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    This list is now out of date...Would be good to produce a new version. The source for this document is :-

    the page is removed now, but in 2017 Anthropocene Inst put the LENRaries document together, listing participants in several categories.

    Of course THIS is out-of-date as well and may be why it was removed.

    Things change so quickly......

    Speaking of Gates/Duncan; any word over the weekend about when we might hear something?

    In San Francisco waiting for plane to Humboldt; late due to fog of course.....

    I sat next to Robert Duncan at the Colloquium and asked him about the research. Unfortunately he said he couldn't say anything at this time, but he hopes he can at some point soon. I did not ask why, but let it go. I asked him if he would do a short interview on video for the doc, and he was hesitant, but I told him the questions - all about general sociological stuff - and he agreed. (So now I've got statements from him from ICCF-18 in 2013 and the Colloquium in 2019! - both times he spoke about the character of scientific research in the most elevated terms. I can't wait to put all my video together for this doc.) Anthropocene and I both got video of the same interviews (in some cases) - they were so helpful to me - so you will most likely see a few quotes from Robert Duncan in the video they will produce much sooner.

    Others asked Duncan about the research too, and he kept having to say the same thing over and over again. He was consequently trying to keep a low profile so he wouldn't be put in an awkward position. I could tell he feels uncomfortable in the position he's in. He's truly an academic who loves scientific research as opposed to a commercially-minded person, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's the "in-between" that causes friction.

    Mel Miles sent him his formula for computing the theoretical Pd-D Helium-4 totals (in ppb) but he hadn't seen it, so I gave him a copy and he was happy to have it.

    rubycarat ahh another StephenC I thought I was unique! ;) Thought I’d better clear that up just in case...

    Curious to take look at Dr Stephen C Bannisters pod cast now though.

    I hope the event went well. This is quite some anniversary.

    People - just like electrons!

    The party Sat night was a blast. Anthropocene kicked it out. The chardonnay was flowing and everyone was talking across the tables - it was so loud that you had to shout to the person sitting next to you! I was drinking water at first, but broke down to join in the excitement and got a little tipsy myself, literally jumping up and down with excitement. What a dork. I met many new people, and wished I had gotten to do video interviews with more people than I did. I missed a number of folks and I'm sorry about that! Abd was there and I didn't interview him as by Sunday 5:30PM, I was beat and could barely speak anymore.

    I am making a movie for the general public, but it's a long term project. There will be opportunity to speak with more people.

    Anthropocene will come out with a short video doc sometime soon though and it will be really good. Richard Chan and Frank Ling were filming and doing interviews too. Richard Chan is a verifiable polymath and did a lecture on the patent office's G21B 3/00 designation…ml/cpc-G21B.html#G21B3/00

    and showed a graph he made that reveals a change in their acceptance patterns. It appears as if there are more patents being filed in this area - and being accepted. He will make his slides available and I think everyone will find them encouraging.

    I will just mention that Carl Page did an EXCELLENT lecture about the general planetary situation and what the nuclear solution can offer. I was interested to hear that he did not believe the cold fusion scientists at first, understanding that nuclear reactions in a solid are impossible. But his open mind (and likely incrementally good news) made him research and learn and he realized that something was there. His involvement is growing as there is a strong and passionate commitment to save the oceans and wildspaces. He is clearly concerned about climate change and sees LENR as a solution. He talks about other nuclear - small, new-style kinds of fission - and also supports maintaining conventional nuclear that already exists. We are lucky that he has entered this field and is committed to it. Who else with resources like that is making public media and advocating? Apparently, he hangs with more engineers than techies, so among his "peers", he does not experience too much derisive responses.

    Larry Forsley also talked about his NASA work on the hybrid fusion-fission reactor, but got to go now.....Boston Logan airport calls....

    FWIW, I think mmckubre looks like the Procol Harum guy, and Magic like the drummer in the Moody Blues (Prince Albert Hall) concert. Now back to the science.

    For me, not everyone else. This is Ruby's thread, and music is what she wants, so music is what she will get! Carry on.

    March 23 is a day for the whole planet. The gift we have yet to open.....

    I totally didn't do any tweeting or anything as I was so busy - helping out here and there too - I forgot about #NearmissDay which was Joris' idea. It's a good connection.... Next time!

    His power levels are indeed low. However, the amount of helium is commeasurte with the power level (excepting down at 0.020 watts which was at the limit of detection for Miles.

    Or this one unfortunately like Pons and Fleischmann "Heroes, just for one day"

    Did you check out the podcast with Dr. Stephen C. Bannister. He talks about the UUtah sentiment on campus. Only a few are on board with the reality. The rest have no idea what they let go. One day, the statue of Drs. Fleischmann and Pons will dominate that landscape.

    Holy crapoly. Who is that freak????

    That was 2012 when I was at the Art/Sci Leonardo series (I think that was what it was called) at the Nano Institute UCLA. I wanted them to host a cold fusion meeting, but that didn't happen....

    Melvin Miles has a "new" formula for computing the theoretical amount of helium generated - when using Pd-D - given only excess power and the current. His presentation consisted of computing the theoretical amount of helium for his previous work and comparing to the amount measured. They are in agreement.

    Here is the .pdf file.

    WOW, what a great playlist!

    I can't wait till 2029!

    There WAS a party here in Boston. Dinner, drinks at Legal Seafood. Mmmm, delicious. There was going to be a DJ, too! but unfortunately that wasn't feasible in the room we were in, so we didn't get the opportunity to jam the set. I was singing (oin my mind) all day FIIIII-YUH unh-unh-unh unh-unh-unh DROP FIIII-YUH.... We need to change the lyrics to (new) FIIII-Yuh.

    The lectures are being videod by Anthropocene Institute and they should be available in a couple weeks (so I heard). Anthropocene hosted the party too so it was really awesome for them to do all of that for the very large group (over 100 registered for the event). They are also getting some interviews and are going to make a short movie to be released at some point.

    Yesterdays lectures were really good, focusing on experimental results, though nothing super new. Excellent results from Brilloin, and also Peter Hagelstein revealed some new theoretical results that are matching data well, and he was happy. Mitchell Schwartz showed numerous graphs of the Phusor and NANOR which is a low-power unit, but very reliable. Right now it's theory. I actually ended up presenting Melvin Miles' talk on helium as he wasn't able to make the event. I was a out of my element to say the least, but I didn't crash and burn either!

    I've been getting my own interviews with a few folks here for a doc too, but that movie won't even start to be edited until next year.....

    OK, back to heavy science download....


    Greettings All, I'm on my way to the LANR/CF Colloquium to get video interviews for a documentary film!

    I'm putting a Saturday night party playlist together where all the songs are about HEAT and SCIENCE. Most of the songs I have are from the 70s and 80s cause I just love the funk and plus I'm pretty old.

    Barkays Too Hot to Stop

    Eddi Harris Full Album Smokin

    Ohio Players Fire

    Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator

    Hawkwind Silver Machine

    That's all I can add now....

    What else is on the CF/LANR/LENR/metal hydrogen energy/nano-nuclear/quantum fusion/Rumplestiltskin Reaction party playlist???

    PLEASE ADD your fav songs for the Party!

    Love Love Love


    PS I have contacted Irina Savvatimova. She will speak with me next week sometime after this Colloquium for a chat. YAH!

    Bob : I think it is tribalism at its most self-defeating.

    As you implied, having Rossi as the most visible face of cold fusion does incredible damage to the field.

    Consider that many of the people that came to awareness because of AR, and are still learning about the whole range of researchers, and the solutions that are currently in development elsewhere. Many people on this forum, I imagine, are here because of Rossi.

    Nothing is ever all good, or all bad.

    One has to wonder how Frank Acland stumbled into his unique position in life. I can only guess that the job of president of the Bernie Madoff Fan Club was already taken.

    E-Cat World started in 2011 after the January AR demo. All the chip bodies on the Network wanted to chat, all the trolls wanted to fight, and Cold Fusion Now! rebuked the nastiness - deleting pseudo-skeptics and their attacks - we would have none of it. (I'm not one to chat much - cept now that I'm laid off!) Frank filled a real need and succeeded in making a place for AR news and discussion. He provided a valuable service.

    There is also a reason for multiple "types" of devices. If Rossi had continued with the same devices, people would have asked more and more and better targeted questions.

    Seven, there is another possibility and that is that AR knew how to make heat early on, then attempted to scale it up, but couldn't. Then he re-designs to make it work again, and then tries to control the reaction as it scales, but can't. The re-design could be the result of trying to engineer by trial-and-error, which pretty much everybody else is doing, too.


    There isn't a simple answer to that. If Rossi really had a powerful nuclear fusion heater, it would not be difficult or expensive to demonstrate it on the internet in a much more convincing manner including having current independent experts making their own measurements. How hard is that?

    Yes, the key is "experts making their own measurements".

    I read your twice, and could not tell for certain, what your feelings were on today's SK demo? Maybe that was intentional, maybe not.

    How can you tell anything from a video on the Internet? All we see is pixels. In media ecology they call it the Chip Body - the part of you that lives online. (Seriously!) All this information is coming to us from the Chip Body "in orbit" as Simulation. We are watching the movement of pixels on screens, it does not necessarily translate into anything physical.

    We can only rely on the physical reports of Experts, scientists who have experience and knowledge and actually examine, test and evaluate a technology, and then write a report. (There's only one company doing it like that.)

    I believe Andrea Rossi can make heat, because Sergio Focardi checked him out and said so. I don't believe Sergio Focardi was too old to not know what he was looking at. But is the E-cat ready for a technology rollout? When we have third party confirmation, then we'll know. Or, confirmation from a User would do.

    Till then, it's the "ecstasy of communication" pulling endless speculation from our Chemical Body attention.

    For my part, I am squeezing in another podcast interview next week, and praying for breakthrough so we can all move on with better lives and new energy generators in the basement (or the Energy Generation Closet, or maybe tiny generators in every room, or maybe every device powered by its own built-in generator, speculation.).

    HEY if you want to know where I get this crazy vocabulary it is from Bob Dobbs…ined_using_media_ecology/, or, try this fellow Baudrillard (summarized):

    Super hard to understand, but if you ingest just a little, and ponder a while, well, it's very simulating....

    "The threat of media is that we no longer just live in the objective world but now have virtual selves to manage on the global network. The object is no longer fetishized; it is replaced by the thrill of a “potential tactic” or “the game of possibilities” (13)."


    There are an awful lot of idiots - in fact, many levels of Idiocy. I've been racking my soul to maintain peace and calm while Idiots swirl around me in the maelstrom of Idiocy. Yet, the day goes on, and another, and another, sigh..... I have to now limit my Twitter access where I am confronted with most maddening idiocy.

    Please don't think I am going to be defending other people's work every time I do an interview! I am telling what I understand only.

    Robert Godes is making heat, and doing what must to keep funding. He is focusing his entire life on the issue of getting that higher ratio for commercial possibilities. If he is thinking "small scale", I can't say. But I say, he is the Inventor, not the Bankster, so it adds nothing to critique his financial acumen. Critique his design, if you must.

    And there, I say Robert Godes is not a scammer, as seven of twenty insinuates. He has engineered reactor cores that have been evaluated by top scientists in the field. He has issued two public reports on the findings. They engineered reactor cores to give the same results when swapped out of calorimeters.

    Again, I ask, who is doing better? I would like to interview them.

    12:20: "McKubre was lured away (from SRI) by Microsoft with big bucks to set up an LENR Research Lab in Lubbock, Texas."

    Seahorse Research/Texas Tech are both located in Lubbock.

    Michael McKubre retired, AND, was enlisted in the brigade.

    Also, SRI has completely closed their materials science division, and many other divisions too. A complete re-structuring - nothing to do with LENR, as I understand it. SRI was supportive of the efforts, though it did wane as funding shrunk. Nevertheless, SRI is a re-structured entity, and not at all the same as it was. Francis Tanzella has some of the equipment in his lab where he is consulting privately. Everybody had to go from SRI because they were closing that division.

    He makes absurd assertions such as: he must produce a finished product, and he has to reach a manufacturing level where fewer than 1% of the production line output fails and must be scrapped.

    He says he is having trouble getting funded. Assuming the reactors work as claimed, if he would put five of them in the right hands, the skies would open up and billions of dollars would fall into his lap. This would happen even if the excess heat was only 10%. It would happen even if 99% of the reactors fail. For some types of transistors in the 1950s, the failure rate was above 90%. That did not slow down the development of transistors. It just meant they were expensive for a while. The present practicality of this device, and the engineering details that must be ironed out before it can be mass produced, are completely irrelevant.

    I inferred from his answer to my question that the failure threshold was told to him by those who would fund manufacturing. But that would be a good follow-up question because I don't know the origin of that directive.

    Also, the recent results of 100+ Watts at over 2x COP is only in the last couple weeks, and we recorded the interview mid-December. Things are changing quickly for the Brillouin and I imagine this new data would generate some interest and cashflow. But that is speculation on my part.

    BTW, I learned how to say it: Brillo - (like a Brillo pad) , then "in" (like "go in-side!"). so it's Brillo-in (say it fast), and not "Brill-yoon", the way I had been saying it since 2011!

    We can't really do anything until we have a recipe for a high powered cold fusion system that is repeatable and produces so much excess heat for such a long time that no one can deny its reality. Right now, not even counting Rossi or BLP, there is no one with such a system except perhaps Russ George - who has decided to go down the path of secrecy.

    Hi Director, I feel you. However, I have to disagree. I've been "doing" for the last -aiyaiyai going on 9 years - with no recipe at all. That's the whole thing about this science and field: they've have to do it all on their own, and I - we - support their efforts by continuing the information, continuing the typing, continuing the exchange, continuing to talk about this and not let it disappear. We make our own honors for those who persevere. Having some performance art fun along the way brings in new interest, increases morale, provides a laff, creates unity - why there are many benefits to actions - all until we get that recipe.

    BTW, I would say there are at LEAST four or five groups on the planet who can make this reaction happen at will, though not all have control or scaling. That is the next task. All of those who know are being secret, except one: Brillouin energy. The are laying bare their results and doing the hard work everyday engineering success incrementally. They don't share the recipe, but they share their results, which is more than the others, except in Japan.

    MIT is inconsequential at this point. The only way they figure in is that they screwed up early on, and now they're out. They don't even support their own genius Hagelstein. We use their wrongdoing of a CF Wake, and like slang, turn it around making it our own aWake. We jest at their mistakes and keep track of their violations. There's no forgetting! We educate so the kids know there is hope, and real live heros out there to make it happen for a viable future.

    On June 26, 2019 our aWake will remind all what we could have had if those "scientists" had done better by themselves, and everyone, and not shut this down in reactionary deceit.

    And that's not even March 23, 2019! I say Party Time!