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    So anyone accusing Rossi to be a scammer should be able to prove that in Court.

    That's not what it means, innocent until proven guilty is only for the court system. Normal everyday people people are fee to judge based on the information/evidence available to them, which to myself and many others leans heavily towards "Dr." Rossi being a scammer.

    Edit: Even so, this is a civil case right? Then it's judged by "preponderance of evidence", not "presumed innocent until proved guilty" iirc. But don't quote me on that, I'm not too familiar with the american justice system.

    Also, note that Kensintgon "University", was shut down as a diploma-mill SCAM by the states it was "operating" (a good term actually) in, and their "degrees" are illegal to use as professional credentials in certain states. Seems Rossi won't even claim them (a humiliating rebuke indeed) , in that he will not cite WHERE he received his supposed science degrees, but only saying that he HAS such degrees). My, my, how appropriate and predictable.

    He actually addressed this today (Gee, I wonder why :/).

    Is there any truth to this?

    I don't know enough about the case to dispute (1), maybe someone else does.

    2) Facebook isn't a tiny corner of the web dedicated to enthusiasts of an obscure technology that Joe and Jane has never even heard of. The only dirty halo on cherokee/IH will be that they were so easily fooled by Rossi, and they won't save face by winning the trial.

    To expand on (2). I don't know anything about monsanto astroturfing, but that seems plausible because the end goal is to influence public opinion (the same public that buys their goods) and whitewash a very tainted brand (which matters because people care about the food they buy). What the peasants think is not nearly as important for Cherokee and IH, and influencing opinion here is not likely to affect the trial. The situations are not comparable.

    You're conveniently enough ignoring that:
    1. They can JUST PAY HIM

    2. Astroturfing and hoping that a juror will go against their duty, and that this astroturfing will work well enough is far from a certain strategy. In fact that's pretty unlikely.

    Also, it boggles the mind why a company would try to influence, through social engineering, the outcome of a justice decision about whether or not they can profit from this disruptive IP worth trillions

    Do you realize just how small this forum is? Add to that what Eric Walker said about the jury selection process.

    If there really are trillions on the table and IH were truly malicious they could probably have Rossi disappeared pretty easily and everyone would assume he ran with the money. Or simply buy/threaten the jury, both these things would be a lot easier than manipulating a forum through social engineering, hoping that a jury member defies instructions, googles "E-Cat" and ends up here and on top of that is affected enough to sway the trial. It's just not a rational course of action.

    Edit: or they could just pay rossi. trillions minus hundreds of millions is still trillions. bam.

    Sorry for the gravedigging but i had to post this comment. We're back to the robotic factories, now with "partially humanoid" robots :D


    Dr Andrea Rossi:
    The robots that will be used to manufactire the E-Cats will be of the humanoid kind?


    Sammie Burgdorfer:
    Warm Regards,

    Question to those that think there is significant manipulation going on in this forum: Why? I can't really see how IH would benefit from controlling the conversation on a fringe discussion board.