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    There are no technical details in the paper, so no one can judge whether they made mistakes, or what mistakes they might have made. They revealed only one detail about the Pd-D work. Suggested or half-revealed it. They suggested it did not load enough to produce the effect. That might be a mistake. Perhaps they did not take the steps needed to improve loading. Or, perhaps, it was bad luck. They happened to have a sample -- or many samples -- that will not load. There is no indication how many samples they tested, or what the loading, expansion, ocv and other critical parameters were, so it is impossible to guess what happened. They may have come close, or it could be there was no chance they would see heat.

    We (or they!) must know (we WANT to know) why they failed to get excess heat. The failure to get excess heat means there was a mistake somewhere. Most likely the sample, as that is the key. You need to have a active sample. Did they do 420 experiments on the same sample? If one did not work, then why would any of the others.

    Is it normal to publish a scientific version of the paper?

    OK, so my one point must changed to "We don't know why the UBCVancouver lab failed to get excess heat, but something didn't work."

    which is not as strong as "They made a mistake somewhere" and leaves an opening for the skeptics to say, "yeah it didn't work because it is impossible". At which point, I will shrug my shoulders, "What can I say?" and walk away.


    Yes, this is really astonishing, Nature has been waiting for a report like this one to finally destroy the cold fusion. But they've made a mistake, because now the topic is back in all the media they are generating a lot of attention and even if it's superficially bad news for the LENR community, many researchers and investors will ask, "Why did Google invest there at all, if all that is cheating "and they will come across validated LENR research results and get a big rock rolling. Because even if Nature and Google think they have the full power and control, then that's not true because we wrote the year 2019 and not 1989.

    I hope this is the case. It was the case with Andrea Rossi. Andrea Rossi brought so many people to awareness. Would this forum exist without Andrea Rossi?

    Nevertheless, it's still a tough sell to skeptic academics who have the Nature pile-on to confirm their erroneous belief about cold fusion. Out of all the skeptics, only a small percentage will change their mind because of data, or papers. It is my belief that the majority of skeptics are NEVER going to accept this until the commercial product is sold. Their skepticism is not from lack of knowledge, but it is a social and political stance. No amount of data will change their perspective. Hopefully, the few percent who are curious and jump in will be worth all the trouble.

    I did not anticipate having this particular battle in 2019.

    OK, I am trying to figure out what to say to scientists who are skeptics and whose feelings that cold fusion is a fraud have just been confirmed by Nature's recent articles. Here is the start of my "script".

    First, it is the work of University of British Columbia Vancouver, not google. It is a google-FUNDED program.

    2. google gives the Labs they fund the freedom to do the science and make their conclusions and report independently.

    3. The University lab made mistakes in their LENR research and a poorly-drafted report is made by the University lab team. (They are new to the field and did not seek out help from experienced researchers, i.e., the importance of the sample content and preparation.)

    4. The university lab team decided to submit the report to Nature, a known pathoskeptic journal. (don't know who or why they decided to submit to Nature...), and Nature piled on.

    5. google accepts the large body of science on cold fusion/LENR, and continues to support research in the field.

    These are the sentences that will form my response to this whole hot mess. Still need confirmations and details, but this is the gist.

    What is a list of mistakes the lab made? Who decided to submit to Nature? These facts will help me fashion an "excuse".

    "Analysts said the investment raises serious questions over Woodford’s due diligence processes and his research.

    One person who was close to Woodford’s fund said: “It’s a controversial pick. It shows they simply do not have the research available that a big fund house has at its disposal.”"…ntor-andrea-a4165641.html

    TRANSLATE: Research would have disqualified Rossi.

    google had research, and they failed. Why?

    Does the golden ratio have a place in LENR or in SO4?

    Wyttenbach referenced this article awhile back.

    Apparently the GR falls out of 4D matrices.…nstant_of_Nature/download

    I cannot say. If we only knew definitively what is going on ....

    That Quantum Walk paper is way over my head! I'd have to spend a lot of time on that one - too much to invest! However, I do believe that it is possible to find anything you want to with enough mathematics.

    Oh my goodness. I am so grateful to have the support of the Men of LENR-forum! Wow.

    It's been nine years, I can not believe it! Cold Fusion Now! started May 2010 in response to the BP Gulf Oil catastrophe. Artist Eli Eliott and I did the first outreach in the streets gathering signatures for our letter to the Secretary of Energy! Jeremy Rys put the youtube page together. I was sending Cold Fusion stickers to the Head of ARPA in 2011. I had no idea how useless it totally was.

    Andrea Rossi brought thousands of people to awareness, and we had a bunch of writers doing the play-by-play on that for a while. I didn't chat, and can't stand the arguing over things no one can possibly know anything about, so I did not encourage it on our site. E-Cat World sprang up to fill the need for digital social interaction. Cold Fusion Now! went on to profile the science with voices of the scientists.

    The mission of Cold Fusion Now! was to increase awareness about this science and support the development of a clean energy technology. We did that. Now it's a completely different environment. Now,I will make a documentary film about this science. I've got video from 2011 to catalog!

    Thank you so very much - I will send you all a special prize this October. Till then, there a few more podcasts, and I'm sending updates from the conference to you.

    Pace e Amore


    If this is one of the things you intend to do at ICCF22, then we are in for a treat. Our members, and guests, will get a ring-side seat to the major annual LENR event, with more to come after editing back stateside.

    Can we start fund raising yet? :) We only need another $1,000 from over 3,000 members. That is a bargain for what we get in return.

    Cold Fusion Now! generates $33.50 monthly from Paypal donations, and $45.00 per podcast, mostly due to one entity.

    I pay the editor €25.00 for each podcast out of that.

    If you can help me get to Italy without debt, it will be a miracle.

    I wish Ruby would interview Mizuno and Yoshino about their progress with sustained kilowatt output LENR devices. These were teased several years ago with actual prototypes of hardware under construction being shown at the end of this 2014 slide presentation:

    It's been 5 years. How's it going?

    I tried to speak with Tadahiko Mizuno, but he doesn't do Skype easily anymore. He sent a written interview which I made an article out of. Yoshino doesn't speak for interviews, as of yet! I hope I can get him for the documentary film at ICCF-22. I am sure he will be there.

    The group just finished a two-year collaboration project, and they are just now embarking on another project, though I don't have details at this time. We'll see their progress in september at the conference.

    I will look Juerg Wyttenbach up. Thank you. Sergei Svetkov is next.

    Actually, it's funny you mention "the fringe" as the artist Matt decided to change Stanley Pons' hair after he saw a few more pictures! So I believe there will be an updated page 7!

    In Italy, I look forward to seeing many of those who I havent' yet spoken too. I will get video for the doc with Jean-Paul Biberian.

    Merci e Ciao,


    Anyways, LENR has no Public Relations Department to "promote" anything, even if it wanted to. Closest thing it has, are a few of the old guard types ready to answer the phone, and this forum.

    That's why Cold Fusion Now! stepped in to profile the science in a positive perspective for the general (scientifically-literate) public back in May 2010.

    We did some good, but will be ending the effort after ICCF22.

    Infinite Energy was Eugene Mallove's attempt, but that has suffered from lack of support. E-Cat World has good articles, though the bias shows for Rossi. LENRIA is around, but they do a calendar which is very positive, but not widely distributed as digital media. Who else am I missing????

    Greetings All, Four things:

    1. I will be attending the ICCF22 in Italy to gather video for a documentary film that I will begin in 2020! I am also planning to take lots of photos and post updates on the forum! Woo hoo!

    2. At ICCF22, I will also be showing off a new comic book that I wrote and artist Matt Howarth illustrated. It is almost finished and we will try to get it published through mainstream channels. It could take a while, but if that fails, we will self-publish. Here is a sample of page 7 attached. They call them "graphic novels" now, but it's a 30-page comic book essentially.

    3. After ICCF22, I will write up an article, and then close down the website Cold Fusion Now!

    It has been nine years since I started that effort, and it's time to move on to something else. I will leave the site as an archive, but no longer update or provide new material. Eventually, all the good stuff will be re-distributed elsewhere, and the site will evaporate into the noosphere. Delete!

    4. I am taking your requests for the last few podcast interviews. I am scheduled to speak with Sergei Svetkov this month. I also want to try to talk with Francesco Piantelli.

    Who else shall I speak with to make that podcast series complete? Let me know and I will try to do that.

    THANK YOU all for your kind support of Cold Fusion Now!

    A technology is not far away. I am hopeful we will have a solution soon.



    It's a full but very fast transcription and by all means not free of errors and possibly typos. I will incorporate the missing portions from your summarized and more accurate one into mine; thanks for that.

    I rearranged a few paragraphs to put the same topics in the same "section", so the article posted probably won't match yours.

    Where were you three days ago?!

    You coulda saved me four hours!…-cold-fusion-now-podcast/

    Thank you can.

    It is not logical to assume that fusion is caused by lattice compression of deuterium when the release of that pressure produces excess heat. The basic posit of fusion caused by lattice compression might well be wrong.

    What theory can explain how the release of lattice generated deuterium pressure can cause the LENR reaction be become active?

    The graphs I posted are experimental data which conflict with the idea that high-loading is necessary to MAINTAIN the reaction.

    Other experiments will give excess heat ASAP, upon demand, like Brillouin can do.

    Could high-loading occur so quickly? with their complex material? I do not think that is established at all. It seems unlikely.

    Also, given the fact that Ni-H produces excess heat, and other metals produce excess heat, and these other metals do NOT accept such high-loading as Palladium, it doesn't make sense to me that the high-loading is the crucial factor for a reaction.

    But then I reason from the view that there is only one mechanism responsible for all these effects.