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    I do not see what your statement has to do with mine. I knew about this last year. I was trying to persuade Mizuno to publish it. He wanted to work on in more. That's what academic scientists often do. They work for years before publishing. No one has accused him of lying or being out of his mind (except Mitchell Swartz, who I suppose is jealous).

    I meant that: Without quantitative numbers on the amount of heat, some will dismiss the claim of 1-3kW. I do not dismiss his claims for lack of specifics. I know you do not either.

    Do you know when he sent out the 12 reactors? Maybe there will be some data to share at September?

    There are no SEMs or other detailed analyses because Mizuno's instruments were smashed in the earthquake. I doubt there will be any replications in time for the conference, so there will not be anyone else there with knowledge of the experiment. There is no point to speculating about it. You have to have actual experimental data, SEM scans of material that produced heat, and other experimental evidence from positive excess heat experiments.

    I wish I could have persuaded Mizuno to report this months earlier. There might have been enough time for replications. It is possible there will be one or two, but I wouldn't bet on it. It would make my job a lot easier if there are replications. I would just introduce the topic and then hand the mic to one of the people who replicated. (I warned him I would do that.)

    But we do have his claim that he heated his room in Sapporo with the unit, and it felt as warm as a 3kW heater. Obivously non-quantitative, but is he out of his mind? or lying? I would not say that at all. Some people I believe, and some I do not. I believe what Mizuno says. and I hope it is true.

    do you know when he might have sent out 12 reactors? Perhaps he will give you a bump in data to report at the conference.

    If this has been going on since the beginning of 2019, then it's been eight months. He might have some more data by September.

    This would be good, except Iraj Parchamazad was an expert in zeolites and is no longer active in the field. He did not get funding and lost his lab. I believe he is completely retired from research now. You would have to know the skills to load the palladium correctly using this method. It's not an easy task.

    Mizuno is better than this one, because Mizuno is available to help you.

    It seems to me if you want to succeed, follow successful people. The R20 is so far the most successful (that is publicly documented - not under trade secrets). The early F&P has been "reproduced" many times - always with great difficulty - and more often than not, it is not able to be activated. It all depends on the cathode material, which must have certain qualities that are still as yet unknown.

    30-years in, we are desperate for clean energy. Mizuno will also help replicators, and give detailed information. What more could you ask for? The R20 is the best bet for moving forward in the public domain.

    If a well-funded lab wants to succeed, there are experiencedCMNS scientists to help guide them, telling of the pitfalls, and what won't work. Failure to replicate is due to many reasons, not always because the experiment is wrong. Many variables are still unknown. But 30-years experienced scientists can fill in on many aspects of those variables, whereas the fresh eyes do not have this experience. "Fresh eyes" will take what is known, and start running. But they need to know what is known first, which doesn't happen overnight.

    Thank you SERGEI and Ruby. Great interview. Any investors who read, may take note that Sergei is looking for financial backers. Doubtful there is anyone in the world with more LENR experience than he, with the solid lab results as proof.

    Good opportunity for an IH, CP, Anthropocene, LENRInvest, or any others looking for an opportunity in the field. If interested, a good way to reach Sergei is through the forums private "Conversations" feature.

    One of the graphs from Estonia shows power oscillating around 500 Watts. That was a reproduction of the earlier work. If that is solid and true, then titanium is another good candidate for a reactor design. I hope he can get to Italy and talk more about this.

    There was a little blip in the Conversations mail relay, I didn't get some messages, but I think it's fixed now.

    Thanks Ruby.. so much effort for glasnost

    Spacibo.. Natalya and Sergei

    Spasi Bog .. Russia

    Spasi Bog those Euro patent holdouts in Nuernberg

    I am so glad to get the voice of a Russian LENR scientist in the podcast survey of research. But I think I would do it differently next time.

    Record the interview with just the Speaker in their Language, and then, send the recording to the Interpretor, who then writes out the Translation. Then, I record the interview with their Translation entirely in a separate file, and then, edit an "overlay" of the Translation with the Speaker and their Language in the background.

    That's how the public radio does it! But that is a lot of back and forth.

    Finally! If you speak Russian, you are in luck!

    Listen to Sergei Tcvetkov speak Russian and Natalya Famina translate to English on the Podcast page:

    Attached is both the Russian and English transcription kindly made by Sergei that responds to my questions.


    Here is the article posted up that utilized the transcription, but modified for reading.



    Finally! If you speak Russian, you are in luck!

    Listen to Sergei Tcvetkov speak Russian and Natalya Famina translate to English on the Podcast page:

    Attached is both the Russian and English transcription kindly made by Sergei that responds to my questions.


    Here is the article posted up that utilized the transcription, but modified for reading.



    One thing we have to do to sort this mess is stop saying "google" research. It was University of British Columbia at Vancouver who got money from google to do some research. It is google-funded and labs were coordinated by google, but each lab was an independent university lab. This is a fact, and something we should hang on to, since there are so few facts.

    It is the skeptics who first characterized this using the "google" word as if it was actually a google campus project. It was not. Let's not fall for it!
    Don't let Internet meme's direct our vocabulary.

    The independence of the laboratories involved is key. They decided what was ultimately to be done. The University lab made the experiments.

    I speculate that being new to this science, they wanted fresh eyes, they thought they could do it easy enough, and they didn't consult previous Fails to prevent re-inventing disaster, which they have clearly done.

    I speculate: The UBC lab had no Idea Nature would pounce like that, (although I believe that someone had to - and whoever that was let it slide). They are still thinking like seven of twenty, that information and rationality will make everybody happy that a revolutionary new energy source that's going to change the living arrangements on Earth is welcome in all sectors. It is not.

    The fact is UBCVancouver came out with negative results, without showing how they did it. So right there, you have the pathoskeptic wetdream to project all over on.

    Nevetheless, I'm getting my script together to start explaining this. I'm keepin it simple, and short, and then I just walk away, because I know, true information doesn't convince in this situation. This battle is lost, but I am still hopeful of winning the War.

    LENR-forum came after Rossi.

    Seven, it is a different environment now. The digital world allows every type of statement to be made with equal power. I say the Navy's LENR work is tight. You say it is not. I doubt you know more than me, though it is possible.

    Jean Baudrillard rightly observed that in this world "nothing can be known", which I why I generally have not participated in forums like these where Chip Bodies (the part of you that lives online) experience this world purely through a screen and argue about un-knowable things. My integrity of purpose (and probably the puritan work ethic my family instilled in me!) prevents that.

    You know me as Ruby Carat because that was my Internet name. When I interfaced with the Chemical Bodies in this field (the physical world) that's how I became known. But that's not really me. You only know the Chip Body part. My point being, your knowledge is a "slice" of the reality when it only comes through a screen.

    And what is coming through the screen? "Fake news" is everywhere. There is a crisis in truth now called "truthiness". We have the ability to make videos of people saying things that they never said.

    To say that pure information can cut through that fog is the naivete of a mindset who thinks he has control over his world, and that there are rational operating principles at work in a literate and rational society. That world is imagined, and does not exist, except in your mind.

    “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.”- Marshall McLuhan - from 1973!

    There is only politics now. And this is because we make technology, and that technology re-makes us.

    McLuhan said, "If you want to understand why people act the way they do, look at how that communicate." The digital world where all information is available real or fake is now the way our society - WE- operate. The current US President is the image of the very quality referenced - one day says one thing, the next is the opposite. He is the Internet made flesh. If we survive this wave, and get cold fusion, we got a chance.

    But information alone convinces no one. If that is the case, then the fact that we are on track for a million species to go extinct, that we are on track to turn the ocean into bubbly water, that we need to repair the failing infrastructure, god, if information was all it took, we'd already be in heaven on Earth. But you know very well, that is not the case. Information alone convinces no one, especially those with entrenched perspectives.

    And now, I've spent 15 minutes writing information to you. As I say good-bye, seven, here's another McLuhanism that plays on Andy Warhol:

    "In future, everyone will have privacy for 15 minutes." Pretty funny, huh.

    As she mentioned before, CFN will be shut down soon, the site accessible for a time, and then archived. Because of her many unique talents, and respected status within the community, David has decided to incorporate her into the LENR-Forum team in some capacity. We are still thinking up an appropriate title for the role she will fill. Being a "Moderator" may tarnish her image, since it involves getting ones hands dirty, so maybe something else.

    I'm excited to have LENR-forum available as an outlet to share info and ideas. You have a precious "think-hole" here, (did I just make that up?)

    Cold Fusion Now!'s time has gone. It's a new world now.

    I've got a few things behind the curtain, too!

    Thank you Stephen. I will look into the Wyttenback.

    I wanted to get with Bob before, but he wasn't able at the time. I will see again.

    I have a list of prospective podcast interviews lined up, so I will go through the list as I can and in these last couple months try to round out the snapshot of LENR at the 30-year mark.

    GRAZIE Lenr-forum. You made a tremendous effort for me. I won't ever forget it.