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    As I knew you couldn't find a quote from me that was hectically wrong, you dream dream up all sorts of reasons to avoid admitting you were wrong and and apologizing.

    You don't get to choose how I will respond to you, and neither do I.

    Posting history trumps all.

    And you do know that your insulting tone is an inside joke on this forum,

    with people wanting to design and order T-shirts.

    And you only learned of the Brayton thermo cycle when Zeus mentioned it later.

    You have been the most insulting person on this forum for the past year or more.

    You will get an apology from me, when I see you correct that.

    Signed "a technically illiterate idiot" - Your words Pot.

    I will start quoting you and providing evidence when you do the same

    with everyone else.

    It's always fun when a technically illiterate idiot claims I'm wrong..

    You obviously don't understand how a gas turbine works.

    Quote my actual words to show where I was wrong.

    (edited typo)

    NEWI - 5 year B Sci in Aeronautical Engineering - Graduated 1986.

    (I'm sure the college keeps records if you care to check under the

    name Peter Ian Hughes).

    Sorry Adrian, didn't know I was talking to a fellow Aero Eng.

    (although I am surprised you never mentioned it before - you seem

    to love to brag up your other accomplishments).


    You are mistaken that the combustion in a gas turbine adds much to the pressure. Even the example you show states that the compressed air from the compressor is fed through the wall of the combustion chamber (to cool it). You couldn't do that if the pressure was higher inside. The energy from combustion acts to expand the gas.

    Adrian is the only "Engineer" I know, who doesn't know the relationship between P,V and T.

    Increase Pressure and Temperature goes up for the same volume.

    Increase Temperature and Pressure goes up for the same volume.

    Presumably AA didn't need to know that little tidbit when designing the vast array

    of furnaces he was involved in.

    AA - hint: look up Ideal Gas Law before coming back at me with your ususal babbler comment.

    Conclusion, he is/was an "Engineer" in the same sense as a "Refuse Engineer" aka garbage/bin man.


    Edited to add that for the "expanding gas" that Adrian is talking about, he surely knows that heat being driver here results in an increase of pressure or (whoops) no expansion.

    some quotes from elsewhere in this site relevant to the exchange above.

    ...I shall certainly attempt to be as comprehensive and accurate when reporting as I can be. No point in going otherwise

    ...I will try to file some kind of report ASAP after the show

    ...I expect to produce a more considered write-up shortly after the day.

    ...I will certainly report everything I observe as fully as possible.

    ...But whatever happens to that plan, I will write my visit up as fully as possible and post it in here.

    ...considering the primary purpose of this forum is to discuss and investigate claims and counter-claims about LENR, it is important that somebody makes the effort to attend and report on what is seen?

    ...And I am told that I can take photographs

    From the manual, it seems that "DC mode" only affects the trigger circuit for latching to the waveform start point, and does not affect the waveform display amplitude.


    You are looking at the wrong page of the manual.

    see instead Page 106 of the manual.

    I was not referring to trigger coupling over a week ago otherwise I would have specifically said "trigger coupling"

    I was talking about the Channel Vertical Coupling (or input coupling).

    It is a totally different setting and affects which components of the

    input signal get passed to the output (display) waveform.

    DC and AC (DC coupling) or AC only (AC coupling)

    Page 106 of the manual.

    Someone on this forum must surely be familiar with DSOs No ?

    But I like that you are raising Probe Attenuation


    I think Mats Lewan also had a digital multimeter, I wonder if he verified the oscilloscope peak readings with it on the 1 Ohm resistor when the QX was operating.

    Which is why calibration runs are SO IMPORTANT.

    They will immediately show issues with measurement techniques.

    Mats likely just doesn't know what the instruments are showing him because he has not read the manual.

    Some people know exactly how to use a measuring instrument, and rely on the ignorance

    of others to bamboozle and amaze.


    My knowledge in electronics is pretty basic, as probably is that of many other people reading this forum: what is happening in this video exactly? Is the probe measuring a DC offset over the AC signal when put in DC mode?

    Please see my post #417 Questioning Scope coupling on page 14

    ALL DSOs display only the AC component of a signal when in AC coupling mode.

    When in DC coupling mode, they display the combined AC and DC signal.

    This is about input coupling.

    You might want to read up about Trigger Coupling

    Just as you can select either AC or DC coupling for the vertical system, you can choose the kind of coupling for the trigger signal.

    This is more relevant to handheld meters.

    But, but. but .....................

    according to you One of many demos


    Rossi has said that this demo is the first of many to be staged all over the world.

    Page 14 post # Post 417

    To "hide" ANY voltage other than AC from the scope display, simply put the channel into AC coupling mode.

    One button on the DSO. Simple. Anyone who has ever used an oscilloscope knows this.

    The power supply might be roaring away (needing cooling),

    but the scope trace only shows 0.01v AC.

    The DC is hidden. (unless one looks for the tiny "A" next to the channel output

    - which would mean walking behind the table to see it - as if anyone in attendance would even know to look for it, but as Mats pointed out VERY early in the Demo, this was forbidden.)

    I gave the link to the scope user manual.

    This "technique" has been used before in OU scams (Bill Alek and EMJunkie most recently)


    I'm afraid it is even simpler than that.

    All Digital Oscilloscopes (including the Techtronix TBS model used in the "demo"), have a simple button to select between AC and DC coupling.

    Tektronix TBS user manual page 98.

    AC coupling blocks the DC component of the signal allowing only the AC portion to be shown.

    The input voltage could have been 100.01v But in AC coupling mode,

    only the AC component (0.01v) would have been displayed.

    The 100v DC component would have been hidden (but you would still need a fan to cool the PSU)

    This is scoposcopy 101. A trick used previously by Bill Alek, EMJunkie and others.

    The only way to hide it in this "demo" would be to not allow anyone behind the table and only show long range pictures of the scope.

    Has nobody ever used a DSO ?

    Okay, let us consider any other scientific, technical or academic subject. Say, programming, or Japanese literature. Suppose this discussion group was about programming, and someone started making assertions about the structure of Pascal. Suppose, after a while, it became apparent that this person knew nothing about Pascal and had never programmed a line of code in it, or in any other language. Would you take that person's assertions seriously? Or would you dismiss them?

    Sorry, but a mildly bad example (because most people reading that will fail to acknowledge the "or in any other language" caveat. (but I do know what you are trying to get at and the other example is rock solid).

    I knew nothing about the Lua language a couple of weeks ago.

    Then I had to debug one. :(

    Piece of cake though, since I am fluent in C, C++, Java/JavaScript, Cobol, Fortran and others.

    It is equivalent to knowing nothing about the e-CAT, but knowing lots about the building blocks behind what it is supposed to be.

    As a B.Eng, I can look at the Penon Report and know it is junk since there cannot be 1 MW of steam capacity anywhere in a system with a pressure reading of 0 bar. (i.e. a system where the exit is Atm. an open to air container hence roughly 1 bar and we know this to be a fact).

    And that is Abs pressure, not gauge, since if it was gauge, it would have been noted as bar(g) by EVERY competent Engineer.

    If it was an honest mistake, it needs to be redone and corrected without excuses, and if not, assumed junk.


    What nonsense... Its steam, flowing through a pipe! How would you measure that? Simple question.

    I'd start with pressure.

    AA isn't an Engineer because he doesn't understand that a reading of ZERO

    is THE big red light. And he is NOW claiming that he read the report.

    IHFB thinks that a piece of paper in the gap or a flange where the "steam" was escaping could have caused a back pressure resulting in negative pressure. I kid you not.

    At least IHFB doesn't pretend to be an engineer.

    He just comes up with stuff he imagines could be the cause of ZERO pressure causing an audible leak (which could just as easily have been a sucking sound).



    Immediately after your quoted sentence

    What most do ask for is a respectable power level, long duration and high "COP".

    , is another sentence.

    We can argue about how those are defined.

    No goal posts were moved.

    Context is important when quoting.

    Are you telling me that Rossi and his team of researchers are not performing any sanity checks on their experimentation? :)

    No, he is not telling you that. He is suggesting that R-Boy is telling you that.

    Read the words.

    This is so simple, just like the multiplication question that I asked you a couple of days ago that you ignored.

    come on ihfb - answer simple question

    Provide evidence that he did a control, or retract.

    Up to you, but I know you always ignore the simple ones.