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    No hard feelings Alan: and this is a fight I may not win, but I will argue here for what I consider proper standards of conduct.

    Dewey gets leeway, as one of the principals. You do not, unless you admit openly to being connected in some way with the Rossi circus.


    Wow! Seems like I missed out on a lot of fun... A failed mod mutiny always makes an interesting plot... Dewey, THH with a little help from Roseland67+IO wants Alan out ... For some reason they expected to be able to influence forum politics without understanding the backend rules. Anyone watching for a while realize Alan is way senior to Eric and Shane and that ALL mods are committed to stand as one - otherwise forum founders/admins will interfere with a obvious risk of some junior mods (Eric&Shane in this case) get the boot and then the current narrative (and work) is lost ... So, obviously Dewey had to be sacrificed (although I believe he will be back since since he for some reason was not permabannad - probably because Alan is not as worried about alternate opinions as some other mods). Some members like Bruce seems to understand and tried to save Dewey, but he was already in a "temper tantrum".

    Still trying to figure what triggered these activities though. It would be interesting to know since obviously a sore (Dewey/THH) spot was touched ... Any ideas?

    You are a teardown artist who continues to add ZERO value to this discussion or the field.

    That would depend on which premises used to evaluate the state of the field in my opinion. I'm pretty sure ours do not overlap completely ... and regardless of what you (and others here) say I do not believe them to be settled as "facts" or "evidence" - but more like an eagerly sold narrative. And it is basically my curiosity and the question why, that keep bringing me back.

    Those who view posting on blogs as only worth doing with an ulterior motive as PR are likely to see others as the same. It is however not usually true. People with ulterior motives make bad posters.

    I don't see how you get my thinking Dewey is unconnected with IH. On the contrary, Darden is a friend of his, and he is certainly involved. I'm giving you a (definite) motive for his aggressive posts here. He is pissed off with Rossi. If you allow the possibility of IH being the good people here and everything being as it seems on the surface then Rossi is a scoundrel of the first order pretending that IH has somehow screwed him (for motives that appear totally obscure BTW). The fact that rossi continues to attract public support, and naive newcomers can be given his distorted view of history, would piss me off mightily were I Dewey. You can tell - if you are any judge of character - that Dewey is somone who considers it his duty to reply to unjust criticism with counter-attack.

    I have laid out a coherent explanation of who posts what. The Rossi-friendly explanation must skirt round a whole load of obvious inconvenient facts:

    • Why has the LENR technology - simple high-power reactors that work for months on end - been abandoned by Rossi? And by IH?
    • Why does Rossi put his time into a much less easily commercialisable tiny low-power device requiring a very large power supply!
    • What possible motive could IH have for not paying Rossi if the devices they were given worked?
    • Why did Rossi lie about the customer, the heat exchanger,...

    I did not state that you considered Dewey unconnected from IH. I stated, as you do once again, that you view Dewey as a non-rational three year old in a sandbox, only interested in some kind of revenge on everyone (mostly swedes) that do not share his view on Rossi. I have no problem understanding him being pissed off, although that could be a result of many things, including simply being out smarted in negotiations (ie the game resulting in the settlement). I simply believe he has more motives than the sandbox one. You obviously do not. At least we know that Dewey has said he is still in the LENR business - which could be an indication on his actions here serving some business purpose. Is that far fetched you believe?

    As of your "facts" I can only say that there are any number of possible (at least not falsifiable) explanations that points in the other direction. The only thing that is absolutely sure, is that we do not have ALL the facts. Hence we look for indications.

    And BTW, in my opinion, those that state they act without (ulterior, hidden, etc) motives when confronted are those that have them the most.

    I'm sorry Eric, but I cant make any sense out of your statements here (except as some kind of vague warning). I believe people sometimes do have rational reasons for their actions. Dont you? And Dewey clearly has a financial connection with IH. Is that even controversial? THH was arguing some sort of disconnect between Dewey writings and this obvious fact, which I found non-rational unless Dewey is stupid (bulldog i believe was the word used - and they are not too smart) or something. I however do not believe this to be the case. It is also obvious there is an anti-Rossi narrative where almost any Rossi critique is allowed, indications and circumstances are called facts and evidence (this might feel rational to you, but it is hardly a universal fact - since none here posses any real facts due to lack of experience), and at the same time attacks on those defending the honor of those supporting Rossi as well as supporting him is almost always allowed and even cheered upon by the crowd. But, as you say above, merely insinuating IH (meaning of the word being open for interpretation) are not the world savers and heroes Dewey is marketing results in warnings like yours. I mean if what you want is a pure anti-Rossi forum then call it shutdownrossi or something. Simply pretending to be neutral and rational, but not following it up and deliver by actions is hypocrisy in my opinion.

    Your problem is that you need to see indications of Rossi having the real stuff in contorted (and IMHO completely wrong) observations of IH because Rossi for sure has never given anyone an indication his stuff works.

    Nope. I do not have a problem with that. My problem is mainly to figure out the true reasons behind the obvious consensus cracking going on here on the forum. By you and many else. And the reasons behind the witch hunt (on everyone not confirming to the IH narrative - mainly Swedes) going on that Dewey et al are engaging in. Even those that are actually neutral are becoming targets lately. I get an increasing feeling that everyone not supporting the chosen narrative is now an enemy. You can put any you label you like on these observations of course, but I still believe there are rational reasons for this happening. And I believe it somehow comes down to money. And I'm talking about future money and business since I do not believe Dewey is simply an angry three year old in a sandbox like you do. I believe him to be a little bit smarter than that.

    Anyway, since when has Dewey here been tactful or done the right thing for IH PR?

    This is actually a good argument ... And it kind of supports my hypothesis that his efforts are indication of Rossi being the real stuff. I do believe there are more incentive to trash the involved swedes due to the since possible disruptions presumably might benefit Dewey/IH et al. At least there is some business purpose to it. If they knew Rossi had nothing it would only be sandbox revenge of three year olds. Although that might be what Dewey is to you?

    However, Dewey's sustained attacks on anybody or anything related to Rossi and Rossi-tech, including his efforts to wind up the IVA makes me wonder if he is concerned that IH made a big mistake in falling out with him. Time will tell.

    Yeah, the sole amount of effort Dewey et al put into harassing everyone involved with Rossi in any way possible, is probably the clearest indication of them all that Rossi is the real thing. IH is clearly worried when going after Mats Lewan on a personal basis (finally getting IVA issue a vague statement after months of random legal threats the way Dewey is famous for maybe?). If they were sure Rossi had nothing, why would they bother?

    I believe you are close to the truth Alain - only adding that Rossi probably got what he wanted the most out of the trial. ie getting his freedom back from NDAs and contractual obligations to IH. In some ways that was also a prison and he got out (escaped as Dewey put it ... thinking like a lawyer ...) I also agree that the IP might not have had any value to IH, at least not without the possible X sauce, since they due to the trial could no longer use it to raise investor money (Rossi seems to believe the IP has value though) .

    Comments above only add to your conclusion on the Nash optimal point in my opinion - although I believe IH could have submitted a lot earlier if they wanted to (Dewey admits they sort of knew what Rossi wanted all along). Now they waited until last minute hoping that Rossi would not have the balls (Dewey is bragging about his, but "tawk is cheap" as N Taleb says...), but since he did, IH folded instead. Jury would have been a risk to both parties no doubt.

    The result was that Rossi did not prevail and that IH lost nothing

    Well. Rossi got his license, contractual obligation and IP back, ie freedom. Even Dewey sort of admitted that IH knew this was what he wanted all along.

    Rossi initiated the last minute deal.

    Yes, and IH submitted within 60 seconds to the demands. I'm not saying it was the best possible deal for Rossi, but taken into account the complicated offshore company setup that IH fabricated there was probably some risk involved that Darden would have played some nasty chapter 11 card (which we know he likes to use when shtf) and bailed out the way lawyers often do,

    When I do find something out of line, I rarely fire first but do punch back twice as hard when we're attacked.

    The Rossi submission at opening testimony time is totally embarrassing from a Plaintiff's point of view in

    complex litigation. He couldn't have possibly chosen a more damaging time for his reputation to give up but give up he did right at show time.

    The facts from discovery a recorded into perpetuity - he'll never be able to rewrite or buy his way out of that historical record.

    We're very freed up and grateful to no longer have his drag on our wings.

    It seems IH are way more worried about their reputation than Rossi, regardless of what you say. And I don't really see you punch back at all - only throwing insults that make you look bad. Good for you though that you feel freed up, although it doesn't look as if there's anything coming out of it.

    There are mountains of depositions, taken under oath, from all the principals and many others. In addition there is an e-mail and paper notes trawl from discovery. Taken together, they make an unanswerable case for Rossi's deceit.

    Of course. This must be the reason IH bailed out and submitted to the Rossi offer in the last minute. That really makes a lot of sense ...

    To the WCS trolls and SPs - I realize that it is your job to continue your never ending circular arguments and trolling against those who are actually investing time, brains and resources into finding an energy source that will eliminate pollution. You support a wealthy career specialist who just wants to be famous while getting wealthy along the way. He figured out how to cut corners and get credit early on then turned that skill into a profession. The WCS took $$ and instead of using even 10% of that money to pursue CF, he went and purchased 2nd & 3rd rate rental properties in Miami FL. That is all anyone needs to know about his intentions into perpetuity. Not a single true CF researcher would have done that - most would have put all of that funding into furthering the research.

    There is no comparison with our efforts to anything that either you or your fearless professional WCS leader are doing - it is all quite the opposite really. We own the truth and you will never be able to spin or counter or rewrite history as a result. Mats bet big on the wrong horse several times too many and has no credibility in this field as a result. I understand that he is a good guy and am sorry that he has to live with that. He'll find another way forward but it will not be on WCS success.

    There is no mixed message here - you are teardown artist who just want to stain conversations and continue hating. None of you add any value anywhere. Your asymptote to nothing continues.

    And I realize it is your job to continue trashing Rossi and everyone else, who even so slightly disagree with your preferred view of the world.

    I'm merely making deductions from the stuff you write and the logical conclusions are not what you claim, an example being what happened at the settlement. And since you chose to throw random insults (and keep bragging about the brains and resources of IH) as a result of it, I believe I'm on the right track.

    At least Rossi seems to be working on his research, (regardless of what kind of career you believe he is persuing). Stockholm demo being an example. At the same time, the only information we get from IH is your rants about their greatness and unknown world saving activities. Not much detail though, only that we will be the last to know... And I'm feel pretty confident that Mats has way better knowledge than you about the horses in this race, not least due to his superior hands on experience in the field.

    AA - The WCS has declared that all IP leading up to his 1MW "system" is worthless as exhibited in his haste to abandon the platform and move on to "something better". In doing so, he has totally affirmed the IH interpretation/ decision.

    Tony - The WCS has demonstrated quite an accomplished proclivity for getting in and out of contracts as well as prisons. He took $11.5M from us, didn't perform, attempted to litigate to cover his lack of performance then chose to walk away and escape.

    Of course I can understand that you feel this way Dewey. But it makes sense to me that IP up until "1MW system" at least declined sharply in value in the light of the "something better" IP (the X stuff I presume)? My interpretation is that Rossi was worried that the contract could be interpreted as covering also the X stuff and therefor found it a priority to get out of it.

    I'm getting a mixed message from you though - at the same time as you accuse Rossi of panicking and being a coward and brags about what kind of masterminds IH are, you seem to have a problem with Rossi getting out of the contract and "escape"? And as we covered, it was IH who chose to take the walkaway offer in the last minute. And to be clear IH knew since long before that (as you also more or less confirmed) that a walkaway was exactly what Rossi wanted in order to "escape" from contractual obligations to IH.

    I want to thank you for making these events a lot clearer to me. And as I said, I can understand why you want to spin alternate truths out of it since it is not very flattering to IH as it stands.

    Agreed. You did not say THAT. You said "easy decision" and "60 seconds for everyone to agree"... So maybe not great, but pretty good?

    And, well, surprise. I don't really trust your assessment on Rossi feelings, doings and knowings during those intense moments .... although I'm pretty sure that you "wanted to kick ass", but it does not actually mean that you were able to do it... As you said, you considered to risk too high.

    But, this, regardless your feelings about Mats, however indicates there is some grain of truth in the rumored buy back offer.

    Rossi never offered to buy back anything in terms that real folks could comprehend

    Maybe not formalized, but it seems to me that you should clearly have known that Rossi was very interested in getting out of the license and IP contracts early on. Am I right?

    Tony - you work hard to make this hard. The terms were walk-away as proposed by Rossi's attorney. There was no negotiation and it took less than 60 seconds for everyone to agree right in front of the judge just prior to TD taking the stand. Everyone on the IH side knew there was risk of a confused jury awarding damages on both sides. The R'sters onshore personal assets were B grade condos while the IH side had much more at risk in terms of real assets. While we were fully prepared for legal war and expected to win, when the opportunity came to get this over with presented itself, we took it. We didn't propose the settlement - Rossi did. R knew the cost for lying under oath and I guess he had done enough prison time already - he wanted out so that he could have the chance to continue his WCS career.

    Thanks Dewey. That was actually about as clear as you ever expressed yourself. And I also do believe Rossi wanted to continue his "career" without any messy IH contractual and IP issues hanging over his head.

    I'm curious to know though, since you obviously found the walkaway such an great deal. Why did you not offer it way earlier to save yourself a lot of lawyer money? Or did you? Sort of doubt it since some people (Mats Lewan?) even claim Rossi offered to buy back the IP/license at some point?

    Tony and AA - it is now clear how you reach your deluded conclusions.....and also clear that you will continue to troll the field.

    I was simply reading what you wrote. Not much delusion there. This is what you stated:

    the risk of a split baby decision with a local jury in a complex case makes a walkaway settlement an easy decision if one is offered.

    To me anyway, you clearly say that Darden chose to take what Rossi offered in the last minute ... because HE did not dare to take any risk in front of a jury. Darden chose to settle on Rossi terms. Not the other way around.

    Tony - I do wish you would ask the same questions of your boy. Its seems that your curiosity is singularly lopsided.

    Regarding Doral, the risk of a split baby decision with a local jury in a complex case makes a walkaway settlement an easy decision if one is offered.

    The WCS was convinced that IH would offer him a check to settle and was stunned when this didn't happen. He had no choice but to bail out.


    So you are saying that Darden was offered a walkaway by Rossi? And that Darden agreed because of the risk involved with a jury? I'm happy we sorted that out...

    Not really the same though as Rossi panicking and agreeing to a last minute offer ...

    And it really doesn't rhyme that well with your engagements up until that point either? Or afterwards.

    AA - and it was Rossi who took the case out of court in a last minute cowardly panic.

    Wow, If Rossi panicked the way you describe, why didn't the expensive IH team go for the big kill the way you've been marketing it for many months prior to the settlement?

    How the hell do you know Dewey would not like this?!? He would be ecstatic, as would we all. It would have the immediate potential to save the world from global warming. Every day it would save ~$1 billion in fuel costs, and roughly 7,000 lives. Dewey understands this better than most people do.

    That's great of course. But from Deweys writings this ecstasy of his is not entirely obvious. He seems to rather enjoy going the extra mile to trash the Swedes (and Rossi of course, incl HF who seems to be the partner/licensee still involved). This could, as you say , simply be a sign of some sort of altruistic "save the Swedes from Rossi" plan, but I find it more probable it is a sign of bitterness after a stupid loss, and a part of a IH business plan which aims to both save IH reputation short term (after this miserable failure there's a certain lack of competence trail on Google - regardless of all uncertainties involved - reputation is important to VCs as well you know) by pushing a "blame the Swedes" story as hard as he can, and to disrupt any possible business venture between HF and Rossi on the longer time frame. I do not believe Dewey/Darden see any real chance of getting any money from a deal like that. That would be a hared sell... Hey - Rossi was the one saying the tech worked all the time ... IH said it didn't...

    For the record, I think that it would be great if the Swedes came out with something useful and were able to redeem their reputations from association

    with a 5 time confidence man.

    Sure Dewey. Sure... But what you would certainly NOT like is if the Swedes and Rossi cooperate and bring both product and science to the market. That would be some huge proof of failure, and you and IH would forever be marking your spots in the history books as the biggest losers of the millenia or something... Is that what you fear? At least it would correlate a bit with your behavior...

    Tony - What is the "Rossi personality thing" that you reference? The Swedes have a high glacial cliff hanging over their heads as a result of their inability or refusal to address questions about their reports / papers. The lack of scientific courtesy in failing to respond substantially impacts their ability to be taken seriously until they clean this up. They were challenged on their findings / publications and apparently have gone into active hiding with the exception of the sacrificial post doc they put up for cover. Their only way out is a breakthrough announcement which I guess they continue to hope for. Hanging their reputation, hopes and career on the likes of the WCS remains stunning to me after all we've learned in the past couple of years.

    Ouch! No doubt a sore spot here ... Question remains, why do you even care about the hopes, careers and reputation of those swedes if you are as sure as you say about Rossi having nothing? Why would you keep bringing it up unless you see some kind of benefit in doing so? (Thats the question I'm asking myself anyway, since I do believe you have some business sense... could be wrong though) One probable answer in my opinion is that the story is far from over and that you and IH know this very well... and are still executing damage control best you can.