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    As reported in the September issue of Infinite Energy magazine, "Test results Showing Tritium Produced in Brillouin Reactor". The work was carried out by Dr. Tom Claytor , a retired researcher at Los Alamos National Lab who specialized in designing such experiments.

    Great detective work !
    So.. the heart of it is: terahertz radiation directed at hydrogen loaded nickel; NASA was thinking of doing this...

    This sounds exactly like what Brillouin Energy is doing. They call it their Q pulse, they even have patented an IC to perform this terahertz generation.
    The Rossi effect relies upon terahertz radiation brought on by varying heat and pressure over time, Brillouin has a digital equivalent where terahertz frequencies can be immediately turned on and off, up or down. Brillouin currently has a reported COP of 4 and say they can go much higher. Interesting to see which approach will win out with consumers.

    You may want to consider using a variety of sizes for the nickel powder as Parkhomov did. You're already varying the lithium for titanium. Keep your variables to a minimum for each iteration.
    Good Luck !