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    Do you know about how much they cost, and what the process for requesting them is?


    As woodworker noted, they cost a lot. It's an area where the "you can pick any two from 'good, cheap, and fast'' applies. Getting them during the trial will likely be cost-prohibitive, even with generous crowdsourced contributions. (This is in part because, as a court reporter that I know has pointed out, the court reporter sits in court recording all day, and then has to work overtime to turn around same-day transcripts.) Getting them after the fact will be cheaper.

    The least expensive alternative, and one that I think is worth considering even if it's ultimately frustrating, is to wait three months. The transcripts should then be available on PACER at $0.10 per page. Unlike regular documents, the price isn't capped at $3.00, so the cost will likely still be a few hundred dollars for the whole trial, but it's likely to be an order of magnitude less than the price of getting them now.

    Good morning, all -

    I'm another newbie coming over from the Fogbow out of interest in the upcoming IH-Rossi trainwreck. I was thinking about commenting on a couple of posts there, but don't seem to have that ability yet.

    (If there was an activation email, I can't seem to find it.)

    Anyway, looking forward to participating.