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    If the Mizuno technology works as claimed, which I'm fairly confident it does, then it's a poorly optimized technology with a tremendous amount of low hanging fruit. I expect very bright Chinese citizens will figure out how to simplify fuel treatment, fuel prep, reactor construction, and everything else that's required to design a simplified, low cost system. My guess is that in a few years a black market will form because businesses who need low grade heat will see this as a dirt cheap source of energy and it will save them money. The govt. may try to crack down on them, or, if we're lucky, they may embrace the technology at high speed to gain a competitive advantage against all other nations on the planet.

    I don't really buy into the idea that Russia is inept or sleeping away or doesn't have the knowledge as to how to commercialize a working device. China and Russia and India have a cozy relationship in regards to joint ventures in regards to technology sharing and research development. From an economic standpoint, not much is held as "other things equal" (et ceteris paribus), and LENR, would actually dramatically increase the demand for energy over time (not initially at least). I really do hope that China and India reach out to Russia and simply ask them for the blueprints for working LENR devices, which must be seen by those respective nations as something of a fairy tale, at least until recently.

    Scuttlebutt is that Russia has LENR-powered cruise missiles.

    Yes; but, even in the resource plentiful land of the post-USSR, now Russia, there is a neoclassical simple cost benefit rationale that could be applied here, or is there?

    Given that Russia is the main exporter of nuclear technology, would a working LENR reactor/home device really diminish the growth of their energy industry? That's about the only reason I can surmise as to why we don't see LENR devices with a 'Made in Russia' logo on it...

    Well, Bill Gates did start Microsoft in his garage.

    However, personally, I found the whole presentation offensive to the gravity of the matter. I have lost all confidence in Rossi and his ability to deliver something worthwhile.

    As Rossi uses no radioactive elements and the measured radiation from the SK is close to background why should the nuclear authorities be interested?

    Suppose they were: They know nothing about LENR and apparently don't think it even exists. So how could they certify it?

    Forgive my criticism; but, it is clear that Rossi does not have all his ducks in order if the FDA or some other regulatory alphabet agency is unaware or ambivalent (highly unlikely) about Rossi's reactors producing radiation.

    It may bite Rossi in the future even if his redundancy measures of sealing off the equipment and having it monitored by a remote control comes about. Some of this could explain why Rossi doesn't want to deliver to home use, perhaps because the radiation concerns are more stringent with trying to get the device certified for that specific use.

    Catch-22 anyone?

    Since Rossi has stated that radiation does occur from within the reactor core, although quite negligible, it still is an issue that I wonder how Rossi has overcome the regulatory hurdles to sell his reactors.

    I'm sure everyone by now is aware of this; but, the reticence of Rossi to address the issue is quite appalling. It could be a liability for the company itself to use such a source of energy.

    That was Mizuno. He never got any government funding from NEDO. He had nothing to do with the NEDO program that funded Takahashi et al. He did not even get government funding when he was a professor at Hokkaido National U. He paid for all equipment out of his own pocket. Which is why he was able to haul much of the equipment across the street to his present lab when he retired. It is his property. The lab is in an abandoned discotheque or something like that. (He told me, but I don't recall.) The place was a wreck before the earthquake. It is even worse now.

    Calling a spade a spade, that's a tragedy as to what happened to Mizuno's work.

    ,. the attraction of small LENR fuel rods is that they don't need expensive heat transfer and radiation protection/control...therefore

    they can be useful at the 500 W level depending on the COP..

    I suspect they will go down the route of serving the dual purpose of heat and electric production in the near vicinity of the area of interest.

    On Brillouin old website they basically had the HHT system look like any typical nuclear power plant design.

    The project ended in Dec. 2017. The documents may no longer be on line. I hope it was restarted, but I have not heard that it was. The results certainly justify continued funding.

    If after the recent earthquake, one researcher (forgot his name) on the forefront of the field of LENR in Japan, was having difficulty acquiring new equipment, then I suspect it ended in Dec. 2017 and wasn't renewed.

    There are a lot of factors rather than just energy output. Here are a few in no particular order..

    Practicality of preparation and gas/electrolytic loading , ease of triggering, cost, toxicity, availability, durability in service, ease of containment (molten lithium for example is an escaper), thermal conductivity in bulk.

    There may be m,ore.

    Applying the all important KISS method of keeping it simple, which I've been assuming this whole time that you have been following, then isn't palladium the logical choice to use wrt. to energy and heat production?