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    This is a forum for the enthusiasts following LENR development toward near free energy, liberating the world population from its controlled environment. So you ask the question, should we limit Rossi's contributions, and ignore such items as ; "Report on Preliminary Findings From E-Cat QuarkX Testing Posted on" etc.
    Come on, are you that skeptical.

    What spurred them on? The competition of India and China and Russia for LENR would be my guess. Fear and greed, coming to the fore once again. It's not many of the Reps who like this study, it's the lobbyist interest in something more to develop, exploit, and profit from, at taxpayer expense. What could be more attractive. Still the very fact that more awareness of LENR is surfacing, is the most encouraging news!

    Somewhere, over the sea, the e-Cat Xs are coming out of the robot factory. IH is a VC, and whatever else they may be, it is greed of profit, and fear of loss that drive their company. Doctore Rossi, battle scared with the garbage-to-enery experience, learned lessons that bolster his defense. The basic reality of COP plus whatever, is changing the world, drastically for the better. The Saudis sell oil as fast as they can, and the oil companies divest there holdings in oil producing land. That can give one a glimpse of reality, where LENR replaces fossil fuel energy.
    Love your summary, many thanks. :) Don't worry, be happy.

    APCO, a previous century manipulator, can try to apply obsolete tools to fabricate opinion, but LENR's cat has long since made its way out of the bag. It may placate the powers that be, but will fail to slow LENR's destiny. The difference that shapes this change: the internet; information exchange. Do not fret too much about these particular purveyors of opinion, they are already overcome by events.

    Gluck has it, as in veile Gluck! COP 21, the opportunities to make this known, particularly in the Stars and Stripes newspaper, which I and my fellow veterans, and those still active, read will be very pleasing. When an energy related article surfaces, my comments will be 21 times more emphatic. So I'll be on the lookout for more info tomorrow or even later today! Happy times.

    May all with the means to do so, replicate and repeat! The outpouring of Rossi's E-Cats of whatever variety will be sell outs and the folks who successfully replicate will be co-heroes. It is great that MPMP has filled a gap, where doubters can congregate, be shown the errors of their ways, and come into this new world of near free energy production, independent of central control. Ever since Tesla was suppressed the world has suffered under a scheme of energy rationing... well that's about to end. It is great to be here at this momentous turning point, this new paradigm in human development.

    The vitality and attempts at LENR SSMs, ongoing in the e-cat community, have an exponentially positive affect on multiple successes. The fraud comes from greed and fear of those who stand to lose profit, position or reputation when the commercial product is offered, prior to any other source producing similar devices. The city in China, growing up around LENR, continues to build. The academia in Russia warms to the LENR postulations. To me fraud fades to testing repeatedly the ingredients and procedures, which, in due time (like soon after commercial introduction) bear fruit. When the means to have energy as abundant as other natural essentials (air, water, land, plants and animals) arrives, the world will change, for the better.

    Took some liberty with syntax, and rendered the first two paragraphs, as opposed to the Google translation, as:

    Low energy nuclear/nanoscale reaction (LENR), or "cold fusion" - defines the possibility of nuclear fusion reactions in chemical systems without significant heating (over 1500 degrees celcius) of the working medium. Known nuclear fusion reactions take place at temperatures in the millions of Kelvin.

    Probably not in relation to another scientific field, where it would be considered a pure fraud, rather consider cold fusion research unique, and not fraudulent. Of course, crooks and lunatics are clearly not done with it.

    the regular Google translation of the last two paragraphs follow:

    After the failure in 1989 and rigged in 2002 "cold fusion" has firmly established itself as a pseudo-science.

    However, since 2008, after a public demonstration experiment electrochemical cell Yosiaki Arata (Yoshiaki Arata) of Osaka University of cold fusion talking again. However, the majority of chemists and physicists are trying to find an alternative (non-nuclear) explanation of the phenomenon, the more information that neutron radiation has been reported.