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    Hi, I'm talking with a friend who doesn't believe in LENR based on the fact that there must be gamma emissions from these reactions, and Rossi should be dead by now if his devices are unshielded.

    Anyway, I want to find some papers that can convince a skeptic. Any papers from Mizuno are welcome too.

    I just don't know what papers to organize and give to my friend for reading to convince him. Any advice appreciated.

    Thanks. Is that the real mixture you're using RussGeorge and Alan Smith ?

    I have no reason, given the weight of evidence from Alan and others, that Rossi has a real product to doubt.

    My only resignation on the issue of Rossi, is that he decided to side with the conglomerates, and not compete with them. Theres more than one way to skin a cat.

    There are miles to go before we sleep, let alone make more of a public release.

    I see, then please update us when we can expend a product of some kind. I'm sure people in India, China, and even the great US are anticipating in great manner.

    Fascinating post.

    It's interesting to follow some of Rossi's trails. For example there is an understandable explanation, clear to those skilled in the art, that one might use the metaphore of a 'cat and mouse.' Thanks Andrea, meow :)

    And here I thought it was the jesting of his part. I stand corrected.

    When do you plan on public release? I hope soon.

    Promethian   Shane D. The new web site is down. Do we know why?

    My hunch? Government, affiliated military agencies. They had some US gov former officials on their board of directors if I remember correctly.

    I wish I saved their patent application when I could have that was available through their old website.

    Rossi addressed this on his blog. The 40 Mw plant is the maximum heat that the customer requires. Rossi can build up to that REQUIREMENT, over some indefinite period of time using income that he earns from whatever set of reactors that he has installed up to that current date. To meet that maximum heat requirement, it might take two years or it could take 10 years, but the customer will eventually take 40 MW of heat from Rossi no matter what the delivery time frame turns out to be.

    This is just hand waiving. Alan Smith said that to produce a megawatt system would require at least 500M in funding and a fair wind. As how Rossi is able to build 40MW systems without ever having 500M to spend on even a 1MW system is a mystery. It's the same technology but maybe a different means at achieving it? Or perhaps Rossi knows something Alan and Russ don't. I doubt the latter.


    Better insulated might reduce the power demand in the 300C zone to 25 watts or less. Think about that.

    Nice COP, 12? I want to ask how did Rossi pull off his plans with a multi megawatt system without the 500M in financing. Is that possible or is be using a cheaper setup or means to produce the heat?

    Without scientific understanding, the only way to make progress is by trial and error. That is very slow and expensive, and there is no telling whether it will work or not.

    Well, Alan Smith and Russ George have figured out how to make the process work. And, from what I gather it's pretty cheap too. So, let's hope they disclose their recipe for others to replicate their work.

    The data published here is intriguing but it will not convince any scientists. If this is all they have published, they have not yet begun trying to convince scientists.

    Perhaps they've convinced themselves, given that they are scientists also and/or engineers. They've already seen the future that will arise out of their studies, could be a profound experience.

    LENR effects have not been commercialized because none of them could be commercialized. No one has produced a controlled reaction that can be scaled up or used for any practical purpose.

    That's just an engineering problem that can be overcome with enough work and money.

    But, I do agree with the rest of the post about convincing more scientists and engineers. Which, I think Alan and Russ are doing day by day.

    Thank you for that. Problem is they haven't shown much sign of this talent so far.

    This might sounds preposterous, Alan. But, have you considered pitching your idea to a philanthropic individual like Gates or Musk? I know it sounds kind of absurd but what do you think, given that your goal isn't fame, money, or status, although all or that might as well come with divulging all the details to said individual.

    What do you think?

    However, in all seriousness the Paris/Kyoto clomate change accords step up a gear in 2020 and carbon credits will loom large in rich nations and poor ones. There will be new CO2 reduction/mitigation incentives that we hope will make wonderful things possible.

    Sounds wondrous. I hope you the best of luck.

    To build a system producing MW would be a huge engineering challenge that might take $500M and a decade- and would make little difference to what might be described as 'the balance of power. To build something that produces a consistent, safe and reliable few hundred watts is my immediate goal. That would transform the lives of people the world over

    Got it. So, it seems that you will be out of funding for this goal, as most people don't care to save the poor. I was hoping you might be able to create a home sized device for water heating or general heating for a residence of 2-4 people. Electric production is far off in the horizon, yes?

    All that is between rapid availability (at some lower level of output) and where we are now is a few million dollars and a fair wind.

    Oh, well. I figured that was too optimistic to believe in. Hope all goes well otherwise.

    I'll answer for Russ on this, since he probably won't post any more. Right now we have something pretty amazing going on, but we don't yet know how useful it might be. Signs are that it will be very useful, but we need to do a lot more work to make it so. We are exploring strange territory, working with relatively novel materials, there is no map, and we are not even sure how far the territory extends. So, it would be premature to discuss commercialisation as we are still experimenting and debugging our systems - not that they are very buggy, but I believe (like many) in the value of continued incremental improvements. Right now I'm putting together a 42V 137A power bus to feed all 8 reactors with exactly the same heater power- it will only be running at a small fraction of its capacity, but does represent another variable removed and another calibration chore simplified.

    Thanks for your interest, I can only assure you that we have good intentions and no fear of hard work or spending our cash on what we perceive to be important work.

    What does Russ George' talking about making the thing available in months not years, mean to you? Does that imply commercialization, as I doubt just selling the recipe would be of any benefit to those in need?

    Thank you for your effort and perseverance despite no funding or external help. You guys rock!

    The fact that he still needs to convince people after so many years and opportunities to do so, is mildly disturbing. Can we move on from Rossi and spend a tenth of the time contacting Japanese researchers or Brillouin Energy?

    I wonder why anyone thinks that selling a license is evidence of success for a reactor design. Look at how many licenses Roger Green and Andrea Rossi sold and look where they are with their development. All it means to sell a license is that someone wants one. Evidence that a reactor actually works comes only from reliable and credible test results.

    I don't think Brillouin deserves to be put in the same category as Rossi or Green...