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    Gryzinski said by wiki you shared:

    Gryzinski presents many other arguments, especially for agreement with various scattering scenarios, to focus on nearly zero angular momentum trajectories: with electrons traveling through nearly radial trajectories. Attracted by the Coulomb field they free-fall to the nucleus, then increase the distance up to some turning point and so on.

    What you could suggest as experiment to link with these theorical thoughts ?

    From my understanding, if you remember thermacore's case or Nasa 's Fralick, we have to consider cluster's of ionized things.

    About thermacore, H+ cloud was ionized during loading onto 1kg Nickel particles, creating an electrostatic field.

    Then electrons rebalanced H+ cloud by waves. Quickly.... you should meet Gryzinski scenario in this case.

    The same about Fralick when H+ flux released from Pd bulk have sucked electron's around ( from Pd or air around) by waves too.

    During rebalancing, i think that a thermal gradiant should help to increase electron's radial vector.


    Gryzinski electron's behavior works well if you consider nuclei's clusters, rather than just an nucleus and one electron, i suggest.

    Wyttenbach you said:

    Unluckily the Bohr model does not use toroidal electron orbits and neglects the second radius force.

    So, we have to understand second radius force which appears to be radial for yourself, Therefore basically Bohr orbit picture already shows orbit's fluctuation as a radial force.

    Finally it isn't true so Bohr radius model fluctuates following its tangent then you suggest rather the radius both ?

    Less than 3W by each cm2 , it remains very cold, very good to FIRs....

    Shane D. you could do a first list of challenger's even if it seems they is a favorite ?

    Well, getting beyond parables, and analogies, the way I see it is that Google has made us part of their team. They gave us a chore to do, and if we do not get it done, we will be fired. Then we have to go apply for unemployment. :)

    Understandably, they do not want excuses from us for not accomplishing our assigned task of whittling the list down to 3 (was 1 until you made your point), anymore than the GPM wants to hear excuses from his fellow team members for blowing, or blowing up an assignment.

    I had proposed CATIA V5 but it may be too French ? JR said he didn't like part colors, maybe he can't see them ? I don't know ?

    In any case, it's over for me.

    Would a 3D CAD tool be helpfull?

    I'm not able to provide it, but I would like to sponsor maybe a web based 3D CAD like is providing. Enables collaboration via browser and mobile devices.

    Just a little note @Shane D, i'm agree with you however Google staff remains unclear.

    At the beginning of this thread they should have clearly asked what they want to do or not with LF people.

    A specification, they must know ?

    A little politeness too, just to introduce themself ? team, task ?

    They are the claimant.

    We have many watching this thread. Guest visits are way up, with healthy participation by our members. So far, I am not sure we are putting on a good show for them. I believe we have to up our game, and do better than this. Put petty differences aside, and keep old disputes where they belong. Respect the purpose of this thread. Think beyond self interests, and favoritism, and put the field first when commenting.

    i'm agree Alan therefore despite JR's attempt to find out more, I remain wary.

    Dr Mizuno doesn't recommend anything special just be good for his budget, it seems.

    In this case, may be sometime he used something close as a TC with ceramic external skin.

    However i probably speculate too much :)

    No- the Mizuno heaters are sold as 'flexible' with quite a small bend radius. To me that suggests that they are in an inconel or similar metal sheath.

    yes, i confim too it's a good analogy, classicism before daring like Lenr field since 30 years ?

    Airplanes need to fly a relative wind created by the movement. Now, if you blow above wings you will get the same effect but more effective. Then you can remove wings if you blow above the central body. you see now that current sky masters as Boeing or Airbus aren't so exciting as expected, they are just some followers of brothers "W right" ..

    Let's see channel wings concept from Willard Custer.

    Now, i hope that last Mizuno"s experiment is also an airplane without wings :)

    Could you share references ? For me this type of heater could have an external layer in magnesium oxide which have a large IR spectrum.

    Important finding or not , who knows ?

    The Cartridge heater I am looking at says:

    Cartridge heaters have low/moderate watt density elements consisting of helical wire coils on ceramic former or high watt density elements with the heating element located close to the sheath, which is swaged to improve heat conduction.

    Is it okay to have a helical wire coil or does that confuse things?