials in certain states. Seems Rossi won't even claim them (a humiliating rebuke indeed) , in that he will not cite WHERE he received his supposed science degrees, but only saying that he HAS such degrees). My, my, how appropriate and predictable.

    A lot of the absolutely stupid and ridiculously incompetent things IH (Darden and Vaughn) did in this whole incredible affair are beyond belief. Why did they not get independent confirmation of earlier simple high performance (18kW on a tabletop) Levi-type tests? By a famous test lab or major university **department** (not a few unknown scientists)? Why did they proceed with a completely absurd and unnecessary one year test which cost them $10M, and then allow Rossi and a few strange characters who worked for Rossi run the whole show? Why did they allow testing of multiple reactors at the same time when it would have been simpler and cleaner to test just one at a time? Why did they not have some reputable and knowledgeable third parties (heat flow, fluid flow and electrical measurement specialists) go thoroughly and cautiously over the experiment while it was running, looking for errors and sleight of hand tricks? Why did they not let such a team carry out calibrations upstream (at the input) and downstream (at the output) of Rossi's instruments, using entirely their own instruments? Why did they not check how the heat allegedly being used was in fact disposed of and measured, using their own experts? Did they not read all the allegations on the internet about what Rossi had done in the past (nothing but fraud and disasters and failures)? Even if they did not entirely believe it, why were they not more alert to the chance it might in part be true? Yes, it's beyond belief -- the whole thing is. IH's people have no business whatever investing other people's money in technological ventures and IMHO, if shareholders of IH or Woodford lose money, they should group together and sue to get it back.

    Question number 1, why didn't IH perform the most minor of due diligence and look at Rossi's sordid history and qualifications (1 hr internet search required), done, end of story, $100 not wasted, much less $10M.

    That is incorrect. I have seen it used in industrial calorimetry. It works well on a large scale. If you calibrate it and compare it to thermocouples, it works reliably.

    Yes, for an induction furnace used for smelting steel, etc., not characterizing a mystery home-made small cylindrical kiln with random heaters embedded in, or encasing, the shell, with mystery pixie dust burning (oops, undergoing a secret fusion reaction) within, and then characterizing the "fusion" output of the pixie dust from the outside with a camera, (even with a properly calibrated instrument).