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    It's not necessarily silly as idea what they did. In fact, it is also the AIrbus patent principle that were inspired by Holmlid. Monoatomic hydrogen created by discharge and low pressure condenses on a semiconductor surface doped positive by additives. These electronic holes are supposed schrinking monoatomic H by deforming, I think, electronic orbitals.

    Yes, it's a reactor certainly censurable but we reached 1W and 1mbar sensitivity, so it has been well demonstrated that only few hydrogen (1mbar) well carries calories.

    We had 2 heating systems in order to play with temperature gradients.

    We worked by comparison, with the same temperature and pressure parameters in the same tube. At one side there was NI mesh Pd coated then on the other side only Ni Mesh naked.

    We made so much runs... first of all to avoid leaks, This stage is already a big job.

    I cannot help noting that there are dissimilar metals added to the thermocouple circuit at the mini plug connection. This will almost certainly affect your temperature measurements.

    From our side we saw no XH with several courses under D2 onto Ni mesh.

    First we tested the manual way to put Pd onto Ni, then we tested too 50nm Pd sputtered also 100 nm.

    Nothing but our reactor was smallest than Mizuno.

    We have heated by a central wire surrounded by a ceramic tube to enlarge IR wavelengh.

    I discussed with Mastromatteo at last ICCF, he explained me that he have had XH when he made several loading cycles , first by H2 then powerfull XH by D2 with the same sample. However he didn't use Mizuno way, he used a Ni foam with 1µm Pd put electrochemically.

    I take this opportunity to express myself on this subject.

    Indeed, it has been a long time this subject has lost any objectivity on LF, ICCF or elsewhere.

    Today this subject remains a support on foremost, to discredit, probably voluntarily Lenr case.

    Don't fool us with an other fight, mods will find other ways to discredit our subject, anyway in the future.

    Some are so vicious and manipulative that I strongly suspect they don't spew their venom only by masters orders . I am thinking in particular about a certain Californian you know Alan.

    Shane D. started this thread by the title Rossi last chapter .. but it must be noted that Rossi misses you all when we see again your impassionated answers, He remains a current part of your lives for a lot of different reasons... :)

    We work by comparison to look for XH.

    We put 2 mesh one next to the other surrounding the same central heater in the same tube , so same IRs and same pressure.

    there is a TC at each mesh but these can have identical or different definitions.

    Conduction problems are pushed on backside like that we only are focused on Ni/Pd definition.

    yes jeff you are right !

    We have seen that only 1 mbar changes things to lowering IRs influence VS direct conduction.

    One thing I noticed is that H2 (or D2) gas has a high thermal conductivity, particularly at relatively high pressures. This phenomenon was observed in a Celani-type of experiment, where the temperature of the internally heated element was monitored with an IR thermometer. Interestingly, the H2 thermal conductivity (as measured by the difference in heater element temperature for a constant ambient temperature) did not change appreciably until the H2 pressure was reduced to a few tens of milli Torr. This effect may not impact the temperature of the external containment vessel, but it would have an effect on the temperature of the Ni mesh if the mesh were heated via an internal heating element.

    dear Wyttenbach

    you suggest to switch Pd cathode metal however by which one ?

    Then how you reach 1,3 loading factor because the great and incriticable ( here) McKubre said to have never overcome 0,9 ?

    whatever their strategy, we can't blame Google for having injected money in the field !

    Perhaps Lenr leaders are responsible for failure so far, sucking in money for irrelevant scientific postulates, dragging Lenr followers behind them?

    Post edited- too personal. Alan


    what uncultivated are you ?

    you should know that these 50 nm are the exact surface plasmons resonance thickness (+/- 2nm) of most metals !

    About Google, a lot of money but no original concept/Ideas, only back in 1989, it's shaky...

    remember number of experts from before copernic ahhaahhaha.

    your model looks good, especially since we have just seen that supernovae have lumps (architecture with entangled subassemblies).…-explosion-and-a-mystery/

    your model comes out of my question, do hydrogen atoms have the same size regardless where they are in the universe ..?

    Universe is a kind of avalanche made of lumps (multiple subsets that conform matter)

    I have no more patience to explain really more for my part ...

    go one last, dark matter doesn't exist because galaxies collapse naturally on their black hole. this is only a step. This grinding is only a reduction of number of space dimensions.

    what becomes this matter? just radiations ..…ay-radiation-mystery.html

    To finish your 4D system remains an analogy from a 2D object that turns on itself and move forward both (need for universe expansion ..)

    visible matter having a number of dimensions greater than the invisible one that which supports radiations but most importantly, all dimensions are linked all together as a 3D face spot on your flat 2D skin. ( see Nobel prize year 2348 )