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    Of all the tech out there to secure an energy future? Thorium fluoride salt reactors are the clear winner. $30 bn on r and d in that field would be so much better spent rather than the ITER...which is physically interesting but the smelliest most overweight white elephant one could possibly conceive.

    You said no politics but physicists should vote thorium fluoride salt. Amazing tech and the story of its invention is up there with Rossi when it comes to pulling a sly one to get investment. Its developer conned the military into thinking it would be able to power an aircraft when he knew full well it wouldn't, had em going for years, long enough to produce an excellent near flawless prototype that can even consume and make safer existing nuclear waste from conventional reactors.

    Msr cold war era reactor as energy future

    Potus is leveraged to the hilt, his worth is known to be far less than which is claimed, real estate finance is very murky when analysed for actual worth, potus has also been bankrupt on more than one occasion and he wouldn't be afloat if it weren't for his inherited wealth , not to mention the fact his business practices have on occasion been downright illegal, unethical and cost his investors vast sums of money. Potus is not really a successful businessman by any stretch of the imagination, his moneymaking abilities are largely as a conman and showman. The wheels are also starting to fall off his wagon as he realises that you can't run a country on the shady tactics he has gotten away with using in real estate. He notoriously overpays for property and if it weren't for his inheritance he would have been utterly bankrupt some time ago. Trump not worth anything like he claims, lost libel suit that claimed he is worth only 150 million, and that's about the worth of his branding so without the media fuelling him, he ain't worth shit. Mans a conman

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    stockholm syndrome is a whole other kettle of fish, it doesn't refer to the marks in a conman situation but to the victims of kidnapping and direct psychopathic abuse, where through normalising the experience of being actually kidnapped the abused individual develops a seemingly inexplicable emotional bond with their captor/abuser, in cases of fraudulent conartist type sociopaths its moot as Rossi hasn't actually kidnapped anyone now has he? Muppet.

    Rossi isn't your run of the mill sociopath either, the level of his outward grandiosity and successful long con modus single him out as a very political type narcissist, much like trump or other almost cult like leader, targeting his demographic with almost clinical precision, very hypnotic and convincing to those who "buy in" to his scam, obsessed as much with adulation and attention as he is with control. Your common or garden emotionally abusive deceiver would never be as stupid as to attract so much attention, choosing notoriety is not normal psychopathic behaviour at all, they have to be extreme public narcissists to perform such a public and longwinded con. Far more common are sociopaths who just abuse and control spouses or individual marks with any manipulative behaviour they can get away with. Go read a book.

    So those scientists and engineers have been hypnotized by Rossi, who is also a sociopath. All those swedish scientists are really suffering from Stockholm's Syndrome...

    Can't someone call the police? there are people in danger!

    Sadly, psychology doesnt work like that, the successful psychopath will do everything in their power to "save face" often manipulating to the extent where they are not prosecutable at all, you grossly misunderstand what a psychopath is, dangerously so. What differentiates the psychopath from the the rest of us is the total, absolute lack of conscience and moral compass yet the ability to convince and scam others that they are morally impeccable. Wise up is my advice. I'd recommend the book "snakes in suits: when psychopaths go to work" and you will realise how your flippant attitude is precisely why they are such a problem in all spheres of life. Believe it or not there is a large group of people who truly think Donald trump is a "great guy" because of his hypnotic ability to convince them thusly. I'm not usually insultory but you sir are a numpty or possibly a Muppet.

    on the psychology side of things...Rossi is analogous with Trump. Right down to the anger upon challenge, the hard working, the narcissism, the illucid excuses that only fool the uneducated and those unaware of his sociopathy. The fake it till it looks like you make it philosophy, the repeated returning to similar scams, the downplaying of failure to the extraordinary claims. Trumps got his not a wall.

    Rossi has his no excess power.

    Nothing stops the claims though.

    the most interesting and obfuscating thing about the whole con relies on one fact to convince the less scientifically literate audience into a state if confusion, the mention if thermodynamics, saw it over and over again in Rossi's con, there's the thermodynamics of the testing , then there's the thermodynamics of the lenr reaction itself. Because of the supposed exotic physics any mention of thermodynamics involved and the acolytes pipe up about the special physics involved etc and detract from the thermodynamics of where 1mw of heat went, to the scientifically illiterate this is an avenue for confusion that was greatly played on. The reality of if there's excess heat output to input? Then the experiment should clearly show it!

    But no "there's a heat exchanger in the roof and anyway its "" special"" physics going on so thermodynamics thermodynamics you don't understand you shill etc" has been a particular con line. Fanboy I'm looking at you.

    The most plausible hypothesis is of course that Rossi is a hypnotist conman able to successfully mass hypnotize the scientists and engineers he works with, or who can study his works closely.

    Sociopaths are often reported as hypnotic and hypnotically charming, even world experts dealing with known cases are noted to emerge from interview with them reporting precisely that fact, the feeling they were in someway hypnotised. I'd recommend Dr Robert hares tome

    " without conscience" as reading matter for anyone, forewarned is forearmed so to speak.

    yes you are right, Jones town was the origin of the koolaid trope, the heavens gate mob was similar in its use of mass suicide by libation but the reason they sprang to mind was the willingness of the participants like some of Rossi's acolytes! Jim Jones used operant conditioning to normalise the koolaid ritual before the fatal poisoning of the final batch. The TV show is the big bang theory ,very successful and funny despite featuring some characterisations of quite severe social functioning disorders in its protagonists.

    people on the ASD spectrum are very susceptible to sociopathic con artistry. Its called mind blindness, scientists in general have an abundance of ASD spectrum in their ranks. There's highly qualified research out there that states if your IQ is over around 140 or so you are almost guaranteed to be on the spectrum, suffering social deficit of some kind. There's a comedy show that's highly successfully explored this phenomenon and the extremes of logic but lack of social awareness in specifically engineers and physicists.

    Rossi's ability to convince professionals is largely I suspect to do with the fact he appears to convince himself he is doing nothing wrong, perhaps he truly believes with a little more time/money/effort he will crack the worlds energy problem, he has alongside his sociopathy a clear messiah complex. He effectively drinks his own koolaid just like the leaders of the cult of heavens gate where the meme comes from did. He is self centred and utterly batshit riding a cart that the wheels fell off some time ago.

    I have no horse in this race. But its quite clear IH are the mark. Rossis the swindler who operates with such panache that he drags in IH to look as guilty as him regarding complicity whether true or not. Whoever invested that cash? That's who I'm rooting for but noone knows, likely due to embarrassment. And Rossi is free to do it all again. Til he carks it.

    OK. Enough. There is no need for obsessive repetitions. And fewer, longer posts written with a little more care would be better than two-liners with identical content. Alan.

    the real key to spotting a creature like Rossi and what he is up to is the NASA hypothesis. Never A Straight Answer. His blog from its misleading title of professional sounding validity .journal of nuclear physics is a lesson in how to do this. Even when he is provided opportunity to be on the level he obfuscates and gives short effusive answers. These scams and getting away with them provide a thrill to the conman. Every honest poster who visits and asks a question is like another notch i n his bow.

    the paranoia about paid shills is fascinating also. ... Criminology see? Fraud is also a crime by the way and for the career criminal? So long as there's money in it? Well criminal motivation is what it is.

    Deleted the offensive stuff. Persistence in blanket accusations of forum members here being paid shills will get posters in trouble. But we aim for polite discussion here, and trash talk fired off in response only brings down the conversation. Please keep the tone polite. Eric

    im fascinated by the dedication of the acolytes of the sociopathic conman and their unswerving loyalty to a man so very discredited and obviously deceptive . your not physicists that's for sure yet appear utterly devoted to this ridiculous mans cause. Is it wishful thinking of environmental advantages of such a tech that has you so religiously hooked?

    Or are you hopeful you can get in on his next con? Its fascinating in any case. Don't mind me. You carry on.

    whats startling , really startling is his not so much discussed teg scam. He claimed 1000w outputs that were in reality 1w outputs for his units. Consistent bragging and fundraising with claims of lots of energy when in reality ? Nada.

    Its saddening to think people bought into anything this man has claimed.

    Here's some science. See my profile pic? That's a psychopaths brain scan, its missing certain neurotypical features such as a fully formed amygdalae and interconnectedness of its limbic system. Grandiosity, deceptiveness and lack of conscience are the personality features these individuals don't have. Along with lack of remorse and recidivism.