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    Deeeeep thoughts Kervran expected the same also 60 years ago :)

    Curbina i don't think relevant to incriminate Cherepanov2020 to defend his theoretical points of view.

    So many do the same here, that doesn' t mean they are right because already unproven.

    Only the ground work can give some new informations but not yet white papers.

    Cherepanov2020 , is very different to debate an idea with specific facts about what is being discussed than what you do, which is simply insisting again and again on how wrong is everyone because they did misunderstood Coulomb. You have not been able to provide proof of your opinion, you just reiterate and insist you are right and everyone else is wrong, and no one will be convinced by that, at most we are all getting bored of your monotonous insistence.

    Jean Luc Paillet gave me all these papers earlier about Peter Kalman works.

    This first one is Kalman's own explanation of Ecat process.

    See work from Garai, Letts, Kervran, Rossi.

    When we watch the main long wave which support the superwave, we have to consider that wavelength could be very long this is why i expect a minimum quantity we have to use for attempts.

    1 or 2 grs couldn't be enough because the long wave could exist only probably if it could rest on a lot of matter (powder).

    A kind of BE Condensate in fact.

    acoustic superoscillations or electromagnetic superoscillations that means both resonance behavior the more probable way to explain Lenr without exotic path..How a lot of eV fractions can be added together to reach the necessarily triggering threshold.


    An interesting observation. If the claims of that paper are correct, possibly acoustic superoscillations can cause localized very high energy collisions - just speculating, The paper I refered to use electromagnetic superoscillations to cause anomalous chemical reactions. If time permits, I'll find it.

    Yes, you are right, first time i'm agree with you.. hahaha I only had cataract surgery last month and it was not a success, it is true.

    It is the reflection of the Sun.

    If one cannot recognize it, then going outside and getting some fresh air is strongly recommended for improved mental and physical health.

    Well understood.

    Could you expect that both the Garai model could have the same answer as you suggested .

    His model is talking about H/D vibrations given by IRs heat, inside a gap done by a metal lattice parameter.

    It should be in relation with a model you already shared here with balls of several sizes bouncing between them.

    I try to raise the level of this thread but it remains miserably low, as batrachians brain, somewhere there.

    I don't understand. In the Doral test, If there are days that there is claimed to be 36000L of water circulating through the ecat plant but the pumps said to be driving the circulation are not capable of this amount, then isn't that a disproof of the claim? And in the Krivit video, if 7Kg/hour of water is said to be converted to steam by the ecat but the measured amount of steam is about an order of magnitude less than this, isn't that likewise a disproof? I am not proposing any particular method for fraud, I am just saying that the claims are disproven.

    I think Rossi did what he can as explanation because its remain sticked at border from the current science well understood.

    We could criticize also the model of Wyttenbach which exists but never proven XSH it seems.

    Mills also with his hydrinos.

    it seems all these models are common, interesting.

    Well, it appears to be a very new way of thinking the atom structure.

    To me, i find well that a compressed hydrogen as hydrino for example compressed by a resonance wave behavior plays only to destabilize the nucleus, especially the stick level , gluons i should say.

    it should exist a symmetry of behavior between the void between electrons ( which isn't really empty) and gluons.

    Consequence electrons resonance are able to lower the "stick" energy of gluons, releasing especially protons but neutrons too. This energy from gluons lowered seems to be the Lenr energy , nucleons escaped only the consequence.

    We should have something like this nucleus seen from its side:

    That is really my point. Rossi explains nothing about energy generation. If Rossi had really explained anything perhaps his admirers wouldn't be going through such great pains trying to explain what they think he meant to explain. Especially on ECW. That site has become so Axilized that many posts seem to have been written by AI pseudoscience gibberish generation software.

    Yes, one time i'm agree with my old friend PhysicsForDummies , Mark U could you share what you expected above about Rossi technology.

    As you described how Rossi's running, i have to say to not be more clever than all septic here however as him, i studied, read several thousand papers for 10 years now, it remains the basis before talking..

    This is not an hidden criticism to septic because for example only around french Lenr world i well know, whose who first are staying on picture often behind a micro don't read so much.. however are first to explain you the real truth, what have to work, especially what will never work hahhaha aaaah what a bullshit world ! 8)

    Scientific papers should not be "oblique". Philosophy papers, maybe.

    I must be dense. I do not see any explanation of energy generation (besides the bogus results at the end). Can you supply the specific sections and sentences you think describe this?

    I well understand all septics around Rossi's case i repeat i only have been focused on his patent not about these parts, ducts.. etc.
    Now, i have to say i have been close to the famous Dewey , in the past, very clever guy, both with manipulator and liar. A kind of Trump however less noisy.

    He never would have put money in something that would fuck him later, sure..

    Nope, that is in Ferrara, and we can see Darden, Penon, and maybe Dewey(?). Also note Levi in the back, with his ubiquitous red sweater.

    Note that the condenser return hoses from the Bologna demo are now steel pipes. But they are probably effectively doing the same uphill water trick as at Bologna, just better disguised.

    Around MHD things who could be able to well explain me the double stage ionization by Penning effect ?

    It remains cloudy to me after eating too many Christmas chocolates probably.