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    Bob : I think it is tribalism at its most self-defeating.

    As you implied, having Rossi as the most visible face of cold fusion does incredible damage to the field.

    Consider that many of the people that came to awareness because of AR, and are still learning about the whole range of researchers, and the solutions that are currently in development elsewhere. Many people on this forum, I imagine, are here because of Rossi.

    Nothing is ever all good, or all bad.

    One has to wonder how Frank Acland stumbled into his unique position in life. I can only guess that the job of president of the Bernie Madoff Fan Club was already taken.

    E-Cat World started in 2011 after the January AR demo. All the chip bodies on the Network wanted to chat, all the trolls wanted to fight, and Cold Fusion Now! rebuked the nastiness - deleting pseudo-skeptics and their attacks - we would have none of it. (I'm not one to chat much - cept now that I'm laid off!) Frank filled a real need and succeeded in making a place for AR news and discussion. He provided a valuable service.

    There is also a reason for multiple "types" of devices. If Rossi had continued with the same devices, people would have asked more and more and better targeted questions.

    Seven, there is another possibility and that is that AR knew how to make heat early on, then attempted to scale it up, but couldn't. Then he re-designs to make it work again, and then tries to control the reaction as it scales, but can't. The re-design could be the result of trying to engineer by trial-and-error, which pretty much everybody else is doing, too.


    There isn't a simple answer to that. If Rossi really had a powerful nuclear fusion heater, it would not be difficult or expensive to demonstrate it on the internet in a much more convincing manner including having current independent experts making their own measurements. How hard is that?

    Yes, the key is "experts making their own measurements".

    I read your twice, and could not tell for certain, what your feelings were on today's SK demo? Maybe that was intentional, maybe not.

    How can you tell anything from a video on the Internet? All we see is pixels. In media ecology they call it the Chip Body - the part of you that lives online. (Seriously!) All this information is coming to us from the Chip Body "in orbit" as Simulation. We are watching the movement of pixels on screens, it does not necessarily translate into anything physical.

    We can only rely on the physical reports of Experts, scientists who have experience and knowledge and actually examine, test and evaluate a technology, and then write a report. (There's only one company doing it like that.)

    I believe Andrea Rossi can make heat, because Sergio Focardi checked him out and said so. I don't believe Sergio Focardi was too old to not know what he was looking at. But is the E-cat ready for a technology rollout? When we have third party confirmation, then we'll know. Or, confirmation from a User would do.

    Till then, it's the "ecstasy of communication" pulling endless speculation from our Chemical Body attention.

    For my part, I am squeezing in another podcast interview next week, and praying for breakthrough so we can all move on with better lives and new energy generators in the basement (or the Energy Generation Closet, or maybe tiny generators in every room, or maybe every device powered by its own built-in generator, speculation.).

    HEY if you want to know where I get this crazy vocabulary it is from Bob Dobbs…ined_using_media_ecology/, or, try this fellow Baudrillard (summarized):

    Super hard to understand, but if you ingest just a little, and ponder a while, well, it's very simulating....

    "The threat of media is that we no longer just live in the objective world but now have virtual selves to manage on the global network. The object is no longer fetishized; it is replaced by the thrill of a “potential tactic” or “the game of possibilities” (13)."


    There are an awful lot of idiots - in fact, many levels of Idiocy. I've been racking my soul to maintain peace and calm while Idiots swirl around me in the maelstrom of Idiocy. Yet, the day goes on, and another, and another, sigh..... I have to now limit my Twitter access where I am confronted with most maddening idiocy.

    Please don't think I am going to be defending other people's work every time I do an interview! I am telling what I understand only.

    Robert Godes is making heat, and doing what must to keep funding. He is focusing his entire life on the issue of getting that higher ratio for commercial possibilities. If he is thinking "small scale", I can't say. But I say, he is the Inventor, not the Bankster, so it adds nothing to critique his financial acumen. Critique his design, if you must.

    And there, I say Robert Godes is not a scammer, as seven of twenty insinuates. He has engineered reactor cores that have been evaluated by top scientists in the field. He has issued two public reports on the findings. They engineered reactor cores to give the same results when swapped out of calorimeters.

    Again, I ask, who is doing better? I would like to interview them.

    12:20: "McKubre was lured away (from SRI) by Microsoft with big bucks to set up an LENR Research Lab in Lubbock, Texas."

    Seahorse Research/Texas Tech are both located in Lubbock.

    Michael McKubre retired, AND, was enlisted in the brigade.

    Also, SRI has completely closed their materials science division, and many other divisions too. A complete re-structuring - nothing to do with LENR, as I understand it. SRI was supportive of the efforts, though it did wane as funding shrunk. Nevertheless, SRI is a re-structured entity, and not at all the same as it was. Francis Tanzella has some of the equipment in his lab where he is consulting privately. Everybody had to go from SRI because they were closing that division.

    He makes absurd assertions such as: he must produce a finished product, and he has to reach a manufacturing level where fewer than 1% of the production line output fails and must be scrapped.

    He says he is having trouble getting funded. Assuming the reactors work as claimed, if he would put five of them in the right hands, the skies would open up and billions of dollars would fall into his lap. This would happen even if the excess heat was only 10%. It would happen even if 99% of the reactors fail. For some types of transistors in the 1950s, the failure rate was above 90%. That did not slow down the development of transistors. It just meant they were expensive for a while. The present practicality of this device, and the engineering details that must be ironed out before it can be mass produced, are completely irrelevant.

    I inferred from his answer to my question that the failure threshold was told to him by those who would fund manufacturing. But that would be a good follow-up question because I don't know the origin of that directive.

    Also, the recent results of 100+ Watts at over 2x COP is only in the last couple weeks, and we recorded the interview mid-December. Things are changing quickly for the Brillouin and I imagine this new data would generate some interest and cashflow. But that is speculation on my part.

    BTW, I learned how to say it: Brillo - (like a Brillo pad) , then "in" (like "go in-side!"). so it's Brillo-in (say it fast), and not "Brill-yoon", the way I had been saying it since 2011!

    We can't really do anything until we have a recipe for a high powered cold fusion system that is repeatable and produces so much excess heat for such a long time that no one can deny its reality. Right now, not even counting Rossi or BLP, there is no one with such a system except perhaps Russ George - who has decided to go down the path of secrecy.

    Hi Director, I feel you. However, I have to disagree. I've been "doing" for the last -aiyaiyai going on 9 years - with no recipe at all. That's the whole thing about this science and field: they've have to do it all on their own, and I - we - support their efforts by continuing the information, continuing the typing, continuing the exchange, continuing to talk about this and not let it disappear. We make our own honors for those who persevere. Having some performance art fun along the way brings in new interest, increases morale, provides a laff, creates unity - why there are many benefits to actions - all until we get that recipe.

    BTW, I would say there are at LEAST four or five groups on the planet who can make this reaction happen at will, though not all have control or scaling. That is the next task. All of those who know are being secret, except one: Brillouin energy. The are laying bare their results and doing the hard work everyday engineering success incrementally. They don't share the recipe, but they share their results, which is more than the others, except in Japan.

    MIT is inconsequential at this point. The only way they figure in is that they screwed up early on, and now they're out. They don't even support their own genius Hagelstein. We use their wrongdoing of a CF Wake, and like slang, turn it around making it our own aWake. We jest at their mistakes and keep track of their violations. There's no forgetting! We educate so the kids know there is hope, and real live heros out there to make it happen for a viable future.

    On June 26, 2019 our aWake will remind all what we could have had if those "scientists" had done better by themselves, and everyone, and not shut this down in reactionary deceit.

    And that's not even March 23, 2019! I say Party Time!

    MIT won't care a bit. They don't even care about Peter Hagelstein! (that much). We do this because WE are making global noise about new energy which a lot of people have no idea even exists. It's like performance art. I will try to do something more looking ahead, but whatever we choose, or you choose, we can make it clear it is in response to this mis-calculation by MIT, this blunder by scientists, this blow to our energy portfolio.... But getting as many people involved doing SOMETHING on this day also helps us unify and organize for an even better and bigger event.

    If anyone is in Cambridge Mass on this day, serving an invitation to the Reception Party for Cold Fusion would be totally appropriate!

    Those scientists involved in the shut-down of cold fusion prematurely will never apologize, and it doesn't matter. Cold fusion is the new house being built before we actually move in from the old one. We've got to get it going first, ASAP, before giving any precious time to the sad cases on the Losing Side of History.

    In the poster, you can see "Black armbands optional". I thought, we could post pictures of arms wearing black armbands for Old Energy. That would be fun, but focused on the sadness and lost time.

    I feel this is the day to show that cold fusion/LENR/LANR/MHE/quantum fusion/AHE/solid fusion/nano-nuclear/slow fusion science LIVES today. Not a zombie - but grown up!

    Making it "aWake" also connects with the #Woke meme, which I am not really informed about, but increasing the aWoken numbers can't be too bad. aWake also connects with Finnegans Wake "the greatest guidebook to media study every conceived". the character Finnegan was at his own wake, but somehow he awoke and left.

    The text of the cartoon MIT Wake for Cold fusion:

    "Don't you remember? We were at Hank and Sally's and Hank said he knew how to achieve nuclear fusion at room temperature, using only gin and vermouth?"

    It's two angels in heaven, and the woman is speaking to the man. So I suppose the insinuation is that Hank *did* achieve nuclear fusion at room temperature, and they - what - blew up and died?

    Typical hot fusion response, brute force, all-at-once and it's over! Ha! How about posting up Explosive Martinis!

    No, cold fusion is Safe! (our necessary meme)

    Perhaps a Slow Fusion Martini? (If I liked Martini's. Ugh) However as there are many types of LENR experiments, there are many types of Martini's....

    Well there's a few ideas so far:

    June 26, 2019- black arm bands mourning those we've lost, and Slow Fusion Martini's at 4PM, in celebration of the Breakthroughs to Come.

    Go out to your favorite spot WITH LENR tech/materials/sign and order Martinis, and post pictures of Martini's and LENR tech and signs saying things like: I'm still HOT!
    Ideas evolving,


    On June 26, 1989 at 4PM, the MIT hot fusioneers held a Wake for Cold Fusion.

    Here is their poster announcement:…/uploads/2012/06/wake.jpg
    I would like to turn that around and have global wake for all the old paradigms that just won't let go of their death grip.

    I am asking the Genius Scenius of LENR-forum: how can we have a global moment of silence on June 26, 2019 at all of our respective 4pms for an "aWake"?

    I guess it's hard to be online, and silent. Maybe we could be silent for a moment, and then post some art or science or something in the moments after that shows this "afterlife" of cold fusion.

    How can we coordinate a round-the-world "go to Hades" aWake for 20th century geo-political power, pseudo-skeptics, and half-steppin "scientists" to tell them that CF Lives!

    I am thinking on this and would like any ideas if you have them so we could make something happen.


    Love your polls LENR-forum! So what if they are reflective of your group here, and the few votes enticed from elsewhere... This is still an arcane area of science. If it isn't, "where are the hordes of tourists?"?

    I'd say relish this time to yourselves, but I honestly wish we'd get breakthrough ASAP.

    Still, to increase participation, perhaps starting a poll in early December would get those who otherwise have holiday plans.

    Also, were you to keep the results secret and have an end-of-the-year announcement of a Winner, would be suspenseful, create debate, and people would vote on their own ideas, and not in response to others votes.

    After following this for a few years now my original expectations of LENR as a science story that just awaited some significant publications in the scientific journals is clearly rubbish.

    My expectations now are based on noise and money;

    1. Those who make the most noise likely have the least. Those who make the least noise likely have something to hide.

    There is something to this, but how much we don't know. Funding is not ubiquitous. There was a time 2012-2016 there was a bump in funding activity. (The Rossi Wave). The bump has gone down. New people to the field always think, well, let's get this going and figure it out. When the difficult reality of LENR materials hits them, they ask, hmm, how much more am I willing to dump into this? And funding is lower now. (I speculate - but don't know for sure)

    Now, people who need funding are touting their achievements to attract more. If you've got funding, then you don't need to (and in actuality can't) shout about your advances.

    Japanese groups just finished up a two-year collaboration that has tremendous implications because of their ability to Replicate results. They are making noise because they need more funding to continue. I believe something will come their way and one of the big reasons is that they are able to Replicate. That is real, normal science when that happens, and when that replication goes on at yet another lab, we are in business.

    To me, E. Beiting's presentation was good mostly because he is a "normal" scientist who was curious, and followed the data to its conclusion, without strong support from his corporate employer. His laboratory results were not so impressive, but, he did a good experiment with mainstream resources.

    E.J. Beiting represents the continued defection of mainstream scientists away from the doctrines that prevent open discussion about LENR. I don't know what he is doing now, but I bet he is going to continue LENR some way some how. Once it gets under your skin, well, everyone here knows what happens...

    Publications are still rejecting anything that smells of cold fusion/LENR. Melvin Miles is on a mission to publish a paper in a mainstream journal and has been rejected over and over for the last year. SPAWAR has published the most by using a sanitized vocabulary. PREDICTION: There will be experimental breakthrough and announcements on LENR-forum and Cold Fusion Now! before anything is published in mainstream science journals - unless - it comes from something like Texas Tech. That lab could change the world in a day if they wanted to, and I am not sure they do want to.

    Hey my post number is rising!


    Wow, I am back again!

    I have voted this time for Brillouin, BLP, and Takahashi, who is really representing the multiple groups in Japan that are not only making heat regularly, but doing brilliant work in transmutations, too.

    Replications, using the same samples divided and distributed and then getting similar profiles - all this makes LENR look just like normal science! LENR is sneaking in, still undetected by the mainstream.

    I skipped the GEC/NASA story because that is "going to be" a future project, and not actual science yet. That might have been one of the good news "stories" of 2018 (referring to the last poll).

    I had no trouble choosing three buttons.

    Brillouin is increasing its output and has control, but I don't think there was a "big" story for anyone.

    The biggest story of 2018 is the fact that few labs are talking about their successes with the exception of the Japanese labs who are reporting more positive results than anywhere else.

    IMHO the Japanese are doing the best LENR work on the globe.

    But who knows what others are doing?

    I contacted five Russian experimentalists for a podcast and no one got back to me. Nothing coming out of Texas Tech, or India and their multiple groups. What's the news on power output from Europe? If Rossi can come through, then we will have a big story.

    Hey, I am not one to chat online. Who has time? But thanks for all your work LENR-forum!

    Love Love Love


    Hi Mary, I don't have a lot of time for chat, so I don't participate much on these boards.

    "Unable to make a technology" means that LENR researchers are trying to engineer something without knowing exactly how it works, i.e., engineering a technology without fully understanding the science. This direction has not been successful, and the proof of that is we still have no device that operates yet.

    I do not know what Rossi sold to IH, but it was supposedly the secret to make heat. IH was unsuccessful with the formula, so it is clear they did not get the full Monty.

    I do not know if Rossi fooled Focardi. How could I?

    Nevertheless, when an eminent scientist checks out a prototype for several years (since 2007 I believe) before publicly announcing it's reality (2011), I tend to believe them. What reason would I have to not accept what the expert says? Focardi had experience with these Ni-H systems since the inception of this field. If anyone would know what they were talking about, it would be him. Yes, I believe Rossi can make big heat based on Sergio Focardi's word. I only hope he, or someone, will make a technology.

    Alfhors, Most of the systems that have been studied are Pd-D, and thus the majority of data is on these systems. Ni-H has much less published data, and other systems, virtually nill. Scientists will go where the data is, so I don't see how you can get "far away" from Pd-D if you want to find what is happening.

    Hey! I'm starting a new job today, and the next 17 weeks I am jammed working. UGH.

    I've got to make some more money to make another movie - this time one for the general public.

    Let's try this: BREAKTHROUGH for the HOLIDAYS!

    See you in December for The Party!


    Post #3

    PS THANK YOU LENR-forum -Alain -David -Alan all of you who are keeping this board alive. You have an amazing resource here! I hope I can participate more in the future.

    Alfors, There are multiple theories. Unfortunately, we only need one. I'll take it from wherever it comes. But the fact is, it's been almost thirty years, and the "current" batch of theories has been getting nowhere in regards to determining experiments or engineering a technology. I don't see how it hurts to look at some fresh ideas.

    Maryugo, I believe Sergio Focardi discerned that Rossi can indeed make heat. But like everybody else, he is unable to make a technology, and he doesn't work well with others. If he can get a technology by his own bootstraps, I wish him luck and I can't wait to buy one.

    Axil, I am not a scientist and cannot say what is right, but I just let the scientists talk and let them figure it out. As I said before, my only desire is a technology - even as the science is still being worked out.

    Hey Post #2!


    Hi Alain, Ed Storms is testing a few of the hypotheses. In one test, they are trying to make the right-sized cracks that will create the reaction. If they can, we're in business. If not, then we are back to nowhere (cause I sure don't have a device).

    Breakthrough please!

    Hey is this my first post?!

    Je suis femme qui travaille.

    How do you find the time?

    Paix et amour,