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    In fact the main protagonists against Rossi are, in my view, Jed, THHuxley and Sigmoidal.

    Their arguments are logical and evidence based, using facts and quotes from Rossi himself.

    So I see no reason for APCO to get involved, Rossi is providing enough evidence on his own.

    I hope you know that IH's PR director is an APCO consultant.?

    The arguments from Jed, THHuxley and Sigmoidal are incredible weak. They can't make a good general case why Rossi is a fraud. No sceptic here does a good job at making that case. They don't even try because it makes them look silly.

    Thank you for reminding of this fact since it can be found in court documents in Rossis mail sent to Darden. I have earlier listed evidence of lack of values and low business morale of IH-Tribe. That Rossi's mail and even bragging about scamming HF earns him position in list of disgusting business partners to be avoided at any cost.

    He doesn't brag about scamming HF, that's reading what do you want to believe. What that mail shows is that he had many different possible partners to choose from and that he did let his devices test by different organisations. He just didn't make the effort to make the test succesful because he had already chosen a partner. If you have to miscontruct Rossi's sentences that badly to make a point how a giant fraud he is, then that only means how weak the arguments against him really are.


    Eric Walker just can't hide his anti-LENR, ANTI-ROSSI bias, I don't understand how you let this guy become a moderator, he acts like a textbook paid apco troll. He doesn't even acknowledge the existence of LENR.

    If you cannot contribute constructively to this conversation, your time here will be quite short. I suggest you avoid the whole paid troll thing. Consider yourself warned. Eric


    So arguing legalities, that's your ultimate proof of Rossi's crimes. That's a incredible weak case, especially when IH cashed an investment of 50 million dollar while the 1MW test was running.

    So you are basically saying that he has a working 1MW reactor but he didn't follow the signed contract by the letter.

    Rossi doesn't have a history of deception, that's why you just made up. Being cautious about your IP isn't illegal behaviour.

    And BTW you didn't answer my questions.

    Can we have a new rule on this forum?

    If you want to call Andrea Rossi a scam artist(aka a person involved in criminal activity), you have to explain how he has scammed everyone for the last 6 years.

    I am tired of people calling him a scammer, without explaining what the scam is, how the scam works, who the victims are.(IH is 30million richer thanks to Rossi)

    If you can't give a good & clear explanation, you will get banned after three strikes. Doesn't that look like a fair deal?

    I made a general commment that some people here have an agenda to discourage people from participating in LENR and I got directly flagged by a moderator. If we are going to be strict in one way, let's get strict in the other way also.

    Lugano is relevant. M356 first reactor was built based on the schematics of the Lugano reactor. I was going to quote you, but you deleted your message(one of the first messages in this thread)

    Ad hominem? I am just stating facts.

    Asserting that there are trolls on this forum wanting to undermine LENR research is both ad hominem and speculation on your part. Please stop.

    What was the gist of the message? I don't recall writing and deleting a post of mine in this thread. (Except for the next one, which just had this question.) You are probably recalling someone else's post.


    It's really sad how the overall tone here in this forum has changed from optimistic enthusiasm to relentless scepticism. I can understand where it's coming from but me356 has not kept us waiting for years and years. If the test turns out to be successfull he in fact delivered way faster than anybody else of the "big" players and will finally resolve the question if this technology is real or not.

    That's the true intent of some of the trolls here, to discourage others from engaging in LENR research. Like many true LENR enthousiasts, I am very excited about the progress of ME356's work.

    And for the people who are desperately waiting for some real facts, a reminder -> The lugano report has never been retracted. The whole team still stands with the results of their test.

    Please avoid ad hominem, especially in this thread, where it has become a problem. Eric

    Almost 7000 comments in this thread and still no one can make a convincing argument how Andrea Rossi has scammed everyone in the last 6 years.

    Explain me the scam please, I just can't understand the argument.

    What's his scam? What's his endgoal? You can't claim incompetence and fraud at the same time. That's an incredible weak argument. (I am still waiting for the Lugano report to get retracted, this needs to happen before the trial or IH doesn't stand any chance in court)

    And explain me also how IH got scammed when they got 50million on investments while they let Rossi run his 1MW reactor with the same ERV who did their first validation test 3 years ago.

    Didn't IH registered in 2015 a european patent which described an unknown extensive test of an e-cat with a high COP.

    What's also very curious in this courtcase is IH doesn't go all in on the technical side, if they really think that 1MW reactor is one big scam. You only have to hire the best technical people in the business to make that case. Very strange that they can hire the most expensive lawyers but not the best technical people.